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    Dr. D

    “There is a karmic payback emerging, as the US, the nation that most vigorously championed rapid depletion of energy resources and no action whatsoever to reduce industrial emissions now faces collapse from climate instability and severe drought induced by excessive carbon dioxide emissions that result from ‘lifestyle choices’ and political corruption going back to the mid nineteenth century.”

    Hahahahahaha: No. Lake Mead isn’t even a pinprick on the United States. It’s practically irrelevant. Remember when all of NOLA was wiped out, the major port of the entire United States? Neither does anybody else because it didn’t have any effect. Like a “Trillion” is is hard to conceive of, so is how large the United States is. They have 20? 25? Lake Mead zones?

    The entire Northeast doesn’t BOTHER to farm but pops up McHouses again because food is just. so. cheap. If you put HALF that land back into service you’d replace California. Now I’m sorry to tell this to the people in Nevada, but Las Vegas shouldn’t exist anyway, and it’s like the world’s longest-running train wreck: absolutely cast-iron, rock-solid certain, so if you bought in there, I don’t know what to say. As it ended, they didn’t do a thing. Like “Fallout”, I guess.

    But what would the United States not have? We have three coasts undrilled. We could easily cut retail petrol useage in half just by not going to Starbucks. We have all our mines – some of the world’s largest – shuttered. We have all the farmland China must take. We have several 1,000 mile rivers and the canals to connect them. We have unlimited railways and electric lines coast to coast. We have enough existent housing for another generation. We have relatively clean rivers, land, and air. Half the country can only DREAM of it getting warmer, which would increase our output 25%.

    We won’t collapse from climate, as the only places who give a damn are a few uneducated college professors and a few coastal mansions. The rest of the country can only PRAY that both cease to exist so that we can get their self-serving, parasitical anti-ecological practices off our backs so we can make needed food and machinery in peace. IF ONLY the sea levels would rise 30 feet, the U.S. would be quite saved. Unfortunately, this is not happening. Wall St is the 2nd street from the Hudson and nary a drop of water these 100 years. Please, PLEASE let the glaciers melt, if you have an ecological bone in your body. Please.

    Hey, come visit. Rent a camper. It would take the rest of your life to see America even once.


    • Eurozone Facing Deep Recession

    Ya know, I truly despise anyone tiptoeing around saying the word Recession when referring to what is coming for Eurotardistan this winter and especially next winter.

    They are headed for DEPRESSION

    Clowns say ‘severe recession’

    Propagandists say ‘prolonged down turn’.

    Hiding behind euphemisms won’t change what’s coming.

    No, it will be a DEPRESSION, the like of which hasn’t been seen in 93 years.

    And yet, nobody wants to say the D-Word


    The real inflation rate in Eurotardistan is probably 20%+

    Can’t run a society too long with that.

    Like an engine with no oil.



    This overheating currently manifests in places where humans live as extreme climate instability in the form of severe droughts, severe inundations, melting of permafrost, uncontrollable forest fires etc..

    Uncontrolable forest fires. CalFire, the agency that fights forest fires in California, is the umbrella agency for forestry management.

    You want to log in Cali? You need their ultimate permission. The agency that bought a clapped-out Cobra helicopter so that the guy in charge could zoom around leading the attacks on his forest fires.

    CEQUA. NEPA. Best practices. Salmon, steelhead, owls. Wanna log? It is going to take a while, buddy.

    Less uncontrollable forest fires and more like uncontrollable government.


    Cimabue’s painting. An excerpt from the second article link in Gardian:
    “……where it might have been binned during a house clearance if an auctioneer had not spotted it.”
    See wha’-I-mean?

    “Antique road show” I used to watch with sense of apprehension, anticipating how some wide eyed owner of evaluated painting is about to pledge how he/she will move it from the basement where it was covering fuse box, to the prominent place in the living room, after the $$$-# is announced. Even more annoying was blind stare into the work trying to figure as WHAT makes it so valuable.


    How odd, Doc JD. I had that Petula Clark song in my mind this morning… and the voice of Todd Rundgren telling me what a cheesy bad song it was.

    “I like it, Todd. Sue me,” I told him.


    The flamingos on my shirt are not pink, DocJD. They’re orange. What do you think I am, some kind of vulgarian? 😉


    Global climate disruption/oscillation/warming/cooling<>natural vs anthropogenic devolves in my ears into something that sounds like this:


    Right now, I have just printed our instructions to a vintage Kero Sun kerosene heather that I salvaged from a dumpster. Not a sc-r-atch. The wind is blowing wild and the weather is uncommonly cold for Portland this time of year after an uncommonly warm “Indian summer” after one of out longest droughts in history.

    The weather has become severe and demanding and cautionary preparations are prudently wise.

    But we’d rather argue arcane data points because some politician decided that global warming would cook another set of get-rich-quick books. So carbon tax is a scam and a joke. Like virtually every political movement since Buddha discovered his navel. Whatever. What on Heaven’s Earth or Elon’s Musk does that have to do with the actual weather?

    Dialectical Dickweedism



    Thanks for the Colin Campbell link: yet another truth-teller whose truth was ignored because it didn’t match the perpetual-growth-on-a-finite-planet narrative of the banks and political establishment.

    I must admit that when I became a founding member of the local ASPO group I had little idea how completely corrupt the political establishment on NZ was (is). We talked to them and only ever got utter nonsense back. The learning curve was pretty fast.

    So now we are in the early stages of the lack-of-oil (especially diesel) meltdown.

    Tim Watkins latest article highlights the monstrous crisis that could have been avoided if NATOstan politicians weren’t bought-and-paid-for professional liars. But since they are:

    Welcome to the oil death spiral

    The Black

    Lake Mead is useless as a measure or indicator of “climate change”.

    Imagine this: The John Wesley Powell Expedition was in 1869. Only a few years after the Civil War. By 1922 the Colorado River Compact had been drawn up, and by 1936 the Hoover Dam was complete. Less than 70 years had passed. The Phoenix area population was maybe 100,000 around the time of WW2. Las Vegas had far less than 100,000 at that time. What kind of “data” do YOU think was collected by the time the Compact was signed?

    If you read Cadillac Desert by Marc Reiser (recommended!) you find that they had – at most – 18 years of rainfall data. This data (sketchy at best?) would now indicate that those were some of the wettest years on record. “Officials” knew by 1953 that data used to draw up the Compact were inaccurate.

    Phoenix is well over a million people now, and is just a small part of the explosion of people in the west who rely on the Colorado River. Upstream of Lake Mead as well as downstream.

    What sort of “vision” of population growth did those dam builders in the 1900s have? Probably none. Could they have imagined a city like Phoenix today? Or Las Vegas or LA? No way.


    I am getting rather old these days.

    I have been told global warming will end the earth for over 60 years now.

    I am getting sick and tired of waiting for global warming to come.

    I want global warming now!

    John Day

    @Boscohorowitz: Petula Clark had a lovely, clear voice. When I pay attention to the words she sang they are sad in a human way, but she sang them brightly, and I did not know they were sad in the 1960s and 1970s. Rundgren and Fagan are picking low-hanging-audience-fruit with that song. They sound good together, but I quite pretty soon, anyway. I’m not their target audience for this project.
    They didn’t have to stoop so low in the 1970s. Those were better days.
    (“Todd is God”, but so is the tree, and the fly in the kitchen, and so on.)


    CO2 Political Bullshit

    I have worked in coal mines all over the world.

    The thickess coal seam I ever saw was in Siberia. It was over 30 feet thick! Taller than a mining shovel!

    So please tell me how this coal seam got so dam big with only 400 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere?

    The CO2 levels must have been much higher and/or temperators warmer, to have promoted the plant growth required that ended up creating this monster 30 foot plus thick coal seam.

    CO2/temperature levels must have been higher to have created the incredible plant growth that created all the other coal seams that exist around the world.

    And not just once but many times! Many coal mines have multiple coal seams.

    When these coal seams were created, the world had to have been warmer back then, or the CO2 levels were higher, or the world was warmer with higher CO2 levels.

    Something to thick about the next time you hear the political CO2/global warming bullshit.


    “Doesn’t Bitcoin (or ANY digital store of value) essentially reside on computers which in turn depend on the continued operation of the World Wide Web of networked computers, which in turn depend upon the continued generation of really BIG quantities of carefully directed flows of electricity?”
    You are correct. Bitcoin depends on the continuation of the world wide web. There are features built in to compensate for temporary or partial web outages/disconnections. But if you yourself can’t get on the web and connect with a server that contains the ledger you can’t transact using Bitcoin. There is no Bitcoin without the web.


    “The Poles seem to hate Russia even more than the Ukrainian Nazis.”

    They hate the Russians more that the Germans because the Russians were far , far worse to them. Remember no one who was captured in the war wanted to be held by the Russians, everybody did everything to prevent that because the Russians were the most brutal of all.
    They did not want to live under an atheist communist murder machine , they leaned towards the lesser of two evils at least the Germans were Christian and a had more successful and free economic system.
    Also they understood that Bolshevism was a Jewish phenomena , they knew it was Jews who ran the Lubanka, the Gulags and the Holodomor. Eight of the ten who formed the first Soviet were Jews , there is link below of Putin saying exactly that.
    When the Germans arrived and were killing as many Jews as they could they were happy to see that and cooperated to some extent, just as the Ukranians did.
    Why do you think that the Germans put the Jewish labor camps in Poland? Poles were not unhappy to see the 60,000 Jews put to death , they did not see them as Poles, they were not wanted there and were hated as they were throughout Europe at that time.
    All of Europe was grappling with the “Jewish problem” and looking for a solution.
    Germany paid a big price for the war and has admitted it’s guilt , Russia has done nothing to amend for the occupation of Eastern Europe.
    Where ever they went in Ukraine they destroyed the Holodomor memorials, they are still denying it and have always made excuses for the Katyn forest murder of twenty thousand Polish officers…..
    AND , have you forgotten that Russia invaded Poland in a pact with Hitler? You don’t remember that? The Russian invasion was much more brutal than the German.
    Every one who is a Russia devotee want to forget that Russia and Germans were allies in the beginning and BOTH invaded Poland.
    When Russians drove the Germans out of Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe , they did not set them free , they occupied and persecuted them for sixty years. It is only since the collapse of communism they have had freedom and economic progress and that came from the West not the East.
    I purposely used the words Russia and Russians and not Soviet because this concept , this exscuse , “ Oh that was the Soviets” is a deliberate attempt to obsfucate the fact that they were predominately Russians just as the present Russian federation is predominantly Russian.
    These old threads of hatred are woven deep on both sides and may never be erased, think Northern Ireland type hatred and division.
    Try to look through the eyes of the Polish people for a bit.
    Russian occupation of Poland only ended in 1989 , this is not ancient history many, living Poles still remember vividly the Soviet times.
    You have been listening to too much Russian historical revisionism.

    Now it is ime to run the old defense , “But Stalin was a Georgian” up the flagpole.


    ““I thought about something just now: The decision to nationalize this library was made by the first Soviet government, whose composition was 80-85 percent Jewish,” Putin said June 13 during a visit to Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.”

    “Widely seen as the first Soviet government, the Council of People’s Commissars was formed in 1917 and comprised 16 leaders, including chairman Vladimir Lenin, foreign affairs chief Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin, who was in charge of the People’s Commissariat of Nationalities.”



    You have been listening to too much Russian historical revisionism.

    Refo. Abo.

    It would seem no ones hands are clean in the eyes of history?



    I had a Polish neighbor, at the island cottage, Ted, who should have been amoung the 20,000 dead Polish army officers.

    But somehow during the confusion in eastern Poland, after being captured by the Russians, he managed to escape. He made his way to Hungry then down to Yugoslavia where a French boat was sent to pick up him and other Polish army men.

    The French ship was torpedoed off the port of Marscales in Southern France. The French rescued him and then rushed the Polish army men up to their collapsing northern front where Ted was wounded.

    He was evacuated to the southern French Atlantic coast and picked up by a British boat which then had to sail south and towards North America before landing in northern Britain.

    He was in the invasion of Normandy and was again wounded in the battle of the Buĺge.

    His entire family was killed by the Russians since they were land owners. After the war he came to Canada. He was truly a remarkable man.


    AFKTT said

    With such a massive increase in one of the factors that controls the average temperature of the Earth, it is hardly surprising we are witnessing planetary meltdown, exemplified by the huge loss of glacial ice almost everywhere, loss of sea ice and rising ocean temperatures.

    Wow, “planetary meltdown”, time for the brown trousers.


    If I were a guy with my own satellite network, I would think about a digital transaction system that ran on it. I would sell terminals that sidestepped the net. I would issue blinded “cards” you would load and empty at will from your own accounts. Cards could be unlocked to talk to one another for anonymous exchanges.

    And I would probably be either backed or insanely opposed by someone in a very lofty place.


    Autonomous Unit said

    At some point, a tiny increase in CO2 will be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    What a load of rubbish, on what “theory” do you base such a way-out-there statement? The only impact an increase in CO2 might have is to send the green activists even more mental until, hopefully, they will start committing suicide to show the rest of us how serious this non-problem has become. In pursuit of this goal I will continue to over-carbonate my home brew and fart into the atmosphere.


    D Benton Smith said

    Corruption is any act, or arrangement of actions, by one or more people which attempts to extract from the common good /common wealth MORE than they contributed to the common good / common wealth.

    I knew those hunter-gatherers were corrupt SOBs.


    I remember Petula Clark singing ‘Downtown’ when I was a young kid, and getting a message from it I couldn’t quite pin down, then or now. That might’ve been the first song that really touched me, actually.



    Downtown the great escape!

    Today being downtown is the last place I would want to be!

    D Benton Smith


    Try freeloading on the contributions of others in a hunter-gatherer society and see how long you last before that society leaves you to your own devices. It’s a fast track to winding up skinny and alone.

    I suppose that the validity of my definition could be interpreted to depend on the size of the cohort included within the circle of “the common good / common wealth”, but the world is literally littered with the remains of societies who broke that rule, became corrupted, and vanished so thoroughly it takes teams of archeologists and paleo anthropologists to even guess who they were or how they managed to do themselves in.


    This ruminator thinks the grazing here, lately, has been as sweet as it gets.


    My old man hated Petula CLark’s singing. But then, he hated Ella Fitzgerald’s singing too.

    I was 9-10 years old, thought she was a pretty lady who sang well, and I still love that mid-60s swinging big city go-go bittersweet vibe.

    But my pop heart truly resides in the jazz/swing era, and ladies like this:

    Where Are You

    John Day

    Corruption works best in societies that have a monetary system, i think.
    WW-2 surviving heroes are pretty interesting guys, though I only still know one, a German, who escaped from American POW camps 5 times. He tried to get to Mexico, his duty. He could have jumped off another train, but he was pretty sure the guy watching him, who left the door open, would shoot him.
    My Father in law was a 17 year old Mexican American boy with 7 siblings and no dad. He sent his entire paycheck home the whole war and did the other soldier’s laundry for his spending money. He did 3 Pacific landings. In the first one he went back behind Japanese lines to bring out his wounded cousin, who lived. Then he did another landing, and was similarly outstanding. Then he did a “suicide mission” on Mindanao, going into the jungle for a month with a radio, to identify Japanese positions…
    He didn’t get married until he got back. He worked at Kelly Air Force base until he retired. What a guy. Drank a bit too much beer.


    I echo Bill7’s indescribable feeling about Downtown. Part emerging eroticism, partly some adult bittersweet melancholy about modern urban adult ennui. I get it now. As a kid, it was just weirdly cool.

    Later, around age 30, I knew just what robert was singing about here as I juggled several heartbreaks — romantic, parental, familial, cultural — while becoming a full-blown alky selling shaky oil well investments over the phone to support a kid.

    Blues Is King

    Blues is king, a beautiful thing
    You just don’t know whenever
    You’re done by the one you love
    And the joke’s on you
    If you don’t know it’s true
    If you lose your dreams
    You’ll know what I’m thinking of
    Yeah, blues is king, so let it ring
    Surrender do, to the sound so real and true
    And relax your mind, go on, you’ll be fine
    Surrender do, ’cause you’ll never displace it
    So face it, blues is king
    As the sun descends, rain begins
    Everything in view is a dull shade of blue
    And the traffic sounds, the lights uptown
    Make a sad and uninviting scene to walk into
    But the blue of the night
    Everything in daylight
    Don’t even begin, to be as blue as the mood I’m in
    People out alone, go on their way home
    I’m wandering on, remembering only
    That I’m lonely and blues is king
    Blues is king, a beautiful thing
    You just don’t know whenever
    You’re torn by the one you love
    And the joke’s on you
    If you don’t know it’s true
    If you lose your dreams
    You’ll know what I’m thinking of
    Yeah, blues is king, so let it ring
    Surrender do, to the sound so real and true
    Just relax your mind, go on, you’ll be fine
    Surrender do, ’cause you’ll never displace it
    So face it, blues is king

    Up to six feet of snow possible in some areas this weekend
    A winter storm of historic proportions is taking aim at millions from Michigan to New York, while other parts of the country are settling in for a round of bitterly cold temperatures. NBC’s Maggie Vespa reports and TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer tracks the forecast.
    Nov. 17, 2022


    “Buffalo gets 3 feet of snow. But I thought there was only drought now? If we report the drought, then we have to report the rain, don’t we? Or do we just lie to ourselves all the time now?”

    You’re smart enough to know that that’s disingenuous claptrap. Sometimes the weather report is just the weather report. Not everything human related to weather is part of some global climate delusions scheme.



    Bitcoin relies on vast arrays of mining rigs to verify transactions. The miners get paid in btc to do this.
    No web or no power means no miners and no transactions.
    You’ll still hopefully own your coins but won’t be able to use them.
    And if you don’t own your keys to your wallet you have no chance if the exchange they are held on goes down for any reason


    Bitcoin sounds a lot like paper gold.

    Since you don’t hold it, then you don’t own it!


    Choose your preference
    Its wet snow in Ukraine or blizzard in USA


    Can we think of a word other than elite? This is one of the “elite” … and he is obviously a very clever guy playing the system. Let the billionaires keep on giving him pay rises, but for us proud of our balls, we need to work out a way to fix this and label these people appropriately, maybe “ball suckers” should replace “elite”.

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