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    Jackson Pollock The Deep 1943   • Former Israeli PM Calls To Oust Netanyahu, ‘Extremist’ Allies (Cradle) • Iran Will ‘Do Whatever It Takes’ To He
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    Dr. D

    “Walmart And Costco Considering Ditching Self-Checkout Lines Amidst “Backlash”

    I think you misspelled “Shoplifting”. Sorry, it’s just beyond any plausible belief for me that you would ever do what your customers want. I can believe almost anything but that. For instance: We’ve told you we hate their guts since they were put in 10 years ago. AND we don’t like the lack of jobs. You told us to SBD. So why now?

    Oh so you mean without the other parts of your techno-fantasy, RFID on everything, infinite surveillance, and CBDC tracking chips, it won’t work and it’s just a regular store? Just like how without self-driving cars firing drivers, Uber is just a taxi company? The plan of every action, every where, at every time is to fire workers and make buying s—ttier for every customer? Motto: “Always Less for More”™

    Israel Orders Evacuations in Southern Gaza After Gaining Full Control of Al-Shifa Hospital

    Uh…whut? To where? Back to the North of Gaza? Or did you mean Canada?

    For the shootings at hospitals and ambulances, which unlike many allegations appears to be well substantiated? I have no words. They are painfully, methodically inciting WWIII. And I have nothing for the Gazans except that they are the landing party and have to bear it to forestall WWIII planetwide while we come up with a plan. I’m sorry. We’ll do what we can, but I can’t ALSO kill everyone else.

    This is the essence:

    “a January 1974 essay (America Agonistes)–50 years ago–in which the author identified three key sources of decay and collapse: rigidity (resistance to change / adaption), deep alienation and the erosion of crucial institutions.

    In his recent book End Times: Elites, Counter-Elites, and the Path of Political Disintegration, Turchin identified America’s perverse wealth pump that transfers wealth from the working / middle classes to the wealthy elites as a core source of systemic risk, a source fueled by the time-honored dynamic of entrenched elites and incumbents rigging the economy and key institutions to serve their interests above the interests of the general public, i.e. the common good.
    These entrenched interests resist any adaptation that might diminish their wealth and power, and this is a source of systemic rigidity.” — Smith

    The key to civilizational collapse are a few of these factors: overinvestment in expensive infrastructure, change and fracturing in the foundations of methods of belief (Christianity, Science), a sudden outside event (war, volcano). And I say “Yes, BUT. But many cultures, empires HAD these shocks or worse ones: Rome invaded by Carthage for instance, and carried on. What makes this different?”

    “These entrenched interests resist any adaptation that might diminish their wealth and power, and this is a source of systemic rigidity.” — Smith

    That’s the key difference we see today, especially in America. Always before there have been limits from “A gentleman doesn’t do that” (Colonial Era), to allowing a certain meritocracy as young kids became industrial magnates, to FDR just essentially running a coup and shoving down the oligarchs’ throats for their own good. Even the last 50 years which have not been stellar – up to now, we had feeder lines through colleges, (Naomi Wolf, John Perkins) the military (Ritter, Oathkeepers), journalism (no one comes to mind) and other institutions keeping a lid on their castle moat and groupthink.

    Sure, no one voluntarily changes or gives up power, but it was built and adequate to get ENOUGH change and reduce ENOUGH rigidity. In fact, and sorry to say, you actually don’t WANT things to change too fast. …You know, like all our policies today, where what was accepted, or even true 3 years ago is now a prison offense, like “There’s no such things as a woman”. Or transgender. I’m sure this is one reason the mind gravitates to that very less important example.

    So here we’ve done a lot since ‘08 in exposing all these guys. Exposing them back to ‘01 or 1963. Sure that’s great. However, their response has been to refuse to make changes, regardless of how small, even to prevent themselves from being hung, like student loans, housing, or health care. Even when they could make billions and trillions from it, like railroads, manufacturing, and infrastructure.

    And that’s the difference today: an incredible poverty of mind, a vacuous, nihilistic outlook. And for what appears to be sheer personal hedonism and aggrandizement. And that demonstrates to us the People that they’ve never had any personal hardships and are unqualified for the job.

    “deep alienation and the erosion of crucial institutions.”

    That is, the System doesn’t work for me, for us, and worse, actively AGAINST us. So why would we support it? We would sabotage it at any point of convenience. And the loss of faith in people and their orders, refuting the hierarchical system, which sadly, is how everything runs. Without hierarchical orders and their following, there is no “System”. While that’s good in some ways, and I personally don’t mind, I don’t think most of the population is ready to live in caves and drink from the river.

    So this is the crisis point that can ACTUALLY break a nation, society, empire. Why not fall with Fabian with Hannibal, but later? Because the Senate was so bad, so resistant to change, whole families, dynasties, for centuries of trying, that The PEOPLE invited the Barbarians in. To go kill the Senate for them, their true enemy. (Starting with Julius Caesar, the first popular reform) Even a couple of times of Goths and Visigoths didn’t cure them, just as losing every war since WWII isn’t curing us.

    The People are patient, but what are they to think of that? So: no recruitment, quiet quitting. No businesses started, all economic activity stalls and stops. In the castle they don’t even notice, as I’ve said, and as you see throughout history.

    “Rather than honestly address the sources of risk and decay, the elites of 2023 America seek to persuade the restive populace that everything is going great, and their sense that things are unraveling is false.

    The purpose of the misdirection and obfuscation is to obscure the rot within crucial institutions and the resulting deep alienation generated by the elites protecting their reverse wealth pump.”

    The Elites here are adding risk. But it’s a risk TO THEMSELVES. They’re trading today’s “profits” and hedonism for less security, even less grasp on power, later on. And not far later on, but more or less immediately, within two years.

    “Fifty years ago, the nation’s power elites still had the capacity to admit that the nation’s problems were systemic and demanded honest appraisals. Yes, there were the usual fumbling attempts to substitute PR for real solutions–for example, WIN, Whip Inflation Now–a PR ploy that was widely mocked at the time, but on the whole, leaders faced issues directly and serious, honest debates over the correct policy responses were open to public scrutiny and feedback.

    Now we have self-serving virtue-signaling, posturing, narrative control, hearings and spectacles in which the objective is to provide cover for all that is taboo because it threatens to reveal corruption and deceit or the self-interested skims and scams of the elites benefiting from the reverse wealth pump.”

    Again, that’s just a childishness and poverty of mind to say although I already have more money than I can use, and although all I have to do to keep it is concede a bone to the masses, STILL I REFUSE. Although I, and all my children, will be in constant social and physical danger because of it. Still won’t turn.

    Okay then, see if I care. You bought it though I tried to talk you out of it. Delivery will be arriving shortly.

    ““The public has lost faith in Netanyahu … we can’t run an extended [military] operation with a prime minister we do not have faith in.”

    Wait: I thought the Jews were all in on Bibi and his ways. But they’re not? They want a substantial change in government and direction? So things are more complex than evilly-evil people waxing their mustaches?

    “The head of Iran’s elite Quds Force has vowed to do “whatever it takes” to back Hamas in its war with Israel”

    Apparently not, nothing’s happening. “Whatever it takes” means sitting home, providing no men or weapons, just like us in Ukraine.

    “Khamenei reportedly restated Iran’s long standing “moral support” for Hamas,”

    Oh, MORAL support! Well I’m sure Gaza has lots of time for an massive import of moral lectures over there. Can’t wait for a big flatbed of “morals” to arrive. Thanks!

    So…we’re rounding up Trump in court to explain how assassinating the head of a foreign nation wasn’t a war crime, right? So should Iran drone strike Flynn or Milley? That’s the world you’re in favor of, right?

    What’s that? Trump is NOT in court for these and a dozen other things he DID, but is in court for something irrelevant that he DIDN’T do? He’s in court for filing paperwork? Murder, inciting to war: Legal. Filing common paperwork: Illegal. Shows me who you really are.

    “Western Elite Ignoring Pro-Palestine Protests May Be Fatal Mistake (Blankenship)

    Which elite? Harvard clearly is not ‘ignoring’, and many others are also forced to respond. Who exactly?

    “This is worrying because, in principle, in a democracy, politicians are supposed to respond to the will of constituents. They are also supposed to bend to popular will, given that their electoral odds hinge on the opinions of voters.”

    Huh. Gee, that might tell you something. Like, the voters votes don’t affect the outcomes? The representatives there are all frauds who legally must be removed and new elections held? Something like that? Because what you’re describing is “Not” Democracy. It’s clearly #AntiDemocracy, and as above the people are patient but it’s been generations.

    Every. Single. Thing. They do is against their mandate and the will of their constituents, and people in general, and everyone knows it except Paul Krugman and Rachael Maddow. Since 1992. And we all know it.

    By the way, did you see her crying on national TV over the Speaker of the House? (Johnson) …Who the Democrats immediately voted FOR? Oh, golly, Hitler for sure, I guess. No? Thankfully nobody else did either as she has no ratings and no one watches her/them anymore.

    “democracy – when it is under full-scale assault by an opposition party that casts doubt on the legitimacy of elections and does not believe xxxxx was rightfully elected.”

    Who? Which “Opposition” party? I’ve now spent 22 years hearing the elections are frauds and X wasn’t elected. Bush is illegitimate. Clinton is removed. Obama is ineligible. Trump is Putin puppet. Biden is installed with voter fraud. Am I on crazy pills that no one remembers this? It’s all neatly compartmentalized that it’s “Well, but, muh, that was MY guy! Allegations against him are not only untrue, I never even THINK of them!”

    ““deep alienation and the erosion of crucial institutions.” -Smith

    Like BELIEF. Religion is one of them, but Muh Constitution, “Freedom for Democracy” and Law is our National Civil Religion.

    “IDF propagandists feed them nuggets of prepared fake news during the day while they dine as guests of the army. Our western journalists are so embedded”

    This IS new: instead of their heads up their OWN -sses, western journalists now have shoved their heads up someone ELSE’S -sses. And are dining there, as he says. Quite a sight.

    “Remarkably a couple of Palestinian Hamas fighters phoned their parents in a state of glee after they murdered Israelis”

    Uh, yes. I’m sure they all thought with perfect certainty that it was a suicide mission and 100% chance of dying. It’s only thanks to Nutso’s complete stand down order across half of Israel that they survived and took hostages. So I might be “elated” too, wouldn’t you? But it’s not about Israel, it’s about “Not dying.”

    Speaking of: were the IDF Pilots “Elated” when they Hellfire missile’d a concert parking lot, strafing all the Israeli Jews who were running? Asking for a friend. Journalistic curiosity.

    “We are literally watching an illusion each night by CNN journalists ducking and diving while they do their pieces to camera.”

    Yes, but only since Gulf War I. CNN got caught green-screening as far back as then, if I remember, and when it came out sometime after, no one was discredited, no one cared. 20 more years for CNN to be “the most trusted name” and Democrats to point to it as “Center”. Fox news joyfully supported CNN and did not call them out to Republicans at all. Professional Courtesy, you see. And it happened over and over and over with increasing frequency from that point.

    Like “Network”(1976) “Broadcast News” covered exactly this thing, predicting it perfectly in 1987. That some minor infraction, using actors instead of reporters in the newsdesk, would lead to complete frauds and no way to tell. The people who called it out get fired. The people who love fraud, look good, or wink are promoted.

    Again: no one cared. “These entrenched interests resist any adaptation that might diminish their wealth and power, and this is a source of systemic rigidity.” — Smith

    “• CIA Chief’s Ukraine Visit Linked to Looming Palace Coup Against Zelensky (Sp.)

    So…anyone notice Biden isn’t running anything? Oh, you have?!? Anyone notice Blinken isn’t running anything? Oh, you noticed that too? Okay:

    Anyone notice Burns IS running everything? Is flying worldwide, negotiating AS IF HE’S PRESIDENT, and is even covered each time in the “Broadcast News”?

    To me THAT is the Burns-Ukraine story. And more, we all know he’s there to arrange Ze’s departure, because “That’s Democracy”! When foreign powers pick your government, and the people don’t even have a FAKE vote.

    “Western leaders must give up their “magical thinking” about defeating Russia in Ukraine and shift to a strategy of long-term containment against Moscow”

    Why? Why would we need “Containment” against Moscow? Are they planning to invade?

    And the very phrase “Magical Thinking” means you’re a geopolitical retard, a child-thing unfit to be within 1,000 miles of power. A non-being, a waste, a weight, a liability to all good action.

    That is to say: You’re Fired. You’re fired, everyone you know is fired, your school and University degree is discredited, all your allies are blacklisted. “Magical Thinking” means you fought Russia by shaking a buffalo skin rattle above a sand mandala while sacrificing a chicken in the pale moonlight.

    Now do I need to point out that if you lose a war by making decision by killing a chicken in the pale moonlight there are no consequences? You are moved to being a professor at Princeton, where you can advocate for sex with animals.

    Again, this isn’t ME, I always say this sort of thing because it’s true. This is the Wall Street Journal saying these guys are worthless, losing, infantile, superstitious boobs. Want to take a bet for this guy or the WSJ advocating REMOVING any of these “Magical Thinkers”, even to a posh retirement? The RAND Corporation, strapped to a mule and mocked in the public square? Zero? Yeah, me too.

    Apparently the cure for “Magical Thinking” is to promote more magical thinking. –WSJ

    ““China does not seek spheres of influence, and will not fight a cold war or a hot war with anyone..”

    Hahahaha, you’re so funny. You’re ALREADY doing that all over. But what can I say? So do all countries.

    ““Why is [Dr. Fauci] so wedded to trying to make you believe it came from the animal kingdom and not the lab? Because he funded the lab.”

    Another guy neither arrested nor strapped to a mule. Why don’t we arrest him for the 200,000 gay guys he killed? That would be much better as the emotional load from that has settled now and seems non-polarized. Oh it’s because we all love the gays so much that when this comes out, is in books and substantiated, we ignore it hoping he can kill gays this time too.

    Vivek: It’s sad you have to talk over everyone and ignore their questions to get anything done. Truly it’s like Idiocracy. “My foot and your ass, how about that?” says the State Judge and the Prosecuting attorney, Walter Cronkite on National TV.

    ““deep alienation and the erosion of crucial institutions.” -Smith

    Dr. D

    Our “Magical Thinkers”. How to fight a land war in Asia.

    YouTube Comment: 3 years ago: “This actually makes more sense than the way it really works.”


    there is a global staging, a reenactment, of the final scenes from the movie The Magic Christian underway here on the third rock from the sun. I remember leaving the theater in Tallahassee and riding back to campus and musing that most of the students i encountered each day would wade right in and get their Free Money. The nauseating reality is that this reenactment is not a fictional parody but the actual reality of a subspecies or conspecies of humanity in the 21st century.

    starve, poison, maim and murder children for profit

    A nation that forgets its past has no future.
    Winston Churchill – words of wisdom from a butcher

    starve, poison, maim and murder children for profit
    starve, poison, maim and murder children for profit
    starve, poison, maim and murder children for profit
    starve, poison, maim and murder children for profit
    starve, poison, maim and murder children for profit
    after all, God is on our side

    starve, poison, maim and murder children for profit
    starve, poison, maim and murder children for profit
    starve, poison, maim and murder children for profit
    starve, poison, maim and murder children for profit
    starve, poison, maim and murder children for profit

    Put on your suit and tie, put on a formal gown and tell me once again how noble you are.
    Free Money Here


    FWIW, Ilargi- I was hit with ads and a blizzard of “McAfee” popups when I opened TAE on Safari today. I’m doing this from Brave.
    Now back to reading the content….


    across the internet the exceptional, the elite protest, this is just a moments aberration away from our standard of nobility. Just give us a moments time and we will lift ourselves up by our boot straps reorganize and rearm ourselves and do a proper job of it.

    “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.”
    i am a heretic, so there is that


    pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space
    ‘Cause there’s bugger-all down here on Earth! – Idle, Palin, Jacquemin, Du Prez

    Have a pleasant weekend


    Pedophile Poop Pants ritually humiliating and disgracing his country and his office, his family can’t be humiliated because they are already a disgrace.

    “Hey, come on man, where’s that dictator dude???”











    You know/are informed of what is happening because TAE is/has not been blackout like Gaza.
    The Israeli military are doing a “show & tell” video, for us, with scrap material, from the hospital.
    Too bad so many died and they cannot share in the seized wealth
    Just like the USA/Ukraine/Russian War,
    The USA/Israel/Palestine War is about Oil & Gas. (Energy).
    Not all USA mercenaries need to be on the frontline of the war. (Bankers, Journalists)
    Journalists are complicit in the genocide

    War in Gaza: Just How Many Faked Videos by the IDF Can Western Media Handle?

    War in Gaza: Just How Many Faked Videos by the IDF Can Western Media Handle?
    Its routine. Its cyclic.
    Leaves have fallen. Temp. has fallen to Zero. Unprepared are dying.


    Self-checkout shoplifting
    I witnessed this a couple of weeks ago. My spouse required assistance from the attendant; meanwhile, someone at the kiosk to the side of us left without paying for groceries, taking advantage of the fact that the attention of the attendant was elsewhere.

    1930s and Anything Goes
    I was reviewing the lyrics for Anything Goes yesterday. I can’t help but see parallels with the moral decay of The Gilded Age and the Roaring Twenties and today. The lyrics reference a famous lesbian, the nudist movement, a wealthy woman who visited the Communist Bolsheviks (just like glossy people visited Ukraine in 2022)…it sounds like today.


    Israel, in the words of various US pols, is something like a foreign base, a landing strip, a military outpost, of the US.

    The ‘Collective W,’ aka USuk + the Colonialist European Powers (leaving all details nuances etc. out), as well as the genocidal created Nations like Australia and NZ, cannot give up this minuscule outpost that has served supremely well for all the post-WW2-colonialists.

    By > creating strife and divide to conquer, using Isr. ‘manufactured hate’ and paranoia to attack indigenous ppl > using sticks against those who question Isr. so as to be able to exclude, discredit > keep a largish region in strife .. etc.

    So it is *all hands out* to defend the very existence of Israel, even accepting great costs in intl. rels., image, the investment can’t be given up, or not immediately.

    Would USuk + EU poodles prefer that Bibi be more ‘moderate, discrete, a better liar’? Yes.

    Would they have prefered the status quo, no disturbance? In some sense, yes.

    Do they see that the biggest threat to the existence of Isr. is the Isr. Gvmt. / its top controllers / Bibi clique, itself? Probably. Would they be totally opposed to a Greater Isr. -> Gaza destroyed and the W Bank annexed? Why, no, not at all.

    All that is a relatively minor issue fitting into the overarching aim which is to prevent / derail, alliances of BRICS types orgs. (trade, territorial organisation) with Military – Defense pacts outside the US sphere.

    (comments on, in last thread, Escobar, why US needs war with Gaza, Marketic, US will take massive hit in global standing…)

    John Day

    The Value Of Life

    ​ Video: “The Value of Life”. Families of Israelis Held in Gaza Speak Out against Netanyahu. Condemn Member of Knesset’s Call for Destruction

    Video: “The Value of Life”. Families of Israelis Held in Gaza Speak Out against Netanyahu. Condemn Member of Knesset’s Call for Destruction

    ​ US President Joe Biden has consistently rejected demands that he push the Israeli government towards a ceasefire, instead asking for humanitarian pauses. Last week, he told reporters there was “no possibility” of a ceasefire.
    ​ Nearly 7 in 10 Americans, 68%, believe the United States should call for a ceasefire in Gaza, including two-thirds of Democrats and half of Republicans, a new poll has found.
    ​ The Reuters/Ipsos poll surveyed 1,006 American adults over two days, ending on Tuesday. It found that support for Israel is down across the board compared to a month ago, as the Palestinian death toll continues to rise and horrific images of death and destruction spread on social media.
    ​ Only 32% of Americans say “the US should support Israel” a number down from 41% just a month ago. Meanwhile, more Americans are saying the United States should act as a mediator in the conflict​.

    At least 70% of Gaza will be without access to drinking water by the end of Wednesday, the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has warned. The agency blamed Israel’s fuel blockade for the crisis, which has resulted in the collapse of water infrastructure in the enclave.​ (Cholera and dehydration typically result.)

    ​ Almost the entire population of Gaza risks “sliding into hunger hell” unless fuel deliveries are allowed to resume and there is a rapid increase in food supplies, an official from the UN’s World Food Programme warned on Thursday.​ Mass Starvation, another war crime.

    John Day

    ​ The Jerusalem Post Quoting U.S. General: American Troops ‘Prepared to Die’ For Israel​ (This has almost certainly already happened this month.​ “Chopper accident”)
    ​ “’As far as decision-making, it is a partnership,’ [Lt. Gen. Richard Clark] continued, stressing nonetheless that ‘at the end of the day it is about the protection of Israel – and if there is a question in regards to how we will operate, the last vote will probably go to Zvika [Haimovitch].’
    ​ Washington and Israel have signed an agreement which would see the US come to assist Israel with missile defense in times of war and, according to Haimovitch, “I am sure once the order comes we will find here US troops on the ground to be part of our deployment and team to defend the State of Israel.”​ (Delta force is on the ground in Gaza.)

    ​ Benjamin Netanyahu is using Joe Biden to drag the U.S. into a larger conflict with Iran, which will ultimately cost Biden his​ [puppet]presidency.
    ​ The Biden administration says it does not want a wider war. Former diplomat Pinkas believes the U.S. and Israel are set for “a collision course” over Gaza. Joe Biden and his advisers can count, and they recognize that U.S. public opinion is steadily turning against them; hundreds of employees in 40 different U.S. government agencies signed a protest letter, including even dozens in his own State Department.
    ​ But Netanyahu will resist. And the danger is that the mainstream U.S. media’s malpractice means that the American public will have no idea why the Biden-Netanyahu confrontation is happening. The pro-Israel lobby will defend Netanyahu, and the Republicans in Congress are already criticizing Biden for not standing behind Israel strongly enough. Biden could feel pressure to cosign Netanyahu’s increasingly provocative moves — in Gaza, against Iran, or even elsewhere.

    Benjamin Netanyahu is using Joe Biden, and it could well cost Biden his presidency

    ​John Mearsheimer, speaking with Glenn Greenwald, explains that the (unelected) Israeli Lobby in Washington, controls US foreign policy fairly completely, particularly in the Mideast, which harms both the US and Israel.

    ​ Elon Musk on Wednesday said he agreed with an X user criticizing Jews for “pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them.”
    ​ “Jewish commun[i]ties have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them,” X user BreakingBaht said. “I’m deeply disinterested in giving the tiniest shit now about western Jewish populations coming to the disturbing realization that those hordes of minorities that support flooding their country don’t exactly like them too much. You want truth said to your face, there it is.”
    ​ “You have said the actual truth,” Musk responded.

    Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens Go Off On The Israel Lobby for Funding Anti-White Hate

    John Day

    Candace Owens Hits Back After Ben Shapiro Calls Israel Comments “Disgraceful”, Suggests She Quit Daily Wire
    ​ (Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro, her boss) was caught on a viral clip calling Owens “disgraceful” for her commentary on Israel – after she tweeted on Nov. 3 that “No government anywhere has a right to commit a genocide, ever,” referring to Israel’s response to the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack. “There is no justification for a genocide. I can’t believe this even needs to be said or is even considered the least bit controversial to state,” she continued.

    ​ [Israel First] Speaker of the House causes uproar after stating that America is “Depraved” and “Deserves the wrath of God”​ (​How was American morality degraded?)
    ​ He said, “The only question is: Is God going to allow our nation to enter a time of judgment for our collective sins? … Or is he going to give us one more chance to restore the foundations and return to Him?”

    Speaker of the House causes uproar after stating that America is “Depraved” and “Deserves the wrath of God”

    ​ What might God want spiritually faithful Americans to do in such a situation?
    ​ Over 7,000 displaced people, patients, and medical staff at Al-Shifa Hospital are “fighting death due to a lack of water and food” caused by the Israeli military blockade, to the Gaza media office reported on Thursday.
    According to a statement released on Telegram, the office emphasized the critical situation, stating that there is “no food, water, or milk for infants at Al-Shifa Hospital.”
    “We may lose a number of malnourished children at the hospital due to the power outage, leaving them without incubators,” it said.

    IDF Raid of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza Turns Up Scant Evidence of Hamas Presence​ ​(A few guns laid out near MRI machine)

    ​ Israel ‘losing PR war’ – expert​ , Marc Owen Jones mocked “comically bad” propaganda stunts, such as the fake “Palestinian nurse”
    ​ The nurse had a “pristine white lab coat” and “immaculate” makeup, but no one at al-Shifa had ever seen her before, he added. The video was mocked so much that Israel Arabic deleted it within a day.
    ​ Since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched a war on Gaza after the October 7 Hamas attack that killed an estimated 1,200 Israelis, public opinion in the West, initially sympathetic to Israel, has steadily turned against West Jerusalem amid the rising death toll in Gaza…
    ..Jones argued that Israel is engaging in “increasingly desperate disinformation,” seeking to “dehumanize Palestinian children” as “worth killing” since it can no longer deny killing them.

    John Day

    Mehmet Rakipoglu, a researcher at the London-based think tank Dimensions for Strategic Studies, claimed that Israel built an underground fortress under Gaza’s biggest hospital…​ [and still, Hamas did not use it.]
    ​..Al-Shifa began as an army barracks during the British Mandate for Palestine era. In 1946, during the latter years of Britain’s occupancy, it was converted into a hospital. From 1953 to 1967, when Egypt administered Gaza, it grew into a complex of medical services. After taking control of the Strip in June 1967 during the Six-Day War, Israel expanded and preserved the hospital complex…
    ​..“The point being, I think that when it comes to the Israelis pushing this narrative, it has less to do with the idea that Israel actually believes [it] and more about a desperate attempt to try to win back public opinion that it has emphatically lost as a result of the bombardment of social media videos showing the realities of the atrocities that are being committed in Gaza,” Hamdi said.
    ​ The irony of the IDF accusing Hamas of using bunkers and tunnels underneath Gaza’s civilian infrastructure is brought to light by Mehmet Rakipoglu, a researcher at the London-based think tank Dimensions for Strategic Studies. Israel appears to have constructed the “secret shelter” under the Shifa hospital in the first place.

    Did Israel Build Underground Fortress Under Gaza’s Biggest Hospital?

    ​”Go to Egypt or die.” Israel Orders Evacuations In Southern Gaza After Gaining Full Control Of Al-Shifa Hospital

    Israeli forces surround Al-Ahli hospital in northern Gaza
    On November 14, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that the Al-Ahli hospital was the only medical facility in the northern Gaza Strip and its capital that remained operational and able to accommodate patients​.

    ​ Seven staff members of the Jordanian field hospital in the Gaza Strip were injured in an Israeli enemy air strike targeted the entrance to the emergency department of the hospital.
    ​ The official spokesman of the Jordanian Armed Forces said that seven cadres of the Jordanian field hospital in Gaza were injured at the entrance to the emergency department of the hospital, while trying to rescue Palestinian citizens who were injured during the shelling ​by the Israeli enemy.

    ​ A document compiled by Israel’s Intelligence Ministry recommends moving Gaza’s civilian population to Egypt’s barren wilderness known as the Sinai Peninsula as a final solution for the Gaza Strip following the toppling of its elected Hamas rulers, according to a copy of the document published by the Sicha Mekomit website.
    ​ The ten-page document, dated October 13, recommends that Israel establish tent cities in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula to accommodate the Gazan population. These tent cities should then be developed into permanent settlements, with a ’sterile zone of several kilometers’ separating them from the Israeli border.
    ​ Under the plan, Gaza’s 2.3 million residents would be told that ’there is no longer any hope of returning to the territories that Israel will occupy in the near future,’ and that ’Allah made sure that you lost this land because of the leadership of Hamas.’

    Revealed: Israel compiled a sinister ethnic cleansing plan for Gaza – media

    John Day

    “Israel tests new weapons live in Gaza”
    In an interview with “Democracy Now”, the German-Australian journalist Antony Loewenstein talks about the benefits of the Gaza war for the arms industry.

    Israeli foreign minister vows no ceasefire until Hamas goes down

    Israel must keep a ‘strong force’ in Gaza – president​
    Post-war governance of the Palestinian enclave must prevent a Hamas resurgence, Isaac Herzog has told the FT

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow , Are we in a countdown to all out nuclear war?
    ​ The mood of panelists and presenter on this past Sunday’s Evening with Vladimir Solovyov talk show was deeply pessimistic and the reason had nothing whatever to do with Russia’s situation in its war with Ukraine. On the contrary, feelings about the war were entirely upbeat…
    ​..The pessimistic mood on the show had other, more general considerations that should give us pause as well. As one panelist remarked, global politics today very much resemble the period that preceded the outbreak of World War I. There are nasty wars here and there. There are peace conferences which lead to nothing. There are powers, meaning the United States, which in the recent words of Joe Biden, exult in being the most mighty on this earth, able to fight on multiple fronts. All of this led Vladimir Solovyov to sum up what comes next: a nuclear war is now inevitable. he said.
    ​ Of course, the vicious Israeli rampage in Gaza was a contributing factor to this gloom. All arguments from morality or ‘universal values’ have been stripped away. We are left with might makes right being practiced by those who believe they are untouchable.
    ​ If you pay attention, you see that the West, and Europe in particular, is staging one provocation against Russia after another with complete indifference to where this may lead.

    Are we in a countdown to all-out nuclear war?

    ​ Iran tells Hamas it won’t enter a war with Israel
    ​ Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has reportedly told Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh that Tehran won’t get directly involved in the militant group’s war with Israel, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing senior Iranian and Hamas officials with direct knowledge of the talks.
    ​ The Iranian leader was surprised by the October 7 attacks by Hamas that triggered the ongoing conflict, the agency added.

    John Day

    South Africa refers Israel to ICC​ , Pretoria accuses the Israeli government of committing genocide in Gaza
    ​ South Africa has asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the Israeli government for alleged war crimes in Gaza, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Wednesday during a two-day visit to Qatar.
    ​ The claim against Israel, which has not ratified the Rome Statute – the treaty establishing the ICC – was taken “together with many other countries”, Ramaphosa said, without specifying which states were involved.

    ​ Captain Shane Murdock says the air industry is ‘poised on the precipice of disaster’. A pilot for more than 40 years and a qualified air accident investigator, he has found official data that back up his claim of impending global catastrophe. He adds: ‘When correlated, the data indicate there is an enormous problem that is having, and will have, a significant impact on aviation safety worldwide. There is enough evidence to be sending out red flags.’
    ​ Pilots are super-fit, so why are so many dying suddenly or collapsing? Cpt Murdock concludes they are suffering severe adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccinations, which has myocarditis (heart inflammation), brain fog, insomnia, blood clots and anaphylaxis as side effects.

    Pilot Warns of Airline Industry Disaster Due to COVID-19 Vaccines

    ​ Pepe Escobar: Xi Outmaneuvers Biden in San Francisco
    ​ At the final presser. Joe Biden, the actor playing The Mummy, following a proverbial smirk, said Chinese President Xi Jinping is “a dictator”. Because he is the leader of a communist country.
    ​ All those previous elaborate plans unraveled, in a flash. A tentatively rosy scenario turned into a film noir. The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s response was as sharp as a Dashiell Hammett one-liner – and contextualized: this was not only “extremely wrong” but “an irresponsible political manipulation”.
    ​ All of the above of course assumed The Mummy knew where he was and what he was talking about, “off the cuff”, and not dictated by his ubiquitous earpiece.​..
    ​..Washington and Beijing seemed quite cozy jointly promising the proverbial promotion and strengthening of “dialogue and cooperation in various fields”; an intergovernmental dialogue on AI; drug control cooperation; back to high-level military-to-military talking; a “maritime security consultation mechanism”; significantly increasing flights by early 2024; and “expanding exchanges” in education, international students, culture, sports, and business circles.​..
    ​..The White House readout , as bland as it might seem, actually gives away the key part of the plot.
    ​ Biden – actually his earpiece – underscored “support for a free and open Indo-Pacific”; the defense of “our Indo-Pacific allies”; the “commitment to freedom of navigation and overflight”; “adherence to international law”; “maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea and East China Sea”; “support to “Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression”; and “support for Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorism”.
    ​ Beijing understands in detail the context and the geopolitical overtones of each of these pledges.
    What the readout does not say is that Biden’s handlers also tried to convince the Chinese to stop buying oil from their strategic partner Iran.​ That’s not gonna happen.​..
    ​..The fact is Xi knows all there is to know about imperial, rotating Hybrid War fronts, plus others that can be powered on at the flick of a switch. The Hegemon continues to provoke disturbance not only in Taiwan but in the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, India, and continues to flirt with possible color revolutions in Central Asia.
    ​ There has been no direct US-China confrontation yet thanks to millenary Chinese diplomatic expertise and long term vision. Beijing knows in detail how Washington is simultaneously in Full Hybrid War mode against BRI (the Belt and Road Initiative) and BRICS – soon to become BRICS 11.
    ​ A Sino-American reporter, after the introductory remarks, asked Xi, in Mandarin, if he trusted Biden. The Chinese President perfectly understood the question, looked at her, and did not answer.​..
    ​..Xi added context. China is not engaged in colonial plunder; is not interested in ideological confrontation; it does not export ideology; and it has no plans to surpass or replace the US. So the US should not attempt to suppress or contain China.
    ​ Biden’s handlers may have told Xi that Washington still follows the One China policy – even as it continues to weaponize Taiwan under the twisted logic that Beijing might “invade”. Xi, once again, provided the concise clincher: “China will eventually, inevitably be reunified” with Taiwan.​..Corporate honchos well knew in advance that the US opted out of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP); and that the new trade gambit, the so-called Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) is basically D.O.A. IPEF may deal with supply chain issues but it does not hit the heart of the matter: lower tariffs and wide market access.
    ​ So Xi was there to “sell” to investors not only China but a great deal of Asia-Pacific as well.
    ​ One day after San Francisco, the heart of the action moved to Shanghai and a high-level Russia-China conference; that’s the kind of meeting where the strategic partnership formulates paths ahead in the Long March to Multipolarity.
    ​ In San Francisco, Xi made a point to stress that China respects the “historical, cultural and geographical position” of the US, while hoping that the US would respect the “path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

    ​ The executive director of Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO Freedom), Mike Benz, explains in this clip how The U.S. government decided in 2016 to end free speech on the Internet.
    ​Q: Was the 2016 election a critical tipping point of Internet free speech?
    ​A: Oh, absolutely, yeah. There were three things that happened in 2016.
    – The State Department lost their election in the Philippines that they didn’t want to lose, and it was an Internet election. The Philippines basically doesn’t have their own Internet. It runs entirely on Facebook, and an uncensored Facebook led in the wrong direction in that election.
    – Then you had Brexit, which the State Department strongly opposed. Brexit was also an Internet revolution. It was powered by Nigel Farage’s viral videos dunking on Herman Van Rompuy for a couple of years on YouTube. And even though it had no support from British media, essentially it was powered by YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
    – And then after Brexit, you know, five months after that, the U.S. presidential election of Trump, who got zero mainstream media endorsements, not a single print newspaper endorsement. It was an Internet election, and Trump defeated both the Bush dynasty and the Clinton dynasty in a single edge Lord Meme campaign.
    ​ That was when the rules-based international order said:
    OK, enough is enough. NATO is going to fall apart…the IMF is going to fall apart… the EU is going to fall apart.
    ​ Information is now a military affair.
    Unless we censor the Internet, we’re going to lose 20 consecutive European parliamentary elections where the populist right-wing was winning in Italy and in France and in Spain and in Greece and in in the UK, and so, they said, ‘Listen, the only way to save the world is to end free speech on the Internet,’ and so you had lock stock and smoking barrel, if you will, the Pentagon the State Department, the CIA, MI-6, the UK Foreign Office in Brussels, all basically decide that civilians shouldn’t be able to make up their own mind.
    ​[The one thing he doesn’t mention is the Obama-led alterations to the Smith Mundt Act that now allows the government to spread propaganda in the media.​]

    In 2016, the U.S. Government Decided to End Free Speech—And This Explains Why

    Pentagon fails annual audit , US defense officials could not provide auditors with the required information to even fill out their evaluation

    John Day

    The Army is Begging Unvaccinated Soldiers to Return​ . Army forced to reverse course, as people refuse to enlist

    ​ Billions Of Copies Of Residual DNA In A Single Dose Of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine: Preprint
    ​ The lead author of the study, molecular virologist David Speicher, who has a doctorate in virology, told The Epoch Times that their study is “the largest study” on residual DNA in COVID-19 vaccines to date.
    ​ “In our study, we measured DNA copies of spike, ori (origin of replication), and SV40 enhancer genes,” he told The Epoch Times. “The loads of SV40 enhancer-promoter, ori, and virus spike in Pfizer are up to 186 billion copies per dose.”
    ​ The spike he refers to is the DNA sequence of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, which can be transcribed to spike mRNA to be used in the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines to be translated to spike protein. The other two DNAs—SV40 enhancer genes and ori—help facilitate the replication of spike DNA.
    ​ However, the final mRNA vaccines should only include RNA and not residual DNA instructions for spike production.
    The researchers sequenced the gene material in 27 mRNA vaccine vials from 12 different lots. Nineteen vials were from Moderna, and eight were from Pfizer.
    ​ “Further work is needed to investigate if anything in these vaccines is actually integrating into the human genome and what effect that may have,” the lead author wrote.

    Sen. Rand Paul Says He Wants Federal Prosecution Of Fauci For COVID Coverup

    U.S. Government confirms 1433x increase in Deadly Cancer Cases due to COVID Vaccination

    ​ ‘Chair Care’: New Mexico Hairstylists Being Trained Under CDC-Funded Program to Push COVID, Flu Shots
    Under “Chair Care,” a program funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New Mexico hairstylists are paid and trained as “trusted messengers” to promote COVID-19 and flu vaccines, especially to minority and conservative clients with low vaccination rates.

    ‘Chair Care’: New Mexico Hairstylists Being Trained Under CDC-Funded Program to Push COVID, Flu Shots

    John Day

    Moderna has halted a trial of a new mRNA vaccine for young people after a suspected myocarditis case
    The case, which occurred in a Phase 1 trial of Moderna’s jab for the Epstein-Barr virus, will only add to the concerns around mRNA biotechnology and heart issues, particularly myocarditis.

    Dr D Rich

    Thanks Shane Murdock and Dr D.

    Loosening of Associations isn’t just a psychiatric term. It’s also used by those in power to deliberately, unjustly and unfairly label people as psychotic when they’re not.
    The latter is a form of entrainment FOR devious, often diabolical purposes, malignant intent and money. Self-contempt and self-admiration, a bizarre admixture are at the practitioner’s core.

    Does training, experience, publishing as an aviation examiner, investigator on several aviation mishap boards, author of a class A mishap aeromedical analysis, recovered bodies/parts, performed autopsy/postmortem analysis and survived a separate mishap make a person an “expert” like Shane or Naomi or Ritter or whomever?

    Shane is right insomuch that something is “off”, aviation safety as manifested in pilot health, AND has been “off” in medicine my entire career.
    Fine motor skills and higher executive function (and NO NOT CEO venal executive bullshit) would be the most sensitive indicators that “something is off”.
    At some point, the concentration of psychopaths and malignant narcissists reached critical mass, a Political Ponerology….
    ***hat tip Andresj Lobaczewski

    Dr D Rich

    Kunstler’s “Mask of Sanity” is way off as in far, far removed. Hervey Cleckley clearly and always had in mind guys like Kunstler.
    I always thought Kunstler’s faux-wisdom was rooted faux-folksy Mormonism, the wannabe-Zionist type of LDSer. Maybe his role was flypaper this entire time.

    However, for the following, James might as well go f*ck himself. People reduced to “root canal”?!?! Accordingly, Kunstler shows his deep rooted contempt for us by intimating Netanyahu has to find the right “style points” to regain our favor and that of the Western World.
    Kunstler puts the capital K in the term “malignant Kunt”.

    The reality — for those of you interested in reality — is that Bibi is doing what Bibi needs to do whether America likes it or not: a large-scale root-canal on this troublesome region, going literally deep beneath the surface to clean the rot of Hamas out from that underground tunnel world they squandered their people’s capital building. Do you think Bibi and Company do not know that the whole world is watching how they go about this operation?

    Michael Reid

    Airline Mayday Radio Calls Up 386% in 2023
    What is causing steep rise of in-flight medical emergencies since 2021?



    Bibi is doing what Bibi needs to do whether America likes it or not: a large-scale root-canal on this troublesome region, going literally deep beneath the surface to clean the rot of Hamas out from that underground tunnel world they squandered their people’s capital building. Do you think Bibi and Company do not know that the whole world is watching how they go about this operation? And do you suppose they are trying as hard as possible to not harm Hamas’s human shields? Yes, Israel’s IDF is going about this methodically and carefully, and they are determined to get the job done, no matter how many undergraduate nose-rings scream their lungs out on the Champs Elysée.

    No, I do not suppose that. By Human Shields do you mean the civilian population? They bombed Hamas’ Parliament building. What do you call people with a civilian population, a military arm, and a Parliament building? HUMAN SHIELDS, really?

    If a foreign power started bombing Kunstler’s town to get at people they want, and there’s military there trying to defend the area, is Kunstler a Human Shield?

    And if you aren’t a stickler when it comes to the beef chou mein, I suppose it means for the inconsequential things, you don’t identify with an ethnostate, but for the big things, you do? Have A Heart vs Jewish Identity? Does it come down to that???? 75% women/children deaths are Human Shields. If they are in Gaza.

    It isn’t a choice between wild-eyed” END ISRAEL!” vs give Israel a blank check. Sure ok Hamas is what, bloodthirsty? Having turned 25, 28 years old living in Gaza dominated by Israel over their entire lives and all that means? YES I get it, bloodthirsty or whatever. I don’t desire to eradicate the country, but I just cannot muster the sympathy and certainly not my support. To the nation with their hands out demanding billions of dollars, billions of weaponry, the support of our armed forces, and that everyone ignore everything UN/Hauge/Geneva from the past half century. I’m just tired of it. Figure it out for yourselves. No more open hand.


    Hey Maxwell Quest,

    Appreciated your the thoughts and comments yesterday. Central planers will sacrifice the periphery to save the system. Like a body, exposed to the cold, it will use vasoconstriction to move blood away from the skin and outer extremities towards its core. Seems we need a critical mass of people willing to allow their hearts to be circumcised.


    Kunstler, like every other jew, is gonna stick up for the jews. Leo Frank rapes and murders a 13 year old Mary Phagin, blames a black guy andall the fuckin jews rise upin his defense. The ADL is born. Liars, theives and murderers, if you dont know now///you are about to find out.


    The Army Is Begging Unvaccinated Soldiers To Return

    Gee, the COVID vaccine mandate removed three times as many service members (8,339, see above) compared to the 2,402 soldiers tragically killed in Afghanistan.

    The involuntarily terminated soldiers were, of course, the best, the brightest, the healthiest, and most conscientious, who cared the most about their health.

    Thousands were given career-destroying reprimands

    But please, come home, pretty pleaseeeee……

    The Army missed yet another yearly recruiting goal by 15,000

    It’s not a job, it’s an adventure

    Lloyd Austin reviewing the Elite Face Diaper Delta Force

    He looks like an African dictator doing a drag version of Darth Vader



    Dave Smith comedian

    “I love Joe Biden….. he’s the man for the job….he’s the perfect representation for where we are at as a society today……if someone didn’t know anything about America asks, “where’s American at”…… point, right there, this President that is made of tissue paper….


    It’s funny, I’ve always thought of Pedo Jo-joe as being made of papier-mâché but tissue paper better reflects his inner mental landscape.

    Michael Reid

    All Wars Are Bankers Wars

    It made me realize how little I know about this world


    A truth as pure as a nugget of gold in the slurry of mud in my pan-
    The truth that glows like the gift of redemption but only if I can
    Want it.

    Veracious Poet

    Kunstler: “A Nation Can Only Take So Much Corruption, Crime, & Unreality”

    When Fiction becomes Fact: Will anyone actually notice?

    Officials don’t know how thousands of African migrants end up in Tijuana:

    Officials in Tijuana say they are baffled as they try to figure out how thousands of migrants from Africa keep showing up in their region.

    Enrique Lucero, head of Tijuana’s Migrant Affairs Office, says they’ve yet to find out who is bringing the Africans to Tijuana or how they are getting here.

    “The flow is constant, and we don’t know how they make their way here,” said Lucero. “There is no register at the airport or bus stations.”

    All part of the plan Enrique, all part of The Plan

    Et tu, Brute?


    It’s all good


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