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    Salvador Dali Cubist self portrait 1926   • Leaked Report Concludes Russia May Have Influenced Brexit Vote (AP) • Hong Kong Police Storm Into Uni
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 18 2019]

    V. Arnold

    Salvador Dali Cubist self portrait 1926
    Okay, okay; I’ll admit it; I like this painting; even thought it’s CUBIST.
    What can I say? Foot firmly implanted in mouth? 😉


    Cubism was the thing in those days. Picasso dabbled in it a bit more than Dali I think, who seems to have discarded it quite rapidly. I guess the main man was Georges Braque. Not my favorite movement either, but it may have influenced Picasso quite a bit in his thoughts about 2D vs 3D.

    V. Arnold

    Not my favorite movement either, but it may have influenced Picasso quite a bit in his thoughts about 2D vs 3D.

    That’s intertesting; 2D & 3D in art. I should think Cubism would be ripe for that exploration…


    Just down the road here in central Appalachia the administration at Radford University (Virginia) has taught thousands of students that feeling can, indeed, overrule law, with no consequences to those with the Ph.D’s and tenure.

    All student newspaper racks “just happened” to be completely emptied before Katie Couric came to town on Sept. 18th. A police investigation determined it was a low-level employee acting “on his own” with absolutely NO direction from a superior. The low-level hourly wage employee has been subsequently disciplined. First Amendment to the constitution meet “feelings”, and be damned! The articles in that newspaper just “felt” wrong!

    So now we are back to our regular buffet of criticizing the president for breaking the law and acting impulsively…

    Up the road we have Jerry “If it’s Republican it must be moral” Falwell further joining evangelicals with the Republican party. Liberty University’s very own Caesar doesn’t want to talk about the FEDERAL AID flowing to his tens of thousands of “online” students, though!

    Thanks for that recent post, Illargi!


    IG report first week of December?

    Dr. D

    “Britain’s RussiaRussia craze continues.”

    A portion of the world is still in a psychotic, paranoid delusion. And it’s not helpful. Meanwhile, a light on the reality of things: underage rape and human trafficking being as common as cocaine, is met with a “Meh. What can you do?” A: Enforce the law? Just sayin’.

    And they can’t show Skripal anymore than they can release Assange. Skripal would tell how he wrote the Steele dossier, and Assange would say who the DNC leaker is. That is to say, both of them would utterly debunk Russia. Again. But it won’t matter. Mueller did that already and facts and reality had no effect on the madness. That’s what madness is.

    That part I understand. What I don’t understand is how they report two opposite things in the same paper, then in the same paragraph, and no one notices. It never causes remark to say “Hey! Every 30 seconds something new doesn’t make any sense. I think something may be wrong with my worldview!”

    “Hong Kong Police Storm Into University After Violent Standoff (ZH)”

    I heard, more to the point, 99% of all Hong Kong’s internet runs through the University basement. P.S.: Don’t do that.

    “Deval Patrick is candidate No. 28.”

    It’s hard not to see that this is some sort of elaborate joke I don’t get. Or I DID get, but good and hard. Joke’s on you!

    I forget who, but just yesterday, they had a sit-down panel of regular Americans, not telling them it was political. Guess what? NO ONE CARED ABOUT IMPEACHMENT. No one cared about Russia. They certainly didn’t care about Ukraine. They cared about how come they paid Washington to go up there and they were getting nothing done for the American people. And one guy was trying to get stuff done but being obstructed by every means. So if his policy is bad, imagine how much worse, how much madder people are when they’re not even trying to have a policy. But okay, election’s around the corner: good luck!

    “the biggest and most enthusiastic responses in recent years have run on furious, throw-the-bums-out themes, for the logical reason that bums by now clearly need throwing out.”

    “He says that the word “Burisma” never came up during that call,”

    That is true, we have the transcript. Vindman said he’d edit it for us, but that as it stands is accurate. They clearly meant Burisma, but didn’t say it. And why not? Ukraine was already investigating them without us. Twice.

    “Ukraine was involved with the hacked DNC server as well as the only firm allowed to look at it, Crowdstrike.”

    Rachael Maddow aside (she denied this feverishly, in a near-breakdown), this is true. Crowdstrike is a Ukrainian owner, with sharp Pro-Ukrainian, Anti-Russia bias, as already caught during the Donbass and the Georgia thing. So…why is Ukraine running the DNC servers? Doesn’t that seem a bit…hazardous…to anyone? Off-color? Like, excuse me, W.T.F.? …And worse, apparently the servers the FBI didn’t see and can’t see…the ONLY evidence of Russian hacking at all, are BEING HELD IN UKRAINE. That is, unsafely, but specifically outside the jurisdiction of the U.S.

    …Except when we do it.

    So you think someone could look into wtf is going on here? Nope. Asking questions is impeachable, imprisonable offense. Ask the many, many people who are in jail for asking or publishing questions. Your Heil Hitler is not QUITE high and sharp enough, comrade.

    “That switch to “bribery” gave it away. Is “resignation” another term they checked with a focus group?!”

    Someone pointed out the bigger problem with changing horses: So what they’re saying to the American people is, “We don’t really have a crime, we just need to pick something that will remove him. So in this court, if one charge starts not panning out, like extortion we just change the charge mid-stream, to bribery.” Yeah, we know. But that says everyone in America you have reason, no case, just Orange Man is the most Badder Man. As is this the same s—t every ordinary American puts up with such lying, disingenuine power-abusive railroading every day, we have a pre-set reaction to such things, and it’s not a good one.

    I mean, what the president did was so much worse than even what Richard Nixon did

    Granted, IF their accusation were true, this statement would be honest. So props to putting it this way. However, if she’s talking about phone-tapping opposition candidates, or using Ukraine to dig up and planting dirt on the opposition, you already beat Trump to it. For years with a few dozen cohorts. Now is it a crime or isn’t it? …And that’s why Cheeto trapped you into THIS phone call, THIS dialogue, with THIS particular nation.

    The whistle was blown, the whistle was blown, and that was blown long before we heard about it,” Pelosi said.

    I’m guessing she doesn’t mean Clinton, the CA primary-rigging, the two-talk $500k speeches with Sachs, or the 30,000 emails a certain whistleblower made (even more) apparent to the voter. Wouldn’t want to attack or intimidate THAT whistleblower. Must keep him very, very safe with drone strikes and holding him incommunicado without lawyers. Oh, and the whistleblower who wants to stop you Congress-guys and Dukes of York from raping anyone you see with free license? Get her too.

    So what was that about Droit du seigneur and human slavery we had back in the day? You know, how we’re so much more civilized now? When YOU’RE the guys who approved it and re-opened the slave market in Tripoli, spare me. And you’re going to pull down statues and criticize Jefferson? He’s dead, but you’re alive and can be arrested and imprisoned, which is more relevant right now?

    “was not lost on Ambassador Sondland what happened to” Trump associates Roger Stone and Michael Cohen “for lying to Congress.””

    Didn’t Ambassador Yovanovitch already lie to Congress, twice? Nah, can’t be. She’s on our side, so whatever she says is without flaw. Meanwhile if it’s HIS side, and a guy lies to Congress, they just send him to jail and his side nods their heads and lets it happen. …Because they should. So which is the good side, then? Am I the baddie here?

    Fed Fears Next Crash Fatal – John Rubino (USAW)”

    They’re bailing out something feverishly. They’ve already turned their $130B/day to permanent long-term, and passed the $700B bailout mark. No one notices. ‘Til they do.

    Putin says the US$ is going down right now. No Saudi oil = no Saudis = no Petrodollar = no Fed. They can stall and thrash all they want but they’re going to get a new financial system that’s honest. And there’s NOTHING they hate more than honesty, because as idiot-sons-paid-into-Yale until Yale is dumber than Des Moines Community College, they couldn’t compete for 60 seconds without bribery, dishonesty, market-rigging, and insider trading. That’s the secret of the elites, and why all you need to do is allow competition. They’re so dumb and useless their fortunes will be devoured by small businessmen in a single generation. It take the Fed and free insider loans in the hundred-billions per DAY to prevent that.

    But the new and honest financial system will leave us with a much worse problem: objective reality. That is, what goods are mined, moved, created, and used. That’s also our strength, but when you’ve burned down each of those facilities and left them in ashes for 60 years, it’s a bad hangover.

    “the primary economic role of government—is to guarantee price stability.”

    Note it’s not to enforce contract law, indict corporations for bodily harm, or even break monopolies or issue corporate licenses only for the common good. Nope. This is what they think government is for. Newsflash: government has no business in the currency and is a detriment to it. Therefore, it has no mandate in inflation. Or GDP, or unemployment for that matter. If they did their ONE JOB, and enforced the law, those things would take care of themselves. But in #Oppositeland, they do everything BUT that job. …Like everyone else, doing every action, minding everyone else’s business but their own.

    Dr. D

    Heavy, persistent snow in Wales, -7c. Should we wait until the Thames freezes over before we call it? I say wait, it’s more scientific to make absolutely sure there’s a trend.

    P.S. do they grow any food in Wales?


    “Seeing this video makes me think I should really start talking more about finance again. If only because after all, that’s where we come from. ”

    Yes please! Would really like that.

    Thought provoking artcle “About Trump”. Some things that dont quite square with me but its a good narative and I will keep it in mind when I watch Trump from now on. The narative though describes someone deeply interested in history, well read enough, is Trump? And it just fits a bit to perfectly with the authors view of things, to perfectly aligned with the truth according to the author. Might be a bit of wishful thinking in there? But what do I know.



    The biggest influence on BREXIT was the murder of the very popular MP, Jo Cox. At the time of her death the polls showed the leave vote at 57% and rising, and was it expected to be well over 60%.

    Her death probably lost at least 10% of the leave vote. The psychology is simple : by voting AGAINST her viewpoint you are voting FOR her murderer.

    Worryingly there are other examples of very popular campaigners being murdered during European referendums, with similar effects on the vote.


    ” …. because as idiot-sons-paid-into-Yale until Yale is dumber than Des Moines Community College, they couldn’t compete for 60 seconds without bribery, dishonesty, market-rigging, and insider trading. That’s the secret of the elites,….”

    Why are we NOT teaching our kid this path to success?

    Also, why are the elites permitted to apply capitalism in ways that seduce people to become debt slaves?
    Also, Why are we allowing lawyers and accountants to write the laws and the rules and regulation so that the elites can exploit everyone?
    Also, why did we allow the elites to move the jobs to lower wage countries?

    I, nor anyone else, have a solution that could be able to change our social/economic system which would eliminate what has been wrong for so many years.
    For the sake of survival, we even allow the elites to go to church with us and to make a mockery of what the church has taught us, and what we teach our children.


    More news from Ukraine

    This Is Why They Must Impeach: Ukrainian MP Says Burisma Financed Clinton Campaign With $10M Unmarked Cash, Biden Personally Prevented Money Laundering Witness From Entering USA

    This Is Why They Must Impeach: Ukrainian MP Says Burisma Financed Clinton Campaign With $10M Unmarked Cash, Biden Personally Prevented Money Laundering Witness From Entering USA
    by CD Media Staff November 18, 2019
    “And of course, Burisma also helped the Clinton campaign prior to the election.”
    How did they help we asked?
    “They paid them around $10 million.”
    Wouldn’t those wire transfers show up? we questioned.
    “This was Ukraine; everything was done with big bags of cash to the Clintons.”

    Doc Robinson

    he has told his mother the Queen that his appearance on the BBC Two Newsnight special was largely a ‘great success’
    it went so badly for Prince Andrew it should spark a police investigation

    Andrew doesn’t have to worry about jail time, because his Mum can give him a royal pardon (royal prerogative of mercy). And due to sovereign immunity, he supposedly can’t even be arrested for anything while he resides at a royal palace.

    In the English and British tradition, the royal prerogative of mercy is one of the historic royal prerogatives of the British monarch, by which he or she can grant pardons (informally known as a royal pardon) to convicted persons. The royal prerogative of mercy was originally used to permit the monarch to withdraw, or provide alternatives to death sentences; the alternative of penal transportation to “partes abroade” has been used since at least 1617.[1] It is now used to change any sentence or penalty.[2] A royal pardon does not itself overturn a conviction.

    The monarch is immune from arrest in all cases; members of the royal household are immune from arrest in civil proceedings.[37] No arrest can be made “in the monarch’s presence”, or within the “verges” of a royal palace. When a royal palace is used as a residence (regardless of whether the monarch is actually living there at the time), judicial processes cannot be executed within that palace.[38] The monarch’s goods cannot be taken under a writ of execution, nor can distress be levied on land in their possession. Chattels owned by the Crown, but present on another’s land, cannot be taken in execution or for distress. The Crown is not subject to foreclosure.[39]



    The painting: I see Dali gently mocking, while cashing in, on the Cubist phase of art fads. It was Picasso who made it work to the extent that it did, imo, and absorbed it into his toolkit and approach. Remove the superficially glaring “Cubist” aspects, and the Dali painting owes more to Van Gogh’s powerful use of rhythmic color shading and Cezanne’s use of quiet hues to bring out light by suggestion rather than direct display… altho the light itself is lost in this, as I’m sure Dali knew.

    We are left with something that uses a few semiotic labels (the pipe against newsprint, for example) to mock Braques, whose signature work sucked, imo, altho his earlier, derivative and emulative work (like the sample below) at least had joy, light, and color.

    Braques Digs Fauvism and Cezanne

    As for Trump/narcissism: the kind of insecure arrogance that NPD typifies is more likely to say ‘I don’t care what you think’ than not. But the actions will reveal otherwise.

    Not that I think that having NPD is cause for political crucifixion, because:

    A) everybody in this life is nuts in some way

    B) in politics, being somewhere on the sociopathic/narcissistic spectrum is practically de rigeur.

    The thing about Trump is that his NPD is so pronounced that, coupled with being raised as an elite and Trump’s lack of management skills, it sticks out like a sore thumb, in great part because Trump never fit in with the Good Old Boys’ Club. They don’t like him and he doesn’t like them, a mutual revulsion based in great part on Trump’s inability to go with any flow but that of his screamingly wounded existential ego, and on how it makes him not just unwilling but virtually incapable of following The Rules of said Good Old Boys Club.

    IMO, the sole reason Trump is more fit to be in office than any of the so-called “reasonable” clowns (including sacred cows like Bernie Sanders and whomever the Right once saw as their Great White Hope (McCain? Colin Powell??? I stopped tracking that side of the fence awhile ago seeing as how the GOP went off the rails entirely with the (s)election of Dubya and the resurrection of the dreaded Neo-con/lib swamp things he brought about), Trump’s one superior saving grace, is that he follows his own nose. Not with integrity either moral or strategic, but with a dogged determination that makes him like a cross between a loose cannon on deck and the Energizer bunny.

    I’ve always believed he didn’t want to win, just show that he could. But a week or so before the actually election day, he suddenly conformed and did what the teleprompters bid. Back then, he was still deep in hock to Russian sphere ganksters/bangsters(sic). I reckon they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse: win or else.

    If anyone confuses that concept with the cracked glaze of ‘Putin got Trump elected’ bullshit, they deserve to be forced to attend every speaking event that Hillary and Clenis can still manage to get, paid for or not. And have every porn viewing they attempt thereon show Ms. Pelosi’s eerily sexbotic face. Imagine an aging sexbot, past the facelift reclamation phase, time to take off the old head and put on a new one along with the entire dermal sheath and some interior hardware upgrades…)

    Trump won the election via his own efforts and the deranged state of the USA plebiscite. But, imo, it was Putin et al who insisted he take the job he’d so diligently applied for.

    We live in interesting times. Boredom has become the new national pasttime (or, as we call it now, scrolling Facebook).

    After all, if Donald lost, it would’ve been Hillary, and we’d probably be vaporized ash spread over the biggest mass grave since the dinosaurs cashed out.

    That’s my story and it’s sticking to me like an iron logic straitjacket. (‘Veston detroit’ for those who speak wannabe French. I do. Ask me how!)

    In the end, it’s just another Old Fart at Play


    “And they can’t show Skripal anymore than they can release Assange. Skripal would tell how he wrote the Steele dossier, and Assange would say who the DNC leaker is. That is to say, both of them would utterly debunk Russia. Again. But it won’t matter. Mueller did that already and facts and reality had no effect on the madness. That’s what madness is.”

    Illogical, Captain. Assange surely has left instructions with a trusted deputy or three about how to deal with this situation. Something similar to a ‘deadman switch’ dossier.

    I say they can’t release him because that would prove you can fight the Black Knight and win.

    There is, I believe, an entire flock of black swans winging our way like chickens coming home to roost after being converted into a secret underground lab into flying monkeysharks with laser eyes.


    Dr. D

    Interesting. Certainly didn’t look like even he expected to win. And no surprise, considering the vote-rigging around here. What do I mean? Stein did the recount in only one part of one state, tell me what she found before they shut it down, post haste.

    Anyway, then what do you make of Mueller, since he would have been all over the Russian connections like fleas on a dog. Is he working for Trump? Or Putin?


    “Putin says the US$ is going down right now. No Saudi oil = no Saudis = no Petrodollar = no Fed.”

    I totally agree, and the craven selfish part of me wants it to be postponed another year or even two so I can crank some money out to buy some distressed rural property for my kids to escape to.

    And while said hope is based on irrational emotions, I think it’s not entirely illogical as a hope. Putin doesn’t want us to crash too hard too fast, imo. That would be a likely gateway to global havoc by the Dukes of Nuk’em.

    If they do manage to get Trump impeached, we’re up for radioactive toasting, pronto, I fear. The people will generally elect the best candidate available if the duopoly will let them run a clean-ish election, which means Sanders would’ve been our prez if not for the DNC. Oh, Sanders is by now a thoroughly chastened and submissive sheepdog, but at the time, he was living the dream, i.e.winning, and knew how to work the “bully pulpit” well enough to have prevented the worst of Deep State military shenanigans despite his obvious understanding that you Don’t Oppose the Milindustrial Complex Until You Win Office (and are willing to be assassinated).

    But that’s probably just wishful retrospective thinking, cuz even when I was an early supporter of Bernie, I knew that foreign policy was his moral Achilles’ Heel. Like too many Jews of his generation, he had a relatively blind eye toward Israel and all the vicious entanglements comprising it.


    bosco, no idea what happened there, I was trying to fix the coding error that made all your text bold, and when I pressed Save, it was gone. Sorry for that. You still have it stored somewhere?


    “Anyway, then what do you make of Mueller, since he would have been all over the Russian connections like fleas on a dog. Is he working for Trump? Or Putin?”

    Mueller isn’t worth considering, imo, as his final showdown in Congress revealed. He just did what he was told. Wadda maroon! I think the reason they didn’t go after the established money-laundering ties between Trump and (mostly Kazakhstani, as I recall) Russosphere banksters is that it lay too close to the very same grave they are now nonetheless witlessly disinterring. If they went after Trump with genuine verifiable data, that would’ve taken them down too.

    So instead, they did the Putin Rigged the Election dance, which has nonetheless brought them to the very same grave of closet skeletons they wished to avoid. It’s a BIG grave.

    They acted so because they’re as crazy as Trump, and hardly brighter if not dumber, but Trump has the dubious benefit of the truth being more on his side than theirs.

    I believe someone here quoted Hemingway recently. Something like ‘It will end two ways. First gradually, then suddenly.’ While Trump is deep in shit as much or more than they are, he knows it. He’s a Bad Boy, a rebel, and doesn’t enjoy the false sense of protection that these aging political sexbots, and their younger apprentices (anyone care to flesh that metaphor out for us? I’m tired, and a bit scared of where that might go.) So even a crazy, not fantastically bright geriatric with obvious signs of doddering into a nursing home soon, is outfoxing them like Chanticleer on rocket skates.

    It’s been great fun, y’all, but I have to run and do some, er, serious writing. Or so they call it. Stuff like this:

    “Her brother had been assassinated by a hacked delivery drone. Neat little protuberance at the front of the unloader proved adept at intruding into the dude’s solar plexus after briefly chewing his face with its rotors.”

    Not that I’m writing a thriller. Ick. I don’t like having my adrenaline amped unless I’m having sex. But the crazy revenge/societally nihilistic citizen-kills-citizen death toll grows in an up-trending curve every day, and why should guns and knives have all the fun, and why shouldn’t vengeful code-monkeys have a hand in the mayhem? It’s just something I had laying out in my certifiably chaotic notes. A slice of life detail to convey how crazy modern urban life has become.

    I talk too much so I’ll lay low for a few days. Yakking in fora and on comment threads is a former bad habit I’d finally broken until Raul, damn his gorgeous soul, lured me in with TAE. So I have to use the gift of online gab as a highly controlled substance.

    Wow. I actually conned myself into getting to work. Procrastinate Your Way to Getting Off Your Ass, my new self-help book. Available in finer imaginary bookstores.


    “bosco, no idea what happened there, I was trying to fix the coding error that made all your text bold, and when I pressed Save, it was gone. Sorry for that. You still have it stored somewhere?”

    Sorry, Raul. I typed it online.

    I know the following logic is indistinguishable from rabid paranoia, but I can’t help but think that all the NSA-ish ghosts in the ionternet have, like all things manufactured by today’s quasi-industry, has gone so wonky it screws up everything. If that tinfoil notion is true, let’s take solace that somewhere deep in the bowels of Langleyville, some spook is saying, “SHIT! no idea what happened there, I was trying to fix the coding error that made all your text bold, and when I pressed Save, it was gone.”


    Let’s just call it God’s Will. 😉 ciao


    No Langley, just WordPress.


    Back while a pizza cooks me lunch.

    SYlvain LaForest raises some terrific notions. The *effect* of Trump’s actions (described with the pill/aftereffects metaphor) seems pretty much as described. Trump might even have been smart enough to plan his actions this way.

    But I don’t know how intentional or witting those actions were. Another perspective could be that Trump simply says it like he wants to on any given day, cuz that’s Trump.

    The author kinda stains themselves with this:

    “Terrorism and anthropogenic global warming will jump in the vortex and disappear with their creators.”

    I’ve watched global climate change for a long time. I’ve been watching Peak Oil since ’75, altho the name wasn’t around back then that I knew of. Yes, we are influencing the climate. The climate ia very finely tuned, very complex system., Such things are very susceptible to changes in their dynamic balance. The fact that this means that sunspot activity, major volcanic eruptions, etc., can also disrupt this balance is not evidence against anthropogenic influence in global climate change, it is evidence supporting the basic concept of anthropogenic climate change (AGC), which is that any significant different input into said system will produce significant change.

    FWIW, the person who popularized AGC was MAggie Thatcher, and that shaved cunt did so to stomp on Welsh coal miners, who were an ornery bunch, a real force to be reckoned with. She stumbled upon AGC and saw it as a tool to make people believe that Coal Is Bad. I don’t recall her objecting to North Sea oil drilling/production/consumption.

    She has previous experience in shafting (ouch!) coal miners:

    Aberfan coal disaster

    “But in his search for cash to clear the tips, George presented the families of Aberfan with a bill for £250,000 (later reduced to £150,000) which he slyly called “a local contribution”. It would come from the charitable fund that had been set up to alleviate suffering and rebuild the community. George – a socialist later ennobled as Viscount Tonypandy by Margaret Thatcher – had behaved in a way that shamed and angered other Labour figures. The money was rightly repaid (at modern standards) by Labour’s Ron Davies and Rhodri Morgan many years later.”

    As I recall, the repayment was kinda shitty, too. But the point here is that she had no trouble with a fellow his peers saw as disgraced. Speaking of disgrace:

    Yet Another UK Politician Sex Scandal Involving Pedophilia

    God loves a fool, they say, which is the only way in which I can think of Trump as any kind of Chosen One or righter of wrongs.

    Trump’s verified history shows him as a man of minimal conscience at best, but he is Trump, not Trump-bot. He is what he is, and he is willfully independent and disruptive. But his presence is useful at least in the short run because he won’t march to any drum but his own. Confusing this independent streak with morally virtuous fortitude is not justified by what’s known of his history.

    Any swamp-draining he does, any bank-busting he does, is most likely for three reasons: one, to show those fuckers he is too better than them (after every bank in USA blacklisted him because he prefers not to repay bills unless forced to, two, because anything that makes people say, ‘Yeah Trump! is not just manna but necessary life-giving oxygen to a seriously insatiable ego (probably created by deep wounds in his early childhood along with a probable genetic predisposition toward sociopathy), and c) those fuckers want to kill him for being who he is and prez at the same time.


    Where I first learned about this awhile back:

    More Maggie and AGC


    More Ukraine new, From ZH

    In response to the review, Solomon tweeted: “I welcome The Hill’s review of my Ukraine columns and suggested it myself a month ago. I believe it won’t be hard for The Hill to review these since all my source documents and original interviews are linked for all to see. Plus witnesses have affirmed much of what I wrote.”


    Donald Trump backtracks on restricting flavored vaping cartridges. The reason given is the loss of jobs and votes that this will cause. The truth is that making money overrides safety or kids getting hooked on drugs. “Honey Cut” additive that mimics unregulated THC vaping cartridge oil kills users. Boeing has yet to agree to mandate flight training that costs money so pilots can instinctively handle the 737 Max’s new flight characteristics. Armored US National Guard units were flown in keep Syria’s oil while leaving the Kurds at the mercy of jihadists. Anything that makes money for oligarchs is acceptable no matter the consequences. This is the deregulated unsafe corporate state in action. Unrest circles the global on the first anniversary of the Yellow Vest uprising. The one sure thing is that vampire capitalism will fall.

    Will there be any survivors?

    V. Arnold

    Will there be any survivors?

    Of course there will be survivors.
    Do you remember the “book people” in Fahrenheit 451?
    And, just as Sontag escaped to the land of the Book People; the government hid their failure to capture him behind a plethora of lies and televised drama of his demise.
    As you so well illustrated; we’re already there…
    But I’m here, and not there… 😉


    After Graeber’s recent enthusiastic participation in cancel culture, I find it very difficult to give him any credence in anything at all. I first was a bit concerned when he appeared on The Kaiser Report a year or so ago and seemed to be giggling to himself with every reply, but there’s absolutely no excuse for his behaviour in the cancelling of science and academic learning. A pox on David.

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