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    The destruction of Public Libraries is another one of the steps in eliminating any Commons. Turning them into
    more Digitalia Center was the thin end of the wedge, I think. I worked as a Library Aide in the late 80s-early 90s, and got an early view of this insidious process.

    The past can easily be changed on this here the Darpanet; and it doesn’t matter what was true last week, or if you have a “screenshot”; no one cares.

    “The Past is Whatever We Say it Is”, is our rulers’ message. As goes the past..


    ‘Want something done right, do it yourself. Otherwise, you’ll end up with shape-shifting reptilians in human drag, or at least convincing holograms thereof, doing it for you. Poorly at best; horrifically and more doomfully than the problem needing solution, at worst.’

    That’s why I am a carpenter, metal worker, plastics fabricator, electrician, plumber, bricklayer, plasterer, paver, painter, drainlayer, car mechanic, architect, designer, musician, artist, cook, brewer, gardener, tree feller, tree planter, horticulturist, author, and represented myself in court when I did battle with the Empire of Lies (winning all cases after previously relying on shape-shifting reptilians).

    My personal mottos: Aim for perfection and then you will likely end up with something that is reasonably good. Either do things reasonably well or not at all. Don’t believe one word a politician or bureaucrat says until you have verified its veracity (and in the vast majority of case it will be totally false). Treat others as one would like to be treated.



    ‘Council reintroduces ‘range of’ COVID-19 measures amid rising cases’

    (One needs to keep a casual eye on the MSM/fascist narratives for comic relief and to be prepared for their next deceits/tyranny)


    The Monstrousness- that’s exactly the right word- of what’s being done to 90% of humans by a tiny ruling
    class is almost beyond belief. What I experience with most others is a don’t-look-too-close acceptance of the
    above, and also “it’s not that bad, dude!”, as the ratchet is given another click tighter. I’m glad I have my little
    garden, and the wildlfe here, especially the doves. Lately it’s goldfinches, too- really neat, beautiful birds.


    One of my favorite players, now that the great Roger Federer has retired, is the OMG Russian! Andrey Rublev.
    He has now made the semis of the year end championships with two *tough* wins and a loss, and will play
    another fighter I like, Caspar Ruud in the semis. The winner of that match will play either Novak Djokovic, who has admirably stayed un”vaccinated”- and paid a big price for that, or big-serving USian Taylor Fritz, in the Final.


    “So why single out Russia?
    Cause I was replying to a question by another commenter , that question paraphrased was why does Poland hate Russia more than Germany?

    The founding Jews in the first Soviet were Russian born and bred in Russia , they were Russian Jews. It was because they were Jewish they were able to get the funds to stage the revolution from Wall st and the City.
    There is plenty of guilt and blame to go around , throwing the first stone and all.
    This war is the topic at hand. The discussion was centered around the relationship between Russia and ii’s neighbours and their attitudes towards each other as the result of recent history.
    The US has used the animosity to move it’s power East. If the relationship between the Eastern European countries had been mended after the end of Communism then the exploiting of the situation could not have happened.
    Of course it goes back into ancient history too but right now people have lived through Soviet occupation , it was not allways physical occupation but the Communists in Poland were direct puppets of Moscow , if they weren’t they would not have been allowed to be in charge, Moscow had complete control.
    Russia suffered massively but they never had their country cut in half and subjugated for sixty years like Germany did. They become the invaders and occupiers because Comintern was their goal.
    Yes Germany and Japan were supported and became very wealthy because the US had the resources and the strategy to make them allies for the foreseeable future whereas the Soviet satellites in Europe were all standing in lines for bread. The reason being that communism removes the ability for a real individual centered economy to flourish. Communism is and has allways been doomed to economic failure.

    That the Western leaders and the powerful are loathsome and morally bankrupt is an existential fact , you all do that subject non-stop. I balance the balance.

    The crew here totally loathes all things Western , for all it’s faults I would rather live here in the West. Some here have already left seeking utopia elsewhere. All those here praying and wishing and waiting with expectation that total collapse here is going to fix the world are in for an extreme shock!
    Folk here look forward to total collapse of their society , their economy and their lives as a salvation? The total destruction of the lives of all the folk in the West is going to fix all the worlds problems? Folk praying every day that all the Europeans freeze to death to pay for their sins , please , please let them freeze , oh if only winter would come sooner , I need to see them all frozen stiff as punishment! It is coming , any minute now. Yay!
    That is my impresion of what I see here and in all the doom and gloom media.

    The day to day living here is still conducted on the ground by citizens at a far higher level of honesty and fairness than any other country I have been . Honesty , friendliness and civility among the citizenss is is still very high. Criminality is still very low. Most of Europe except for where they have let the big-nogs in are also like that I believe , otherwise the folk from shithole countries would not be knocking the door down to get in.
    Shit has been tested by the Flu scam though, I think a lot of folk have learned a lesson there. The main one being that the corporate media does not have your best interests in mind.
    The fact is that Jews and their proxies are responsible for what is happenong in Ukraine . Look around at the main players on all sides .The old pattern of settling their differences and their hatreds using America as their proxy continues. PENAC was a dual citizen dominated think tank , all the powerful think tanks are dominated by them and almost every President is surrounded by them, Blinken and Nuland are all from the chosen ones camp I think , Nuland for sure. All the biggest financial supporters of the Biden war machine are from the same basket. I never hear one word of criticism or even recognition of this fact. The list of the top donors to Biden is posted without one pointer to their status as chosen ones , scared?
    Anyway I am over it for now , all the words here will not change a thing.
    I rambled ona bit but there you are , old goats do that.



    The crew here totally loathes all things Western , for all it’s faults I would rather live here in the West.

    No. The crew here does not totally loathe all things Western. Why would all of them/us feel that way? Or do I misunderstand your use of the term, crew?


    Is it not odd that there is *no collective action* against what’s being done to 90% of humans? Ten-thousand
    Explainers of it, but no organized opposition.

    weird- or something.


    “..Orwell wanted to understand the world, which is why his writing now falls foul of that core commandment of modern “leftism”: “Thou shalt not recognize patterns.”..”


    “There may be more answers to that question than the one you proposed.”

    There better be. That said, I am of course referring to the prevailing majority. Hence the ‘Average’ in “Average Joe”.


    ” Aim for perfection and then you will likely end up with something that is reasonably good.”

    Aren’t you the optimist! 😉 Mine goes (pessimistically) like this: “Aim for the stars. At least you won’t shoot off your feet.” Google provides no images of lying on back shooting gun, so I feel that I might actually be on to something.

    However, I did find this:

    from The irony: Man literally shoots himself in the foot just to find out how it feels

    …which includes this bonus nugget of insanity:

    “The dope is now facing charges because of his behaviour – including prohibited use of a weapon and reckless endangerment.”

    I once helped a man shoot his leg off with a shotgun, staging it as an accident caused by his (fictitious) unwitting intrusion into a drug deal, doing so to avoid prosecution by crazy laws like “prohibited use of a weapon” so he could get rid of an extremely painful, hopelessly damaged knee that several surgeries only made worse yet doctors refused to remove although he begged them.

    Do da joik, babee

    THe organ in that song sounds like one could control the universe from its console.


    No Organized Opposition = the dog that didn’t bark. Gotten-to, top to bottom..


    And speaking of memory-holing: try bookingmarking for future reference one of these ZeroHedge links, then using that link a month or so later. Please let me know your results.


    People no longer know how to cohere without an app.How much of that is designed by Ozzian wizards, and how much is the general effect of omnipresent and massively expanding immersive media, from 30 giant screens blaring in one sports bar to 50 tiny quiet screens dutifully digesting tedium for subway commuters, is a question we lack the means to conclusively answer.

    That said, my reading tells me that organized resistance has been astro-turfed resistance more often than not:

    rabble-rouser (n.)
    “demagogue, one who arouses the emotions of a disorderly crowd,” 1842, agent noun from rabble-rousing, which is attested by 1802 as an adjective (in Sydney Smith), by 1933 as a noun; see rabble (n.1) + rouse (v.).

    Entries linking to rabble-rouser
    rabble (n.1)
    c. 1300, “pack of animals” (a sense now obsolete), of uncertain origin, but possibly related to Middle English rablen “to gabble, speak in a rapid, confused manner” (mid-14c.), which is probably imitative of hurry, noise, and confusion (compare Middle Dutch rabbelen, Low German rabbeln “to chatter”).

    The meaning “tumultuous crowd of vulgar, noisy people” is from late 14c., probably a back-formation from the Middle English verb. It was applied contemptuously to the common or low part of any populace, regardless of tumult, by 1550s.

    rouse (v.)
    mid-15c., rousen, intransitive, probably from Anglo-French or Old French reuser, ruser; Middle English Compendium compares 16c. French rousee “abrupt movement.” Sometimes also said to be from Latin recusare “refuse, decline,” with loss of the medial -c-. Originally in English a technical term in hawking, “to shaking the feathers of the body,” but like many medieval hawking and hunting terms it is of obscure origin.

    The sense of “cause game to rise from cover or lair” is from 1520s. The word became general from 16c. in the figurative, transitive, meaning “stir up, cause to start up by noise or clamor, provoke to activity; waken from torpor or inaction” (1580s); that of “to awaken, cause to start from slumber or repose” is recorded by 1590s. Related: Roused; rousing.


    A rabble-rouser is someone who incites a crowd of people into action, most often violent action. A rabble-rouser usually attempts to stir up the emotions of the masses for political reasons. The rabble in this case is a mob of unruly people. It is a derogatory word, derived from the Middle English rablen meaning mindless babble or a pack of wild animals. Rabble-rouse may be used as a verb, related words are rabble-rouses, rabble-roused, rabble-rousing. The term rabble-rousing was first used in 1802, though the term rabble-rouser didn’t appear until the 1840s. Note that the word rabble-rouser is properly spelled with a hyphen.

    Not to mention those Old Testament railing at people from city walls to straighten up and fly right, including that Jesus person. One wonders how many Jews of that time and place dismissed JC as “just another sheepdog” (like Bernie Sanders and such). One wonders if he “let” Pilate crucify him because He’d seen that the center of any large simply can’t hold.

    Generally, by the time people have organized to change things, it’s either already been changed (pointless intrusive coercive memes & laws to allegedly protect queers*), or the protestors mostly succeed in alienating the common folks from their cause.

    If organized rebellion created better societies, we’d see some evidence. I haven’t. And pls don’t cite the American Revolution as evidence. Oy vey. But if you must, you must, I suppose.

    *btw, I recall when the right wing was up in flaming arms against gay marriage. Never mind how silly their arguments were (imo). The faithful are rarely swayed by evidence unless accompanied by a baseball bat. The liberal backlash against this needless obstruction of a simple desire to enjoy legally protected pair-bonding has brought us today’s pink and fluffily-denimed gender justice warriors. To which the conservative backlash will be, I fear brutal. Back and forth, escalating with each cycle of divide’n’conquer distractions.

    The tiny 1/16th of me that is Cherokee thinks this is my kind of political rally:

    Grease/Charcoal Painted Justice Warrior


    The CD of Palestrina’s Pope Marcellus Mass sung by the Westminster Cathedral Choir / Preston arrived here a couple of days ago, and I’ve given it some listening. The Kyrie is really very good in sound and feeling, and with a good-to-me tempo. The Sanctus is unusual: quicker than any other I’ve heard, and I think much expression is lost
    in this core of the Mass. More listening for overall intended architecture is needed, there.
    Their Benedictus seems almost part of a different performance: slower, meditative, with a more distant perspective that I *very much like* (the previous movements are in-the-choir close; not wrong, but not what I’m looking for).

    So far, Oxford Camerata / Summerly has been my favorite of the six or seven recordings I’ve heard.


    It might help people understand my position on a core theme here if I point out that parasites are opportunistic. They don’t design their victims (although their victims and they may coevolve together and eventually become symbiotically mutual beneficiaries of the relationship)>

    Language/ abstract reasoning/symbolic representation aka language began creating ways to indoctrinate ever larger groups into a centralized dogmatic bloc. The popular mass formation hypnosis phenomenon.

    But still, life moved faster than the parasites.

    Now, with the panoptical omnimediaplex and powerful AI to do their pattern recognition for them, the parasites are getting some serious leg up on individuality. Even so, I think it is more reactionary than proactionary. One reason I feel this way is because they are reacting to AI which is reacting to them and, as Polemos articulated, to their fellow AIs.

    In other words, the parasites do not control what they are in charge of. They are often playing catch-up and damage control of their previous AI-guided actions. (“Survey says!”)

    Klaus Schwabb suffers from delusions of grandeur more than he enjoys comprehensive understanding of what he’s doi8ng (like pert near all of us, best I can tell). Zelensky and Trudeau are mere troll-bait for sure, but their handlers are losing every significant battle they encounter and everything they do at this point, including covidarchy governance, is now in strategic retreat mode. Oh, the main damage is done, and Gates may have achieved that much of his aims, but he is one Epstein away from having to triple up on body guards and wearing Kevlar everywhere except the bathroom.

    So, yes, they’re a, probably the , major reason we can’t have nice things, but no, their evil schemes aren’t working out the way they planned, and they are really the least of our worries, sez I, who say that WE are the most of our worries which is why we mostly ignore or disrespect each other and holler about what the giant figures we see slouching toward Bethlehem on the Giant Silver Screen.

    I firmly believe that what THEY do to us isn’t nearly as important as what we do to us, particularly what we do with one another (which, as ever and alas, is mostly argue about who is right and who is wrong).

    And now a word from our puppet masters:

    Garfield Goose and a Monkey On a String


    But that’s so grim and serious. Here are some light birds above my piano.


    I’m pretty sure they *do* design their victims: that’s what popular culture (esp Hollywood) is for.

    It’s a process, and those who plan tend to do well, v those who do not. Jews are good planners.


    And this

    And this


    A youtube ad just offered to let me own my own verified voice clone. Kinda like buying internet domains in the old days?

    Meanwhile, Edvard Slavsquat is concerned about global digital ID systems and such:

    All freedom will be lost when the war is won War in Ukraine (or anywhere else) will usher in the digital Dark Ages

    The comments section became a Davosian Overlords Are in Control of Everything (except of course, Ed’s comment section, which alone preserves the True VOice of Freedom, Reason and Truth), running off some very bright and charming people (and me, too, who like to tag along with the very bright and charming in case some of it will rub off onto me).

    But Ed’s actual data holds up although his claims often overreach and I’ve concluded that he is ultimately a paid anti-Russian propagandist, a limited hangout, if you will. And it’s true that Russia’s covidiotic policies rival ours. If global depo is the plan, then it’s been agreed that the survivors will colonize a Russia wekaned by major depopulation just as it was gaining some reproductive traction.

    He includes great Russophillic music clips, btw.


    I don’t know if Jeremy Grimm reads here, but I sure do appreciate his comments elsewhere- having read them for quite a few years.


    I implied but forgot to clearly state that I believe that media has already begun allowing human-on-human parasitism to begin incorporating planned design. But you rather make my case for me, bill7: Hollywood wasn’t a government project. It was taken over by greedy parasites first with ‘decency standards’ censorship, and then big time beginn ing with WWII war movies and such.

    But Hollywood is NOT designed by “them”. Hollywood is designed by creative artistry and entrepreneurialism experimenting to see what sells the most tickets and then, that accomplished, see what moves their opinions the most. The fact that the CIA etc. have their foot in every other Hollywood door doesn’t mean they made or designed those doors.

    Parasites are opportunistic exploiters and derivative thinkers riding the collar region of Hollywood players but are not the builders or shapers of the beast they ride.

    Fwiw, I think you are correct to focus on the ‘darpanet’ angle. Digitech allowed whole new layers and depths of manipulation, outreach, and fluidly moving content control that, coupled with AI, lets “them” tailor their message in strikingly powerful ways, ways we’ve been watching in horrified fascination particularly since the world caught a massive delusional cold and decide to vakzinate anything (still) alive. Before, even with broadcast TV and climax era Hollywood, they had difficulty keeping their message on track with its actual effect on people. Digitech lets them keep pace, even lead… but still with insufficient navigation equipment that will wreck their ship on shoals they unwittingly created. AI is gonna glitch their asses but good. Murphy the Lawgiver agrees.

    Now we do, imo, have “designed victims”. I believe that the savviest among us have watched this for quite some time. I’ve been terrified of TV since ’75, and grew allergic to Hollywood by the mid-90s. But watching the internet invert, watching search engines search us more than we search them, and then, worstly, the advent of handroids — the internet “everting” as Gibson wrote in Pattern Recognition (his most human and poignant work, imo) — tracking us informationally and locationally everywhere we go while creating growing dependence on handroids to do everything for us but eat and wipe — this has given “them” a major leg up and thus brought us that much faster to a doomful denouement.

    Which I think is good, btw, ny which I mean it could be much worse, but then, I’m an old Jay Hanson die-hard ‘what shall be done’ alumni, and that was a hard crowd that gave the data a very “cold and lynx-eyed clear view of things” to quote an old friend. I go now to listen to some well-recommended Palestrina with what’s left of my hearing. Lord, I miss those high notes.

    Lone Voice Counter-Narrative with a swell guitar solo


    WWII propaganda (cuz after the Peasrl HArbor psyop, nobody dared protest and hardly anyone believed in anything bout the Right of our Might over the Wrong of Theirs.

    Dive Bomber Boogie


    I wonder what flora thinks.


    Oroboros said

    Well here is a Ukro tank crewman telling about his unit if you want to put a face to the fighting.

    Terrible for this individual, but standing back to look at the whole picture, Ukraine or Russian, NATO will insist that both get fed into the meat grinder and are forced to kill each other to survive. You could argue that the Russians have the option of surrendering to NATO and being overrun by the NATO mafia and ending up like the Palestinians in their own land. Not much of an option. So either the Ukraine soldier suffers and dies or the Russian soldier suffers and dies. Of course, one can also pretend that this is not NATO imperialism, hide from reality, pretend that Ukraine is not acting on behalf of the US imperialists.

    The sadder aspect, when watching this soldier, is that he lost his country in 2014 when the Ukrainian people did nothing to regain their country. They allowed their captors to keep them on side by persecuting the Russians amongst them, which has now led to him being a slave to the US imperialist regime. A slave who will probably die for the US imperialists when in 2014 he could have died for his parents and for Ukraine.


    AFKTT said

    the pouring of mega-quantities of fake computer digits into subsidising wasteful, counterproductive activities such as flying from one place to another to look at the view

    Living a good life is an outrageous counterproductive activity?


    Living the good life does not equate with the global air transport industry. A good life may contain air travel as a subset, depending on how one defines “good life” (a vague concept more appropriate for commercials than for earnest discussion about the state of global human affairs these days).

    I’m forever amazed at the need for so many people to chronically attack others over petty squabbles they haven’t even defined.

    What is the good life? I suppose that it at least contains some good years.

    Me, if I’m not going to seriously explain why I disagree, I prefer just to call someone a big far poopy butthead and call it done,


    boscohorowitz said

    It might help people understand my position on a core theme here if I point out that parasites are opportunistic. They don’t design their victims (although their victims and they may coevolve together and eventually become symbiotically mutual beneficiaries of the relationship)

    The effect you write of it evident in man’s relationship with dogs. Man is the parasite and the dog has been evolved by man pushing it in certain directions, many different directions, until the dog is no longer recognisable as the wild dog form in which it originally evolved.

    Control by the authorities and control of dogs is also very similar. You can train a dog to respond to certain commands, you can breed it to behave in certain ways, but the owner never has full control over the dog, that is not possible without using force … the leash. Obviously every owner would like to have an obedient dog, we could then get rid of the leash, but a free willed dog will never always obey.

    The need for obedience is in all dog owners as it is in the people who run the world. There is no real difference and the tool of persuasion “stay stay” will be replaced with the leash if not enough obey. It is very human to want to control the things and beings around you and without the opportunity to do so, you may not know that you are one of the control freaks. I hate seeing dogs on a leash, it reminds me of the government taking away the freedom of the people. When we walk our dogs, they walk free, they interact with other dogs and they learn to socialise with their own kind.

    The internet gives the authorities the opportunity to assign an AI dog walker to every connected person. Disconnecting from the internet gets rid of the walker, but does not get rid of the government, your owner.


    FTX is above my pay grade. Read what nakedcapitalism has to say.

    FTX: New Ex-Enron CEO Finds “Complete Absence of Trustworthy Financial Information,” $3.3 Billion Loans to SBF, Customer Deposits Not Recorded on Balance Sheets; Confirms Software Backdoors, Auto-Deleted Communications

    FTX: New Ex-Enron CEO Finds “Complete Absence of Trustworthy Financial Information,” $3.3 Billion Loans to SBF, Customer Deposits Not Recorded on Balance Sheets; Confirms Software Backdoors, Auto-Deleted Communications
    Posted on November 18, 2022 by Yves Smith

    D Benton Smith

    Cinema may well have been “designed by creative artistry and entrepreneurialism experimenting to see what sells the most tickets. . . ” But Hollywood certainly wasn’t. Hollywood is the construct of fake-Jewish Kazarian Mafia, US Defense Department, CIA and the usual covert coven of craven cabalistic collaborators, and they most certainly DID “design the doors ” (not to mention controlling what goes on behind them). I’ve got a billionaire big shot ex-relative in tinsel town, who was and is a straight up useful idiot Mossad gigolo, “A-List” Democrat donor, and all-around asshole.

    And like the rest of its theatrical industry cousins quaintly misnomered as “Main Stream Media” Hollywood has operated at a net loss of billions every year for many many years (like since 1941) . . . . but it’s a bargain at that price considering the mind boggling (literally) quantity of propaganda and society wrecking psychological warfare effluvium that it pumps into the minds of a mostly unsuspecting public. In the business of commercialized evil Hollywood has plenty of competition, but is holding its own because their money ain’t coming from ticket sales. Three guesses where it does come from.

    John Day

    @Redneck: How does change come about in the world? People see what is wrong, but don’t know how to undo it, or replace it with something more right, more fair. Thoughts and ideas get batted about.
    These are pieces of models-of-reality, right? Napoleon had certain models of reality and other people bought into them, but they were not quite reality. He was widely feared and respected for his use of reality modeling in war and statecraft.
    Does reality usually change through concerted action, coordinated by a model? Maybe sometimes?
    I think we are all grappling with difficulty here. Are Jews who oppose Israeli apartheid “self-hating Jews” as some who support it call them, or “righteous Jews”?
    Do people who want the parasitic oligarchs to fail, to be replaced, but don’t see how to get there, desire their own destitution, or are they merely willing to face hardship for what they see to be a more just world order?
    I accidentally meditated goodwill for the mechanic I never met who is looking into an accelerator logic malfunction in my wife’s Toyota Matrix, which killed 30 people by the fly-by-wire computer-controlled throttle body opening up, like flooring the gas, but the pedal is not really connected.
    You have to stand on the brake and throw it in neutral if it will go, or turn off the ignition key as you accelerate down the off-ramp.
    This is something Toyota has a recall on. There was a lot I wanted to relay to the mechanic I could not meet. I wrote down the recall number and some details and gave it to the guy I talked to. He typed a little something into a tablet he carried, but not that. I felt frustrated and found myself sending conscious-pressure their way. That might be a form of negative-prayer, I realized, so I did the other thing, the good thing.
    The gas pedal is just connected to a position-sensor, not the intake throttle-body. The computer takes in a lot of information and decides where to set the throttle. It has mysterious AI brain-farts that kill some folks. How does Toyota change that? I couldn’t find out exactly what their recall-fix protocol in=s, just stories of people taking their car back 3 times and the intermittent logic failure not being figured out. Seems allegorical, somehow…

    @rabble-rousing boscohorowitz Duane Eddy has a variation on that theme fer yuz.

    I think Klaus Schwab might be a high-functioning submissive, but I don’t know exactly who his Dom is.
    There are a lot of quandaries like that.
    It makes me unable to be really sure who to pray for God to kill to make the world more fair, peaceful and loving.
    Bedtime for John-zo. Maybe I can meditate in my sleep and wake up having already made the world better.
    Can I do that and not know, and not be exhausted from it? I read stuff, sometimes…

    : Don’t say “get a room”. It’s not that much verbiage … yet.

    @ Dr.D : I’ve got some mathematical modeling of hierarchical income disparity following a fairly simple mathematical formula across human societies
    Dis some mo’ bad shit from anudda physicist. I like physicists taking fresh looks at things.


    “..Orwell wanted to understand the world, which is why his writing now falls foul of that core commandment of modern “leftism”: “Thou shalt not recognize patterns.”..”

    Yep. And thou shall make no connections whatsoever between policies, events, manifestations and people.

    Young people getting sick and dying shortly after jabs. How mysterious.

    Economy collapsing. How mysterious.


    ‘Cinema may well have been “designed by creative artistry and entrepreneurialism experimenting to see what sells the most tickets. . . ” But Hollywood certainly wasn’t. Hollywood is the construct of fake-Jewish Kazarian Mafia, US Defense Department, CIA and the usual covert coven of craven cabalistic collaborators, and they most certainly DID “design the doors ” (not to mention controlling what goes on behind them).’


    Taught women to smoke. Taught hundreds of millions to crave consumer products. Taught entire generations that ‘We are the good guys’. Taught Americans to believe they were the ‘chosen people’, and that one American was worth 30+ Koreans/Vietnamese/Iraqis/Iranians etc.

    I have managed to deprogramme myself from all the shit that I was taught in the early years of my life. Most people I interact with don’t even know they have been programmed.

    Is ignorance bliss?

    Yes….until it isn’t. Then it’s super-shitty.


    @ oldandtired
    This son has *always* had an IEP. He started school at nearly 4 years old due to a “language delay” (common with twins, common for boys in my family.). By 1st grade the IEP was for behavioral issues. Academically he is fine…he has ADHD but I refused medication. I was helping him today to simplify radicals, with integers and variables with exponents under the radical — he understood the first half, needed help with the second half. He understood the steps…he is bright, has usually been at grade level.

    I believe that this is the 5th suspension this semester.

    Expulsion isn’t automatic for missed days, but leads to academic probation, where he can miss all of his credits for a semester and have graduation delayed. Expulsion is a possibility for “threats.” The school personnel on the IEP team could strongly recommend that placement in general Ed is not appropriate for him, sending him to a different school, one with a “behavior program.”

    My kids have experienced a lot of “adverse childhood experiences.” I make up for it the best I can by being there for them regularly. I couldn’t avoid the adverse events…the only one I initiated was the divorce, and that was necessary, a bygone conclusion at that point.


    For the benefit of those who do not know the significance of dive bombers alluded to above, it was a successful attack on Japanese aircraft carriers at Midway that turned the tide of the Pacific War.

    Pity the poor sods who flew ‘Devastators’ at low speed and low altitude because they were loaded with torpedoes: the entire squadron was wiped out in a matter of minutes, with just one survivor out of 30 crew members. And if the torpedo runs had been successful, the torpedoes wouldn’t have worked anyway because the firring mechanism was defective.

    On the other hand, sbds operated as glide bombers were subjected to ‘only’ a 50% loss.

    Poor young men dying to protect rich old men. That’s what war is all about.

    And as Smedley Butler wrote, it is a racket.


    John Day
    “Do people who want the parasitic oligarchs to fail, to be replaced, but don’t see how to get there, desire their own destitution, or are they merely willing to face hardship for what they see to be a more just world order?”
    You are of course only talking about Western oligarchs, not Russian or Chinese or Iranian oligarchs , correct?
    How will the destruction of Western oligarchs produce a fairer system ? Do you honestly believe that a world where Russian , China , Iran and India are the hegemons that the world will be fairer?
    That the total destruction of the Western world is going to bring about a better world full of love and compassion? History and common sense says you are wrong.
    That is exactly the kind of thinking I was talking about in my comments. Delusional and naive is what I call it.
    The Russian oligarchs have spent more on their private yachts in the last fifteen years that has been spent on the Russian navy. They mostly live overseas and have their money stashed in tax havens just like ours do.
    Somehow though they are the good guys we should look up to? They have stolen most of the money meant for the Russian military right under Putin’s nose. The Russian media is saying that , Russians themselves know it .That is why the Russian military is being being beaten right now . Russia is just as corrupt as we are .
    Look at what is happening in Iran , innocent citizens being shot for protesting, this is Russia’s close ally along with the communist dictatorship in China. These are the countries that are going to lead the world into a more just system?
    Wake up , stop being such a child.

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