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    René Magritte Popular panorama 1926   • Chinese Firms With Dollar Debts Are ‘Under Increasing Pressure’ (CNBC) • Tim Cook: Tech Regulation ‘Inevi
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    V. Arnold

    I knew that was a Magritte the instant I saw it.
    Nothing to do with me; everything to do with Magritte’s style; very obvious, IMO.
    I wonder, is that the difference between great painters and the Olympians (van Gogh, Rembrandt, Picasso, and Matisse, to name a few)?

    Dr. D

    “Democratic Party has badly damaged confidence in our democracy.” Yes, and doing so can, or will, lead to a civil war. But this is as planned, or as planned for Plan B. Because once you commit incredible crimes for decades, which includes selling out your country to foreign powers like China, you can only escape by lighting the city on fire. Note: Democrats are certainly not alone in this. However, the Tea Party types have already swept something like half the GOP, so the few remaining and somewhat less culpable. Not that I wouldn’t go back and pull Cheney and Rumsfeld out of retirement for the docket, to say nothing of Ryan and Cruz.

    “France’s President Emmanuel Macron has called for closer ties between his country and Germany,”
    He also wants Germany’s backing for a European Army”

    Funny, that’s exactly what Vichy France said. To the letter. “Europe must not “become a plaything of great powers”. Strange for a man who has sold his nation to become a plaything of Germany and the EU. So it is better to be a colony of Germany (at last! After all the French blood spilt in war upon war) than it is to be a colony of Russia or America? What’s the difference? In fact, haven’t we found that in general, being a plaything of Germany is WORSE than Russia or America? I would expect no less from a fellow whose first act was to be a victim of a pedophile, giving himself up to those more powerful and experienced than himself, then sold himself to bankers who used him the same. France’s finest.


    You trivialized and laughed about the suffering of an Australian and his family. You followed it with smutty, unnecessary comments about a woman voicing her political opinion.

    When no other argument is plausible, use the ad hominem crutch. “How to Deceive the Public: Law School Legalese Simplified” (Chapter one, page one)


    @V. Arnold re: the Magritte style. For me, it’s his seashore. It reminds me of the opening ‘Sea and Sand’ sequence from the movie Quadrophenia…and very apropos to themes of drug addiction and sociopathy.


    Tim Cook says the Free Market isn’t working? How long ago was it that we had a free market?

    China expands ban on waste imports? The world has just had its exhaust pipe blocked off, its sewer outfall bricked up. I can only wonder what happens next.

    The calibre of Australian politics? No surprises there. Been deplorable for years and years. Our fearless leaders have been instructed by The Hegemon to do nothing helpful for Assange. Oh, and Morrison counts himself as a Christian! Hypocrite.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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