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    Dorothea Lange Miserable poverty. Elm Grove, Oklahoma County, OK 1936   • Australia’s Westpac Bank Slapped With 23 Million Money Laundering Breac
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 20 2019]

    V. Arnold

    Dorothea Lange Miserable poverty. Elm Grove, Oklahoma County, OK 1936
    A devastating view of poverty in America…

    If the treatment of Assange shows you anything, it’s that you live in a fascist world.

    Indeed. Some of us know this already…and there’s not one damn thing we can do about it!
    So, basically eat shit and die mofo’s…

    Dr. D

    Shorpy has very green living. Isn’t that perfectly environmental, in a wood tent, under the trees, just as the Green New Deal and Agenda 2030 has outlined for us?

    “In the early 1990’s the Club of Rome published a book called ‘The First Global Revolution’. In it they state:

    “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes. and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

    “at the same time ‘The First Global Revolution’ was being published, UN assistant secretary general Robert Muller was publishing his manifesto which is now collected on a website called ‘Good Morning World’. Muller argues that global governance must be achieved using the idea of “protecting the Earth” and environmentalism as the key components. Through fear of environmental Apocalypse, the public could be convinced to accept global government as a necessary nanny state to keep society from destroying itself.”

    Like I said, you don’t have to be a genius, just semi-literate. Just read what they say in their white papers. It’s not a secret. However, “reading stuff” is too hard for reporters to understand.

    So anyway, if you’d all like to live as green, environmental, light-on-the-land, meat-free as the folks of Elm Grove, Oklahoma, 1936, jump on board! We’ve got Oklahoma and 20 other states almost to that level already.

    UN Demands ‘Full Investigation’ After Sweden Drops Assange Rape Probe (RT)”

    You mean he wants to investigate why the torture was inadequate, hasn’t worked, and is applied only to a handful of wrong-thinkers instead of whole ethnic groups like their hero China? And, the U.N. has legal jurisdiction over SWE, UK, US, and AUS? I for one wouldn’t approve since they’re the guys how oversee torture, rape, and trafficking with troops and aid workers in Africa, but since my nation already stopped funding them, maybe we’re even.

    P.S. poor Sweden is now the bomb-and-grenade capital of the world and Denmark and Norway are building walls. Nice! Maybe if you’d stood for the law-and-order back then, this wouldn’t have happened.

    Oh, and P.S. “rape”? This was consensual sex by adults, confirmed 100% of the time by all interviewed, as opposed to, say, the sex lives of the Duke of York and the Governor of New Mexico. So guess who’s free?

    Statement for Aaron Swartz Day 2019 (Chelsea Manning)”

    Speaking of who’s free, like Martin Armstrong, a life sentence for mere contempt of court. …And that for questions she’s already been asked, already answered, and already doesn’t have to answer under the 5A, a 230 year-old law.

    “Massive ‘Dark-Money’ Group Boosted Democrats in 2018 (Pol.)”

    That’s easy: you ship $5B in MY tax money to Ukraine, then let it leak out by the millions with 100 different frauds, only to recollect in the DNC coffers to pay bribes and interference for the next $5B you send and re-collect. This is why we must have eternal war, ever-increasing, forever. And should anyone stop the money and corruption, that blackmail won’t get paid and everyone goes down, so if you stop corruption, the corrupt are going to – will have to – go nuts.

    …In theory. Nothing like that ever happens in United States, and certainly not lately.

    “John Solomon, …whose work has been promoted by President Donald Trump”
    Whoops! That’s enough! “Are you now, or have you ever, been Donald Trump?” The End. All ears shut, no discussions can be had. Stop bothering my truth with your facts. …No, really: I wish I were kidding; major networks literally say you must not talk about, must not talk with, must not even HEAR the opinions of ANYONE other than yourself. In The Cult™ What else could you call it? What other type of group is prohibited from even SPEAKING to outsiders?

    “Reclaiming Your Inner Fascist (C.J. Hopkins)”

    We (i.e., Americans, Brits, Europeans, and other citizens of the global capitalist empire) get up in the morning, go to work, shop, pay the interest on our debts, and otherwise obey the laws and conform to the mores of a system of power that has murdered countless millions of people in pursuit of global-hegemonic dominance. It has perpetrated numerous wars of aggression. Its military occupies most of the planet. Its Intelligence agencies (i.e., secret police) operate a worldwide surveillance apparatus that can identify, target, and eliminate anyone, anywhere, often by remote control. Its propaganda network never sleeps, nor is there any real way to escape its constant emotional and ideological conditioning.

    …We know this is happening. We can google this stuff. We know “where the trains are going,” as it were.

    And yet, we do not see ourselves as monsters.”

    Sounds familiar. Like I say this Every. Day. Answer: “Well I’m not in the cattle car, so whaddya want?” Very moral of you. I’m sure it’ll help when: YOU’RE NEXT.

    Speaking of, however, both Vindman AND Schiff say they have no idea who the Whistleblower is, yet 100% of the time they know EXACTLY whose name not to say. How odd! You see if I didn’t know who he was, me, I’d have to say nobody’s name, or name everybody I told and hope for the best. …And in the world of lies, this is when the (non)Whistleblower has no right, only a modest courtesy, to anonymity.

    So…how long before we can expect Solomon in jail, or his children killed? ‘Cause, like Epstein, that story isn’t going to kill itself.

    “Why does Hong Kong still have courts?”

    Why do we? To create the illusion of Justice, of course, in service of lawless overlords who do as they will, with open slavery and Droight de Signeur. I mean, that’s why Weinstein paid Cuomo and the Manhattan D.A. a couple mil in “donations”, and why the press has never mentioned it again, right? Who knew you could get a NY open-rape license so cheap?

    …But we’re mad at Solomon. Yup, sounds like our inner fascist, bootlicking power wherever it’s found.

    China Vows to Retaliate If Trump Signs Hong Kong Democracy Act into Law (SCMP)”

    They knew we did this kind of thing. We haven’t even really escalated to hardball yet. Maybe they should sign a fair deal before it gets worse. Oh wait, I forgot: we have no leverage. We can only surrender.

    “Fossil Fuel Production on Track for Double the Safe Climate Limit (G.)”

    News is in: earliest snow and coldest October in 100+ years in Sweden, some glaciers rebuilding and snowiest October in Nunavut and Baffin Island, cold down to the Gulf of Mexico, again. Record snowstorms and cold twice across the whole farm belt, snow doesn’t leave the North for weeks, they’re harvesting in the snow and mud trying to get a little more out, but soybeans won’t be salvageable.

    ““There will in no more snow by 2016” -Al Gore

    “According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”. “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.”

    Well he should know now since Anglia is buried in it. Again. 3rd(?) year in a row?

    Maybe he didn’t notice. …You know, after the 20 year (!!!) pause in warming they also didn’t notice, or edited out then destroyed the raw data, and lied about it in emails, which Anglia is now infamous for. Science™!!!

    …Sounds like they should quadruple the CO2 quick before we can’t grow or harvest corn at all. Oh and exactly as predicted by MY science, and exactly erasing the theories of THEIR science. …But when your theory fails, just ad hominim and change the data, amirite?


    Dr.D: If you read the whole book though you will see the part you quote comes from two conclusions the Club Of Rome claims to believe are true. First that those threats are real and second that you keep large goals in focus for mankind through common enemies. The logical conclusion is to solve the first problem with the second problem. There is nothing in that book that indicates faking environmental problems is the way to go. Might be the case anyways but that quote taken out of contexts does not mean much.


    Lets take another quote from The First Industrial Revolution and see how evil a white paper it seems to you just from that small part.

    is needed is a reformulation of the appropriate levels of decision-making so as
    to bring the points of decision making as near as possible to those who enjoy
    or suffer their consequences. There appears to be a common human need fot
    ethnic identity, whose roots arc deeply buried in the past of the human race
    Equally, there appears to be a widespread tendency among people, even In
    ethnically homogeneous communities, to be identified with the affairs,
    prosperity and environment of their community. It is suggested that a greater
    number of points of decision making are necessary, ranging from the strictly
    local to the international. This could ease the load on central governments and
    help to humanise the system.”

    Dr. D

    It doesn’t really follow. It’s like saying because OxFam HAS done charity work, it’s impossible that they were just exposed as covering up for terrible, serial, overseas crimes, and protecting the abusers at the highest level. It doesn’t matter that MOST policemen shoot no one if A policeman shoots someone.

    At the same time, there have been books advising people to love their neighbors, give to charity, and forgive, yet the same words are quoted to commit genocide. That’s why, even if they’re not written by people with bad motives, hidden interests fund a Club of Rome and get their ideas publicized worldwide, while Economics schools that would restrain them those billionaire funders are shut down and replaced, or Assange can’t say a word. That is, the same with all pirates: they hijack the ship and plunder others for their own ends. ESPECIALLY when those people are naive and credible.

    I don’t happen to believe it in this case as we have dozens of environmentalists saying that in their meetings they were saying EXACTLY this to each other since the 70’s: “The world is burning, the people won’t react: MAKE IT ALL UP IF YOU HAVE TO.” In fact, I believe we saw that in the East Anglia emails, and certainly last month when the creator of the New Green Deal said in effect, “Yeah, it’s really not an environmental bill, it’s just the wish-list for Socialism we had lying around.” He says it. It’s published. “…We know this is happening. We can google this stuff. We know “where the trains are going,” as it were.” All you have to do is read their words and credit that they actually believe themselves.

    Nobody does. Despite every possible evidence to the contrary, day after day forever, they just think other people are honest as themselves. They’re not. They’re murderous self-serving weasels who would kill your mother in the NIH for a tuppence or torture publishers to death on live T.V. for the sheer amusement of it.

    So for the above quote, they’ve spend multi-trillions over the years supporting the kill all humans/environmental panic narrative. Yet when they do that, every plan these same Club of Rome people create is the diametric OPPOSITE of your quote. They want, not more local and distributed power, but always and everywhere more centralized, unrestrained, “non-ethnic” power. Even when it bites them, as with the present EU, it doesn’t deter them a whit: with every obstacle they demand MORE power, MORE concentrated and centralized, further from the people and accountability “for the sake of the planet emergency.” Just as my pirate theory would predict. And yes, if they DID distribute power and leave the people alone, it WOULD re-“humanize the system”, so why is every move, every breath of every leader, of everyone quoting the Club of Rome the direct opposite for 50 years?

    Because they’re murderous self-serving weasels who would plan to kill your mother in the NIH for a tuppence or AND torturing publishers to death on live T.V. right nowfor the sheer amusement of save the planet.

    “Don’t you know deniers must be imprisoned and killed?” — The Cult™ (Wish that were hyperbole, I can find the quotes.)

    “We had to kill 6 billion animals on the planet to save the animals on the planet.” –Mai Lai revisited.

    Is a shovel evil? Doesn’t really matter if they’re using it to kill everyone in the room. We name it and stop it anyway.


    Why read fiction?
    A person could spend a lot of time looking and trying to follow the “dark money”
    I went to the search function, entered “John Solomon” and found the following which I thought you might enjoy.

    How a Veteran Reporter Worked with Giuliani’s Associates to Launch the Ukraine Conspiracy
    Lev Parnas, recently indicted for foreign influence in U.S. elections, collaborated closely with The Hill’s John Solomon to fuel spurious allegations involving the Bidens and Ukraine.
    by Jake Pearson, Mike Spies and J. David McSwane


    There once was a man named Frank. Really. He’s dead now. He was a fine mechanic, with a special affinity for diesel engines. He knew how to use machinery. When he bought a new house in the country, he rented equipment and drilled his own well, ran the plumbing, etc. He knew how to use machinery.

    This did not prevent him from thinking in stark black<>white terms. When he bought a new camera, a first generation digicam, he turned the setting all the way to bright, took a picture. It was a snowstorm in a sunny day, a white blur. He turned the setting the other way. It was a foggy twilight in the woods.

    “Bah,” he said, chucking the expensive item into the trash. “This camera’s no good.” (His son retrieved it later and used it happily for many years.)

    I see the same polarized reasoning in global climate debate. The world is getting warmer; the world is getting colder. Changes in global climate patterns are entirely natural; global climate changes are entirely anthropogenic. Bah! Throw the notion away!

    Record early cold/snow in some regions. Record blistering summer temps happening at the end of spring elsewhere. The glaciers are a fraction of what they were (true). Glaciers are currently making a comeback (I trust this to be reliable haven’t researched it myself.) etc. etc. etc.

    It’s nonsense on both sides, often orchestrated by the usual sociopathic ruling suspects to aid their need for power and wealth. A plethora of misguided but neatly expensive “green” proposals are proffered and often funded via taxation. Meanwhile, alternative approaches that would help us conserve energy (always a wise thing) are mostly ignored, probably because they don’t make the Usual Suspects (US) rich enough, plus they’d actually work to reduce per capita energy consumption, often without requiring constant maintenance and replacement, both of which concepts offend US, since reduced energy consumption reduces profits from energy sales and our dependence on those who claim ownership of energy resources, while things that don’t require constant replacement offend US because they go against the sacred cow of Planned Obsolescence (PO, in case I need that acronym in a bit).

    Newsflash: whatever is causing the current erratic climate, it takes ENERGY to deal with the consequences. Another reason to conserve energy now, regardless of carbon footprint politics, one’s sense of energy entitlement, or one’s desire to share the wealth with, say, poor Africans, etc.

    So we are wise to move toward lower energy lifestyles for reasons so plainly obvious that they are virtually invisible t us, because we largely ignore fundamental reality and instead focus on text and virtual talking heads to tell us what is real and what isn’t.

    Who the fuck cares what Al Gore said? AL Gore is a schmuck who gleefully plundered Russian resources when he and Clenis were in the catbird seat and the former USSR was not yet modern Russia, and deeply vulnerable to such meddling.

    Who the fuck cares what extravagant claims some nerd with a Ph.D. said 20 years ago about snowfall becoming a rare miracle? He probably said it for political reasons, which is to say that he probably made the more arrestingly dire remark he could make without going into horror overdrive like ‘your grandkids are likely to die of thirst, exposure, starvation, blah blah blah. People like nice soundbites not too crunchy but not too mushy.

    Who cares how much of the verified, indisputable Global Climate Disruption (GCD) is anthropogenic or ‘merely’ natural? We know that rogue asteroids are not at all anthropogenic but we also know that the only thing that will stop the next inevitable globally significant impact is wee(sic) humans. It’s our problem and we have to either fix it or someday experience global catastrophe to put nuclear winter to shame.

    Even if we really can start colonies on mars, the problem exists there to. Asteroids don’t care. Get in their way, they’ll smack you.

    If people insist on discussing these very real and genuine problems in terms handed down to them by politicians and talking heads, they deserve to eat their words, or have their children eaten by their grandchildren. Especially when they do so while mocking the very talking heads and politicians from whom they take their conceptual formats for apprehending and discussing this problem.

    Newsflash: the climate is going nuts, there are 7-going-on-8 billion human souls vulnerable to these effects, and the very largeness of said population (the triumph of humanity! we rule de earth! woohoo!) makes the size and scale of the catastrophe too large, too hot/cold, to handle, that is, mitigate somewhat, which is all we can expect, without at least *some* surplus energy at our disposal.

    But all we seem able to do is fling poo at each other in opposing camps while somehow managing to avoid doing anything even remotely practical or effective. Soon, we will wish we at least had poo to fling, because a) the ability to poop means you’re being fed, not starving, and b) poo makes good fertilizer for growing food.

    The sole saving grace I see in any of this comes from that notoriously brilliant crankhead, Dimity Orlov, who informs us that Rosatom has nuclear powetr tech that actually work, is reasonably safe, and can run for a decent while, providing a time in which we might, just might, pull our collective head out of our communal asshole and work to gradually scale down our population and per capita energy consumption to a point where our descendants might live on a level higher than wearing furskins and trading dried fish and slaves.

    Political solutions are dead. Politics is an extension of war by other means (Clausewitz must’ve been dyslexic.) There is war ahead. Beyond that, the usual digging out of the rubble to greet a new kind of bleak terrain.

    But please, let’s fling more poo. It’s what we *do*.


    How many lawyers how may accountants, did the bank need to set up his system.

    Russian oligarch Mikhail Abyzov built a complex network of offshore companies that were used to move a fortune out of Russia, according to a Swedbank internal draft report obtained by Swedish national public TV channel Sveriges Television (SVT) and shared with OCCRP.
    Today he’s charged with defrauding the Russian government and investors of US$60 million, money laundering, and running a criminal organization.
    The web of 70 offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, Singapore, and Belize had accounts in Swedbank Estonia, where a client manager once responsible for monitoring the transactions helped move suspicious funds, according to the internal report.


    Dr.D: I like and agree with your pirate analogy. I do not agree with you on the climate question. I just react to that tired quote taken out of context from that book. I have actually caught one person, who used that quote as if he had read the book, of guard, by reading the book myself and then asking him to debate it with my since the book obviously is not saying anything similar to what most apcc deniers are saying it is. At that point he admitted to never having read it and wrote a mile long name drop e-mail of rouge scientist online all of whom I could easily connect with various right wing think tanks. Both sides of this question are infected with evil elite opportunists trying to twist it their way.
    I really enjoy your writing, gives me new perspectives but just had to call that cliché quote.

    John Day
    Peter Turchin has set up analysis, based on Complexity Theory, that predicts periods of political discord. When the ratio of rich people to working people rises, it eventually leads to fighting among the elites and aspiring elites, which somehow involves regular people killing each other in droves. The severity of the die-off is one of the ways of grading mild, moderate or severe. The 2020s are poised to be one of those periods for the US. These are the transcript and slides of an hour lecture, given in Utrechet, Netherlands, earlier this month. The transcript link doesn’t work for me today, but the slides tell the story.
    Rich people are very expensive to keep, and are inclined to lie, cheat and steal when playing with others on a good day…

    A History of the Near Future: What history tells us about our Age of Discord

    Charles Hugh Smith:
    All the status quo “fixes” only hasten the collapse of the status quo.
    That economic, social and political conflict is accelerating is self-evident.
    What’s open to debate are the core drivers of conflict / disorder /unraveling.

    “​Algorithmic Feudalism”​
    ​ ​Google has the power to shape your mind by limiting what you have access to, while at the same time wielding the power to destroy your livelihood with a tweak of an algorithm. Although a lot of the most nefarious stuff is still being conducted at the margins so the masses don’t realize what’s happening, stealth censorship will continue to be rolled out until the internet most people use becomes for all practical purposes an information gulag where nothing but shameless propaganda is pumped onto screens by hidden algorithms tweaked (for your own good) by billionaires.
    ​ ​A perfect example of this can be seen in how YouTube hides ones of the most popular videos ever made regarding the attacks of September 11, 2001. The short clip made by James Corbett, is titled 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory, and has over 3.2 million views. Nevertheless, here’s what YouTube spits out if you search by the exact title of the video.
    ​ ​
    ​ ​Keep scrolling and you still won’t find it. This isn’t YouTube helping users find the information they want, it’s YouTube hiding content from its users. Moreover, the only reason I’m aware of the censoring of this particular item is because I’m familiar with the video from years ago. You can be certain this sort of thing is more common than you realize and will only get worse.

    Do The World’s Energy Policies Make Sense?, Gail Tverberg​
    (The reset will be into a world of less fossil fuel, less, manufacturing, less “wealth”)​
    ​ ​In order for coal production to grow as much as the higher emission scenarios assume, there needs to be a major turnaround in the situation. World coal prices would need to rise substantially. In fact, coal in very difficult locations for extraction, such as under the North Sea, need to become profitable to extract. This situation seems very unlikely.
    ​ ​It seems to me that climate modelers should be considering more realistic scenarios regarding CO2 emissions from fossil fuels. One scenario which should be considered is the possible near term collapse of several governmental organizations, such as the European Union, World Trade Organization, and the governments of several oil exporting countries.
    Do the World’s Energy Policies Make Sense?


    Call me Seymour

    That said, I’ve never the Constitution from beginning to end. I’ve read enough to know that it has become something more like suggested Guidelines rather than rule of law, and gah, what a bore. Best I can tell, it was over when Washington and Hamilton pulled that Whiskey Rebellion stung and let it be known that only the rich are entitled to reliably prosper.

    Uncle Sam Always Wants Something From You


    Hehe! True. A text that is probably equally often or more often misrepresented than The Third Industrial Revolution by both detractors and fanatics. But when a single detached quote that so obviously doesn’t represent the work in question gets thrown around as much as that one it gets a bit tedious.


    Well this is an interesting development. The Biden family is corrupt trash, just like most professional politician families in this country…

    How can you believe this story.
    Its coming from a corrupt country.

    Ukrainian Indictment Claims $7.4 Billion Obama-Linked Laundering, Puts Biden Group Take At $16.5 Million


    KYIV. Nov 20 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukrainian members of parliament have demanded the presidents of Ukraine and the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky and Donald Trump, investigate suspicions of the legalization of $7.4 billion by the “family” of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych through the American investment fund Franklin Templeton Investments, which they said has ties to the U.S. Democratic Party.

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