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    Dorothea Lange Drought hit OK farm family on way to CA Aug 1936   • Former Ukraine MP: Bidens Got $12M Kickback From Burisma Owner (CDM) • MSM Ig
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    V. Arnold

    Dorothea Lange Drought hit OK farm family on way to CA Aug 1936

    An interesting photograph.
    Besides the obvious; I don’t quite know what to make of it…

    Dr. D


    So Solomon fires back for kids-who-don’t-read-well-and-do-other-stuff-too:

    Responding to Lt. Col. Vindman about my Ukraine columns … with the facts

    28 documented facts about the Ukraine thing.

    I read Foss’ twitter at last, and I have a quote myself, “A more wretched hive of scum and villainy you will never see.” Twitter is a garbage heap. And not because of the bias: I’m quite sure you can find an equivalent bias on the right, unless it’s most probably been purged. It’s the tenor which I’m still trying to understand. It goes,

    “Person A committed crime Y!!! Can you believe it???”

    Wow, that’s quite an allegation, do you have any evidence for that?

    Person B has links to the Russian mafia and Person C, and ties to crime X.”

    Again, what? That’s huge. Okay, hold on, what do you mean by “links”, how can you tell “mafia” from normal business, Who’s person C? And I’m not sure X is a provable crime. Anyway, can we get back to A? What happened with that allegation and evidence?

    “Person D covered for Crime W, who was once photographed with Person E, and we all know what that means! Bombshell, why aren’t they In jail?”

    Hold on, people were photographed together once? When? How are they linked? Crime W has already been disputed and apparently not moving forward, and no I don’t know what that means. It’s tied to whom, how?

    What happened to allegations Y, X, W, Q, and V? If they’re crimes and you guys care, why aren’t you following the facts and listing them for me?

    I read for 3 hours and got back to November 12th. Does anybody do any work? How would you have time to even RE-post that often, much less create content? And certainly not with thorough research down at the courthouse. …Not that there weren’t a few credible accusations I wouldn’t mind looking at, but this method is literally insane. It’s emotion-based, it’s presumption based, we-all-know-who’s-in-and-what’s-true, yet not evidence-free exactly, more like, true to Americans, “evidence-loose.” That is to say, nobody I read cared a single second if what they were saying was true, nor would lower themselves to call the other guy and ask his side of the story, guilty or innocent. That is to say, It’s Bullsh-t. Bullsh-t is when you couldn’t care less if it’s true or false if it sounds good and gets what you want. So sure, sometimes your line of bullsh-t has facts, but not long, because facts, and documentation, and evidence are boring, boring, boring, and always go places nobody likes.

    Meanwhile, go back to my usual sources, and they say this: “Here’s a list of provable, legal facts.” Really, what do they mean? “Here’s what I believe they mean, and why I have that conclusion.” Ok, thanks. Sounds plausible, can we move it to a court of law? “We’re trying, but you see from my annotated list of obstacles and problems, we expect headwinds.”

    So back to Solomon, apparently testimony of the victim who’s been raped is not real, not evidence, made-up, and undiscussed. When you steal $7B from a nation with the lowest income in Europe and a few thousand die, what else would you call it? That’s a serious allegation, yet they have deep legal evidence provided, to the best of Ukraine’s ability. But in the new world, we hate victims and ignore them even when they file court affidavits, ’cause, my side. Disgusting.

    The …State Department … suggests that Ukraine is virtually an occupied territory.”

    Yes, they’re into victim slavery too, even as she attempts to file documents that are ignored by the media because they’re not cool.

    “Too old. Too young. Too white. Too leftwing.”

    None of these were problems until their identity politics required them to be problems, and to mistrust and turn on anyone slightly different from yourself. Not. Election. Winning. But it does cause that awesome civil war they want! Personally, I still don’t know why they should be problems. Bernie was in with one set. Kennedy got elected with the other. So? Take responsibility for yourself and stop making excuses and surrendering.

    “The president is competitive against every one of the major candidates. The Democrats are still kind of fumbling for a message: it’s really not enough to be against Trump.”

    We, plus their own party, has been screaming this since the pant-suit left. They will do anything – kill everyone by shutting off the oil, kill everyone starting WWIII – anything except get a platform that helps people. And ESPECIALLY not people in Flyoverland you MUST have to win the electoral college. They will definitely nuke 10 nations before they help an unemployed black man in Milwaukee. Come on: it’s a platform, it’s not that hard. You just lie then do the exact opposite of it later like everyone else does.

    “The All-Women MSNBC Debate Panel Was a Right-Wing Disaster (Lazare) “

    Because there’s no such thing as gender and it wouldn’t matter if it did, gender matters a huge, overwhelming, great deal. Until the next sentence, when it doesn’t. But it does. But men and women are the same. Except they’re totally different. Which is why it matters, except it doesn’t. They’re equal! Which is why it’s import my side gets an exclusive and your side gets shut out.

    Idea: do your job. I don’t care which gender you are. If necessary I’ll adjust for that myself.

    “Barr Says Epstein Died by a Series of Coincidences (CJ)”

    That’s odd, because they’re prosecuting the guards for criminal conspiracy. Conspiracy of two? And just before then, they said nothing happened. But now you’re starting arrests. Here’s an idea: he signed his fortune away to the plaintiffs, which the court just said they’re going to pay, and now he’s in witness protection under Barr. So how can the subsequent prosecutions be stopped? Impeachment threat, maybe? Not impeachment, that’s real, but the threat must always exist so any prosecution of the guilty becomes obstruction.


    “None of these were problems until their identity politics required them to be problems, and to mistrust and turn on anyone slightly different from yourself. ”

    I see this more and more.

    I was raised on the USA “melting pot” mythology. Ellis Island, The Golden Lamp of the Statue of Liberty, etc. This land is your land, this land is my land. We all thought it was so wonderful.

    But a melting pot stirs it all together into a uniform Stalinoid gray. You can have a diversity rainbow, but everyone has to stay in their designated color bar. I imagine all the poor singles who didn’t get laid because they let slip their open-minded attitude about Trump, Russia. pragmatic realism toward environmental resources, etc.

    I still say Epstein is alive. If you can fudge things enough that he could conceivably commit suicide or be murdered, you can fudge things so he’s deemed dead with an official autopsy report with neat plot twists to appease the semi-credulous semi-skeptical.

    He had dirt on people from here to Neverland. By now even the fools in charge know that torture is an unreliable way to get the info you need, and after you torture them you have to kill them lest they run amok, and once you kill them, you can’t go back and ask, “OK. Where’s the THIRD copy of those tapes?”

    Meanwhile, Russia says it has yet more super-duper weapons that can penetrate any defense the USA has. One can assume they’re telling the truth since such previous claims have proven to be adamantly correct, but one can also assume that, having proven their hypersonic street cred, they’re free to lie-lie-lie like the USA military does. Most people not under the USA propaganda sphere will believe Putin now when he says, or at least implies, that Russia is close to having first strike superiority over USA while enjoying such powerful missile defense systems that they can risk an all out USA retaliation (one assumedly diminished by the first strike).

    Not that I see that scenario being the most likely one. I see such developments being more a version of ‘walk softly but carry a big stick’. The real danger to the USA, imo, is a series of major cyberstrikes that shuts down vast swaths of the USA power grid.

    I would anticipate such things happening if someone replaces Trump before some kind of sanity returns to the USA plebiscite (as IF…)


    I am still stunned by Nicole. I mean, the woman is an analytical genius. I have never heard anyone marshal so much arcane data into comprehensible sound bites. An amazing feat. But she sees Trump in her closet and, apparently, Russia under her bed at night where it glows like a nuclear fungus.


    Most of all, I suppose, in this political version of Creepy Crawlers (collect ’em all!), what frightens me/boggles my mind is how pert near everyone believes that if we just get the Right Person (which in this case is, apparently, Anyone But Trump) in the White House, Our Problems Will Be Solved and we can resume waiting for the economy to “pick up” (like how Mom cleaned your bedroom when you were a kid) while Peak Oil, global climate disruption, an unsustainable agriculture, etc., are miraculously resolved now that Trump is gone because, after all, we were doing such a good job of dealing with these things beforehand that we could afford to fuck off so severely that we let our chosen parties prevent any decent candidate from winning while ensuring that a person like Trump would attain the throne.

    After all, the fact that Trump is doing a better job (fucked as it is) than any of the allowed candidates would have done reveals just how toxic our mainstream political power aggregates have become.

    How I envy Russia. They have a benevolent dictator, an ethical sociopath named Putin, running their affairs. We have an unethical malignant narcissist (in D&Desque card games, the Ethical Sociopath card always, er, trumps the Malignant Narcissist card every time).


    Now they’re going for pinnacle Modernist masterpieces:

    Petrushka is Bad!


    Boogaloo: Regarding your comment from two days ago. Yes, yes, yes! I do have alot of learning to do. Happy to admit that.

    Raül and the rest Dr. D. I am sorry for my ignorant push back the last few days. Just needed to get out some of the inner dissonance that has been growing in me the last year or so visiting TAE.

    I hope it is forgivable. I read here on my favorite information hub that I have interpreted as very much in line with The Limits To Growth and environmental concerns both artcles and comments saying it is all a conspiracy concocted by elite bankers and old time aristocrats, good to get opposing views but frystrating because yes I am probably harboring still alot of binary thinking. I get the impression I am a bit younger than the average commentator here? I hope that is why I seem so naive and ignorant to most of you.

    On Trump it is the same. Alot of confusing input. I hope it is because I am trying hard to get out of my binary thinking by reading differing views. Leftist, Libertarian (both right and left), some mainstream news, some right wing.

    I do think when I started reading TAE I saw it as a back to the land, anti debt, environmentalist, power critical compass but it is much more and much more complex. Think I needed to get some of my pent up childish ideas out even though it was embarassing for me.

    V. Arnold


    Don’t worry it too much.
    Live and learn; you’ll do just fine…

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