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    Any asshole like you, before posting, should fully disclose their circumstance that allowed them to bypass the jab, which I suspect is far less heroic than you would like to present.


    It’s called courage, principles, discernment, and intelligence combined with basic logic and common sense. Why are you such a pussy coward is the real question?

    Gloating were the Vax pushers. Virtue signalling scum who gloated in their ‘intelligence’ of following the science, um I mean following orders. Retarded little Sheeple who mocked anyone asking questions and NOT following orders. Hippocratic oath mean anything to you?

    Funny how you attack those who were tortured by the Covidian Cultists (giving the cult a free vax pass?). Lockdowns, masks, social distancing and Vax have all been a complete failure causing immeasurable harm, death and destruction. But you attack those who stood up against the most egregious medical tyranny and human rights abuse in modern human history?

    Fuck off coward pos. Fauci is still pushing the death shots, Govt still mandating, Covid Libtards have neither acknowledged or apologized for their conduct. All those who pushed the shots and went along deserve everything they get. As Biden wished on millions- sickness and death.

    Tonight is the night where we all have to grudgingly behave around the large table while turkey is carved.

    Wrong- we don’t “have” to do anything to placate scum. You know the ones who said you’re uninvited because you chose body autonomy and made the best decisions for your own health while seeing right through the fraud and abuse shoved down all our throats. Sorry only vaccinated ppl can celebrate the holidays together last year. Eat shit and humble pie for dessert this year, fuck you.


    Reading about the egg shortage in Britain made me consider that even the earth/seed/weed/fertilize/harvest/feed/slaughter cycle is entirely “just in time”.

    Maybe the most sobering thought I’ve had in a awhile. I feel gooder now about mega bags of beans in my closets.


    The term “black hole” is obscene in Russian — and maybe some of the other Slavic languages also. They use the term “frozen star.” Seems as good as any.

    As I (try to) read the propaganda from both sides of this stoush in Europe, I wonder at the extraordinary amounts of money, time and weaponry being squandered on a massive game of King of the Mountain. The average Ukrainian suffers and suffers and no relief is in sight. Not that our leadership seems to care. So many resources wasted when so much of the world is in dire straits and in urgent need of help.

    The US and NATO seem to be expending their strength in vain. But the Russians also seem to be expending their strength in vain. I think all sides have walked right into a trap.


    @ Citizenx

    Nice one.
    You’re welcome at my dinner table any time!


    “The continuity of civilisation will require a cooperative, planned contraction of both the material economy and human populations, beginning with a personal to civilisational transformation of the fundamental values, beliefs, assumptions and attitudes underpinning neoliberal/capitalist industrial society.”

    In all my reading of history over the decades, this has never, ever happened. And I realize that it never will happen. Famine, Disease, Pestilence and War seem to be the actual transformation that shows up. Always.

    Just like “The Limits to Growth” mentioned in their Book and Updates:
    1972: We really need to do something about this!”
    1992, (20 Year Update): OMG, we really, really need to move on this now or it will be too late!”
    2002, (30 Year Update): It’s too late. Good luck everyone.

    Everything is degrading, reacting and being lied about. It all boils down to a common ending: Quality of life will diminish in the years ahead. This is why I suggest planting your food. Time is indeed growing short.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


    ” Cardiologist calls for an end to mNRA booster shots – as teen, 18, tells how her reaction to the jab saw her miss her Year 12 exams: ‘I’ve had 60 to 70 in my practice who’ve had similar reactions’ “

    ‘Monica Eskandar, 18, was rushed to hospital with terrifying chest pains just hours after her first Covid vaccination in September last year.

    Doctors later diagnosed her with pericarditis, a condition linked with mRNA Covid jabs like Pfizer and Moderna, which causes painful inflammation of the heart lining. ‘


    ‘But the Russians also seem to be expending their strength in vain.’

    I believe that when one (or an entire society) is faced with an imminent existential threat, i.e. someone with a loaded gun who about to pull the trigger to kill one (or attempt to kill an entire nation) expending strength can never be in vain. Thus, Russia will do whatever it takes to eliminate the existential threat posed by the psychotic totalitarians who control NATOstan countries and who are determined to Balkanise Russia (or destroy everything trying).

    ‘Quality of life will diminish in the years ahead’ -continuing the trend of the past 50 years. But at an accelerated pace, each month being made noticeably worse than the month before. 🙁


    All these people pushing “the world is coming to an end” for whatever reason, all want the same thing.

    They want you to give them total power over you!

    No! And I am not sorry either!


    citizenx said

    All those who pushed the shots and went along deserve everything they get.

    Worse than gloating, actually wishing ill upon people who “went along”

    Germ replied

    @ Citizenx

    Nice one.
    You’re welcome at my dinner table any time!

    Thank you Germ for finally having the balls to admit you were gloating in your original statement, as kultsommer pointed out. It is never pleasant watching a coward fight his/her/it’s way out of a paper bag, but you did it, well done.

    Germ and citizenx, what did you actually do other than say no to the jab and then tell people online how superior you are for spotting the scam? What did you do for your fellow man? Did either of you start an ivermectin distribution center for your towns or do anything else that could be remotely construed as helpful? Did either of you suffer, really suffer? I’m not talking about being denied entry into a coffee shop, I am talking about your children missing meals because of your decision, that sort of suffering, where your children die as a result of your decision? Genuine question. Maybe you could also consider all the people who did lose a loved one as a consequence of making the wrong decision, maybe making the decision to take the jab so that they could keep feeding their children, the – because school required jabs – they lost a child? If you don’t care about these people then you are no different to the people at Pfizer.

    Sweet Kenny

    Redneck, all your accusations towards Russia apply to the West – “Oligarchs” run the West. Life in the West is like playing poker – if you don’t know who the fish is – it’s you. Aside from high intelligence or monster talent (very very rare), the only way you get wealthy in this country is inheriting it or committing fraud. Fraud is rampant in the West – I work in the finance industry and no one cares.

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