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    Max Ernst Santa Conversazione 1921   • Total COVID19 Cases In US May Be Eight Times Higher Than Reported (F.) • New Study Highlights Alleged Acco
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    Dr. D

    Ran across this good thing on Klaus and the reset on the Saker

    The Great Reset; ‘No pasarán’

    Moo Foo Bay

    An Amazon Antidote

    When you buy something new
    More greenhouse gases
    You do spew

    So save a dime
    And skip the the Prime
    It’s thrift store time


    On the twitter thing from “Amazing Polly is free” with a portion of JFK’s speech to the press…

    This speech was given to the press on 27 April, 1961. It took place about a week after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. We were in the middle of the Cold War with the Soviets at the time. There had been some leaks in the press that had – in Kennedy’s mind – led to the military failure in Cuba. He mentions the exact instance he is talking about when he discusses the satellite information that had been leaked by the press. This speech was JFK’s attempt to reconcile the ideal of a free press with the need for national security/secrecy during war-time.

    “It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match”, he says in the speech.

    The “enemy” that Kennedy was referring to was Communism. It was the theme song of the entire Cold War period. Used to get us all scared of the Soviets taking over the world. Hide under your desks, etc.

    It seems from her wording that Amazing Polly is not talking about communism when she writes in her tweet, “Because you’re afraid of one little word.” The word she appears to be referencing is “conspiracy”.

    “I dedicate this to all of those people who refuse to address the reality of conspiracies.
    To those who laugh them off, or use the word to silence.
    You’ve all failed JFK.
    You’ve all failed Western Civilization.
    Why? Because you’re afraid of one little word.
    Shameful cowards.” – Amazing Polly tweet.

    But JFK was not promoting the belief in conspiracies as a general practice; he was saying that the communists utilized conspiratorial methods to spread their message. Quite a number of people use this Kennedy quote as evidence that he was warning the public about the “Deep State”; that too is totally incorrect, which becomes completely obvious when you read the entire speech. In other words, JFK was saying that the communists had a conspiracy to infiltrate democracies; Polly is saying that if you don’t believe in her particular conspiracy theory (which is a different one than JFK’s – her theory involves the election and the Clinton pedophile baby-blood-drinking stuff), you don’t believe any conspiracies exist, and are therefore sliming the memory of JFK. This is a rhetorical conflation of two discrete ideas and very bad form.

    I checked out Amazing Polly’s twitter feed, which led me to her website. She has been banned from youtube, so she set up a website where she does her own videos. She offers the latest QAnon “drops”, insights into the cabal of radical leftists who intend to track and kill all the Trump supporters, and the most recent information about how things are progressing in the Trump/Q quest to oust the pedophiles/baby killers who are trying to take over Western civilization.

    But Kennedy’s “Address to the Press” is interesting to read, if only to see what was considered normal and respected political speech in those days. Compare it to Bush’s gee-golly routines, Bill Clinton’s slick hustler shit, Obama’s pretty but meaningless palaver, Biden’s ‘aw c’mon, man’ shtick and Trump’s gibberish. Kennedy sounds like he came from a different planet. Back then, the average guy would have thought Bush and Trump and Biden were retards if they had heard them talking.

    The text of this JFK speech can be read here:

    John F. Kennedy, “Address: The President And The Press” (27 April 1961)


    The “172 deaths in Canada outside longterm homes as of November 15” is complete nonsense.
    As of May 25, 5,324 people had died in long term care homes, and were 82% of covid deaths in Canada. This means 1,169 people had already died outside of long term care homes by May 25. Were 1,000 people resurrected between May 25 and November 15?


    RE: The Saker article linked by Dr. D clarifies intentions of WEF/Schwab and their ‘Great Reset’. Excellent read.

    “The words morality, honesty, care, compassion, kindness, happiness, courage, generosity, charity etc., are not mentioned even once in the document; not even a single one of them. Why, one may ask? What is it that drones can do to save humanity from an impending disaster that none of the above innate human values can?”

    “Actually, when it comes to human values, Schwab shamelessly argues that as in the future there will be less cooperation based on shared values with an increasingly multipolar world emerging, relationships will have to be based on shared interests; not values (see at 40:00 min)[9]. For him not to believe in the goodness within humanity, he surely must have deeply-founded psychological disorders. We should pity him, but not if he wants to dictate to us how to lead our lives.”

    : appreciate your insight.

    How did we get from 27 April 1961 Address to the ‘Great Reset’? The hyper Financialization of Everything + the collection/obsession of mining/interpreting/manipulating data. He who controls the data AND the money controls the world.


    If we let them!


    Re. Accounting Error Regarding Covid Deaths…

    I read that in March 2020 the USA CDC changed its death certificate reporting guidelines, resulting in COV19 becoming more often the unique or first, precipitating, cause of death, even if no positive test result existed, the diagnosis merely resting on ‘clinical signs..’ One would need to dig deep in, it is surely v. complicated. (On purpose?) I don’t know …

    Besides that, ‘excess mortality’ looks, feels, very different depending on a) precisely these cause-of-death classifications, which imho shift and reflect the zeitgeist in a way, b) COV19 test being dodgy, contested, in their method and accuracy, possibly varying over time, c) the time span or period taken into account.

    Ex. Switz., pop. 8.5 million.

    This article and its charts (from official nos, checked) show that for 2020, weeks 1 – 39 (> 21 Sept.) overall mortality was comparable to the previous 5 years, and lower than in 2019 and 2018. Looking at the charts (no French needed) one can easily see that for 2020 the only spikes are very old ppl who suddenly kicked the bucket. Imho lower mortality for youngish + middle-age groups is partly at least explained by caution, confinement, lack of movement, taking care of one’s health, crime at zero, etc. Spikes are compensated for by Dips.

    Mortalité comparée en Suisse, années 2015-2020, effets COVID-19

    Yet, the distribution of these deaths as represented in another way – as comp. to 10 yrs previous, so the ‘expected’, in a rather narrow band, for ppl aged 65 and older (line for younger is flat, see graphic) is quite alarming (in Eng.)

    The ‘first wave’ and ‘second wave’ are bang! in your face, COV19 the deathly scythe…Yet, if one imagines the area under the peaks spread out in the green band it all goes pretty flat.

    All I’m saying is that COV19 kills the vulnerable, the elderly as a category in super top first place, way above any other one can imagine – or appears to do so. This fact deserves much more investigation and discussion.


    Exactly – Kennedy was bitching that the press was giving too much info to the ‘commies’. Amazing Polly is just another example of ‘the internet’ getting this one wrong.

    Yes this is a totally bogus set of ‘stats’.
    As of Nov. 26 Ontario alone had a total of 3,595 deaths of which 2,283 were in long term care so that leaves 1,312 non long term care deaths just in this province.

    You can’t believe ‘the internet’ folks, you gotta check it out for yourself.

    Doc Robinson

    Covid-19 official data for Canada, most recent:

    It includes this data regarding outbreak settings, with “long term care and retirement residences” having the most outbreaks, accounting for more than half of Canada’s approx. 12,000 Covid-19 deaths so far.

    In second place for number of outbreaks is the “School & Childcare Centre” category, with zero deaths.


    So they are counting the virus the same way they counted votes.


    The ‘old coot’ programmer in me wants to make this VAX better. It’s really the only VAX I’m craving at present.

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