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    René Magritte Promenades d’Euclid 1955   • Israeli-Palestinian Swap Success and the Road Ahead (Sahiounie) • Unintended Consequences of Israel’s
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    Dr. D

    “Hillary Clinton Among Top Picks To Run in 2024 If Joe Biden Doesn’t: Poll

    Picture of the 50-year old Hillary.


    “The Russia-Ukraine War Is Just About Over

    I think you mean the Russo-AMERICAN war is over. We lost. Again.

    “After the Pause [that’s not a ceasefire] we will resume combat operations until Hamas is eliminated…”

    So much here. So…Hamas was elected in 2005 and not since. So you’re bombing a generation of people who never voted for them, being too young? For how long can “an election” be considered their approval and participation? When we don’t have one, like ours in 2001? By the way YOU are the ones who created and funded Hamas, to break the PLO. Shouldn’t you bomb yourselves for creating them? Or at least one person get fired, hmmm, let’s say, Netanyahu? No? So you’re interfering in foreign elections? So Gaza is a separate country, which you invaded and are doing regime change on, therefore your attack is against all UN resolutions on Human Rights and against The Geneva conventions of 1864, 1899, 1907, 1925, 1949, and 1969. You are in violation of chemical weapons treaty in several ways for use of white phosphorus. You are also blockading them, an act of open war and attacking them yearly, in contradiction to any excuses of sovereignty, then also attacking instead of working through the UN and world courts. Okay fine, we’ll charge you for that.

    Oh so they ARE Israel, and NOT a different sovereign country? Wow, okay, well then you’re a racist, apartheid state that is running an open-air concentration camp for 20 years, has collective punishment for children born there who neither committed crimes nor were adjudicated, and are systematically murdering your own people in an open act of genocide and ethnic cleansing. Huh.

    …But the larger point in that case is, in an open air prison, everything that happens there is automatically your responsibility and your fault. That includes the attack and uprising of the inmates due conditions, with or without an active standown order.

    So go on Mr. Cohen, keep talking. I’m all ears on how this is done.

    “Israel rules millions of Palestinians under separate legal regime,”

    “Separate” regime, that is, NOT an independent sovereign nation, because that would be a “Two-state solution”. But “separate” laws, that is automatically an apartheid enthnostate. And again CNN seems to be taking to position (you’d have to get quotes and “CNN” is a collective not an individual) that Gaza is greater Israel and therefore a concentration camp. CNN mind you, not me.

    “stone-throwing, which can carry a 20-year sentence in prison for Palestinian children,”

    And as above, pretty sure does NOT carry a 20-year sentence for Israeli children. So…since they both live in the same country on the same street, how do you know if the child is “Israeli” or “Palestinian”? A: Racism. A child born can and must only be the expression of his parents and has no free will or agency of their own. So, I guess it’s Leftism? Progressiveism? Critical Race Theory?

    “Myth of Western Humanity and Democracy”

    Who exactly had this myth? Are they over 12?

    “replaces the Jewish religion with Zionism.”

    Yes and like so many of Bernays’ initiatives it was strongly successful. But I’m sure no one here ever smoked, brushed their teeth, had a piano, or bought a car because of advertising. We are each and every one of us completely unaffected by PR, lies, authority, and advertising, and every Jew worldwide down to a man should be too.

    PS, Hassids in the street protesting for Palestinians, and Orthodox Jews and Rabbis easy to find explaining this and protesting it, still means 100% of all Jews worldwide are guilty at birth. They might as well not bother, right? YOU have already decided on their behalf what they think.

    …So when THEY all decide on your behalf what YOU think, you won’t mind, correct?

    “Israeli media painted the Hamas attack as an attempt to exterminate the Jewish people.”

    You’ve got to be kidding me. The Hamas attack was successful, sure, but it isn’t even a pinprick against a country the size and population of Israel. I don’t know how to compare the numbers but suppose you had every ticketholder to the Superbowl game. And on the way home ONE person was kidnapped. That’s the proportion of this attack, like 200,000:1
    So ONE person in Chicago was shot today, a city of 2.6M. Chicago would call that a MIRACLE, not “a worse attack than 911.” That’s nearly the proportion of the attack. IOW: It’s all in your fevered imagination.

    Again, who were they kidnapping for? To release Osama and al-Bagdhadi? Nope, to spring a couple 12-year olds who have yet to be charged with a crime. I mean when you can charge them for throwing rocks AND they fabricate evidence all the time, is it REALLY that hard just to convict them? Too far? Just too much work?

    “Genocide is not something that can be reconciled with the teachings of Jesus. The evangelicals will have to decide between worshipping Israel and worshipping Jesus.”

    Hahahaahaha, funny. Nope, they’ve been doing both for long as I can remember. Since “evangelicals” only exist in distinction to a non-functional, watered down Christianity, that’s only +100 years. But these same preachers backed every war in 1800, 1700, 1600, 1500, 1400… As I’m sure every Christian hears every week, as every war ever fought worldwide is their fault. The bastards. Just ask anyone at Rutgers.

    “A consequence of Washington’s wars for Israel in the Middle East is that Western countries are now the homes of millions of Muslim refugees who take umbrage to the West”

    Yup, “Three World Wars” a planned conflict of all against all – very expensive but they print the money and have Disney lose billions to make sure it all happens. IT’S ALL MADE UP. While they sit up in the castle and laugh. Jews and Palestinians in the streets of North America, hahaha, what a bunch of idiots. While $23 Trillion was transferred in ’08 and ANOTHER $23T stolen for Covid. Remove the few with this agenda at the top, and it’ll all relax back to only the usual, ordinary background bad we can only dream of. THEY are the cause, and PAY big money for it. Isn’t that good? We know people are flawed but they’re not that bad and if only you can remove a handful a psychos everything will be fixed overnight?

    I mean, as far as tasks go, when you see everything broken it seems overwhelming, doesn’t it? Like there’s no possible beginning or end? Then you realize there is only ONE arsonist and only ONE saboteur in the whole city if 250,000 and all you have to do is remove those two guys. So? They committed crimes, find and detain them. That’s literally your only job in the first place.

    ““China is using their US Treasuries and US dollar surpluses to loan them to Emerging Market trade partners of significance to CHINA!”

    This is important, but I guess I took for granted that’s what BRIICS was? That they’re replacing US$, US price-setting markets, etc? So I’m mixed on feeling this is vital and should be spread widely and feeling it’s exactly what we’ve known for years or even decades and say all the time.

    “• Hamas Attack Originally Planned For April (RT)

    Nutsy must have been very disappointed. No wonder he called the stand down this time to make sure they did it. …But did he order his helicopter pilots to hellfire missile every Israeli they saw? Or were they so incompetent they did that as a freebie?

    “[Baerbock] She told 17 foreign ministers from EU and candidate countries, including Ukraine’s Dmytro Kuleba, that the EU must expand to avoid making everyone vulnerable.”

    By that she means “Expand to Vladivostok and the Sakhalin Islands”

    There’s a lot here and he’s probably completely correct. However, we can also read it that the US “forcing” the Baltics and others in is the pure, certain destruction of the EU as they can’t fit, are very different, and will all vote in opposite directions at a time the EU is still not real and a “United States of Europe” but a “Articles of Confederation” 1781-1789.

    That is to say, it’s a poison pill plan. Now in my reading, I think the Bad Guys, Neocons are in complete control since 2001, so the only way to stop them is make them go too far, overbalance like in Judo. So the Good Guys said “Absolutely! Nothing better! Why only have Poland? Why not add…The ENTIRE PLANET? Amirite? Huh, huh???” And the Neocons and their oligarch handlers above said “Yessss! MOAR!!! I deserve Moar, why not?”

    And although it’s painful and takes a long time to come to fruition, the White Hat standdown to not oppose but let this happen leads to the EU – home base of the world enemies with DAVOS, the WEF n’ Co, causes exactly this irreversible self-destruction. They have internalized these things, grabbing all states and Russia as “Us”. So it’s impossible for them to suddenly now start talking like Hungary and let Ukraine go.

    Sucks to be you, then! And all your dreams of a technocratic utopian Soviet Union 2.0 all fall to nothing. On its own contradictions. All I did was exactly what you said! Can’t blame me!

    “the burden of supporting Ukraine “to defend Europe” has been dumped on the EU.”

    Boy sure sucks when you have to fight your OWN wars for oil conquest with your OWN people, doesn’t it? Instead of having the village idiot-bully across the river do it for you? Might not get free health care then while not paying even 1% into NATO. Cue John Wick where the Euro-security says if you make someone else fight this instead of doing it yourself, you may outsmart yourself and lose everything. To which Europe tells the Army “Whatever, jerk.”

    P.S. Europe is so mad at Russia they’ve never stopped buying their gas at maximum rates. Yup, they’re true believers. Not to be outdone, Biden actually bought MORE.

    “Washington promoted and facilitated a vertical consolidation of power in the EU in order to outsource to Brussels”

    It’s been established the EU is a “CIA project”. Yeah, but “CIA who?” We already know the CIA doesn’t work for America or Americans. Question: so the U.S. paid a billion to fund and create their own competition to displace themselves? Or is the CIA actually funded or directed by European interests in the first place and they just wanted more “Other people’s money”

    Okay, either way. But then who set up the poison pill, or are they so stupid they didn’t see it coming when idiot bridge trolls like me can 24 years ago? And Thatcher 15 years before that?

    “Ukrainian officials could have been aware of this balance of forces since the inception of the conflict, yet still they bought into the Western plot.”

    That’s because nothing is “decided”. Decided means they have free agency. Instead, everyone is blackmailed. Like the NSA using all German cell phones and switching equipment right up to Merkel herself? You don’t think, kinda-maybe mighta heard something? So the only question that exists is “Who holds the blackmail files?” Or since Trump was in office and got a chunk of them: which ones? The Bad files? Or WORSE ones?

    Anyway, I don’t think Ukraine, Germany, Lindsay Graham or anybody are “Choosing” anything. Minions don’t “choose”: they obey. They don’t give orders, they take them.

    “Ukraine needs three victories.” 1) Congress 2) EU, 3) 2 million Ukrainian babies and an XXL-sized time machine to make them all 20yo. No problem! e do magical thinking all the time! I think of at least 5 magical things before breakfast.

    ““Therefore, we must face reality. We must switch to Plan B,” Orban reiterated, adding that the European Union currently has no such plan..”

    Times Radio says that Russia is brittle and the Putin regime is collapsing, he doesn’t have support of his generals, and is sick, and also the Russian economy could collapse. …No joke. Just a matter of time, I guess. Like the sort of “time” like from 1917 to today…? “Eventually” it will happen? These jokers are the classic example of British Crimean War IV.

    Well at least they didn’t say Russia ran out of missiles. But Ukraine is just about to win, trust us. Where do they find such people and why won’t they go away? Call me suspicious, but it’s almost like somebody’s paying these failing idiots to be in charge…

    “The Ukrainian military leadership has absolutely no strategic plan for the ongoing conflict with Russia in 2024,”

    That’s because all wars require “Men” and they don’t have any. And not in the news, Poland closed the Ukrainian border. I don’t know the full reasons or ramifications of that, but it’s stopping drone parts from getting in. It’s amazing at this point, no one will discuss or admit the importance of “men”. I hadn’t realized their internal disgust and hatred of humans extended so deep they would prefer it to “winning”, yet here we are. As no one will say so, can’t admit it, nothing has been done, they will definitely, absolutely, certainly lose the next war too. …And the one after that, and the one after that.

    Remember kids: Being healthy and going to the gym makes you Hitler! No joke, that’s said here. Okay then, I guess. A bunch of rednecks who are “barely average” and own nothing but .223 is going to clear up your obese tranny US Army. …SMH, I can’t believe I’m seeing this, even from the moronic and mentally ill. Can we get a REAL supervillain here and not this discount knock-off? It’s embarrassing.

    “Berlin had to change its plans after the German Constitutional Court blocked its attempt to transfer €60 billion ($66 billion) from the Covid-19 pandemic fund”

    Problems there, but it’s inside baseball to understand them. Over here, Johnson is gung-ho to steal all of Russia’s “Frozen” assets, which was bad enough. Guys? “Frozen” also means you stole them. It’s not my property if I can’t do with it what I will. It’s central planning, Statist, YOUR property and “Control the means of production.”

    Anyway, since most of those are US Treasuries, Johnson is going to steal them, and therefore de facto default on the US National Debt. Good! Please do since we’re going to anyway. But that will cause an instant run on US$, UST, etc, understand? Probably somebody will talk him out of it, but one can always hope. That’s the same kind of budget hole Germany is in, as in “Died Suddenly.”

    Suppose, UST default lite? US$ = US Treasury rates have to go to a mere 20%, where they’ve been before, to stop a run on the US$. So…cool! Hey, um, what’s the interest on the national debt at 20% interest rates? Say, $20 Trillion a year?

    J/k but you see my point. (Probably like $5T, and would take time) Nor can the Fed, which is a cartel of Wall Street stop this. If they lose the US$ they lose everything anyway, Congress be damned. If the Fed does this, Congress may erase and take over the Fed again, so fine, do it. Then Wall Street can blame Congress and get out of jail. None of this matters: all the scenario lines merge into one: Default. But not to zero, re-structuring the US$ and UST at 1/3-1/2 value. No one believes us. So we gold-tie our UST’s at maturity. Gold standard lite. Why? That’s what has to happen when “Full faith and credit” is lost. Because that’s what ALWAYS happens.

    “Berlin has provided Ukraine with large amounts of munitions and military hardware, including main battle tanks”

    Yes, the Leopard 1, from 1950. Not being a jerk here, but I think that very fine tank maybe needs to be retired. Otoh, IF ONLY I could find a nice car from 1950 maybe I could get parts and fix it at a reasonable rate and not be tracked 24/7 by Google.

    “Sovereign bond sales could increase further next year as budget deficits balloon across the developed world”

    Sales to whom? Let’s take the U.S. which was more successful in exporting Covid inflation than I expected (which is only now biting us at 20%). China just direct-financed the need for US$ in the Global South. US Dollars will be closed, not new lines opening. Among other effects, you can’t export your inflation to Argentina. Oh wait, Argentina is going US$. You can’t export our inflation to any nation EXCEPT Argentina.

    “Assange’s extradition, due to the combination of his health and the appalling maximum security conditions to which he would be subjected in the United States.”

    Uh, whut? It’s YOUR maximum security conditions in UK that nearly killed him THERE. You can’t possibly know that ours would be worse. I mean, worse than murder? Thank god he got vaccinated or he might have died twice.

    Haircuts: It’s a brand. Except Trump, I think he keeps trying not to look like that. Example: Michael Moore. Out fat, dumpy, multi-multi-millionaire insider with a baseball cap and same hair. Except he dyes it. So he DOES care what he looks like. He’s intentionally creating his image. Maybe he wears a suit except on NBC interview days, I dunno.

    I’m certain at a minimum Boris is the same. Probably used to happen, so he made it his brand to disarm people, make them overconfident he was a clown.

    Dr. Rich, I can’t understand what you’re saying. Perhaps it’s emotional. I get the sense you believe since I don’t want to track down and kill every Jew on sight, I am therefore unfailingly pro-anything-any-Jew-worldwide-does. While I must have 5-10 comments on the inappropriateness of Israeli actions daily. So that’s very odd to me and I wonder why I bother to write words on paper if everyone simply attributes the #Opposite to me regardless of what I believe. Perhaps I’ll just post randomly from side to side each day and see if anyone notices or anything changes. There are other implications I understand even less, not being direct, so I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing until I figure it out.

    I guess the downside is you’re not being convincing and changing my behavior, which I have to imply is your goal, while we’re also not having a communication and exchange of ideas, which would be a larger, less directed, more productive goal.

    Sort of related: what happened to Aspnaz? I thought I was just getting through to him on my position. Or Redneck and Chooch either? Taking a position that Russia is evil only to discover they’re merely “just another guy” isn’t anything to run away about. Who else is out? What happened to our tired CO2 argument that restarted yesterday? Anyone willing to explain the Ice Core lag yet?

    Dr D Rich

    Dr D: “I’m mixed on feeling this is vital and should be spread”
    Except yesterday China invasion was bad.

    “Saudi Arabia and China are opening a $7 billion local currency swap line.”

    “China is using their US Treasuries and US dollar surpluses to loan them to Emerging Market trade partners of significance to CHINA!”

    Jesus Christ Almighty! I thought this news would render Dr D apoplectic but I keep missing evidence of Vulcan or Romulan logicmaster level stoicism at play.

    Btw D, can you see my shadow? The projective identification is strong in you today. You spend quite a bit of time making excuses for a religious ppl, the Jews under their particularly abhorrent constructs of Israel and Zionism, from doing what THEY should be doing but won’t disavow their religion as Central to everything Israeli and Zionistic.
    Congratulations on driving ASPNAZ et al away, right?

    Let’s hear more about thermometers

    Kill children and reap the whirlwind. Isn’t that an especially Old Testament, Semitic and Christ-espoused ethic?

    John Day

    (New House Speaker, Mike) Johnson has committed a blunder so egregious that it could rock the global financial system and cause a financial panic.

    Unfortunately, Johnson’s lack of experience in international monetary affairs has left him blind to the dangers.

    Right now, the U.S. holds about $300 billion of Russian assets that were frozen after the Ukraine war broke out in February 2022. Most of those assets came from the Central Bank of Russia and consist of U.S. Treasury securities.

    Technically, those assets have not been converted to U.S. ownership; they have merely been frozen and still belong to Russia even though Russia cannot use them. Now Johnson wants to convert those assets to U.S. ownership and use the proceeds to pay for the war in Ukraine.

    Johnson said, “It would be pure poetry to fund the Ukrainian war effort with Russian assets.” It would be pure stupidity is more like it.

    Such an action would amount to a default on U.S. government debt since the securities were legally owned by Russia.

    Nations around the world would take note and accelerate their dumping of Treasury securities and their flight from the U.S. dollar.


    The Ukronazis are forcibly conscripting teenagers, women(pregnant) and old men up to 70

    The Russians in the past year have had 420,000 volunteers who signed contracts to be professional soldiers.

    The Ukronazis are hiding their casualties in general but specifically as MIA, missing in action.

    Their officers are collecting the pay checks of both living and MIA soldiers and intentionally listing dead soldiers as MIA so the families can’t collect death benefits

    The Ukronazis routinely abandon their wounded to die, sometimes because they lack medical facilties, other times why bother.

    The original Nazis in WWII treated their soldiers better than the Nazilensky Junta.

    Andrei Martyanov reported that the Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1 accidentally did put out real numbers of Ukronazi KIAs and MIAs.

    Over a million, 1,126,652 KIAs and MIAs

    For a country it’s size, this is WWII loss levels.

    Russia’s war material production is now higher then the total output of both the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation and Eurotardistan Clown Show Special Edition.

    The Russian are mass producing millions of artillery shells for $500 a piece at scale, Eurotardistan is barely producing a couple hundred thousand at the boutique price of $8000 a piece.

    I wonder where that leads?

    Gaza will not divert attention span and will not cover up this level of failure forever.

    You would thing what’s left of the Ukrainian population would wakethefuckup but the original Nazis didn’t (after twelve years) and were left standing in the rumble of their shattered country wondering what hit them.

    Headlines like:

    • German Troops Would ‘Only Last Two Days in Battle’ Due to Ukraine Supplies

    Germans wouldn’t last 2 hours against the Russians because they have devolved into a nation of Girlie Men, the Hans and Franz of Eurotardistan.

    • The United Eunuchs of Europe

    Ian Graham

    How did humans get to the brink of crashing climate?

    “…Previous centuries created the right conditions for human-caused climate change, but the last few generations made it a reality. In 1960, humans put about 9 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air; in 2021, they produced more than four times that amount, according to the Global Carbon Project.

    “Energy use skyrocketed as cars, air travel and technology became more affordable in many North American and European countries. Other nations such as China, Japan and India were assembling their own energy regimes based on fossil fuels. And this all happened amid growing understanding and concern about heat-trapping gases.”

    Green growth or degrowth: what is the right way to tackle climate change?

    “…to avoid ecological collapse, sectors such as fossil fuels, fast fashion, industrial meat farming, air travel, plastics and many more need to draw down their economic activity. Meanwhile, other sectors need to grow. These include clean energy, obviously, but also biodegradable materials, green steel and pesticide-free agriculture.”

    Get more perspective on the reality of overshoot/bottleneck and its symptoms at


    Only 23% of Duh’merican youth 18-24 years old are fit for military service in the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation ‘army’. (cough,cough)

    That means that 77% are too stupid, or drug addicted, or attention span deficit, or Fatties, or mental cases, or criminals to serve their country in any way shape or fashion.

    Now the Military Industrial Mafia© are begging the same guys they kicked out for not taking the DeathShot© to come back and kiss and make up.


    Putting the DUH back in Duh’merica.

    Duh’merica HATES losers, does that mean it hates itself?

    Don’t over think it

    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair Crooke this a.m.

    D Benton Smith


    Sort of related: what happened to Aspnaz? I thought I was just getting through to him on my position. Or Redneck and Chooch either?”

    Don’t despair, Doc, there will be other trolls, morons, shills, agents provocateurs, and similar ilk coming along soon. They have no choice. They are compelled by sone inner (or outer?) demon to cast themselves upon the rocks of reason. It is your task (as a rock of risible rationality) to assist them on that journey.

    They come to TAE for whatever reason (call it a challenge, a compulsion or a death wish, I dunno) but whatever the reason the compulsion must be substantial and real because they just keep on showing up. And after having their head handed to them on a platter they then go away.

    It’s just a plain fact is that TAE is the hill they choose to die on. Like a sort of “elephant burial ground” for the morally &/or intellectually challenged, TAE is where trolls come to die.


    An informed old man blogging from his sofa can be a journalist
    With access to a camera, social media, and TAE, everyone can be a journalist .
    The western media lost its control of the message/propaganda.

    The American-Israeli lobby group AIPAC is the reason Arab leaders would be willing to ignore Palestinian human rights.

    Conditions of hostages released by Hamas: Excellent
    1. Clean clothes, clean socks not rags.
    2. Hair combed and clean
    3. No sign of physical abuse.

    The world is faced with a declared Zionist agenda of genocide.

    The western media is ignoring the conditions of the Palestinian prisoners released from an Israeli prison.

    Israeli-Palestinian Swap Success and the Road Ahead

    Israeli-Palestinian Swap Success and the Road Ahead
    Steven Sahiounie

    According to the Zionist propaganda Hamas is a collection of evil beasts.
    The main alleged crime for these detentions is stone-throwing, which can carry a 20-year sentence in prison for Palestinian children,” said a report published in July by children’s rights organization, Save the Children.
    The web/TAE is giving you news that you didn’t know/realize is affected you.

    What Are the Saudis Really Preparing for?

    What Are the Saudis Really Preparing for?
    November 24, 2023Author: Tom Luongo

    Western media are not reporting all the news.

    Russian presidential envoy for the Middle East and African countries and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told TASS in late October that Hamas had promised to answer Russia’s request to release eight Russian nationals who were held hostage.

    Also, Its My Bet.
    If Joe Biden Doesn’t run/cannot run:

    Hillary Clinton Among Top Picks To Run in 2024

    D Benton Smith

    I was just reminded (over on Zero Hedge) of an old old advertising and marketing play/ploy known then and now as ” Buy Now, Pay Later”.

    Jeez I love that phrase for its absolute veracity across the entire spectrum of human endeavor. Truer words have never been spoken.

    Buy now. Pay later.


    @ Dr. D
    Just wanted to let you know, that your take/opinions are appreciated/acknowledge/noted, by an old man blogging from his sofa.


    The best thing about The Smartest Man In The World?
    I personally know several.

    Stake yourself to your position and draw your sword. Stand tethered and firm atop your hill.
    The archers will arrive in due time.

    The best thing about being the dumbest person in the world?
    The quest for knowledge will never be fulfilled.

    for many faith is like their socks – black or white, worn out and full of holes
    a little dogma here a little dogma there, next thing you know you’re talking real fantasy

    What does it feel like to know you invested your entire life in the status quo? Will you do what the leaders of the free world do? Double Down? Is that not what The Smartest Man In The World suggests?


    “Biden has been personally involved in the negotiation of the hostage release”……

    ….. ever since he was born ……



    As with Dr.d, I certainly appreciate your comments. Nod to you both.

    May I humbly submit one of my go-to advert lines ( Fram oil filters?) from my impressionable youth that resonates through my decades of life on this planet ?

    Pay me now … or pay me later. ( picture of $5 oil filter followed by an engine being lifted out of a car )

    Speaks to consequences, timeliness of problem solving etc.

    D Benton Smith


    What does it feel like to know you invested your entire life in the status quo?

    Isn’t that what we have all done? I would call the status quo that which is the conglomerated sum total of everything that we have all invested our lives in. It’s what we have accepted (or not) as being real, so far, even if it isn’t necessarily what we will be willing to accept in the future. And so we keep trying to make it better, to our way of thinking and THERE [as the old saying goes) is the rub.

    John Day

    Look It’s A Squirrel

    ​ The Thanksgiving Truc​e , Joe Lauria
    ​ The trend towards rejecting the mainstream media’s whitewashed history of Israel and Palestine, and the growing understanding that Israel was established in 1948 largely through the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their ancestral homes and land, has only intensified with Israel’s current onslaught against Gaza.
    ​ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Joe Biden know that if they lose the American people they are both in serious trouble.​..
    ​..Both Biden and Netanyahu strongly rejected any ceasefire until the timing was right. During this Thanksgiving weekend there will be no war.
    The killing will resume when Americans go back to work on Monday.

    The Thanksgiving Truce

    ​ Amid “utter carnage” in Gaza, the White House insists that the Israeli government has a “legitimate objective.”​ , Aaron Mate’
    ​ By destroying Gaza’s homes, hospital, schools, and every other facet of Palestinian civilian life, Israel is following through on its openly declared aims, and longtime goals. The current Israeli war on Gaza is arguably the most barbaric phase of what the late Israeli sociologist Baruch Kimmerling dubbed a post-1948 campaign of “politicide.” Kimmerling defined this as a “process that has as its ultimate goal the dissolution of the Palestinian people’s existence as a legitimate, independent social, political and economic entity,” including, he warned, “their gradual ethnic cleansing, partial or complete, from the Land of Israel or historic Palestine.”
    ​ As the carnage in Gaza makes clear, this is the “legitimate” Israeli campaign that the Biden administration continues to support in the name of trying to “eliminate Hamas.”

    Hamas Isn’t The Target, It’s The Excuse​ , Caitlin Johnstone

    ​ Hamas attack originally planned for April – The assault was called off, and intelligence warnings of it were considered a false alarm, Israeli Channel 12 reports
    ​ Hamas, the sources claim, focused on internal security and kept most of its members in the dark about subsequent plans, including the rescheduled incursion, which took place on October 7. According to Israeli media reports, surveillance units on the border with Gaza alerted the IDF to “unusual” Hamas training exercises some three months before the October attack, but their concerns were reportedly dismissed as “fantasies.”

    John Day

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 51: Israel fires at Palestinians attempting to return to northern Gaza amid shaky truce
    Israeli forces killed a Palestinian in Al-Maghazi refugee camp and shot at people attempting to inspect their homes amid the shaky temporary truce. Israel also killed five Palestinians during a 14-hour raid in the West Bank city of Jenin.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 51: Israel fires at Palestinians attempting to return to northern Gaza amid shaky truce

    ​ Simplicius , SITREP 11/25/23: Major Avdeevka Breakthroughs as NATO Plans Forever War
    ​ U.S. establishment elites see the writing on the wall of the Ukrainian war, and are already initiating the planning stages of the second phase of the wider conflict to perpetually weaken Russia—or as they call it in their Newspeak, “contain it.”​.
    ​ The bellwether was the latest announcement that NATO wants to create a military Schengen zone in Europe, which would allow all European armies to freely move between countries, relocating large swaths of troops in record time without the paperwork and waiting​…
    ​..In short, this is the slow conversion of Europe’s eastern Russophobic front into a sort of cannonfodder vanguard to be perpetually smashed against Russia in sequential fashion, after Ukraine falls.
    ​ What the Ukrainian conflict has taught the NATO controllers and their U.S. masters is that countries with a decent pool of human resources can be converted into a Janissary fodder army by endlessly equipping and financing them from the wellspring of Europe’s ‘inexhaustible’ central bank and fiat money spigot.​..
    ​..First you may balk that this is unrealistic, as Europe appears next to bankrupt at this point. But on the other hand, one must recall that this is a longer term plan. Over the next few years, they can surely scrounge up enough cash to continue arming the ‘next-in-line’ vassals, like Poland, the Baltics, Finland, etc.
    ​ For the U.S. it’s a win-win not only as it keeps division between Russia and its closest neighbors and natural allies as a constant, but it keeps Europe poor and the U.S. on top of the ‘Western world’ heap.​..
    ​..European politics does appear to be slowly veering away from many deepstate/establishment positions and initiatives, so while this is a rough generalization, it would appear likely that many of these NATO dreams will face increasing friction and opposition in the future, with their likelihood of coming to fruition going down each passing year.​..
    ​..Thus, there’s a sort of power creep happening—as “nationalist” or anti-establishment figures slowly take control of European countries, the fascist EU nomenklatura seeks to abolish those countries’ abilities to have a real voice or say in anything. This is why, initiatives like the NATO ‘military Schengen’ plans are up in the air as it will all depend on which side gains the lead in this escalatory power game…
    ..The U.S. elites hope that the AI boon can give it another major boost equal to what U.S. received in the aftermath of WW1 and WW2, pushing it ahead of the developing world while drowning everyone else in war and misery. The AI revolution has the potential to do the same by 2030-ish, give or take…
    ​..U.S. elites appear to be of the mind that if they can’t freeze the conflict, then at least let Europe fund and prolong it at their own expense,​..
    ​..The problem is, the ruling elite of Ukraine have no choice but to double down because if the conflict is frozen, then much of their dirty laundry will come to light, including—most catastrophically for them—the scale of losses and destruction to Ukrainian society, something they’ll never live down. They’ll be torn to shreds…
    ​..A ceasefire for Russia likewise has many dangers…
    ​..Elena Panina, director of the Institute for International Strategic Studies: “The decision will be made overnight”: in Kyiv, the forecast for Ukraine’s accession to NATO has been clarified…
    ​ This statement should be taken extremely seriously.
    The fact is that US President Biden made a similar statement during the NATO summit in Vilnius on July 11-12, 2023. When asked by a journalist how long it would take the West to admit Ukraine into the alliance, he answered: “One hour and twenty minutes.”
    ​ The North Atlantic Alliance is simply waiting for the right moment. He is ready to use any freezing of the conflict with Russia or suspension of hostilities for Ukraine’s official entry into NATO. Accordingly, Russia must fully take this factor into account during the SVO. There can be no pauses – otherwise, later we will formally find ourselves in conflict with a NATO member country.”​…
    ​..Zelensky’s strategy seems to be “preservation mode” for now, with only some choice, token offensive action in areas where opportunity may present itself.
    ​ This has been borne out by reports from the frontline that confirm Ukraine’s usage of artillery, drones, etc., has dropped precipitously. Correspondents on the Russian frontline have outright said it looks like Ukraine is conserving ammo heavily right now.​..
    ​..November 25, 2023​ A few hours ago, Russian fighters successfully cleared the last building in the Yasinovataya-2 industrial zone in the southern part of the Avdeevsky fortified area after several days of intense and bloody fighting.
    ​ Since 2014, the industrial zone had been under the control of Ukrainian forces. However, despite the fortifications and reinforcements, it is now completely under the control of the Russian Army.
    ​ This line holds not only symbolic significance but also has strategic importance as it is situated on a hill overlooking the southern outskirts of Avdeevka…
    ..Zelensky is scrambling 5+ broken and not-yet-reconstituted brigades to Avdeevka, from other hot zones to plug the gaps. Videos of Ukrainian troops complaining or outright mutinying have begun to appear as it begins to get increasingly difficult to resupply the garrison inside the city…
    ..Most notable is the presence of a female fighter(s) directly in the trench on the frontlines, which is becoming a more and more common sight.

    ​ Moon of Alabama, Ukraine SitRep: High Losses, Political Infighting, Blocked Borders
    ​ Some western observers, foremost retired Colonel Macgregor, say that Ukraine’s unrecoverable losses have exceeded 400,000 men. But he does not name his sources.
    ​ Now a new chapter in the war between the Ukrainian president Zelenski and the Commander in Chief of the Ukrainian army, General Zaluzny, may have given us an answer. Yesterday this news item found its way to the Strana news site (machine translation):
    ​ Zaluzhny didn’t provide the plan of war-2024 and has to leave-the people’s Deputy from “Servants of the people” …
    ..The commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, does not have a war plan for 2024, and therefore must resign.
    ​ This was stated by Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense, MP from Servant of the People Mariana Bezuglaya on her Facebook page, referring to a “non-public discussion” with the military.​..
    ​..Zaluzny has no plans for 2024 because there is nothing he can do about the upcoming defeat of the Ukrainian army.
    Every time he urges to stop defending positions that can not be held, like Bakhmut and Avdeevka, the political leadership tells him use all reserves and to keep holding. Every time he urges to build strong defense lines and to retreat to them he gets overruled. There is thereby nothing, except one number, that he can plan for.​ That number is the one of the irretrievable losses of the Ukrainian army is experiencing. Zaluzny needs 20,000 new men per month to replace the losses and to keep his army going​…
    ..Storming Russian ditches when one’s rare troops have an average(!) age of 54 is impossible…
    ​..Unless the Pentagon and the Biden administration intervene Zelenski will fire Zaluzny within the next few weeks.
    British ‘experts’ continue to push the Ukrainian army into conscripting younger men​…
    ​..But all these ‘experts’ ignore the severe problems with Ukraine’s population ‘pyramid’:

    The 20 to 30 year old men they want to draft are simply not there to be recruited in any decisive numbers.

    ​ Andrew Korybko, Poland’s De Facto Blockade Of Ukraine Is Its Outgoing Government’s Last Power Play
    ​This is also Poland’s last realistic chance to defend its territorial integrity in the face of the coming years’ threats.
    ​ Poland is poised to become Germany’s largest-ever vassal state upon former Prime Minister and European Commission President Donald Tusk’s likely return to the premiership following the liberal-globalist opposition coalition’s victory in last month’s elections.​..
    ​..Polish truckers now even farmers have imposed a de facto blockade against Ukraine that the outgoing government hasn’t broken, which can be regarded as that party’s last power play aimed at giving their country a fighting chance at preserving some of its sovereignty.​..
    ..If it succeeds in coercing Ukraine into restoring Poland’s sphere of influence over the country that Germany just recently replaced over the summer, ideally by institutionalizing it in some legal form prior to the incumbents leaving office, then Poland’s territorial integrity can more confidently be defended. As regards Tusk’s plans to subordinate Poland to German hegemony, he’ll struggle to do so completely since that would necessitate a full-fledged purge of his country’s permanent bureaucracy.

    John Day


    John Day

    Kim Jong Un Boasts He’s Reviewing Images Of US Bases In Guam After Spy Satellite Launch

    Celia Farber, Documentary Film “Shot Dead” Is Very Hard To Watch: Parents Who Lost Their Children, Killed By Covid Shots, Tell Their Stories. It’s Being Throttled​

    Shot Dead , movie link

    The onus of proof of safety must rest with the manufactures – not with parents

    Death of 12-Year-Old Boy in France Following HPV Vaccination Triggers Probe Into Gardasil Safety and School Vaccine Campaigns
    French prosecutors have launched an investigation into the death of a 12-year-old boy who collapsed minutes after receiving Gardasil’s human papillomavirus vaccine in a school setting and subsequently died of head trauma, according to French media.

    Death of 12-Year-Old Boy in France Following HPV Vaccination Triggers Probe Into Gardasil Safety and School Vaccine Campaigns

    John Day

    ​ Pfizer failed to inform pregnant women participating in its clinical trial for the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine that the clinical trial of a similar vaccine by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) was halted after a safety signal revealed a potential risk of preterm births leading to neonatal deaths.
    ​ Pfizer seems to view informed consent as a barrier to sales—something that causes vaccine hesitancy or drug hesitancy.”
    “There should have never been a clinical trial in pregnant women studying any injections aimed at RSV in pregnant women,” Sasha Latypova told The Epoch Times in an email. “Pregnancy and potential to become pregnant is historically the most protected class of human subjects from clinical research because the risks and potential to cause inadvertent harm are too devastating to justify scientific interest in made-up subjects like RSV.”

    ​ Landmark Lawsuit Alleging Medical Battery Killed 19-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Will Go to Trial
    ​ According to the complaint, doctors and nurses defied the informed consent law, “fraudulently labeled [his daughter] as a DNR [Do Not Resuscitate] patient, administered a lethal drug cocktail known to kill” and blocked attempts to save the girl’s life.
    ​ Due to hospital protocols, Schara said, his daughter was given a knowingly lethal blend of drugs without informed consent from him or Grace’s mother, Cindy Schara, who possessed Grace’s legal and medical power of attorney.
    ​ When Schara protested, he was escorted out of the hospital by an armed guard, and he and his wife were forced to watch their daughter die on FaceTime.

    Landmark Lawsuit Alleging Medical Battery Killed 19-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Will Go to Trial

    Moderna’s ‘Disinformation Department’ Monitors 150 Million Websites for ‘Anti-Vaccine’ Narratives
    Through a pharma-funded nonprofit and Talkwalker, a “social listening” company, Moderna’s team — run by a former 20-year veteran of the FBI — deploys artificial intelligence to monitor everything from mainstream news outlets to gaming sites.

    Moderna’s ‘Disinformation Department’ Monitors 150 Million Websites for ‘Anti-Vaccine’ Narratives

    John Day

    A Decade Later, Snowden’s Worst Fears Have Come True
    Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen an extreme ramp-up of censorship, surveillance and harassment — not unlike what whistleblower Edward Snowden warned would happen.

    A Decade Later, Snowden’s Worst Fears Have Come True

    ​ Last week, more than 40,000 hours of Jan. 6 Capitol Police security footage was released in the public domain that once and for all blew a hole in the pro-Trump ‘violent insurrection’ narrative so dear to the Democrats.
    ​ The one question on countless Americans’ minds following the release of the damning videos was: will all those men and women recently locked away as political prisoners for dozens of decades get another day in court? Indeed, January 6 may have been a lot of things to many people, but another Boston Tea Party it most definitely was not.
    ​ Social media was alight over the weekend showing one benign scene after another of the ‘insurrectionists’ casually strolling through the Capitol Building premises, exchanging pleasantries with the on-duty police officers, even giving each other fist-bumps.

    How the Democratic Party Faked an American Insurrection

    ​[New House Speaker, Mike] Johnson’s lack of experience in international monetary affairs has left him blind to the dangers.
    Right now, the U.S. holds about $300 billion of Russian assets that were frozen after the Ukraine war broke out in February 2022. Most of those assets came from the Central Bank of Russia and consist of U.S. Treasury securities.
    Technically, those assets have not been converted to U.S. ownership; they have merely been frozen and still belong to Russia even though Russia cannot use them. Now Johnson wants to convert those assets to U.S. ownership and use the proceeds to pay for the war in Ukraine.
    Johnson said, “It would be pure poetry to fund the Ukrainian war effort with Russian assets.” It would be pure stupidity is more like it.
    Such an action would amount to a default on U.S. government debt since the securities were legally owned by Russia.
    Nations around the world would take note and accelerate their dumping of Treasury securities and their flight from the U.S. dollar.

    ​ Meryl Nass MD , Many have asked us how their nation could exit the WHO. It turns out the WHO Constitution has no provisions to get out. But our international legal consultant has identified two ways to do it.
    Door to Freedom will continue to chase down the legal ins and outs of the WHO’s attempted coup

    China Pneumonia Update​ , Macrolide-Resistant Mycoplasma pneumoniae in focus.​(Z-pak and similar drugs for “walking pneumonia” won’t work.)

    John Day

    ​The Ethical Skeptic , What is Loosh?
    ​ Loosh is the opposite of faith. Faith is the refusal to imbibe in loosh. The act of faithfulness itself involves a deliberate abstention from a specific set of logical conditions. This broaches the question: What therefore, is ‘loosh’?
    ​ Loosh is the flow of intoxicating energy from a captive source. That source is us. It serves to produce a spiritual insanity in its abuser, anesthetizing and blinding them to their own encroaching darkness.

    What is Loosh?

    Alexander Carpenter

    Ian Graham, the right way to “tackle” climate change is to relax and enjoy its benefits.
    The whole “anthropogenic” bit is pure anthropo-deception, and you have fallen for it.
    And all those billions and trillions of dread tons of CO2? A drop in the bucket.
    Learn some real science and look around you (and maybe even back into the past), and pay attention to important matters, such as the price of eggs in China, or even (and here I tread in tricky waters) the strange fact that the Palestinians are more Semitic than the Israelis…
    And then have a quiet chuckle at all the fatuous noise you have internalized, perhaps even cleansing your mind with a serene psychedelic experience (also good for purging your internally-generated PTSD).


    Opposition to propaganda

    Letter from Daniel and Emilia (machine translation)

    To the generals (commanders) who have been with us in recent weeks, it seems that we will part ways tomorrow, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Because of the supernatural humanity you showed towards my daughter Emilia.

    You were like parents to her, you let her into your room whenever she wanted.
    She felt that all of you are her friends and not just friends, but her true relatives and friends.

    Thank you for being patient in dealing with her and giving her sweets and fruits and everything that was not even available. Children should not be in captivity, but thanks to you and other good people we met along the way, My daughter considered herself a queen in Gaza.

    And she generally felt like she was at the center of the universe.

    In this long journey, we didn’t even meet a single person, whether ordinary or commander, unless he treated my daughter with kindness and compassion.
    I will be forever indebted to you because my daughter left Gaza unharmed.
    I will always remember your good behavior despite the difficult conditions you were in and the heavy losses and casualties in Gaza.

    I wish we could be good friends in this world.
    I wish you all good health.
    Health and love to you and your families.

    Thanks a lot.
    Daniel and Emilia

    Posted by: Framarz | Nov 27 2023


    One woman’s ceiling is another woman’s floor.

    Virtue signaling concern troll




    Michael Reid

    Peace and security in a world at war w/ Jeffrey Sachs



    DBS, no that is not what we have all done. Some have had a taste of corruption from very early in their life. My definition of IQ is usefulness to empire. My IQ is 0. i heard at least once a week for ten years, “You’re not living up to your potential”. This statement was based on the old apptitude test. Work to make yourself the most profitable employee, give the knowledge you have gained to your fellows, and walk away when there is injustice. You get an adventure and the one who learned the most gets a raise. Make em pay for violating the social contract. Always punch above your weight. Don’t get mad, get Justice
    Liberal when young, radical when old. No brown spots on the handkerchief. There is more to poverty than lack of currency.


    DBS, i’m 72 and know citizens of the US my age who still believe the Gulf of Tonkin bs and have a deep sense of affection for Ronald Reagan. Anyone who has read Killing Hope and still seeks the status quo at my age has probably lived up to their potential.


    I’m still contributing, doing what I can.
    I’m an old man blogging from his sofa.


    tax dollars


    scum and


    “How did humans get to the brink of crashing climate?…”

    “…to avoid ecological collapse, sectors such as fossil fuels, fast fashion, industrial meat farming, air travel, plastics and many more need to draw down their economic activity…”

    “…Get more perspective on the reality of overshoot/bottleneck and its symptoms at…”

    scum and

    John Day

    Musk is hard to read:
    Musk Offers To Help Rebuild A Deradicalized, “Prosperous” Gaza After Touring Ravaged Kibbutz With Netanyahu

    Maxwell Quest

    Neo: What is the Matrix?
    Trinity: The answer is out there, Neo, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.

    I was thinking about this last week and finally took the time to put my thoughts into a simplified graphic form. We all know that books could be written on the subject. Posted for entertainment value only. Your experience of the Matrix may vary.

    The Matrix


    Jo-Joe and Hunter, a dick and a cunt

    The Grift is infinite and bottomless

    REPORT: First American Released By Hamas Is RELATED To A Hunter Biden Art Buyer

    “Reports surfaced Monday that the great-aunt of the youngest American hostage released by Hamas is linked to the controversial art dealings of Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden.

    The great-aunt in question, Ms. Elizabeth Hirsch Naftali, is reported to have purchased art from Hunter Biden before being appointed by Joe Biden to the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.

    The connection, revealed by Real Clear Investigations’ Benjamin Weingarten on X, sparked concerns over potential conflicts of interest and nepotism within the Biden administration.



    Ian Graham:
    “…on the reality of overshoot/bottleneck…”

    Now that you got all the Marxist-Climate-Meltdown magic words out, but in a kind of a more sober, Trust Me I’m The Science kind of way….

    Please do explain how you feel about the Covid19 notavax. Kills people. Sterilizes people. Good thing/bad thing, what say you?

    What’s to be done about Overshoot, by the way? What specifically do you want done, or what should happen? Less humans is what you want, right? Yes? No? By what means? What’s your solution?


    Lacking even a scintilla of common sense always provides entertainment value



    GOT YOUR MESSAGE, DR D. Go to bitchute, type in rabbis anticipate the destruction of Christianity and the West. Wont take long brother, 5 minutes.. The whole fuckin world is witness to a genocide and nobody, no1 comes to help or defend them? The NWO is’nt coming, its already here. They are all on the same page with the culling, the shots, CBDC’s, the whole prison planet dominion over the sheep. Sad, but true. And D Benton, go fuck yourself, pompous douchebag.

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