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    Martha McMillan Roberts Three sisters at Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, DC” 1941 • This Is the Worst U.S. Earnings Season Since 2009 (Bloomberg)
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    Possible scenario for VW to survive: 100% of top 4 tiers of executives, including those retired in the past decade, are immediately imprisoned, and all their assets returned to VW. Top tiers are replaced NOT by adjacent tiers, but by workers from the floor.

    Probability? Somehow, infinitely less than zero. Any other pathway? VW will not survive.
    It’s a funny old world.


    John Day – yesterday you posted a very interesting Saker link, an interview with Andrew Korybko. What a great article. Thanks for posting it. Everybody should read this article in order to understand how coups are pulled off, how the game is upped when the coup is unsuccessful, how the unwitting left (bleeding hearts) are used as human shields, how the country currently being taken down is almost paralyzed at what to do. Chaos personified.

    “To address your question, my book focuses on the most cutting-edge form of warfare, which I define as being the transformation of failed Color Revolutions into Unconventional Wars. Using the examples of Syria and Ukraine, I assert that the US’ new cost-saving strategy to regime change is to use embedded NGOs to orchestrate state destabilization, and if this doesn’t succeed in overthrowing the government or blackmailing it to the point of submission, then the next step is to turn the placard-holding protester into a gun-toting insurgent. What’s really astounding, I’ve learned, is that it’s actually not all that hard to do, since there are certain strategic and organizational commonalities between Color Revolutions and Unconventional Wars, both in terms of what motivates their participants and the role of the external forces guiding the campaign, for but only two such examples.

    This is post-modern warfare, the evolution of what everyone had unfortunately grown accustomed to ever since the end of the Cold War. This type of conflict is waged indirectly and via proxy, and in some cases, many people don’t even realize they’re in the middle of a warzone until it’s too late. Taking advantage of new information platforms like social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), the organizers are capable of luring thousands of unaware civilians into their “protest marches” for use as human shields against the authorities, all with the eventual intent of having professional provocateurs instigate violence so that as many causalities are caused as possible.

    The purpose behind this morbid manipulation of one’s countrymen is to engineer the conditions for a state crackdown against the “protest” movement, which will then have the ‘justifiable grounds’ to call for regime change and escalate their demands against the government. Filmed by cell phone cameras and immediately uploaded to YouTube, select scenes can be purposely presented out of context or outright edited in order to garner as much pro-“revolutionary” sympathy across the world as possible. Once the event has made global headlines (usually in preplanned cahoots between the organizers, their external patrons, and their affiliated friendly media entities like CNN), it can prompt foreign leaders to issue statements of condemnation or perhaps even sanctions against the affected country’s authorities. The point is to tactically initiate the conflict escalation ladder that foreign intelligence services had already prepared for in order to enact maximum pressure against the target state.

    If this strategy doesn’t achieve its expected ends, then the US’ latest improvisation in warfare is to transition the ‘soft’ coup attempt into a ‘hard’ one, where the TV-presentable “protesters” morph into rugged guerrillas obsessed with regime change. It’s not to say that every Color Revolution will end in an Unconventional War or that every Unconventional War will begin as a Color Revolution from this point forward, but that for all their geographic and demographic differences, it’s this common thread of approach that most closely links the US’ Wars on Syria and Ukraine.”

    Andrew Korybko’s Interview With Serbia’s “Geopolitica” Magazine (English Exclusive)

    Thanks, John Day.


    “In 2014, 12% — close to one in eight — of US men between the ages of 25 and 54 were neither in work nor looking for it.” MEN! What about women! What about the youth of both sexes – those between the school leaving age and 25. What about those between the age of 54 and the retirement age. Here is New Zealand the school leaving age is 16 and the retirement age is 65 when everybody gets a Government Superannuation. I have no idea what either is in America but such figures are meaningless in the overall scheme of things. You might as well give the figures for those with Down Syndrome or those who are bipolar.


    “Still, under international law people fleeing war zones cannot be labeled ‘illegal’.”

    They are not fleeing for their lives. They are leaving safe harbor in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon. They are NOT fleeing. They are making a deliberate decision. They are leaving a tent in Turkey for a tent in Sweden or Germany, and they are paying smugglers to get them there. They are taking buses, trains, ferries, walking, biking. They have money, cell phones. They are not starving or running away from sudden death.

    If we’re going to be anything, let’s at least be factual. More and more are coming now because they are being invited to come. Merkel sent the word that Germany had its arms open, was laying down the red carpet. And they’re hurrying up because they’re afraid that this invitation will soon be closed and they want to get in before the gates close, and close they will.

    And people are actually surprised that citizens are getting upset about this??? Really? They were not asked or consulted. They’re having this crisis shoved in their faces and being told to swallow it, called “racists” if they question what’s going on and why. The EU/U.S. have an agenda (and no, we don’t know what that is), but there is a reason this is being done. Turkey (a NATO friend) opened the doors. Why? Why now after four years?

    The whole thing absolutely stinks. People are saying this is “pay back” for the U.S. taking out sovereign leaders. I agree. Gaddafi, Hussein, overthrow of Ukraine, and now Assad. But there’s much more to this. It’s not just the U.S. (although they are the worst villains). It’s also tribal, sectarian. The Kurds, Sunnis, Shiites, and others, all jockeying for control. Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria as one coalition. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the U.S., Yemen, Israel, Turkey, NATO on the other side. Gas pipelines, oil. Control, control, control, and innocent victims on all sides caught in between.

    But let’s all be surprised and horrified by citizens upset over towns being overrun by migrants? Let’s all say things like, “Oh, boy, where have we seen this before?” just because people express their frustration and anger?

    A little more psychology 101. Most people have absolutely no idea what makes them tick, where their thoughts come from. Most of us here are now skeptical about whatever government officials say; we just don’t believe them. But we don’t question where our beliefs come from and whether we formed them ourselves. Most of us have been heavily indoctrinated by our own parents’ beliefs, church beliefs, by the school system, and yet we don’t recognize this fact. We simply take on whatever we learned, whether it’s right or not.

    One of the worst things you can ever do to a child is tell them they’re “good” or “nice”, because they will live up to it. They want to please you. They grow up thinking what you think because that’s being “good”, never forming their own reasoned opinions. That’s one of the reasons why the NGO’s in the above article are able to get so many to help them out in their coups; they’re willing dupes who think only with emotion and not with reason.

    If you don’t have a border, a common culture and language, you don’t have a country! And what’s wrong with that? To have anything other than that, you end up with a wishy-washy area of land with wishy-washy citizens who have no identity at all, nothing to hold them together. And then these people are actually surprised when a far-right group takes hold. It really should be no surprise at all.

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