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    Pable Picasso Le Pengouin 1907   • Ukraine Can Use German Missiles To Attack Russia – Bundestag (RT) • UK Defense Chief Wants To Send British Tro
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    Dr. D

    “Wheat Prices Record Most Consecutive Quarterly Declines Since GFC Meltdown
    “We have seen wheat prices substantially decline basically as a result of Russia.”

    Thanks to Global warming, we’re saved! More people are eating cheaper than ever! Well, I already vowed to release as much CO2 as I can until those plants are green and happy! Just 200 more PPM to go.

    “Fun New Teen Vogue Quiz Helps Girls Find Out What Kind of Hooker They Should Be” –BBee

    Julian Assange in the Oubliette. But who is putting him there, what King? Yes he’s in Britain (so proud) but really it’s the whole West, like Revelations, how can they understand nations still exist but also don’t exist and are irrelevant? They say there are 10 crowns on one beast.

    Banks unrealized losses. And Powell is “bailing” everybody. Which he can, but Leguarde ‘can’t’. What has to happen here for this to exist is the market to broadly, and in all aspects, be entirely disconnected from reality. Which it is. It has been well and laboriously trained with trillions and trillions of dollars over 30 or 40 years to be that way, such that it now looks at the entire economy, the entire nation, the entire banking system, the entire trading, stock, and financial system collapsing…perhaps in a nuclear exchange…and says, “So? Don’t you know as every trader down to Johnny Bravo and Mannarino says, the markets have nothing to do with economy, nothing to do with reality? I’d trade when the blips on the charts tell me.”

    That’s HOW banking can look like that and nobody respond, anywhere. That’s financial Leprosy: the entirely Capitalist nervous system is dead. Or has been killed. So when they’re blowing their foot off in Ukraine, or rotting it off in Africa, they can’t tell. (the ten aspects of money, as in “Means of account,” or “measuring and communicating value”)

    Shutdown days. Sigh. Only 140 safe days in the last 40 years. “No one is safe when Congress is in session” – Will Rogers.

    “However, she insisted that, if Europe were united in its effort, it could shoulder the burden of supporting Ukraine alone.”

    They cannot. They “don’t” have the men. So they need to install a puppet Right Wing they’ve been talking about, and round up and conscript all the immigrants on a racist basis to get them killed. Problem solved on both ends. Plus! Blame the “right”, that is in this scenario, really the Left. Problem is, it’s very difficult to do that as it is against everything in the existing “Right” (who is actually as far right as Bill Clinton, and in Europe further left than that.)

    However, Britain’s plan is doing okay. Again, they triangulate Europe, the US, and Russia to continue the second hundred years of the Crimean war. All they need is some bigger offense “no one” can back down from – anywhere, on any side – and everyone smashes each other – for the third time – while Britain watches and laughs. Drinking pints and smoking cigars like Churchill did. Oh and the British people die too, down in the ships and lighthouses? Good. There’s nothing they like better as they themselves publish every day. Depopulation is the only thing that can “save” the earth and England according to them. Aaaaand that’s Eugenics at work, applauded in every University, as usual.

    Since there’s never a day since Queen Elizabeth…the FIRST, in 1560…that they don’t do this, Whhhhhhyyyyy does everyone fall for it? Especially Europe. America didn’t even exist when they started this, we’re late to the game, surely France and Germany can tell. N. O. P. E. Let’s kill every Germany AGAIN, while Britain watches across the channel, AGAIN.

    What can I say? If you play the game that badly, I guess you all deserve to die? This dumb rich kid has come over to your house half a year and plays Monopoly the same way each and every time, yet you don’t adjust? We’re still fighting them these 250 years later, and haven’t won but haven’t lost, maybe it’s your turn to start.

    “• UK Defense Chief Wants to Send British Troops to Ukraine (RT)

    Above. They need a “Pearl Harbor” offense to say “Well I say sir! That’s not cricket to shoot up Tommys we put on the front line while launching missiles on Sevestapol and Moscow! How dare you sir!”

    …You see, it doesn’t have to be REAL. That’s the key. They will merely spin and sell it like toothpaste, on TV at home. It’s whether they, Tavistok, can SELL it. Badly, as we all know they didn’t want the Iraq war, nor nearly everything else ever done. It’s “will they REVOLT for it?” That’s it. That’s the only level.

    So if they put 5,000 Brits – half their army – inside Bakhut and shell the whole SAS themselves to make sure, will Britons say “No” to the war? I won’t say, but crikey these guys are pushing the outer limits aren’t they? If you’re Downing Street, why risk it? Just do less offensive crimes and mass-murders instead. We know you want to.

    ““We cannot under any circumstances allow American support for Ukraine DNC kickbacks and embezzlement for the election to be interrupted,” Biden said” It’s the only remaining money-line to the K Mafia.

    The Big Serge map. That was true when Ukraine had an army. And a population.

    That was true back when EUROPE had an army.

    The rail lines only go to Poland so they can’t attack Paris, but they do go right to the Romanian Border. Can you SEE any other conclusion here? Russia just got in this war to give only HALF of Ukraine to NATO, with 5-minute nukes installed? That’s what Bliken, etc are FINALLY saying, as Kissinger told them 14 months ago. Now it’s too late, there’s no army, so there’s no DMZ freeze line where Russia only takes 1/5th. Lavrov and the Duma have said as much. The problem with taking Galacia was the ethnicity and prejudice of the people there. But those people are in Germany and Poland, colonizing Krakow and Hamburg. So…what’s the risk now? Half as much, or less? The risk of those violent racists is now in Germany and Poland, not Lviv.

    Their Plans never survive contact with the enemy. As Lepers, they can’t tell they haven’t survived, and in fact can’t tell they’ve contacted the enemy. They’re still saying, “When we get a couple more shells, we’ll fight Summer 2024.”

    WITH. WHAT. MEN ? ? ?

    Well, I wrote down “men” on a spreadsheet here… “Men” take 20 years of tireless birth, care, education, work, hardship, sacrifice, and love to create. So do their mates, human women. So pencil that in for 20 FORTY-FOUR, and not then either as there’s no population resident in “Ukraine”, a place that is still on the map and still listed in the spreadsheet but which no longer exists as a nation.

    As I said last week, AI cannot understand this, as it’s an idiotic database, whose input is populated by idiots. When it says “Brigade” AI defines it as 2,000 men with 200 trucks, tents, guns, etc. …Except that “Brigade” has 900 able men now and 10 trucks 5 of which need wheels. It calculates and throws them in based on their definition. SAME WITH “UKRAINE”. It is HALF a Ukraine at most. But worse, as nothing works there, all the humans are not fighting age men, and half the population is covering twice the open territory, without any gasoline or working vehicles.

    You might as well make up a new name, “ENIARKU” for the nation, because it’s nothing like the old one and you shouldn’t confuse yourself.

    I’d ask if you understand, but you do, it’s our Brain Trust who can’t comprehend such simple concepts as “Time exists” and “Man is born of a woman”.

    Oh but by the way, like the Spanish Civil War they are collecting data on this war for how to most kill Nebraska and Milwaukee, that is, the Deplorable red resistance which won’t submit to the blob. You are truly and certainly, NEXT. Right now, in fact. They didn’t import 10 million fighting age men for nothing. It’s already legal to “Conscript” them to give them citizenship in the U.S. Army. You know, the U.S. army that “refused to shoot their own people”? Not. No. More. Coming right up. Ten seconds to pass the law, and like yesterday, 30,000 people dead the month after.

    “whole UAF units are laying down the arms; surrendering, there were no company [units]”

    Our NATO AI doesn’t account for that thing called “reality”. It only knows what it is told. As we know, the programmers are woke and tell it lies, so it outputs lies that kill us.

    “Among the Senate “Yea” votes was Michael Bennet (D-CO), who was absolutely flipping his lid over the lack of Ukraine funding earlier in the day. The bill, which passed the House earlier in the day by a bipartisan vote of 335-91, was passed with just three hours to go”

    Yes, they were so “Flipping” the DNC PULLED THE FIRE ALARM and evacuated Congress, in violation of “Interfering with the Proceedings of Congress”. I expect he’ll be in solitary 2 years forthwith, right? This School Superintendent, who holds 12 fire drills a year (but has a 20% literacy rate) says he “doesn’t know what a fire alarm is.” Oopsie! Totally legit. That is not suspicious at all.

    “The Ukraine conflict is a face-off between two Slavic nations in which the rest of the world should not get involved,”

    That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard him say. Both parts of that are not true. It’s not between Slavic nations at all, the Anglos took over and occupied Ukraine in a highly public, $6B coup, and therefore the “world” is already involved since before the shooting started, even as far back as 1994. There is no “Slavic war”. It is a British-Anglo war ON Russia. First, Middle, and Last. The End. Even Germany is not involved. Only the Anglos force them.

    “The source argued that a large group of marines from the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) is currently stationed in the Nikolayev region awaiting an order to cross the Dnepr River.”

    Military Summary reported this. You. Have got. To be kidding. Right? You can’t WALK across and beat Russia, but you’re going to do it all in BOATS instead? Boats? Really? Aaaaaaand Russia is just going to watch you collect all these boats, then all these men, thousands and thousands and thousands, and just let you launch them all from the opposing shore? Because they’re all sporting like that? Russia is reporting this daily in their newspapers. They are…correct me if I’m wrong here…VERY AWARE of an amphibious attack, which are notably A LOT more fatal than any normal infantry attack.

    You go girl. I guess the AI wants to try it “just to see what happens”. Alien overlords at work. “I don’t care who dies as long as somebody does.”

    The analyst stressed that, “It makes absolutely no military sense,”

    Nor any other kind of sense. The only thing I can come up with is, “At least there are no minefields there.”

    “The Ukrainian soldiers trained by the US Army will possess only the most basic skill levels associated with the M1A1 Abrams.”

    Time exists. They cannot fathom this and I won’t know how to explain this about the last war to my children. “Daddy, did the army that tried to kill us all really so stupid they didn’t realize time existed?” “Yes, my son.” “Then how did you let them get into a position of power to shoot you in the first place? Weren’t they too stupid to get there?” “You see my son, we were all even stupider.”

    The existence of “Men”, the existence of “Time.” This is exactly my definition of #AntiLogos. But if you love war and hate men and don’t care WHICH side is killed, this works pretty perfectly. I could care less who kills who as long as they hate and kill each other.

    “You see, in Capitalism man oppresses man. While in Socialism, the opposite is true.” –Mencken (?)

    “What was initially an observation is now measurable: young people are dying at unprecedented rates.”

    Again, I know not one person who is aware of this. It is not in daily experience. If you tell them, they also won’t care. Not “won’t believe you”, not “think you’re (insert slur here)”, but won’t care. The two are different.

    the coming water crisis is something that everyone will get on board with.”

    The solved all the water problems in Libya and now Egypt these last few years …So we bombed them. …If you want to know how these “Crisis” get started.

    Remember the end of “The Big Short”? Yes, and “he’s now investing in Water.” The other one invested in Seeds.

    Dr. D

    “Bankman-Fried himself described Alameda as “hilariously beyond any threshold of any auditor being able to even get partially through an audit,” in an internal note quoted in court documents. “Alameda is unauditable. I don’t mean this in the sense of ‘a major accounting firm will have reservations about auditing it’; I mean this in the sense of ‘we are only able to ballpark what its balances are, let alone something like a comprehensive transaction history.[’] We sometimes find $50m of assets lying around that we lost track of; such is life.” — Fast Company.

    He has only 6 charges against him and looks like he’ll mostly get off. Where actual money was ACTUALLY lost with ACTUAL complaints. In the Multi-Billions. Not, say, 91 charges; Number from thin air of course. Why? The judge is the judge running the Trump civil case. The White Hats run things in the court of public opinion and fact, the Black Hats run them in the SDNY and the real courts, since they already own them for 100 years anyway.

    Again, Quote: “I don’t mean this in the sense of ‘a major accounting firm will have reservations about auditing it’; I mean this in the sense of ‘we are only able to ballpark what its balances are, let alone something like a comprehensive transaction history.[’] We sometimes find $50m of assets lying around that we lost track of; such is life.”

    “In August, Judge Kaplan revoked Bankman-Fried’s bail, sending him to the Metropolitan Detention Center.”

    Kaplan is Armstrong’s terror judge, a waterboy of for-hire NY corruption.

    ““The trial is a good step forward; prosecuting the fraud that’s been rampant in crypto is extremely important, and trying to legitimize not only cryptocurrency but the processes surrounding it,”

    That is, NY needs the corruption, must encourage it, so they can save you from it and absorb all of crypto as a concept. This trial may be impromptu for other reasons but is making that happen now. The battle might have been stepped up and sudden but all the pre-planning logistics were there.

    This wouldn’t have happened, but 99 44/100ths of CryptoBois betrayed every basis of “Truth Engine”, “Going outside the banks”, “Peer-to-Peer” so they could scalp a Satoshi. A value equal to $0.0003 cents. Nice going guys. THIS is why we can’t have nice things.


    Whether modernity can last is perhaps a more important question than whether growth can last. The fact that growth can’t last is shocking enough for many. But it still allows mental space for maintaining our current way of life—just no longer growing. But is that even possible? I can’t be as confident in my answer as I am for growth, since the question of growth comes down to incontrovertible concepts and, well, math. Still, I strongly suspect the answer to this new question is “no” as well, and in this post I’ll expound on my misgivings.

    Can Modernity Last?

    Formerly T-Bear

    Without law there is no fulcrum and no matter how long one’s moral leaver, nothing will get moved.

    A complex system that cannot correct itself will fail.

    Just keep out of the way of falling edifice. Not all of the king’s horses nor all of the king’s money will put it together again.

    Survivors survive. Prepare to survive.

    John Day

    Hello In There

    Jenny and I spent Friday and Saturday up in Ft. Worth, helping prepare for the outdoor wedding of our son, Jim, and his wife Anne, along the Trinity River, Nature’s Cathedral, near their house, and the reception which followed into the night in their back yard. Nature’s cathedral did need a lot of lawn mowing, raking of acorns and clearing of dead branches to get to a clear and placid appearance, which we did achieve Friday. We then prepared the back yard for the reception, particularly filling in holes the dog dug and digging up, then flattening various trip hazards. There were a few unforeseen small hitches, like the breeze which blew over and broke a couple of very nicely made plexiglass signs. Somebody stole an easel holding a sign from the park area after we had set up the chairs for the wedding. Little things, but no blemishes to the intimately shared wedding amongst the two families, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

    There was anxiety that something might go wrong, and I won’t say who it fell hardest upon, but it was not answered by any catastrophe in the lived world of our shared experience. Everything went smoothly, without even a hiccough. (We started 18 minutes late. Pretty good, I think.)

    The wedding was officiated by a dear friend of the new couple, who got certified so that she could perform this official function. The Project-Manager was another friend who was constantly everywhere, directing human traffic during the afternoon and evening of “the event”, a perfectionist with some talent. The catering was done by Anne’s cousin’s family-company, and was personal and attentive. The DJ was a middle aged musician from Lubbock, who did a fine job, as one would expect.

    The most important contribution, however, was enjoyed last, after the dinner, speeches from family and the bridesmaid, and while the kids were still dancing with flair. Holly’ made the wedding cake in the 36 hours prior to it’s being served to the guests. Holly is our oldest daughter, who volunteered to take the first COVID ward at her hospital in San Antonio, the county hospital, and has been baking since middle school. This was Holly’s fourth wedding cake. She which began the project in the nearby rented-house where we stayed on Thursday night, before the Saturday evening wedding. The house was filled with the aroma of 12 pounds of fresh strawberries, cleaned and cooked down into a thick and lightly-sweetened concentrate which was folded into the cake batter and whipped into the icing, after the small test cake was baked, and the right form of icing was chosen from test batches, to best compliment the flavor and texture of the cake. The house was filled with the sweet perfume of strawberries for two days as the vast undertaking progressed, day and night, with the iced cakes and support-layers being brought to the kitchen of Jim and Anne’s house as the wedding commenced nearby.

    Holly and Tommy missed the wedding for the preparations of the stacking at the site in the cool kitchen, with internally lit (like fireflies) clear plexiglass supports for the stack. Most of the cake was not the display cake, but created separately for serving, with the icing kept in the cool indoors until serving, due to the outdoor heat liquifying it, if it would be allowed to warm up.

    Despite the impressive and engaging appearance of the ceremonial display cake (which did get eaten) the real service to all of the friends, family, bride and groom was the experience of the finest cake anybody has ever eaten, a masterful synthesis of fresh ingredients, masterful craftsmanship through nights and days, leading up to the moment of completion. Holly and Jenny folded their love into the ambrosia through that whole process.

    Every bite of the wedding cake was wholly composed from the finest real things in life, in real time, with real love, which you can now imagine, though it was only intimately known by those who ate it at the party last night. (There is some cake here for breakfast this morning, but I am just having coffee until daybreak, and everybody else gets up. I’m fully respectful this last bit of the finest cake ever.)

    We will share a morning of family gathering. There is plenty of cleaning up work for me to do where the party and wedding have been. This has been a time of synthesis and meaning within our family, which is more than a happy milestone event.

    Our family is going into a difficult period in huamn affairs now, and we are doing so in mutual support and love, respecting that similarity and respecting the different talents which make us more comprehensively capable of working through challenges and threats as they arise in our paths.

    Wishing You The Same

    Hello In There, John Prine​ ​

    We had an apartment in the city
    Me and Loretta liked living there
    Well, it’d been years since the kids had grown
    A life of their own, left us alone
    John and Linda live in Omaha
    And Joe is somewhere on the road
    We lost Davy in the Korean war
    And I still don’t know what for, don’t matter anymore
    You know that old trees just grow stronger
    And old rivers grow wilder every day
    Old people just grow lonesome
    Waiting for someone to say, “Hello in there, hello”
    Me and Loretta, we don’t talk much more
    She sits and stares through the back door screen
    And all the news just repeats itself
    Like some forgotten dream that we’ve both seen
    Someday I’ll go and call up Rudy
    We worked together at the factory
    What could I say if he asks “What’s new?”
    “Nothing, what’s with you? Nothing much to do”
    You know that old trees just grow stronger
    And old rivers grow wilder every day
    Old people just grow lonesome
    Waiting for someone to say, “Hello in there, hello”
    So if you’re walking down the street sometime
    And spot some hollow ancient eyes
    Please don’t just pass ’em by and stare
    As if you didn’t care, say, “Hello in there, hello”


    From Red
    I found some words of wisdom from Tom Murphy that I want to pass on to you.

    Can Modernity Last?

    Can Modernity Last?
    A human supremacist culture

    Any system that puts short-term human concerns above all else—to the exclusion and detriment of the community of life—will surely fail, taking many species down with it.

    A human supremacist—not driven by hate, let’s be clear—thinks nothing of clearing a forest for crops; exterminating pests; enslaving animals for work or food; damming a river for energy; killing a bear who has attacked a human; animal research for the remote possibility of someday treating a human disease; scraping the ocean floor for minerals; destroying desert communities of life with solar installations; killing countless birds with domestic cats, speeding hulks (planes, cars, windmills), and even house windows. Why ever wouldn’t we do these things? One human life (especially a child) is worth any number of frogs, eels, meerkats, chickadees, or deer, in the human supremacist mind—a point I’ll revisit in a future post.

    Modernity would seem (so far) to require putting humans first, at any cost.


    JUST IN: CNN poll backfires, when ask who is responsible for the government shutdown……..
    the largest group of people responded, Joe and the Dems in Congress..



    USA. Biotech defense spending, venture capital (VC)…

    The scale of potential investment is enormous. “The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy estimates that it would cost only $24 billion to develop prototype vaccines for all 26 known viral families, so private capital can certainly foot even more of that bill,” Javaheri added.

    Graph shows that VC invested in Defense, in the merry-go-round shunting dollaris between Gvmt/Pols – lobbies – Defense Spending – MIC – other, is concentrating on areas that are:

    Illusory (renewable energy 1), Impossible to scale (sensing..), seem to be used for nefarious purposes (bio-tech 2), advances in computing, AI etc. 3.

    The advanced materials, semi-conductors +, and ‘defense specific’ share is small.

    Man triumphs over Nature, “we” decide, even at the individual level (gender..) Tech, innovations, performative statements, decrees will do the job (hello! Rove.) A spin-down to oblivion. Of course,, a ‘top’ PTB class may believe that they will be Lords of the Manor once the Plebs have been decimated, but imho they (mostly) don’t understand what is happening.
    1. May have some local uses but….
    2. Not only, that is just the main drift vaxxes, Kontrol…
    3. These don’t seem at present to be put to good / interesting use, fakey ‘modelling’, garbage in > out


    • Pro-Russian ex-PM Fico Wins Slovak Election

    Too little too late. Slovak will freeze in their de-industrialized country. Zima prihaja…….Winter is Coming

    • Abrams Tanks Will Become ‘Mobile Steel Coffins’ for Ukrainian Crews

    The Russians are already giving CASH bonuses to their troops for bagging Leopards

    A burning Abrams will get them a new car, a Dacha, a promotion and a parade.

    • Ukraine Can Use German Missiles To Attack Russia

    The Wiemar days of the 20’s will seem like a Cake Walk compared to what is in store for the Scholz’s Reich

    • UK Defense Chief Wants To Send British Troops To Ukraine

    Uk-tardistan is such a pitiful ass-wipe joke of a ‘country’. Not really a country even, more like a bad idea….

    • “More Deceit”: Gaetz Rages Over McCarthy-Ukraine Side Deal To Pass Stopgap

    McCarthy is a sell out rhino-pussy, hardly a man, kick him in the groin again Matt with gusto!

    Tell McCarthy if you want to hear he speak, you’ll squeeze his head.


    Kevin, you’re a Putz, embrace it!



    Corporate and State fuse into One Mighty Marketing Machine

    The Medium is the Message

    ~Marshall McLuhan 1964

    Shape Shifters

    Beware, they’re everywhere



    Idiocracy Reigns



    Child protective services (DCS in AZ) often gets a bad rap. And yet, this morning, I find myself pleading with a rep from DCS to help me protect my kids.

    Tuesday night my daughter was so overcome with negative emotions in her father’s home that she cut herself repeatedly with a knife. She came back to my home Wednesday, and would be spending two days with me. Thursday I went to court and asked for an order of protection on the children’s behalf against their father. The Commissioner was very apologetic, said that my ex exhibits “terrible parenting,” counseled me to file for emergency temporary orders, and denied the OoP. I think that the Commissioner may also be the person who reported the situation to DCS. Friday I went to court and filed for emergency temporary orders to change custody. On my way back home, I was contacted by the rep from DCS, who had already interviewed my children at their school. The situation finally got bad enough for DCS to investigate for emotional abuse! While speaking with the DCS rep, I found out that the judge denied my petition. I did the only thing left to me — I picked my daughter up from school and took her to a mental hospital for emergency care, rather than permit her to return to her father’s home. I had to allow my sons to return. Yesterday I read DCS’s policy manual, trying to understand their procedures, and see how DCS may help, hinder, or be neutral as this goes forward.

    I understand why DCS often gets a bad reputation. And yet…if they only had a good reputation, they would not be doing their job. Because there are people in this world who hurt the people whom they love. My ex is one of these.


    Oroboros posted: The Medium is the Message…

    from, Book, by Marshall McLuhan, 1964.

    PDF. Understanding Media, the Extensions of Man (full text, free.)


    How to say: “YOU LIED” …. “KEEP YOUR WORD” …. – Biden

    Dr. D

    Yes, they’re in a s–t situation. They are going to deal with nothing but s–t situations. Built by the PUBLIC (broadly speaking) not them.

    BUT. All I see here is: they have a job, they didn’t do it. It was brought to their attention, they didn’t do it. Then THEY admitted, BY THEIR ACTIONS that the situation was wrong and should be remedied BY THEM, as the only possible agency responsible. …And. Didn’t. Do it. Now they are forcing YOU to harm YOUR child (by her records and exposure to the ward) in order to prevent MORE harm, WHILE you are telling them there is harm, your daughter has physical evidence of harm, and the agency themselves agrees there is harm.

    What exact level of “We’re sitting here all watching while your daughter is abused and laughing” and “We are also PREVENTING you from keepingher from being abused yourself” do we need to get to before we conclude THEY are the child abusers and the child abuse agency?

    If you were on the Rez, or other such law-lite situation, you’d point a shotgun at him and said if he ever looked at your daughter again, you’d shoot him dead and legal or illegal the Tribe would say “Well don’t mess with her then, you had it coming.” They are actively legally VIOLENTLY Preventing you from protecting your daughter.

    I don’t know what to say, and why I pick on government non-stop. There’s a level where they’re useful but clearly that level is not where they encourage non-stop life-long child abuse.

    I grew up watching them do this, back when it wasn’t as bad. So 40 years of watching the SAME process get worse in the exact SAME way isn’t enough to change course? Then you WANT the child abuse. There’s no other possible conclusion. If they didn’t they would stop it, but 100 different means. Instead, all 100 means are carefully avoided and the abuse increases, with catastrophic results, for them, us, their budgets, our budgets, the community, the school, the state, the nation, and the world, and yet it marches on unaltered. What other goal could there be?

    Reminds me of the same thing, same area, from Hugh Smith today:

    So a 30x increase in parasites, with a 30x increase in their pay, for a 900x increase in overhead costs. Every day, 30 years, keep going, accelerating even. You’d think they’d stop at 1x. You’d think they stop at 10x. You’d think they’d stop at 100x, but they won’t stop even at 1,000x with the worse chronic health in U.S. history, and challenger for the worst health in the world.

    At 900x is this an ACCIDENT? Did no one NOTICE? Is this our honest best INTENTIONS? No. Sorry, that is impossible. A situation where they always protect the abuser at the expense of the victim cannot BE an accident. It HAS to be the goal of the system — from somewhere — or it couldn’t exist. It couldn’t exist because in a tribe with Og and Gog, it would still be the OPPOSITE of this, from the first day of the first man, woman, or child. Since 100% of all people can look at your situation or those charts and would plan the Opposite, then it must take ENORMOUS energy, arrangements, payoffs, to keep them inside this UN-human situation and environment.

    For example, borrowing a shotgun in your situation is free. Paying all 50 employees tangentially involved with NOT solving it is $100k/year billable, $5M cost upfront PLUS all the medical and therapy costs, lost productivity later for you and her, easily over $5M again over time. And not just done TO you, AT you, but everyone statewide, nationwide, planetwide, who attract the attention of these same #Helpers too.

    Explain in little words how this can be an accident. They are removing doctors like Day while complaining blue about lack of providers and “Why won’t somebody do something” and pulling his license and claiming they’re helpless. They’re not helpless. The could just as easily have GIVEN licenses to people who didn’t deserve them as pull them from those who don’t. They do both every day. No, they are PAID. They are a nexus point that was CAPTURED. It was captured to Profit, and for Human Harm. That is the only possible motive and conclusion.

    I am very sorry for your situation. And yes, it makes me furious.


    The reason why the commissioner didn’t do the order of protection is because of an urge towards “limited government,” towards not removing children suddenly from a parent, and to ensure that the judiciary acts based strictly upon law and not upon the emotional whims of people who come to them in supplication:
    (a) There is no indication that their father has physically harmed them or will in the near future. (My rantings about his prior suicide attempts, and current suicidal ideation and access to a gun, notwithstanding.) The law states that there must be an indication of domestic violence recently or currently or that it will happen soon AND that the person(s) to be protected are in immediate physical harm.
    (b) AZ statute does not define “verbal abuse.” AZ statute does define “domestic violence” and defines “harassment” in a way to include domestic violence, and says that “domestic violence is a dangerous crime against children.” My ex’s behavior towards the children very clearly meets the AZ legal definition of “harassment,” but the Commissioner did not feel that she could act. I asked her if it was possible, under AZ law, for a parent to “harass” a child. She paused and said: “I do not know.” She told me that if he had said these things to ANY CHILD EXCEPT HIS OWN CHILD, that she could issue the order of protection. Since the AZ judiciary has chosen to give parents very large latitude in “parenting style” with respect to the interpretation of harassment, the commissioner followed the law as she understood it.

    Based upon the judge’s response to my emergency petition, it looks like the judge looked at the law narrowly in the exact same way as the commissioner (despite the fact that a family judge has more leeway than a commissioner): their father has not physically harmed them, my daughter physically harmed herself, therefore there is no danger of “immediate and irreparable harm,” by father towards the children and the family court is loath to suddenly remove children from parents.

    Children are forbidden from entering a commissioners court room, therefore the children cannot speak for themselves. (This is for the children’s own protection.) The emergency petition process is written only — the judge does not have to face the parent asking for emergency orders, and even in the evidentiary hearing now scheduled for October 26, the family court will not permit my children to testify, so I have to get someone (other than myself — my own testimony is automatically considered “tainted” because, of course, I must be understood to likely be a “vindictive ex,”) to testify about what the children have told this individual. Currently, the only person who has spoken with the children at length about this stuff is the DCS rep, and I’m not sure whether or not I can subpoena him to testify. I don’t even know what the children may have told him, because I only saw the boys briefly Friday afternoon, and I wasn’t going to discuss it in detail with my daughter at the mental hospital surrounded by people who work there. (And one of those worker people, I’m pretty sure, was periodically taking down notes about her perception of my daughter and of me, in some sort of code into a book.)


    …if the judge or commissioner actually spoke with my children, they would find out that not being required to go to their dad’s house would be a relief, like a holiday, like the best gift, ever. Better than Disneyland or Dave and Busters + $200 in tokens. The court operates under generalized assumptions that are completely wrong in this situation. DCS is the only agency that goes first to the children, to find out their perspective in way that is not filtered through another adult.

    Michael Reid

    Propaganda and The US Government

    Propaganda is made up of truth, almost truths, half-truths and
    truth out of context as well as false truths.
    Often, its purpose is not evil but it meant to manipulate.
    This is an important concept that this classic book makes over and over again.
    Governments and organizations use propaganda for good and evil.

    In general, propaganda is classified by colors:
    White, Gray and Black Propaganda.
    White Propaganda:

    White propaganda is a type of propaganda where
    the producer of the material is clearly marked and indicated,
    and the purpose of the information is transparent.

    White Propaganda is otherwise commonly known as marketing and public relations.

    White Propaganda involves communicating a message from a known source
    to a recipient (typically the public or some targeted audience).

    White Propaganda is often mainly based on the fact,
    although the whole truth is often not told.

    Gray Propaganda:

    Gray Propaganda is communication of a false narrative or
    story from an unattributed or hidden source.

    The messenger may be known, but the true source of the message is not.

    Material of unknown origin leaves a viewer unable to determine
    the creator or motives behind the message.

    An example of gray propaganda would be placing news stories in news outlets
    instead of buying ads to directly appeal to the intended audience.

    When using gray propaganda, a message or false narrative
    coming through the news media appears to be neutral, thus believable,
    whereas the direct appeal from someone who is clearly an opponent of the target
    (person or organization) would be unbelievable.

    Astroturfing, the use of fake organized “grassroots” movements to spread a message or
    false narrative —is an example of gray propaganda.

    Operation Mockingbird, the alleged alleged large-scale program of
    the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early years of the Cold War
    and manipulated domestic American news media organizations for propaganda purposes, often employed Gray Propaganda.

    Black Propaganda:

    Black propaganda is designed to create the impression that
    it was created by those it is supposed to discredit.

    Black Propaganda is typically used to
    vilify or embarrass an opponent or enemy through misrepresentation.

    The major characteristic of black propaganda, when effective,
    is that the recipient (audience) is not aware that someone is influencing them,
    and therefore does not feel pushed in a certain direction.

    Black propaganda purports to emanate from a source other than the true source.
    This is the type of propaganda most often associated with covert psychological operations.

    Sometimes the source is concealed or credited to a false authority and
    used to spread lies, fabrications, and deceptions.

    Black propaganda is the “Big Lie”, including all types of creative deceit.

    Black propaganda relies on the willingness of the receiver
    to accept the credibility of the source.
    If the creators or senders of the black propaganda message
    do not adequately understand their intended audience,
    the message may be misunderstood, seem suspicious, or fail altogether.


    Simple economic opportunity


    Michael Reid

    On a positive note
    my distillery has transitioned from
    a problematic, difficult to operate and frustrating prototype stage
    an easy to setup, control and operate production stage


    TAE Summary

    America is a corpse being devoured by maggots. The Democrats root for the maggots, the Republicans root for the corpse.

    Our beloved American Empire was both our doting parent and our bright eyed child but it died. It fed us, clothed us, entertained us, kept us safe and was our hope for the future, but it’s gone. We are now moving through the stages of grief associated with great loss.

    Denial: It’s not true. We are still the greatest country that has ever been. We still have the strongest military and the smartest scientists, the greatest cities and most beautiful landscapes. We are the beacon of hope and everyone wants to come here. We are the shining city on the hill. We are the paragon of democracy. We are the indispensable nation.

    Anger: It’s those damn Democrats. Their policies have ruined everything. In fact it’s the Republicans too. It’s the Uniparty. It’s the elites and the billionaires. It’s the Bidens and the Clintons and the Gates and the Zuckerbergs. It’s the Fed and the FBI and the MIC and the CDC. It’s the shoplifters and the homeless and the immigrants streaming over the border. It’s the Chinese and the Russians and the Ukrainians and the Canadians. A pox on all their houses.

    Bargaining: We can fix this. We just need to drain the swamp, close the border and back our currency with gold. We need to fund the police and repair our infrastructure. We need to bring back manufacturing and support school choice. We can Make America Great Again. Trump 2024.

    Depression: None of it is working. Gas is $5 a gallon and going up. Rents are skyrocketing. Groceries cost an arm and a leg. I’m afraid I’ll lose my job. I can’t get healthcare. I can never retire. My family is breaking up. My kids are all liberals and believe in BLM and socialism and drag queen story hour. The country is deeply divided and feels like it is on the brink of civil war. Maybe I should move to Thailand.

    Acceptance: We are going to survive even if things will never be like they used to be. We can no longer consume more than we produce. We have hard work and hard times ahead of us. We can join with our family and neighbors in creating a better society with less materialism and more personal interaction. Time to join a church, get some chickens, plant a garden and learn to repair small engines.


    Jeworld is not nice, its void of hope. They have unlimited money to shove sickness and madness right the fuck up your ass. I pray to God, each day, that people will open their eyes, and see. At some point this will break, badly, you can feel it in the air.


    For Germ.
    Dr. Pierre Kory’s latest substack.
    Reports From The Front Lines Of The Vaccine Catastrophe – Part 4

    Michael Reid

    Iain Davis discusses
    the Chinese social credit system and how in fact it is global
    and already operating in the West under a different guise.

    The key to the system is Digital Identity
    that links to biometric data
    (e.g. facial recognition, iris scan, DNA)
    which will be used to
    access or deny access to
    a variety of public and private services.

    The Chinese government has given a name to this system which is social credit.

    The intention behind it is population control and
    social engineering using reward and punishment.

    By and large the Chinese look favorably upon this system.
    We have the same thing in the West,
    except that we don’t call it “social credit system”.

    This tyranny is being patchworked together in the West
    via separate legislation (e.g. Online Safety Bill)
    that once in place will function exactly as the system in China.

    Western governments and their apparatchiks attempting to blame China
    are diverting attention and blame away from
    the tyranny they are building at home.

    The Western elite are fully onboard with the multipolar order.

    Iain Davis: Yes the Chinese Social Credit System Exists & Yes It’s Operating in the West!


    TAE Summary said:

    We are the beacon of hope and everyone wants to come here. We are the shining city on the hill. We are the paragon of democracy. We are the indispensable nation.

    Really? I don’t see queues of suited men in leather shoes waiting to be admitted through the southern border, instead I see a bunch of poor, unskilled people trying their luck; they are global beggars and they will help America like all the other beggars help America; work that out for yourself. Okay, the other people that American can attract through that border are criminals and others escaping the law. Look at who’s queuing and then evaluate your country; the “trash” (American interpretation) is queuing, that says something about your country. Why is there not a long line of financial experts as exists for Switzerland?

    Sure, TAE is playing with the standard steps in the grief process, as documented by people who have never truely grieved; that is another subject for another day, academia at it’s worst.


    Celticbiker said

    Jeworld is not nice, its void of hope. They have unlimited money to shove sickness and madness right the fuck up your ass. I pray to God, each day, that people will open their eyes, and see. At some point this will break, badly, you can feel it in the air.

    They will overstep the mark, these people always have througout history. They will do something stupid, it will unite their enemies and suddenly they will be confronted with a force they cannot manage. Israel has done the same, on many occasions, ensuring that the arab world hates them like satan himself. They think that a few nice meetings with Saudi will smooth over the issues, but that simply will not happen, the people are brainwashed to hate Israel, they are even willing to be suicide bombers to kill them, so as soon as the global police are seen to be weak, revenge will start to happen, especially in the USA where there is a large contingent who blame the Jews for the current immorality.

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