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    Breaking news, which doesn’t seem to be breaking given its importance, the US government entity OSHA just sent its mandate recommendations to the white house for their approval. While entities like Southwest Airlines have been effected by the federal contractor mandate, this one covers all companies with more than 100 employees- (apologies for the CNN link, though seemed appropriate given the topic is propaganda) –

    Not sure how this effects those outside the US. But to those in North America, now is the time to stock up on food and fuel as the supply chain is going to fall apart. Expect to hear about those racist domestic terrorists who wont do as they are told and take the clot shot. If not for them….


    Chess can be a great metaphor for life, conflict, etc. I believe we are now entering the middle game where both sides trade pieces hoping to reach the end game with a strategic advantage.

    We must trade space for time as the more time we allow them, the more likely they will make a fatal mistake.

    absolute galore

    I was doing some research, trying to find mainstream media evidence that can help me convince my ex to hold off on getting our son vaccinated (he is eligible next month and she plans to take him on his birthday). I came across this article in Newsweek. Either I am reading it wrong, or there is a mistake in the copy, or…these people are just plain nuts. To wit:
    COVID-19 has long been known to overwhelmingly affect older people and those with pre-existing conditions more than children.

    Public Health England states in the report that the rate of death within 28 days or within 60 days of a positive COVID-19 test increases with age, and is also “substantially greater” in unvaccinated individuals compared to those fully vaccinated.

    The data reveals that nearly 1,700 people aged over 70 died within 28 days of a positive COVID-test, 284 of whom were not vaccinated.

    The governing body said it is expected that a large proportion of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths would occur in those who have been vaccinated, given that more than 80 percent of the entire adult population has received both shots in the U.K.

    Public Health England added that while the vaccines are hugely beneficial in preventing COVID-19 deaths, none are 100 percent effective.

    The data reveals that nearly 1,700 people aged over 70 died within 28 days of a positive COVID-test, 284 of whom were not vaccinated.

    But this is to be expected, because the vaccines work great, but more people have been vaccinated than not, so that’s why more vaccinated than unvaccinated are dying. Got it. Sign me up.

    If this is simply a proofing goof, they’ve had since Sept. 10 to fix it. Certainly seems off. But the whole article is a mishmash of nonsense, so who knows.


    Just watched the video of the two docs talking about spike proteins/ADE etc. As it was a North American site I assume they were talking about Pfizer/Moderna. Could someone comment on whether AsraZeneca is the same or similar in regard to this particular danger?


    More anecdotes. About half my friendship circle have been vaccinated. Three of them have recently had “the worst cold I’ve ever had” (one twice!). Independently of each other, they all said that they blamed their immune systems being “out of practice” during Covid lockdowns etc. I didn’t want to say anything “difficult” as these are all people supportive of those not vaccinated, so I just murmured a vague agreement.



    To the best of my knowledge all the western vaccines are mRNA so they all have the same problem.


    When you’re feeling angry red- be gray.
    When you feel you need to act- don’t say.
    When you’re feeling burning hot, stay cool.
    Please don’t be a tool or fool.
    We need you.


    In the province of Quebec you now need a vaccine passport to access public facilities, government services, and health care. On Oct 15th Quebec will fire over 70,000 health care workers.

    As an ex-Quebecer, I am sure glad I moved to Ontario in 1972, never to return. My entire family followed in 1973. Best move we ever made!(


    “Worst cold I ever had”. Heard it from my aunt and uncle- can’t be Covid- both stabbed.
    I take some comfort from Ilargi’s collage of all the “saline accidents”. Cheaper. Fewer side effects.


    Veracious Poet, John Day. I return to peace when I can. Find the courage or willingness to let my concept of self go. That self is a lot of ideas and experiences but when centred on body/small self there is fear and anger. When disregarded (I am not this self but Self) I do find some peace. From the point of view of God or Eternity or Cosmic Consciousness nothing Here Is happening. Buddha would call it illusion, Jesus would remind that we know not what we do and the aboriginal people – the Dreaming.
    I fucking hate this parasitic, desperate and cruel Vanguard class of Elite mother-fuckers, but like me and all us here they have a split mind – the conscious ego is aware of the projected nightmare of a seperate state of endless objects and bodies and the other part of mind is at one with everything waiting patiently for us to allow our will to return to the mind of God. This is why they deserve our compassion – they help to remind us of a concept that nothing is really happening. If that is not true I fear I am lost for hope because in this world they win and they hasten the suffering.
    They shit on my classroom where I need gentle time to learn to forgive. As a slow and egotistical learner I need all the time I can get.
    Love and beer to both or you.


    Fake White House for a fake president.


    An update on the situation my wife and I now face in the lovely province of Ontario. Perhaps letting people know how we are approaching the situation, which also now directly impacts myself as an employee of a crown corporation, might be helpful in some way.

    I had previously posted regarding my wife’s circumstances. She works as a registered nurse at a privately operated LTC home. As of today we understand she has been placed on an unpaid Leave of Absence, We filed for religious and freedom of conscience exemptions, heard nothing from her employer, with a grievance hearing (she is unionized) scheduled for this coming Friday. I anticipate she will be denied, after which arbitration will follow at some point in time.

    I am now facing an imminent indefinite suspension, perhaps a month out. I will file for a freedom of conscience exemption, and will pursue the same process as I am unionized.

    I am fervently and deeply against the coercion being deployed to start with, as much as I am concerned about the risks associated with all four vaccine options approved by Health Canada at the moment (two mRNA and two viral vector types) given the new untested technology involved. We have drawn a line in the sand now, as if not it will be our four year old son next.

    There are three other vaccine candidates under review in Canada, two of which appear to be more traditional inactivated vaccines and one a protein subunit vaccine. These seem more aligned with ones I have taken in the past and I would possibly have less concern about these going forward, though I am only considering using this as an argument to buy time at this point.

    In the meantime, good news in that I have secured seasonal employment from mid-November onward which will keep us comfortably afloat to allow more time for the chaos that I fear may unfold in the coming months.


    Could someone comment on whether AsraZeneca is the same or similar in regard to this particular danger?

    Pfizer, Moderna, AZ and J&J are are the same in that they all instruct the body’s cells to produce the spike protein. The body then produces an immune response to that spike protein. In that sense they are all “spike protein” vaccines.

    In the beginning, there was some concern about the mRNA delivery mechanism in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Some believed that the AZ, J&J and Sputnik platforms were safer because they used an existing adenovirus delivery platform. But now the long term safety concerns have shifted. The concern is not so much the delivery mechanism, but the payload of what is being delivered. The problem is the spike protein, which binds to the ACE2 receptors throughout the body and interferes with the proper functioning of multiple organs.

    The Chinese vaccines are different. They do not instruct the body to make any spike protein at all. Instead, they try to produce an immune response by injecting complete (but inactivated) viral particles into the body.

    Veracious Poet

    A bioweapon is a bioweapon.

    How can one be sure that it’s “inactivated”?

    V. Arnold

    Veracious Poet
    A bioweapon is a bioweapon.

    How can one be sure that it’s “inactivated”?

    Sinophobe much?

    I think all the current evidence point to the effectiveness of both Sino-Vac and Sino-Pharm vaccines…
    If, for exanple their (the Chinese) vaccines were bio-weapons, the US would have incinerated China with Nukes…
    Get a grip…

    Formerly T-Bear

    Oxymoron at # 89844 has an interesting POV that parallels the development of the species. Early on in that process the child encounters the magic and power of the word ‘NO’ and embarks on a voyage of discovery on how to use and to manipulate that simplest of words; also known as the ‘terrible twos’, who hasn’t been in a checkout line and witnessed some episode where a toddler encounters mom’s ‘no bomb’ and counters with tantrum, which works until it doesn’t (at that point the age of negotiation begins on the child’s journey to becoming an adult). On that journey, something has become amiss in the process of socialisation and those lessons are apparently forgotten, the power and magic of NO! Silence is not a response when a NO! is needed to some demand, nor is begrudging submission to authority when a stiff, resolute reply is actually required, coupled with a challenge to the basis of that authority to make such demands. Often this requires that retort be issued in a forum that speaks the language of the authoritarians – a court of law, that for some moments will have the authoritarians attention. This needs to happen universally until a leash is installed upon those wayward authoritarians and some manners put on their remits, otherwise they will continue unrestrained as is their nature.

    Maybe it was the increasing urban size that produced larger groups in the schools that allowed some group of ‘kool kids’ to precipitate out into a social elite but without the ability to experience the responsibilities of governance that may lay root to the failures of all elites to responsibly govern. Elites have always occupied positions of authority, a key to the success of the species but they always were firmly embedded within the population they ruled. Nowadays the chasm between the governors and governed is beyond bridging and the consequences are becoming apparent to wider awareness. This trajectory will end poorly; nothing in the experience of the species supports such conditions. Much if not all excesses could have been thwarted by a well placed NO!

    Blather away about morality, beliefs, and cosmic conscience to our hearts content but it remains blather. The species developed a bicameral central nervous system that has two methods of conduct; one emotional, ephemeral, quickly reacting, the other rational, slower but sounder, evidence or factually driven. Both are needed but in balance. Achieving that balance was once what becoming an adult measured. This no longer applies for any organisation outside the size of tribal organisation. It has become necessary to revisit those qualities that made the tribe a successful organisation and then trace those qualities through the increasing social organisations and see how those qualities developed or changed. This will be an interesting journey of discovery and may possibly contain some answers to the questions now facing the species. Bon voyage!

    John Day

    Oxymoron and Windlesham, You are doing the right things, I think.

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