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    Eugène Delacroix Les femmes d’Alger 1834   • Netanyahoo’s Strategic Dilemma (MoA) • Middle Eastern Officials Could Cut Off Oil Supplies – AP (RT)
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    One comment – if I may – to Tucker. America is still the best country in the world FOR AMERICANS. They can have it. It is their home, but the concept of countries in a hierarchy is in a sense globalist. I do not need the well travelled to rate what they cannot possibly quantify. It reeks of exceptionalism – an emotion and concept that has made Americans savage and dangerous and it would be well to become diminished.

    V. Arnold

    Snow leopard mom pretending to be scared when her cub sneaks up on her to encourage them to keep practicing their stalking skills..

    Very much enjoyed watching that; something real for a change….


    Bill Maher – pro Israel and pro zoonotic escape theorist. What gain of function?!
    Who knew? Mouthpiece must have had a little talking to after the chitty chatty with Russel. Also ‘worst attacks since the holocaust’ frames it as -the only attacks were on Jews and the bombing of women and children in a hospital did not happen.
    Concerning framing…
    “professors with radical beliefs are drug addicts or stoners or not to be taken seriously etc. – more pathology of dissent given beliefs that are outside the dominant thinking are radical.
    That monologue reeked of a limited hangout. It was – ‘lets get everyone to agree we hate the power mongers so that don’t see we just advertised on national television a pro-war stance.
    Fuck Maher. Schill. Dishonest, righteous. Colour me not impressed.

    V. Arnold

    to Tucker. America is still the best country in the world FOR AMERICANS.

    Not all of us; I left in 2003 and couldn’t be more content since…


    Kunstler overlooks one thing(American exceptionalism?): what’s happening in the USA is happening in every western country. The problem isn’t just Washington DC, it is the people who control Washington and every western government.


    Want to instantly lose credibility with me: talk about the 2024 election. Even if it was free and fair, the choice is between Democrats or Republicans. What’s the difference?

    I’d say the difference is that the Democrats are a domestic cancer, while the Republicans are better at sowing international chaos(the Dems aren’t bad at this either).

    Being a foreigner, the Dems in power is actually good. It creates the potential or wrecking America. That wreckage will limit/eliminate Washington’s ability to impact foreign affairs.

    I hate to wish bad things on a neighbour, however Americans are incredibly insular and willfully ignorant. They have brought this upon themselves.

    If it’s any consolation, Europeans and Canadians will pay an equally high price in the fall out. Isn’t it inevitable that generations living beyond their means must eventually face a deflationary collapse?

    TBH there’s so much WRONG with western society that blaming Dems/Reps or any political party is simply a cop out. Imagine that, the 21st century westerner behaving so irresponsibly!

    Dr. D

    The New Yorker · 17 min
    Its inhabitants are as much creatures of state power and industrial capitalism as their city-dwelling counterparts.

    Why worry about a people who don’t exist? They’re the same evil, hateful scum that occupy cities, so…

    Only rural people hate an kill Indians. Yesterday, in fact.

    Boston is not guilty of this and is in fact more “American”.

    Sarah Palin is stupid. (Who???)

    The story motif is of the painting “American Gothic”. He is shocked to discover the painting was all a construction and not at all real. It was the painter’s sister and their dentist. (And they wonder why they say urban artists and liberals are less “real” and “genuine.”)

    Shocked to discover farming isn’t Capitalist. The scum. (Yes, we know, we’ve been telling you that problem and begging, cajoling, arm-twisting, and hijacking you to change it for 80 years) PS, being Capitalist, is ALSO scum.
    J.D. Vance is stupid and we hate him so much.

    Rural America is both full of corporate money and industry with new small factories opening, and also devoid of them, unemployed and only staffed by huge mega-nationals who leave. This is rural people’s fault. Apparently does not happen in suburbs or cities.

    “A laid-off veteran buying Rice-A-Roni at Dollar General isn’t our favored image of rural life. But it’s more accurate than the farmhouse tableau of “American Gothic.” …Which was never accurate to begin with, you just said so in the previous sentence.

    “And it’s an image especially worth contemplating today, as rural discontent increasingly drives politics.
    Although politics has always had an urban-rural fissure, in the past decade it has become a clean break.”

    Well thank God this article isn’t going to become political, with Urban Liberal writers for NYer being practically perfect in every way and rural red people being stupid, hateful, worthy only of being killed.

    PS Urban Liberal writers for NYer sez Trump was right about exporting jobs from Rural America. Hope it didn’t hurt too much to say that in an article. He gets up, brushes himself off, and goes his way as if nothing happened, just like Churchill’s quote about “Truth”.

    (This will make sense in a minute)

    Dr. D

    “Wall Street’s Biggest Bear Turns Bullish: “A Buy Signal Was Just Triggered”

    Bank “runs” all over. Chase, Fargo, Citi, Really just people intelligently moving money to a market that pays interest. $ $84 Billion.

    Problem: same. Algo indicators have flipped. A group who don’t ask questions, will sell, and they’re large. S&P Weekly, under trendline, under 200DMA, and not extreme, lots of room to drop in sense of momentum, oversold… M2 drops fastest ever.

    As I said yesterday, I’d false breakout and run it up for a blowoff crash instead, but that remains to be seen, and can only trade what’s there. Just what I always wanted for Christmas: More Nazis.

    “We desperately need Trump back in charge.” Why? He never did anything the first time. To contain Israel and tell them no?

    Bill Maher, “Don’t go to College”.

    Again, catch up 20 years later (as they have the energy, ie “wealth” to reject reality for longer) with Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” who we hate so much! To Republicans who have said this since 1990?

    Arnold: There’s “rising hate and antisemitism”? Like all the other racism, that’s not what the stats say. But we’re math-illiterate and reality-optional. If you’re over the age of 20, that’s not your lived experience, and if you’re over 50, it’s like day and night. How do we stop it from happening? STOP LYING. You’re lying a lot about the camps, for one. Then lying about what we’re doing today, for another. The very fact that people — who you claim to be racists — say they’re not is proof they’re not racists, or the nation they’re in has become radically non-racist. Real racists say “Yeah, I hate their guts, what’s it to you?” I’m not that old, does no one remember this? Are rotary phones now not real either, all history has been back-edited?

    “Thinking Anyone is inferior and out to get you because of their religion” Sure, you mean like every Blue Liberal who goes on and on about “Christians” who no longer exist, haven’t existed like that for 40 years — a lifetime — and they’re are going to round you up in camps? That they — rural red people — are too dumb to code? Like in the original 2016 election where I could read 500 comments on Slate, Yahoo, about how smart people in Ann Arbor really need to ethnically cleanse the idiot rural people of all Michigan? That kind of inferior? That kind of hate? Color of skin? White? Same. Their gender, Male? Same. It’s not a secret. It’s so overwhelming that now in YouTube videos on I dunno, dating advice, Star Wars, if there are ANY positive depictions of ANY man, EVER, in any book, film, TV, video, or real life, it attracts comments from the people and fellow channels. …So it’s not happening, but everyone comments on the thing that isn’t happening, right?

    They fell for hate. They fell for a loser ideology. That is, you just go along, not thinking, get conscripted to $200k in debt that leads you into a ditch, then just sign any hateful thing that someone puts in front of you, having to retract it practically before the ink is dry. They joined just because other people were doing it. They wrapped themselves in the flag of hate. Hatred of America. Of straight people. White people, Male people, working people, religious people, rural people, but not only that: Jewish people, Muslim people, rich people, poor people. So many people that their hatred can truly be said to encompass “everyone”. All people. Who must die to save the Earth. For the “Good” people. Us.

    Hate has always been the easy path. I get that. Hate is what happens when you’re too lazy to bother to find out about something, because Love has infinite understanding, care, and attention.

    “Arnold, don’t talk to those people” Yes, the mass of hate, epitomized by California coastals. Who don’t talk to subhuman scum. That’s how you know they are filled with perfect love, progress, and superior consciousness. We don’t talk to animals. But that’s okay. In San Fransisco they grew up surrounded by universal hate and Big Tech’s algorithm to promote hate. …Of America, working people, religious people, rural people… I do understand. It’s easier to hate than bother to learn about those people. It’s also very mildly hurtful if someone were to challenge your beliefs.

    But as they adopt universal scapegoats and avoid their own responsibility, they take all their own power in proxy and give it to … Donald Trump. HE is the bad man. Therefore HE has the power. Okay then! And the only way back is to give up the war on everyone you hate. …Which is everyone.

    To do that, you will have to force your brain to think in new ways. Lose friends who are still trapped in hate. As we know, because many do it and they all say their Liberal friends won’t talk to them anymore. Instantly. But heck you can post the wrong emoji and they do that. Or…everything can just be somebody else’s fault. The world has to live for you, or else. There is still time to give up Silicon Valley, Nike, Apple, and their endless hate and merger of Corporation and State.

    So…was this said in full irony, or what? That’s like an Irony Factory. It follows the Wrinkly Factory.

    “This is why they are trying to make America fight their war for them”

    Suuuuuure. We run everything; that’s why we run around and kill a hundred thousands of our own Red people fighting wars that get us nothing, and where the host governments get everything. You know, like Russian oil we can’t use? When we already are oil exporter if only we open the law to it?

    ““..the speech by the 80-year-old POTUS “infantilizes the American public..”

    Surely THAT is no longer possible…

    “What he did in it was he conflated what’s going on in Gaza with what’s going on between Ukraine and Russia.”

    No they’re not: one is a larger stronger country invading a tiny neighbor, and so is the other. They’re exactly the same and obviously we paid both sides of both wars. Not kidding. Obviously we paid Israel and just paid Hamas (more). We pay the PLO, etc, and all sorts of sides who THEN pay, like Iran, Saudi, Egypt. And we paid Ukraine $150B but we ALSO increased oil purchases from Russia, etc. Nor is this unusual. We’ve paid both sides for 40-50 years. That’s the only way to have wars everywhere and keep them going. Anglo special.

    “an attack on Israel right now from either Iran or Hezbollah or other places will be met with American counteraction. And that’s the one thing you do not want to fool around with,”

    Who? Because I don’t see America has succeeded anywhere that anyone should fear or respect us. We just lost yet another war, and we’re out of oil and bombs.

    “this war… was a failure in intelligence,”

    …And no one was fired. Just like us. Boy they were super-mad then. Just like us after losing F-Stan, Syria, Iraq, etc, decade after decade. Promotions for all. What do we have? Like 40 Admirals and 20 ships?

    “The Army has more four-star generals on active duty than the Army and Air Force combined had during World War II. The number has been rising slowly over the last two decades” –

    “• US Will Build ‘New World Order’ – Biden (RT)

    That can’t be true, because Biden said it on TV. Therefore he both said it and didn’t say it. It both exists and doesn’t exist. He both means what he says, and it’s false and misconstrued. The President is competent, in control, and knows what he’s doing and also the Press Secretary reverses what he said every day. Reality a la carte. Post-Reality Americans.

    “• US and Israel Mulling Interim Government In Gaza (RT)

    Regime change. They’re totally in charge, the democracy and sovereignty which is why we go in an remove everyone we don’t like about yearly. Including toppling Italy. Or when MI6 arranged to topple Trump via Steele. That’s what “government” means. Just like Rome.

    Governments who pay their tribute on time are “real” governments, governments who are slow to pay on time are “fake” governments who lack the will of the people, who really, really love their taxes and only just WANT to pay their tribute on time.

    “This raised many questions, as the missile is of the air-to-air variety
    “In addition, the Sidewinder is only effective at short range,

    I have more questions than that.

    “we do not see any expression or action being taken rooted in the values on which the EU was built.”

    Haven’t seen that since 2000. Maybe since Thatcher. When they toppled Italy, then sacked Greece and mailed it to Germany. With a side of attacking Ireland, then afterward Sweden. Lately attacking Hungary and toppling Poland, with all Polish judges. They’re just full of Values!

    “blockade (water and fuel) operated by Russia on the Ukrainian people as an act of terror”

    Da whut? I can’t even figure what event is the root of that.

    ““This woman is a crazed warmonger..” “Don’t let the sweet Southern accent fool you. She’d have us in every war she could find.”

    Sure. Why do you think she’s there, and in the Republican Party? Since apparently zero percent of GOP voters want her, 100% of her support must come from the donor class, who insert her handily. Neatly demonstrates who’s running things and what they’re up to. I’m all for hanging her on a pole like a wind sock so we can see which way the wind blows.

    Okay, reinforcing the point here: “Republicans” want her? She has 0% of Republican people who want her. There are zero voters for her plans. Zero. So when you say “Republicans”, just go ahead and disclude every American coast to coast from your calculation. What remains? Oh I dunno, 6 billionaires at Google and Raytheon want her? So she has 6 whole votes right there. Just 150,000,000 to go.

    Careful when you blame “Large Groups” by name, which we have to talk about a lot around here lately. If ZERO Republicans want her, she’s not really a “Republican”, is she?

    “The arms deliveries are not a solution for eternity, but no one wants to talk,” Schroeder said. “Everyone is sitting in trenches. How many more people have to die?”

    You can talk. Who’s stopping you? Thrown down the stairs? You get a black eye again?

    “Macron and Scholz are the only ones who can talk to Putin.”

    Why? Everyone can talk. Who says you can’t? Boris, when he wasn’t even PM? That was odd. As above, groups-who-we-dare-not-name? “Americans, and the Western…” “Western”? You mean LONDON. You can go ahead and call them by name. Nope. We dare not, only name their proxies. Even Russia is afraid to name London, calling them the “Anglo-Saxons”. I will. London London London London London London London London London London London London London London. The war is out of London. Always. For 200 years.

    “When you read of “Joe Biden’s” 37 percent favorable rating in some poll, do you wonder how it can be that high?”

    Not anymore. Haven’t we learned every poll ever heard is a lie? For how many years? 10 or more?

    “How is it possible that the editors of The New York Times and The Washington Post lie continually and knowingly about events and persons, unless they are getting paid by, and have become defacto arms of, the blob itself, to cover-up the discovery of its crimes?”

    We just heard although I forget where, The government calls WaPo on the phone, PERSONALLY. They say, “hey pal, sensitive business, I’d really appreciate a favor here, you understand…” Oh, okay. If they don’t, THEY DESTROY THAT REPORTER’S LIFE. Personally. That INDIVIDUAL. Or else.

    Now why NYT, WaPo so cooperative with Assange in jail for life, no trial, no charges? Golly, I cannot understand. It was all voluntary, you see. You had the fully voluntary choice of obeying or being shot. Free country!

    On the flip side, if you pay ball “Don’t let everyone know I’m a Hack”, you get moved from Buzzfeed desk of horoscopes and mouse clicks to Editor of the NY Times, and a corner office that locks one way, with dead secretaries under your desk like certain newscasters I won’t name. Easy. Get rich with me. Or die and be dumped in the East river. Totally voluntary.

    “Slow walked? It’s only been 5 years…”

    Yeah, that accusation is just cray-cray. Everyone knows the IRS waits until AT LEAST as long as you die to charge you and get their money back.

    Ah Love, Pure Love. Just like Arnold and The New Yorker. I love, love everyone…everyone who is just like me.

    ““But if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. 33 And if you do good to those who do good to you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners do the same. 34 And if you lend to those from whom you hope to receive back, what credit is that to you? For even sinners lend to sinners to receive as much back. 35 But love your enemies, do good, and lend, [a]hoping for nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High. For He is kind to the unthankful and evil. 36 Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful.” Matt 6:32


    Now you’ve said the “L” word. We’ll miss you.


    Still no ground invasion of Gaza.

    It’s a trap, ambush, lure, decoy, bait

    Why are the Israeli letting all their war machines sitting for so long/all this time around Gaza?

    Why did the US navy bring all those ships within target reach of drones and missiles? Deterrent!?

    Why are there so many provocations on the northern border, Hizballah, (Lebanon)?
    Why are there so many Palestinians killed in the West Bank?

    • Netanyahoo’s Strategic Dilemma (MoA)
    • Middle Eastern Officials Could Cut Off Oil Supplies – AP (RT)


    Qatar buying fuel for Gaza’s only power plant: UN official

    United Nations official confirmed Tuesday that Qatar is buying fuel to restart the only power plant in the beleaguered Gaza Strip.

    Jamie McGoldrick, the U.N.’s Resident Humanitarian Coordinator, said this will add a few more hours of electricity to Gaza’s 2 million residents who experience daily blackouts of up to 16 hours.

    He said discussions were underway to find the “most optimal way” to deliver the fuel through Israel.

    A report by Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar on Sunday said the U.N. had facilitated Qatar’s payment of six months-worth of fuel to the power plant.

    It also said the U.N. agreed to pay Gaza’s civil servants’ salaries for three months amid a dire financial crisis. The newspaper did not cite sources for its claim.

    The Markster

    Maher and Schwarzenegger still subscribe to the Clintonite Russiagate thesis, which for me personally is an endorsement of the original TDS sin which is driving the Anglo-Zionist NATO-UN war machine imperium into a ditch. Nevermind Arnold’s authoritarian “screw your freedom” speech.

    Which, come to think of it, YAY Maher and Schwarzenegger! Full speed ahead! Let the whole entire world see clearly who you are and what you stand for, and let the world respond as it inevitably will. So help us God.


    Misinformation? or not?


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    Oroboros, prev. thread, thx for the chart on ‘lobbying industries’ in the US, showing big Pharma in first place. link again:

    I suspect the same applies in some European countries, have not chased up the numbers (takes too long.. difficult..)

    Of course the ‘investment’ in ‘health’ -> aka curing sickness and avoiding death for some time – is fantastico, because ppl will pay for their loved ones, or themselves, to be cured, helped, to live on, to be healthy, happy, for some time, to the point of bankruptcy / dire poverty / not one dime left, for those who pay.

    Now for an anecdote. When Obama was setting up Obi-Care, a US delegation was sent to CH to understand, wow! how a country managed to have completely private health care thru insurance.

    CH was flattered, and the Health Min of the time was super pleased: -Oh-Obama-wonderful, etc.

    When, on day 2 or 3, the delegation understood that this system ‘worked’ because the tariffs for all medical acts….

    incl. supports – e.g. a cane, wheel chair, machine support – therapy of any kind, incl. psychotherapy – ALL medicines, drugs, bandages, vaccines, other aids, etc. – outside prof. services such as lab analyses, scans, – etc.

    – that might be billed to individuals was fixed by an inter-Gvmt-Health Prof-citizen committee, and that was what the Insurance (private insurance) would pay.

    TARMED, the list of the fixed prices, has more than 4,000 entries, that price will be re-imbursed by Insurance Cos (who are also tightly controlled by the Gvmt). So all private Med. entities, docs, analytic labs, hospitals, etc. must apply those tariffs to get their money.

    To come back to the Obiman Delegation, once they grasped the ‘fixed price’ aspect, they upped and left immediately with some lame excuse.

    link to tarmed in F, for ref. and to show the complexity.


    In the commercials that I saw when I was in Europe recently, Arnold promotes, with the same deep felt “conviction”, the power tools that one can purchase in the Lidle store. For one.
    Whoever (well… we may guess) wrote his speech is lost in irony as who, primarily, should adhere to it’s message as we speak.

    Figmund Sreud




    Figmund Sreud

    This is about war…

    Why America Is Out of Ammunition



    Israel’s My Lai massacre … The Jews either get America to do it, or they do it themselves. The Israelis are animals, we need to eradicate that country, turn it back into Israel and let the Jews go home to the USA.


    … turn it back into Palestine and …


    Yeah, “only one side …” are proper cunts.


    US forced Ukraine to reject peace with Russia – ex-German chancellor

    “Gerhard Schroeder has claimed that Washington blocked Kiev from a March 2022 settlement that could have ended the bloodshed.”

    21 Oct, 2023, RT.


    The US and Israel are mulling the creation of an interim administration in Gaza that would be backed by the UN and Arab governments, Bloomberg reported on Saturday, citing sources.

    If I were retarded, then this would be my policy. If I were a psychopath, they this would be my policy. If I were the people of the USA, then I would be looking to cancel the people who suggested this policy. Life is complex.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Highly recommended:

    Chuck Watson: “War, Rumours of War, and Governance” | The Great Simplification #94. with Nate Hagens, Oct 20, 2023

    On this Special episode Nate speaks once again with risk expert Chuck Watson for a critical assessment of the unfolding situation around Israel which adds to the rapidly escalating dangers of our current geopolitical landscape. As tensions rise, the potential risks that geopolitical confrontation in the Middle East poses could spill over into energy, economic systems, and our social fabric – Chuck lends his deep expertise and decades of experience to shed light on these complex dynamics. How do our individual perspectives of where history begins influence who we see as “good” or “evil” and is it even possible to find an unbiased source of ‘truth’? What does Western diplomacy look like in a world no longer based on fear – and will the United States risk being stretched too thin trying to preserve the unipolar world of past generations? How do we even begin to navigate the minefield of geopolitical tensions that seem to be growing daily so as to maintain some sort of stability that avoids catastrophic outcomes in coming years?

    Also, parenthetically, it’s a genuine pleasure to hear a realistic conversation without any climate-whining…


    Whoa, both Georgia and Bhutan have some next level numerical acrobatics going on just stating the number 57. Reminds me of the old English imperial money system that was being phased out when I was a nipper. Farthings, shillings, crowns etc although I have to admit I know nothing about Bhutanese ngultrums or Georgian Laris. You may miss your number in the queue when it is called out on the tannoy over there


    some sins are just worth commiting

    EoinW and Oxy i am a citizen of the United States and the true elephant in the room is the degree to which we, citizens of the US, have been and are being propagandized. The cartoon series The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends was broadcast from 1959 thru 1964. The entire time frame each saturday morning was propaganda, the entire time frame, including the commercial advertisements. A short list of saturday morning children’s television from my youth: Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Skyking, Rocky and Bullwinkle and the Our Gang Comedies. There was also two shows i remember that were in the later child viewing time frame, Victory at Sea and Victory in the Air. The television show Lassie and Ponderosa, the Cartwright family, were billed as family time entertainment. Not to be forgotten is Superman “Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way.” Hour upon hour week by week, month by month, year by year the lesson of might makes right – only we hold the truth is the curriculum. Can you name a single voice that points to Thoreau or Melville as voices of sanity? Has your child read Kipling and had a romance with Captains Courageous?

    There are some who comment here who cannot say often enough how stupid my fellow citizens are. There could be nothing further from the truth. The citizens of the United States are the most educated national population even today. We have been in a learing environment our entire lives and learned well the lessons provided. The most pernicious theme in our current education process puts forth the idea that propaganda originated in the twentieth century. The second most destructive concept that has been taught is propagated by those who organize the propaganda, the idea that there has been a FREE, FAIR and OPEN PRESS. One need only look to the contests between Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Adams to be diasavowed of the idea of a Free and Fair Press.
    We the People have experienced an almost limitless stream of information that glorifies what is now vastly more than a millenia of pillage, plunder, rape and murder done by blood thirsty savages. My first knowledge of political correctness, and still a burr under my saddle, was Dizzy Dean being removed from the broadcast commentary of baseball for his use of idiom.

    There seems to be great solace taken from the following interrogative:

    “Who could have known?”

    perhaps those who know the hatred created by one who is failing to go along and get along.

    the most powerful nation “in the history of the world”, as Mr. Biden noted, is hopefully the last iteration of the Western European Age of Terror. Such hope is truly frail, now even the woke are calling for Mr. Trump’s return that fresh coal may be thrown into the furnace of colonial empire.

    “That’s not a chip on my shoulder, that’s your foot on my neck.” Malcolm X

    the social circle i navigate is small, i do not know one person who can form the thought that western dominance is temporal and not the Divine Right of Kings. A current reality; even articulating such a thought makes one a candidate for re-education. Were you ever threatend, “this is going on your permanent record”? I hope so. Amazed but not amused by a civilization that glorifies and rewards psychopathy and sociopathy, Cognizant of the possibility and hopeful that the poor will always be with us

    The arrow of time points to the past, everything else is prediction. Perhaps the most ancient predictive truism: A beggar mounted will ride his horse to death.
    Truth lives in the fullness of hope.


    World Peace Plan-

    Phase One-
    End the Zionist Occupation of Palestine lands, close up shop. Send the Jews to America- they can ALL re-settle in Detroit and Baltimore- where they can Build Back Better peacefully.

    Phase Two-
    Demilitarize the US Regime. No more standing army, close down the 1000 bases, no more NATO, no more nukes for the US- they are taken away. US citizens retain the right to bear arms- US Regime gets the post WW 2 Japan/ Germany treatment- No standing Military period.

    Should Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Syria and other gulf states, plus South and Central America, East Asia and India, Africa- come to their senses on a United Front- disarm the US Rogue Regime and re-settle Israel to the US- The World would have Peace. Global Sanctions on the US and Israel Now- Relocate Israel, disarm US.

    Remember this ?

    “Oh I’m David Bowie, I live down the road…I’m Bing”
    Shakes Hands.

    “…oh I was just seeing if you’re paying atention”

    Peace on Earth can it be…years from now, perhaps we’ll see…Live in Peace.

    Every child must be made aware, every child must be made to care, care enough for his fellow man to give all the Love that he can.

    Men of good will. Stand, Unite, Peace.


    Dedictaed to all the War criminal politicians and celebrities…

    Arnold “Screw your freedoms” Ahhnold- no fuck off. Twenty seconds in playing the JEW Victim card- fuck you. Holocaust card- Fuck you.

    Forgot to mention the Russians Liberated the Jew camps?
    muted after 20 seconds- fuck you Ahhnold.


    Trump ‘draining the swamp’ with creatures like Haley, Nuland, Pompeo and Bolton.

    Knock it the FUCK OFF with the Trump worship.
    You seem more than disingenous with that BS.

    Armenio Pereira

    In “westernized” societies, people can’t help but to put on layer upon layer of prejudices because, you see, that pervasive, year-round blizzard known as “peer pressure” – making it so much troublesome to get naked ever again. That’s why, in due time, the grim reaper comes to lend a helpin’ hand.

    Have a pleasant week.

    Maxwell Quest

    Maher and Schwarzenegger are creations of the western media empire. One doesn’t rise to the top by being hostile to those that assign roles or sign your checks, essentially those that can make you rich and famous or destroy you depending on your cooperation or lack thereof. Just ask Roseanne Barr.

    When I see media personalities like Maher or Schwarzenegger attempting to influence my opinion, I always remember that what I am hearing are the words of their owners, those that hold their leash. It is the same with news anchors, those trained monkeys that deliver CIA written scripts as if they were news.




    On “The Great Taking”. (From John Day yesterday)
    That’s not a rabbit hole- it’s a mink’s den!
    “There is pressure to broaden the range of securities eligible as collateral.” (p.14 in the linked version)
    Yeah…Like city, county, state, national parks. Or waterways and infrastructure. Like life insurance companies- your life is the collateral, and the secured holders need to take a loss.
    I’ve often wondered- if the bankcard tells me I have a 20,000 credit line- do they consider that I am in debt to them for that amount whether or not I use it? You can bet they count my 20,000 as an asset!

    “The Great Taking” is as sobering a read as I have had in a long while.
    I wonder what Alex Reporterfy (from the three Alex video a few days ago) has to say about this?

    Michael Reid

    Wars in the West, development in the East – Jeffrey Sachs, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen

    https://rumble. com/v3qzvta-wars-in-the-west-development-in-the-east-jeffrey-sachs-alexander-mercouris-.html


    tboc- nostalgia…those are the shows my brother insisted we watch. I liked Felix the Cat and Yogi Bear. And I liked Rocky cartoons, but it was Boris and Natasha I wanted to see- not pip-squeak Rocky and thick-headed Bullwinkle. Did you get Axel? Not PC.
    But yeah. It was all propaganda. It’s TV.
    58 years later, I am realizing what an influence “My Weekly Reader” had- selling what so many believe today- overpopulation, terrifying diseases and awesome Science, UN and its tentacles as models of virtue…

    Turn them on and suddenly your world will grow in size!
    At least, that’s what you hope as you consume their fabrications.
    It doesn’t matter most of it is emptier than lies:
    The tv and the smart phone goad us to our destinations.

    It happened in the fifties. It’s happening again.
    A realm of new technology unhinges minds and men.


    If you live in Western Civilization and do not understand jews control and run your governments and institutions, you are willfully blind. You have accepted your fate. You’re fucked.


    I used to LOVE Bill Maher, even paid big money to see him live once….

    What he said didn’t make any sense. He talks shit about the gender bullshit, the BLM bullshit, the taking the Palestinian’s side in the conflict – all Democrat/Left Wing idiologies…but he hails Obama as something good from Harvard…and only goes after Republicans, all of whom don’t have a damn thing to do with any of the bullshit he was railing against. Was I not supposed to notice?

    He’s not that stupid.


    Reducing the number of potential military recruits available to the US military is the American public’s way of forcing the military to slim down.

    And there is little the top military brass or politicians or MIC can do about this!

    Sure it will take a while but it will happen despite the US employing more foreigners than ever!

    Remember Rome took the same path to ruin! Rome finally fell when most of it’s army jn Italy was made up of foreigners, not loyal Roman citizens!

    John Day

    Hamas & IDF Ground Forces Clash For 1st Time Inside Gaza: Israeli Soldier Killed, Others Wounded


    Haley has reportedly been enriched by the US military industrial complex since resigning as Trump’s UN ambassador in October 2018. She was hired as a board member with US defense contractor Boeing in 2019. Although she left the company the following year, she still owned as much as $250,000 in Boeing stock as of a financial disclosure filing in May. Haley has earned six-figure fees for speaking engagements, including over $230,000 from the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs, and she was paid $127,500 for her work as a consultant to an advocacy group called United Against a Nuclear Iran, which has lobbied for military strikes against Tehran. She also netted more than $708,000 in consulting fees from Prism Global Management LLC, an investment fund, and her husband holds stakes in two firms with ties to the defense industry.

    Yet another whore for POTUS.


    Lithuania has suggested including exports of buttons, nails, and sewing appliances in a 12th round of sanctions on Russia, EUobserver reported on Friday.

    I go to and can purchase all these items from stores in China. Some of those stores are Russian owned, and the Russians can also use to buy stuff from China. On a larger scale you can go to site and any business can buy stuff from China. Lithuania needs to go onto the site and determine whether any business in China sells nails, sewing appliances (China produces more clothes than any other country, they produce tons of sewing appliances) or buttons …. there are loads of companies just waiting to step in and replace Lithuania.

    How does Lithuania think this is going to harm Russia? They don’t. They think their citizens are stupid, which, is probably a fair assessment. They are pretending to do something while actually damaging the customer-base of some of their industries, which will result in increased unemplyment. What sort of government does that, especially considering that they are doing it for another country?

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