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    Roy Lichtenstein Woman With Flowered Hat 1963   • Israel Considers Flooding Hamas Tunnels Before Ground Operation – Hersh (Sp.) • US Opposes Chin
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    Mister Roboto

    Was going to say this yesterday when Kunstler’s latest CFN post was linked here but didn’t get around to it. I think I’m pretty much done commenting there because getting involved in a discussion there has a way of being like taking a bite out of a sandwich with meat gone bad in it. The commentariat there has to be the fucking stupidest, most Nazi-adjacent crowd you will find on a peak oil related blog.


    Nazi-adjacent is the new left I’m afraid.

    Thanks for the RT interview with the Heritage party leader from yesterday Michael Reid.
    I agree about the Holmgren video Dr John.
    Lots of good content Dora.

    Mister Roboto

    Neither the crazy left nor the crazy right have very much useful to offer, but unfortunately and as usual, they manage to be the loudest voices on the Internet.


    Thinking… corrections welcomed
    All systems build up over time surplus dead or wasted material. Then a state change occurs and shit just changes. We are in that transition now. A grassland transitions to sparse woodland and then forest until the dominant climax trees take almost all the water, sunlight and stuff. This is what CJ Hopkins is seeing.
    What he doesn’t see is that we are not in a rainforest with multiple niches for the mutual benefit of the whole and endless reliable rain. We are in a dry forest (resource lean) and the big trees are the central banks and the shit building up all over the ground is dead leaves, shrubs, branches and detritus (little people, debt and bureaucrats).

    The conditions are becoming approximate for a huge forest fire to clear the debts leaving the big trees to survive, smaller ones to be scarred and die and the seeds under rocks and in moist (resilient) systems like riparian waterways (rural towns and gang controlled ghettos) thrive with the new ash of old victims (see Gen Z hopeless bastards, Karens or Bankman Freud).
    Make arrangements, and pivot where necessary – or if you are in Australia – an island, no where near Europe or the Middle East, the stoop to conquer.

    Dr. D

    Roboto: missing having you comment here, though.

    Mister Roboto

    I think I drifted away when the Russo-Ukrainian War replaced Covid as “the current thing”. And it probably didn’t help that I regained access to cannabis again in early 2023 after twenty-five years and went just a little bit overboard with that to make up for feeling deprived for all those years!

    Dr. D

    Rates pop hard over 5%, “And then a miracle happened.” (Much ranting as usual)

    “Someone” came into the market with billions and billions of dollars, then billions more, and drove the rates back down to safety.

    Largest bank “runs” ever, failure imminent. Best bet? Bank of America. Been said for over a year now.

    But careful: words have meanings. They’re not bank “runs” they are people moving money to where they can get interest. If banks don’t want “runs” they too could pay a reasonable rate of interest, or indeed any interest at all. That goes for stocks as well. Bonds are 10x the size and wag the dog. Stocks had more interest than bonds! For years! PLUS growth. Now they are overpriced and you get better dividends in Bonds. So…no brains required…you move some moolah to bonds.

    = Banks and Stocks go down. They are being levitated right now, but just stop billions/day expensive support and they drop on the day of your choosing.

    ““Biden visited Serbia in May of 2009 to personally recruit computer hackers there to control future Dominion Software in the elections…”

    Sure and as said yesterday, I’ve been telling people a 12-year-old can hack the voting machines – and have – since 2000 and nobody here cares even a leeeetle bit. Not Democrats, who had 2000 stolen from them with the machines, Al Gore, and even the bought USSC, nor Republicans who will never act even while making endless jokes about “Chicago”.

    Okay then, stop using the word “Democracy” forever then. Just pick one. Care or don’t care, but don’t pretend to care.

    Churchill. Yup he certainly was a piece of work. How about that there genocide in India, good times…amirite?

    “Swiss banker Pascal Najadi”

    Yes, but maybe we want to cut off the root instead. “”There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” ― Henry David Thoreau To cut off the root, we must first expose it. And that’s painful, but clearly not painful enough yet.

    “The US has unmasked its true nature by blocking efforts by China and other nations to bring peace to the Middle East,”

    Yes. They are exposing who they are. Putting them in a corner so they can’t hide in the shadows. They have to act, in public, and show who they are.

    …Sadly, then WE have to see it and decide who WE are.

    EVERYONE is against peace. VIOLENTLY against peace. Peace any where, with any body, at any time. From Assange back to the Dixie Chicks, to Eartha Kitt and Cassius Clay, back to Eugene Debbs, right back to John Adams, the only thing you can get in trouble for is to promote peace.

    If you lie, like Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, Barack Obama, George Bush, Tony Blair, if you kill 6 million people in a few short years, you are lauded as superior, masterful, “Presidential”, and given a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Okay, back in the real world, they WILL nuke the world if you try to unseat the Mafia. Because as egoists, they literally don’t care what happens without them. It makes no difference to them other than stepping on an ant. So, genius peanut gallery, WHAT’S YOUR PLAN? Knowing this is true. Still wanna race in there guns a-blazing?

    No. They already said they’d nuke us, they already said they’d release smallpox, ebola and the coof. You need to erase their POWER, and their POWER comes from OBEDIENCE, from people believing and obeying them. To do that, you must EXPOSE them and break the SPELL, the mass hypnosis, the Mass Formation Psychosis, there is no other way.

    And that means YOU are the battlefield. The line that cuts through each mind and heart. So putting up with this s–t is the price of getting someone to finally say “Maybe Biden doesn’t have our best interest at heart.” Ya think? Taking millions from Moscow and being on camera saying “We don’t need to n–gg-r mayors” stopping busing, “Superpredators,” jailing a million, cooing over the Grand Wizard Byrd, what clued you in?

    “Gaza was home to around two million civilians, not all of whom supported Hamas,”

    We don’t generally credit it, but this is substantially different. In a normal environment, you could not support Hamas, and would move away from the area. NOT WHEN IT’S A PRISON CAMP. When you have a PRISON, everything that happens in the prison is YOUR fault, YOUR responsibility, of the Prison OWNERS, not the prisoners. Their lives, medical care, everything, is now run by YOU. That’s what happens when you remove “Freedom” from somebody, even as properly adjudicated, etc, then YOU become responsible for their lives, same as if they were your pet or your child.

    So stop imprisoning people, it’s difficult and expensive. It ADDS to your problems, doesn’t remove them. It’s truly a last resort, and demonstrates your failure, as a person and society. Not to say we mustn’t but it’s an embarrassment and shame, not a win.

    But Because Gaza is an open-air prison, those people CANNOT leave, and therefore MUST support Hamas or be shot. Then of course Israel says “they support Hamas” when Lukkud MADE them, FORCED them to. …Which of course means – so sad! — they now have to kill every Palestinian and take their land. Sigh. Well, it’s a tough job that makes me rich and powerful, but somebody’s got to murder and steal it.

    So that idea in, say, California? Sort of. It’s still not easy to leave. But they can, and have, demonstrating their lack of support in a desperate bid NOT to be violent? In Attica, Alcatraz, Gaza? Nope. You’re the guard, it’s YOUR house, whatever happens inside is YOUR fault. Not that I don’t understand prison trafficking, but what else can you say? Who else’s fault can it be?

    “The White House’s $106 billion supplemental request to Congress for “assistance” especially to Ukraine and Israel is manna from Heaven to the weaponizing tentacles of the MICIMATT”

    The wing of the Mafia arm is running out of money. They’re being cut off. It doesn’t matter WHERE the money enters in a compounding interest debt system, but it must enter or die. Right now Pfizer and the previous drug-running Mafia arm is collapsing. The previous running of heroin from F-Stan, human trafficking is shut down, along with money laundering and blackmail in Ukraine. They’re being squeezed very carefully and methodically.

    “that will only postpone the upcoming humiliation of NATO in 2024”

    Yes, Russia took the slag heap (for now) and therefore commands the entire area, pushing Ukraine back past their prepared lines. Maybe that’s the best you get for a breakthrough in trench warfare. No one will ever hear about it because “then a miracle happened” and Ukraine no longer exists!

    “…any judge who heard a corruption case against Ben Netanyahu, who allowed it to go forward would be subjected to impeachment, removal. It makes Benjamin Netanyahu literally above the law.”

    Like here. If you arrest any lawyer for merely PROVIDING advice…advice that was to “File Paperwork”… then we have the same WROL situation.

    “is that the Hamas militants were carrying plans for chemical weapons”

    Ah! I LOVE the classics! Chemical warfare, again. Our greatest hits! When was the last time it was true? When WE used OUR chemical weapons WE gave to Saddam Hussein against the 1M man war in IRAN? Ah Rumsfeld, you old rascal! Always spreading chemical weapons around. Lick the backpack.

    …Or was that the anthrax from Fort Dietrich? I forget. We chemical weapon so often I can’t really keep track. White Phosphorus, a war crime? Cluster bombs, a war crime? Cutting off food, a war crime? Preventing humanitarian corridors, a war crime? Can’t hardly swing a cat ‘round here, right Lindsay?

    ““We were in a post-war period for 50 years where it worked out pretty damn well,” Biden said.

    …Sure! For everybody EXCEPT the entire planet. I mean, everyone outside the United States, but also everybody IN the United States as well. Who else started a “War on Poverty” and Poverty has tripled now over 25%? Thanks, man, that worked out GREAT. …For coastal elites with palatial beach houses paid for by Beijing and Moscow (literally). So I guess you know who he’s talking to: everybody BUT the people of the United States.

    “reality is setting in for EU leaders that their own blind trust is going to cost them”

    They don’t “Trust” us, they are all One with Davos. Who would “US” be in that sentence? Not the American people. They hate us like cancer and daily cry for us to all die. So “US” is clearly “A tiny minority of wealthy and powerful” who are the same Western-wide, Nationless, nation-hating, Globalist oligarchs. And I’m not being pejorative, I’m being accurate. That’s what they are and always have been. The Professors below them too, always hate their nations with a burning passion, and always want mass-murder and war. (Usually with a side of Communism where they have a fantasy THEY, the professors, will run everything) I think of the Anti-British, Pro-Eugenics as a classic example in the 1930s London before having to suck it in WWII. …Then brushed themselves off and carried on, having taken no lumps, never discredited then.

    Why not? Beats cleaning toilets, a job they actually deserved, while a British coal-stoker who got it right did NOT move into Oxford due to his more accurate historical reckoning.

    “Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the outcome.” The Incentive is: no one is ever punished. It’s impossible to be discredited. Whatever you steal you keep. Whoever you hurt, nothing happens. Why not? The real stupid people are the people who DON’T Lie, Cheat, Steal, and Murder. That’s just common sense.

    And here we are again, since no one was discredited, not the Bushes for the “Businessman’s Coup” and Canada is virulently anti-Canada and Pro-Eugenics, right to every Doctor and Professor Nationwide. Even the MILDEST most BORING professor like Jordan Peterson, who only circles the skies in metaphorical abstractions is purged as public enemy #1 for quoting Joseph Campbell. Since it’s impossible to BE more banal than he is, there’s nowhere to hide.

    “I failed to do my due diligence.”

    This, plus having opinions, is a crime. Filing paperwork is a crime. Defending yourself is a crime.

    claims that he was aware of the falsity and facilitated the crime.”

    So the ACT is not a crime in that case. Reviewing. It’s his INTERNAL STATE while-doing-an-action-which-is-not-a-crime, and then you need to PROVE what he was THINKING. Got it. Luckily, I’m sure they’ll have no trouble, the same as their Putin-Telepathy.

    Okay, is it a coincidence or what that it’s only the women that crack and fail? Innate weakness? Or innate disloyalty? Could be something else, not sure. In any case, not a good look.

    “The United States has “overplayed” its hand in “weaponizing” the dollar with sanctions, pushing more countries around the world to slash transactions using the currency”

    Again, we arrange for the nit-wits to destroy THEMSELVES. Then they can’t release smallpox on anybody because Who would you blame? Your idiot son? (Which one of thousands?) We were just sitting here in court or prison, can’t blame us!

    boy did they turn out to be correct. Like everything else since 1950. Since now we’re absolutely sure that doesn’t work, we’re going to do it HARDER. Since computers prevent math skills, we REQUIRE them.

    Michael Reid

    Alexander Mercouris

    Israel Divisions,
    US No Plan,
    US Generals to Israel;
    China Peace Conf;
    Rus-Brazil Confer;
    Ukr: West No Shells,
    Rus Control Avdeyevka Slag Heap


    “Okay then, stop using the word “Democracy” forever then. Just pick one. Care or don’t care, but don’t pretend to care…”




    Cui bono is a Latin phrase that means “who benefits?”.
    tit for tat. Repayment in kind and/or retaliation, to punish other people because they have done something unpleasant to you:
    The enemy peace makers …… terrorist organizations… oppositions … taker of life


    Long Answer.
    • The Palestinian Tragedy: Cui Bono? (Pepe Escobar)

    The Palestinian Tragedy: Cui bono?

    Final answer/winner …. No more Accumulated/stored energy/no more potential energy …… Death …. Peace


    Too Long for Sure-1
    Small bore rimfire observation and analysis seems to be the table d’hôte at the moment.
    The keyboard warriors and armchair generals should all be acquainted with the term “reconnaissance in force”. The quote from Mr. Churchill today will do as an example of small bore rimfire capacity. “A greater race” motif will do quite nicely. There is a place where armed militias make regular raids across a border supported by special forces and a known state military. Special forces of the state military make regular cross border projections of power. These state actors trumpet far and wide their superiority in all things regarding surveillance and security. These state actors enter and patrol a small area with a population of perhaps 2.2 million souls. In one of today’s news items it is revealed that private cell phones are in the possesion of members of these probing projections of power. As a reward for reading this news piece it is suggested that a social media platform is used to communicate planned movements and locations of those engaged in the border crossings. There is a known border, there is a known conflict and a known underlying objective.
    The “settlers”, the “unarmed civilians” are part of the modern world. The modern world is united by the handheld communication device. A cross border raid and taking of property must surely be supported by some type of communication system. How is an armed small militia going to call for support from locally placed special forces? A safe bet is some type of handheld communication device. Another safe bet is the gps driven location system of said device is enabled.
    One of the greatest powers of a class of handheld devices is the resolution of the onboard cameras and the ability to record video. The advances in face recognition software are often reported in the news space. The handheld device in my possesion has a multicamera system which of course is functional without a network connection. The point being, photgraphs and video can be created, downloaded to a laptop computer and placed into a file system. A simple USB memory device can carry files to a more powerful computer with the capacity for facial recognition software. Would this be a good time to note that all of this technology is at human scale? A populace with only consumer grade electronics has the ability to create an identification database of enormous depth. A population with a median age of less than twenty years with a unifying purpose has these tools in their hands.
    The known state and it’s military administration believe that a unified and aggrieved group, perhaps five hundred thousand human beings between eighteen and twenty five years of age, are incabable of using consumer grade electronics. How does one communicate the distaste for the concept of “A greater race”?


    Too Long for Sure-2
    Reconaissance in Force: an attack by a large force for the purpose of discovering the position and strength of an enemy. Please note that Webster does not use “armed force” in the definition. Let one be reminded that the armed force of Ukraine at the start of the SMO was estimated to be five hundred thousand. The ace in the hole is the group in question has not been trained by NATO.
    Those among The Smartest Man in the World suggest that my fellow human beings did not have at their command up to date information about:
    1. Location of local militias and special forces adjacent to Gaza.
    2. The identity of persons in the militias and special forces.
    3. The names and physical characteristics of those who have taken and occupied territory by force.
    4. A widely advertised hedonistic festival adjacent to their border.
    5. Known adversaries that would be present at such a festival.
    6. The movements of the known states military forces.
    7. The stated doctrine of the known state to prevent the capture of a member of their force.
    8. The stated doctrine of the known state to take and occupy by force a LARGE area in the region.
    9. Stated doctrine of racial superiority.
    10. The raison d’état openly espoused by the known state.
    Those among The Smartest Man in the World seem to have never heard the term “para military group”, ie “settlers” and “civilians”.

    Not to mince words, the moral outrage directed at my fellow human beings who have been offered the option to be slowly murdered or be murdered today is repugnant at best. This group of morally superior human beings who wholly accepted, and to a degree encouraged the murder of five hundred thousand Iraqi children to achieve “limited policy objectives” as stated by a Secretary of State is nothing less than demonic. As a word of encouragement to those already on their way, “GO TO HELL” and please pause just long enough to kiss my ass.


    now for a self-defining moment. In the event you shoot over a fence at one of my children you should immediately go to a place of worship and pray that you will see me before I see you.


    About the vid. at top Head of the Snake with dramatic blaming of a town in CH, Geneva, by Pascal Najadi.

    Some context, see:

    Najadi is being treated post ‘Pfizer bio-weapon injections’, says he is terminally ill with auto-immune disease (his mother as well…)

    So here we have a Bankster, and movie producer, who was fooled into getting jabbed, and allegedly forced the resignation of the President of the Swiss Federal Council.

    The video below shows Andrew Bridgen with Najadi, less than 2 mins, Aug. 2023.

    Wiki on Najadi.

    Interesting times in CH.


    Writer of a cartoon plots and characters has her opinion on “Israel-conundrum” too:

    Entire saga was, for decades, presented to the world as some kind of “misunderstanding”, akin to neighbors having some minor dispute, where one side (Palestinians) is simply unreasonable and prone to violence.

    Just Some Randomer

    Looks like the Gaza invasion has been put off once again while Netanyahoo tries to suck yet more materiel and firepower from the US.

    You have to admire the Israeli chutzpah in (still) claiming that they have the best and most sophisticated army in the world while running crying back to Mommy in Washington for equipment, troops and backup literally the same day they are attacked by a small group of Hamas fighters using improvised techniques and weapons.

    I mean – they didn’t even last one day on their own two feet with this marvellous military they claim to have. Didn’t even try to fight back by themselves before crying to mommy because the bad boy gave them a bloody nose. Without getting too political, this is classic, absolutely textbook behaviour of a bully when the object of their bullying unexpectedly punches them back.


    Israel dares Syria to join the fight.–State-media

    Fresh Israeli airstrike knocks Syria’s Aleppo airport out of commission
    Wednesday, 25 October 2023 1:28 PM [ Last Update: Wednesday, 25 October 2023 1:35 PM ]


    Rallying point ?

    Covid, not yet, Ukr, not yet, Gaza ?

    Break out the white padded jackets- round up 100 or so of the cult leaders – toss em in a rubber room for a while so they can work out their aggressions on themselves, alone- would be a good start.

    Rallying points ? Geneva as said above, Brussels, DC. London and Isr- no violence required to stop the death spiral trajectory and save the World.

    Two ways to solve this-
    Peace through Peace (duh) or
    Peace through extreme violence of WW 3.

    Those 100 or so cult leaders sure played some of their cards in 2020, 2020 clear sighted vision.
    Tossed a few more cards w/ Ukr. Now Gaza-

    It would be a good start to steer the Sheep away from the cliff. Are there ANY politicians/ military with the willpower and decency to start rounding up the 100 ? Or is that a job for super hero citizens ? Govern me harder Daddy has run its course don’t you think ?

    We can beat them just for one day
    We can be heroes just for one day

    We could steal time just for one day
    We can be heroes forever and ever
    What d’you say?

    We can beat them forever and ever
    Oh, we can be heroes just for one day

    And the shame was on the other side

    We’re nothing, and nothing will help us
    Maybe we’re lying, then you better not stay
    But we could be safer just for one day


    todays painting: Roy Lichtenstein Woman With Flowered Hat 1963

    It’s a fun mashup of Lichtenstein’s cartoon paintins + Picasso + Mondrian. Good stuff.

    Figmund Sreud

    And so, … more and more it is shaping to be that Middle East will become a war zone of Israel vs. Arabs as opposed to just war of Israel vs Hamas with generous help ( to Israel!) from the U.S. and it’s satraps ( trusted political followers) –
    a message that western MSM is insisting we all accept.

    ” Egyptian parliament met on October 19 and gave President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi the power to declare war against Israel, if necessary.”

    ”Jordanian King Abdullah II said, “The violent bombing campaign in Gaza is a collective punishment of a besieged and helpless population,” he said, calling it a “flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and a war crime.”

    “Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said on October 18, that any attempts to displace Palestinians from the West Bank to Jordan would be considered a declaration of “war.”

    The U.S. Has Betrayed Egypt Again


    Figmund Sreud

    Just an observation: Alastair Crooke, routinely, posts articles weekly on Strategic Culture and Al Mayadeen, … but not this week! Last time I saw him on vid, it was a week or so ago having his weekly discussion with Judge Napolitano, … and he looked like he was significantly sick. Hence perhaps, it’s a reason no posts this week, no live interviews.

    Anyway, … here is his latest article on Al Mayadeen – I’m posting it since I don’t recall seeing it TAE earlier ( fore give me if it was posted before). Snip first:

    In the pre-WW1 era, policy-makers (and markets too) ‘forged ahead’ — blissfully ignoring the rising danger that was accreting during the sleepy summer hiatus between the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and the outbreak of the War, five weeks later. (Markets, historically, almost never have anticipated the outbreak of conflict correctly).

    Some, of course, did understand that two heavily armed alliances were on a potential collision course. Opinion however (resonating with today’s consensus), had been heavily influenced by Norman Angell’s 1909 best-seller, The Great Illusion, arguing that war wouldn’t happen, because global trade and capital flows were too closely interlinked.

    Then it did. ( … bold added by moi)

    A 1909 best-seller said war couldn’t happen — then it did—-then-it-did



    One of the COVID things I’ve been keeping an eye out for is evidence that the mutations were laboratory derived (timed to keep the narrative alive, perhaps). Now there is a pre-print paper out from Japanese researchers who looked at the viral sequences of Omicron variants. What they expected to find was that the the patterns of what was conserved and what was novel in the viral RNA sequences would allow them order the variants in a timeline that would make sense; they should have been able to identify which sequence was the last one by finding a sequence that includes all the significant spike protein mutations except one – and this would then be the most recent mutation. Then they could work backward in time to find the second most recent mutation, etc. The work is complicated a bit by the fact there are always non-significant mutations in viral evolution, but they can account for this.

    The headline of their findings is this: they couldn’t confidently identify a plausible sequence of natural evolution that would have explained the viral sequence data in the global database. Instead, it looked like someone took a pretty complicated viral sequence as a starting point, and then, using known laboratory manipulation techniques for viruses, altered the sequence in 34 places independently (possibly releasing them at different times and places), as though to test the infectiousness and severity of illness resulting from each altered virus. In short, it looked like a test panel, not like anything that was the result of natural evolution.

    Here is the paper, “Unnatural evolutionary processes of SARS-CoV-2 variants and possibility of deliberate natural selection.”

    Here is a lay-person friendly discussion of the paper and its implications on Swinehood’s Remedy substack.

    Figmund Sreud
    Figmund Sreud

    … if graph does not show up in above, one can get it at:



    Karl Denninger of has updated his prior estimate that 3% will ultimately be “screwed by the Vax” in some significant, life-altering way.

    Well, the bad news is that the lower boundary looks to be around 4-5% now, with a centroid around 5-6%, or one in twenty. The high end is much worse — one in ten, or roughly three times where I put the center originally.

    That’s population-wide and yeah, that accounts for the people who said “screw you!”, took zero jabs and thus are unaffected. Seven in ten took at least two shots with 11% stopping after the first, which is a hideously serious safety signal that showed up immediately in refusal to take the second one — which must be presumed to not be an accident but rather refusal to complete the series due to serious and immediate adverse outcome.

    There is no accurate data I’m aware of that goes much beyond the first couple of months of 2023 but you can see that many went back for at least thirds by that point. That’s bad, particularly given what we now know about class-switching and, as it is apparently now coming out, widespread contamination both with DNA and SV40, which together are suspected to be quite-extreme cancer promoters.

    “Screwed”, by the way, means seriously and permanently impaired in terms of life functions or dead by the way. Not “annoyance” level things, even if reasonably serious. We’re talking cancers, permanent disability prohibiting you from working as you used to be able to (or even at all) from cardiac, circulatory or immune disorders, and of course winding up in a box.

    This won’t play out in full for another five to ten years and the economic impacts, if I’m right on this, are going to be extraordinary. 3% was bad and portended a serious economic dislocation in the offing over the next couple of years.

    I am now forced to expect at least double, and maybe triple that outcome.

    I don’t have an economic model for that. Contemplate erasing the entire population of NYC, LA and Chicago at the centerpoint and you’re close. Of course those are only the people inside city limits; Chicago, for example, has roughly 9.5 million in the metro area but only 2.7 within city limits. If the upper end of the band proves up to be correct add the populations of Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia and San Antonio to that.

    Unfortunately he doesn’t share his methodology for arriving at the new estimate, but he does point out that tax receipts are down significantly, beyond what one would expect for our “full employment, booming” economy.

    As usual, the article linked above will expire soon, so read it today if you’re interested (most of Karl’s postings roll off the blog after two weeks or so).


    this always cheers me up

    Mr. House


    None of the statistics are even close to reality these days with regards to the economy. They learned during covid they could lie out their teeth with statistics, so make of them what you will.

    Also, Yves Smith is a shrew and a liar 😉


    It’s Hump Day In America !

    So let’s celebrate Americas divisive diversity ! Presenting-

    America’s Smash Hits Countdown-

    1 Showers with Ahsley / Dear Diary and the Crackhead Fam

    2 Give the Jews what they want / The Tabernacle Swifty’s

    3 Dont Forget Ukraine / Azov bros feat. Volodymyr on grand piano

    4 Boost Up Baby / Billy G’s Fizzers

    5 No Time for Chill-dren / The UN Peacekeepers

    Honorable Mentions –

    – No Secrets on Epstein Island / The Mossads
    – Disinform Me Harder / USMC Transs Marching Band

    Stay tuned for next weeks Hit Countdown.


    “Unnatural evolutionary processes of SARS-CoV-2 variants and possibility of deliberate natural selection.”

    Everybody loves sarcastically-titled scientific papers!

    “they couldn’t confidently identify a plausible sequence of natural evolution that would have explained the viral sequence data in the global database. Instead, it looked like someone took a pretty complicated viral sequence as a starting point, and then, using known laboratory manipulation techniques for viruses, altered the sequence in 34 places independently (possibly releasing them at different times and places), as though to test the infectiousness and severity of illness resulting from each altered virus. In short, it looked like a test panel”

    Over and over. World shattering ground breaking news, each one about the notavax INDIVIDUALLY should topple every head of state, at least half elected officials, purge (fired) massive swathes of the bureaucracy, doctors delicensed, lawyers debarred, institutions abolished. This type of news OUGHT to result in these things. In a somewhat healthy civilization.

    I thought maybe a few white hats were releasing counter covids to innoculate people and that MAYBE there was some back and forth on that. But 34 does sound more like a test panel than a tit for tat “we have our counter-counter-counter-counter version to thwart you”


    …or was there a world war fought with virus iterations 2019-2023 under (inside of) everyone’s nose?

    Figmund Sreud

    It’s all about “pre-planned” and “reactive” US Navy and People’s Liberation Army Navy machinations, … in the Persian Gulf!

    ”The US Navy, for now at least, is not the preeminent naval force in the Gulf. That distinction now belongs to the 44th and 45th naval escort groups of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). The two groups, one of which has just arrived to take over from the other, have a total of six ships. Two are Type 052D destroyers equipped with YJ-21 hypersonic anti-ship ballistic missiles.

    There was some breathless reporting on how this was a takeover move by China: but as with the US movements above, it’s worth looking at what is pre-planned and what is reactive. The handover between the two groups was long planned as part of their established operating pattern in the region. Granted, this handover has now been extended (as in the case of USS Ford) but the total number of ships is not an immediate response to what is happening in Gaza.”

    Iran makes two moves, US carriers shift, and today China rules the Gulf
    It’s a lot like the start of a wargame – one modelling an Iranian war on the West


    Michael Reid

    the US is the biggest problem in this.
    As in the Ukraine,
    the US Government is promising to take a regional dispute
    and turn it into WW3,
    with scores of smoking nuclear-bombed cities
    across the globe.

    Doug Casey on the Middle East Conflict and What Comes Next

    Figmund Sreud

    No rest for the wicked: The US Navy has dispatched two unmanned surface vessels (drone ships) to its base in Japan as it looks to further deter China from exerting its influence in the northwestern Pacific region.



    Clever as a Fox

    Sometimes that works in your favor, other times, not so much.


    The Empire of Lies not only has no diplomacy.

    It has no capacity for diplomacy for at least a generation or until the Blood Drinking NeoConJobs Satanists die as a cohort, naturally or unnaturally.

    The Duh’merican Sheeple don’t care one way or another, they are oblivious not only to anything outside the border, but also inside the border.

    How could they be otherwise, they are Sheep masquerading as Humans.

    The systemic ritual humiliation they have had inflicted on them does not even move the dial of comprehension one iota.

    Not one.

    Their tolerance for humiliation on every level, physical, spiritual, psychological, knows no bounds.

    Duh’mericans have been lobotomized by media, by shiny objects dangled in front of them, by imaginary squirrels, flying or otherwise, hijacking, boosting their teeny tiny microscopic slug like attention spans to un-imagined worlds of trivia dead end diversion.

    The Revolution will Not Be Televised in the Empire of Lies because there will never be one in Duh’merica

    It will simply float away like mist on the meadow never to be heard from again.


    Take a good look around at the town , the country you no longer recognize. 1913, jewmoney took over. Take a real good look around, 110 years later, at what they have done.

    Michael Reid

    Alexander Mercouris

    Israel, Kiev Panic;
    Israel: UN SecGen Resign;
    China Russia Gain Ground UN;
    Kiev Avdeyevka Crisis

    Michael Reid

    Re Reading Landscape with David Holmgren

    Very interesting

    I was also fascinated at how attractive I found the lady being exposed to his ideas.

    Presently moving the wind array from the river valley to the top of the mountain

    Well it was a prototype and overdesigned so will work reorganized with less conductors and longer conductors due to moving to the hill top and lack of resources presently for more conductors

    The wind at the top of the hill can knock me off my feet

    The wind in the valley is so sheltered

    I wish everyone well

    Everyone seems to be getting cancer around here


    The Israeli Foreign Ministry has conveyed to Russian diplomats their “displeasure” with Moscow’s position on the conflict with Hamas in Gaza, the public broadcaster Kan reported on Tuesday citing anonymous sources. “Russia’s conduct and the remarks against Israel don’t correspond with the severity of the situation Israel is in, which is a state of war,” Israeli diplomats reportedly told their Russian counterparts.

    Note that they don’t expel the Russian diplomats, they cannot afford to do that at the moment, they need to pretend to be friends of Russians; the reasonable murdering Jews, not the unreasonable murdering Jews.


    Pierre Kory

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