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    Salvador Dali Self portrait 1921   • Musk Says He Bought Twitter For The Sake Of ‘Humanity’ (RT) • Twitter CEO, CFO, & Top Censor Escorted Ou
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    Alexander Stahel has a Ukraine flag on his twitter account! The Nazi!


    After a study revealing an income loss of 5.4% of India’s GDP due to heat waves, The Lancet has found that in India there was a 55% rise in deaths due to extreme heat. The Lancet study also noted that excessive heat also led to a loss of 167.2 billion potential labour hours among Indians in 2021.
    The loss of labour hours led to a loss of income which is equal to 5.4% of the country’s GDP, says research.

    It’s all about the money, right?


    Jim “Creamer” Cramer pimping Amazon stock.

    What a little bitch.



    The US has nothing left to offer the world – Putin

    Putin is one of the only major Leaders in the world.

    The Collective West is ‘lead’ by a senile muppet animated by the fist of the Military Industrial Mafia rammed up his ass.


    President Poop Pants cuts the cheese.

    • Saudi Arabia ‘Duped’ Washington On Secret Oil Deal

    That was easy



    Read more … Two main themes today.
    Humanity now basically has two paths it can pursue, – Putin stated.

    Lie – Peace

    Truth – Life, – Pain, War, Pestilence, Famine and Death
    Antonyms for Peace, 5 805 opposites of peace
    Listen to Putin,

    “Moscow has said it will not export oil to countries participating in the price cap.”

    ” Russia is ready to supply gas and oil to Europe, “if they don’t want it, it‘s their choice.”

    “The West has a blindness of superiority.” “Almost half a century later, the blindness Solzhenitsyn spoke of, openly racist and neo-colonial in nature, has become simply ugly, especially after the emergence of the so-called unipolar world.”
    A budget is a plan to spend money that you don’t have.


    The web is sending me Choices – jabs
    (Lie – Peace, Truth – Life, – Pain, War, Pestilence, Famine and Death,)

    You need both COVID-19 and flu vaccines to protect yourself from serious illness during the fall and winter.

    It’s especially important to keep up with your vaccinations if you have health conditions that make you clinically extremely vulnerable.


    Can I interpret the up-DOW to European money flooding into the market as it flees the European meltdown and potentially enlarging war?
    Has Armstrong’s “socrates” addressed this?
    Or is this a pumping scheme for political purposes?
    or something else?


    Not to take anything away from today’s excellent selections, this piece linked from ZH really “painted the whole picture” for me. The role of HATE is revealed with blunt force. We are not an Empire of Lies, we are the Empire of HATE and Lies. The hate part is the essential ingredient in all of this and should not be left out.

    “Through Winston’s ordeal, the reader comes to understand the mindset of the Elite; they must first gain power over the masses:

    He paused and signed to the man in the white coat. Winston was aware of some heavy piece of apparatus being pushed into place behind his head. O’Brien had sat down beside the bed, so that his face was almost on a level with Winston’s.

    […] ‘The real power, the power we have to fight for night and day, is not power over things, but over men.’ He paused, and for a moment assumed again his air of a schoolmaster questioning a promising pupil: ‘How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?’

    Winston thought. ‘By making him suffer,’ he said.

    Exactly. By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.

    They must strip humanity of self-worth:…..”

    Your response to the small things – matters. These are tangible expressions of humanity and builders of the Spirit, a display of self-worth, alive and at work in the world if you want it! Celebrate the rising sun. Watch golden leaves flutter in the wind. Lick the dog. Smile at a stranger. Call your customer for no reason. Go sit on the sunny front porch at work. The stars are up there even at 7 AM, who are the last ones to leave for the new day? This is your HOMEwork. Just for you sweetHEARTS.

    LOVE to All.

    Revolver being re-relased today. Would like to hear it. Original version here:


    Clarification: We are not FIGHTING an Empire of Lies, we are FIGHTING the Empire of HATE and Lies. The hate part is the essential ingredient in all of this and should not be left out.


    inquiry into emergencies act
    The Emergencies Act sets out the terms for cabinet to set up the inquiry. It says an inquiry must be held “into the circumstances that led to the declaration being issued and the measures taken for dealing with the emergency.” A report must be tabled in each House of Parliament by Feb. 18, 2023.

    Trudeau refused to meet/talk/listen with the freedom convoy protestors and as a result, the freedom convoy stayed longer than the expected weekend demonstration.


    I’ve been reading Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle of late. It took me 3 tries to get into, but after several chapters I found myself eager to return to it while I did the exercise bike each day.

    I have a spouse that insists that the past was rosier than now. The more I study the past, the more I see the same sorts of corruptions in the past as now. Sure, the specifics shift around and technology changes, but there is more similarity than difference. I believe that his view is factually incorrect.

    It does seem that the socialist-related fights circa 1900 in Chicago and elsewhere in the US created broad cultural changes: child labor was nearly outlawed, the expectation of universal education, the expectation that individuals are not paid for their vote, the expectation (and law) that ingredients be listed on food and drug labels, the requirement that employers shoulder the full burden of injuries occurring at the job-place, that there be a “minimum wage” or “living wage,” that there be some sort of “safety net” to catch those who are discarded in capitalism’s endless game of musical chairs, universal “old-age” and disability pensions, etc. With the 1950s came broad prosperity and a burgeoning middle class. “Socialists” and “socialism” were rooted out and essentially destroyed, but the policy and cultural changes that they brought were widely adopted and became the expectations of the growing middle class.

    (There may be endless debates regarding the education of children — those debates were even going on in
    Plato’s time — however, I find the current systems in place for children’s education to be much better than for children to receive no formal education and to be working from age 3-5 for pittance wages paid to parents.)

    Regardless of how they are administered (through public or private or hybrid means) I suspect that most folks would agree that it is desirable that we have an economy where any who are interested in work can find work up to 40 or so hours a week that affords them a reasonable standard of living, that they may obtain healthcare (in whatever form that they prefer,) that children be educated rather than forced to work (with parents directing this education as they see fit,) that employers should bear the costs and financially support those injured on the job, that food and drug labels be transparent so that purchasers know what they put into their bodies, that voting be without coercion nor remunerated, etc. Most of the arguments in these areas stem from how these concepts are applied, or who controls the application. It is not usually culturally acceptable to state that the disabled should be left to starve, that in-the-job injuries are the responsibility of the employee foolish enough to get injured, that children should be expected to work for wages to “earn their keep,” etc., although these ideas have — at times — been a part of the the cultures of some human societies (even in the histories of current societies.)

    I find it interesting to explore how it came to be that many of the ideas championed by socialists 120 years ago have become incorporated culturally while (at least in the US) socialism itself became a hated term. Did US culture absorb “the good parts” of socialism, discarding “the bad parts?” That is one way to look at it. There are other ways to frame what occurred. Simultaneously, if we view the past through rose-tinted glasses we may see an idealized past — something like a Thomas Kincaid painting— and believe that we can dismantle the laws that supported the cultural changes that I’ve mentioned without returning to the dregs of life described by Upton Sinclair and Charles Dickens and others. But that Thomas Kincaid painting is no more reality than are Pablo Picasso’s later paintings when he incorporated multiple perspectives into one painting.

    We need the Constitution, and we need laws that set out generally agreed upon moral and cultural standards. (Granted: the vast majority of laws do not do this — partly because many bills passed are dealing with necessary mundanities of governing, partly because human government and corruption are close bedfellows.) When the populace is generally following agreed upon moral and cultural standards by choice and desire, then appropriate laws fall lightly upon them. Corrupt laws and inappropriate laws fall heavily on them, and this heaviness will (eventually) cause the populace to insist that the heavy law be changed. Powerful players are endlessly trying to manipulate this system for their own benefit…


    I listened to the Robert W. Malone presentation last night while working on a household repair (I’m subscribed to his substack). It crystallized an understanding of something that has been bothering me for some time: clearly, a large section of the federal public health administration is knowingly pushing a malicious and dangerous product onto the public. How are they rationalizing that to themselves? Malone thinks it is because they have been told/convinced by the intelligence/military that THIS MUST BE DONE to mitigate the risk of biological warfare agents. That is, we have to have a rapid response platform approved and generally accepted by the public to counter an inevitable attack. He takes pains to say that he’s not condoning that view, but it is important to understand that those in power may hold that view. I certainly don’t condone it. I think the whole idea of the DOD playing with viruses is bat-shit crazy, and way more likely to get us in trouble than any other route.

    It reminds me of something that Catherine Austin Fitts has brought up in her interviews: how do you get people to go along with evil? Her answer is that you need two things: you need to give them a cover story that they can hide behind (we’re proactively defending you against unspecified biowarfare threats), and you give them a piece of the action monetarily. I think both of those conditions are satisfied at the CDC.


    This must be the last time they got him in a straightjacket. As they say, it all went downhill from here. What a man. RIP.


    Looking around at all the world’s “leaders”, I can only find one who seems to be a Statesman, who really is for his people and his country and is not a puppet of the power brokers. I wonder how we can get one? They bumped off Bobby before he could get a real toe hold.


    Afewk (shortened name, apologies) wrote about climate change prev..

    In Switz. 90% or more believe in global warming, because they have seen it and felt it themselves, it has been that rapid! I use the term G-W, as ‘climate change’ was a later description to (imho) confuse the issues.

    Sure, that is ‘local weather’ from a postage stamp country 🙂

    (Pers. anecdote) I will remember the 2003 heatwave forever. I lived in the countryside and regularly took a long journey bus. At the top of the heat wave (look it up, a lot of French and Italian ppl and others died, not so much in Switz) we were driving slowly thru a devastated landscape, trees with no leaves, crops dying, a stark landscape, several ppl had silent tears running down their faces, some ppl bowed down and prayed, an end-times feeling gripped us all. One child started to sing, wobbly like.

    Recovery was possible – a lot of the vegetation had to be replaced – Life went on.

    About a year ago the CH Fed. site stated that GW had upped CH temps by 2.1 C degrees. Then it changed to ‘over slightly 2 D.’

    Compared to what?

    The original comparisons were to average 1961 > 1990.

    It is the WMO (1) that defines the period for comparison, thus applied by countries all over.

    Comme l’OMM (1) l’a conseillé, la période de 1961 à 1990 continue de servir de référence pour étudier l’évolution du climat à long terme.

    in F.

    So, this time period is now used only for long-term change, it used to be standard and used for all official nos. for current, ongoing change.

    The new comparison period is 1991 to 2020 !

    In CH, no *official* comparison is made back to 1850 (when solid official temp. measures were made, and industry took off.) For CH, from 1850 to today, imho the rise is 1.5, – 1.9 C.- a v. conservative est, on top of accepted comp. standard. The records are public, it is easy to calc.

    So around close to 4C since 1850… Note, CH is very subject to global warming: locked in a large continent, no sea breeze, high altitude, mountain terrain, which makes it vulnerable (ice melts impact everything, tiny tipping points) etc. Still, that is huge…

    The point is that ‘offical figures’ are meaningless, and worse than useless to those who want solid nos, such as farmers, urban landscapers, builders, scientists, etc.

    1. World Meterological Organisation


    Iranian youth step it up.

    Armenio Pereira

    It truly would be a blessing if humans could definitively eschew the ludicrous – and sometimes outright dangerous – delusions about making the world – and, by extension and sheer hubris, the Universe – a “better” place, because:
    a) The many agonistical views on what “better place” means and how to get there recurrently end up in tragic and widespread disputes.
    b) No one can improve an already perfect thing.

    Having said that, I grok this is only wishful thinking, because humans are not here to improve an iota, but simply to be what everything else is: an agent of change, a figment of The Everlasting Dissatisfaction.


    Mind control.

    Several months ago I encountered a woman in the street who had come to my house several times to play bridge. She had also come to me for help when she had a problem, and I had helped her. On the occasion I refer to, the matter of rising fuel prices arose: she blamed Putin.

    I pointed out that fuel price rises had nothing to do with Putin, and that Putin was the person most likely to cause the removal of the psychopaths who were (are) misleading us.

    The next time I saw her in the street I said, “Good morning C…”

    She turned her back on me and walked away.

    Treat her as a total stranger these days

    My neighbour complained to me that she could see the truth signs that I had in my garage from her kitchen window. I told her to look elsewhere; there were plenty of places to look other than into my garage. This is the neighbour whose cats I fed whenever she went away, and who came to me for help when she had a serious leak in her kitchen. I spent the best part of a day helping her with that

    Next thing, she was attempting to put an old bed frame and pits of car body onto the fence, to block out the truth from her line of view..

    I told her I would knock them down if she stuck bits if car body and bedframes on the fence.

    She then stuck a poster of ‘The Scorpion’ (Adern) in the window. I was not impressed but ignored the taunt.

    A few days later, I hear banging, as some of her friends erect additional posts and a sheet of metal on the fence. During that altercation I was physically threatened, so called the police.

    Interestingly, no police were available; many had been transported to Wellington to bash anti-government protesters over the head with batons and punch them etc.

    Eventually a policemen arrived. I described the saga.

    He agreed that I could put truth signs wherever I wanted on my property, and through he couldn’t say it, knew I was absolutely right about the ‘vaccines;\’ being fake and dangerous. He later followed up the violence threats.

    My last communication with the nutty neighbour was to tell her that she could attempt to block the truth, but it will get her in the end.

    Around that time, a fellow bridge player whose house I had been invited to on numerous occasions for coffee, wine, chats etc. was about to leave home in his car. I saw nearby and approached to say hello.

    “Don’t come near,” he shouted. “You are not vaccinated.”

    “Nor are you, J.. It’s not a vaccine. No one is vaccinated.”

    Both J and his partner wore masks whenever they left home, the partner even when driving alone. Both got the jabs. I’m not sure whether it was two or three jabs when they both went down with Covid.

    I had to chuckle when I heard.

    During my final confrontation with the idiots at the local bridge club -who had demanded I be jabbed before allowing me to play! something i would NEVER DO- I asked the female partner if she had been jabbed. To which she relied yes. So I asked her why she was wearing a mask.

    I could spend the entire day recounting incidents of government-orchestrated lunacy and destruction. I don’t have the time. For the moment we don’t have discarded masks littering the streets. But who knows what madness the psychopaths in control will come up with next.

    Let’s put it this way. Just over 200 years ago, a gang of rapacious thieves and compulsive liars sent out agents to make claims in distant lands, with a view to extracting resources from them. It was a strategy that had been successful for the previous two hundred years or kore; subjugate and steal.

    Agents of the rapacious thieves and liars set up a fake government to oversee the extraction of wealth, and to encourage migrants to settle, to facilitate greater extraction of wealth.

    The fake government wrote fake laws to make the extraction of wealth easier. And the fake government wrote laws to keep the populace subjugated.

    The fake government went on to set up institutions to establish greater control of the general populace, and to brainwash the general populace into believing bullshit.

    A little later, fake institutions such as city councils, district councils and regional councils were set up to oversee the extraction of wealth and to promote local, national and international Ponzi schemes.

    Everything is Orwellian, and after two centuries of institutionalised looting and polluting the end of the road is near.

    The bulk of the populace, trained to shun truth and never do any independent research, still believes the bullshit churned out by ‘The Scorpion’ and other agents of the international gangs of thieves.

    However, the complete disconnect between what the agents of The Empire say and what people see is growing by the day. The fake government will lose control at some stage in the near future.

    It seems that full scale World War Three has been postponed.

    On the other hand, the war engaged in by the ‘government’ on the people and environment has been ramped up.

    Ten years ago I began to write ‘This will end very badly for everyone in my comments to NPDC’.

    It makes no difference how many times it is said [this will end very badly for everyone] because the bulk of the populace is totally mind-controlled. And many are now keeling over from the jabs. But that does not stop the psychopaths from promoting yet another round of jabbing. That suggests people keeling over from jabs is part of the plan.

    It is said that ‘The Scorpion’ has now acquired something like $30 million personal fortune in kickbacks and ‘investments’ in death and destruction. And with her/its personal wealth assured, she/it is ready to move on to the position at the UN that has been selected for her/it.


    “…people keeling over from jabs ….”

    I would expect to see advertisement for senior to go into retirement homes because there are vacancies.
    I would expect that doctors would know that their sr. patient are dying faster and that they can take more patients.

    I’m personally aware that friends/acquaintances are increasing getting health problems, way more often/severe than prior covid/vaccination.



    The real problem in measuring the degree of warming is that most of the warming is taking place in locations that do not have accurate long-term temperature data, i.e. the deep oceans and the vast tracks of land that make up Siberia and the Candian permafrosts.

    Whilst people think in terms of where they live, the temperature of a land mass can swing wildly, as air moves across it from a region with a very different temperature profile.

    We experienced such wild swings here [In the South Island of NZ] very recently. Warm air from the NW and a clear sky resulted in 26oC in the shade and 28o to 32o in the sun. A few days later it was down to 6oC, with an overnight of 2oC, as a SW air flow brough cold air from Antarctica. Snow on the hills.

    Reliable measurement from the depths of the oceans have only been available for about 30 years.

    Similarly, no one knows the temperature changes inside icesheets. But we do know that rain fell on the highest peak in Greenland last year, for the first time ever.

    This graph looks rather ominous


    The most dangerous decade in human history.

    John Day

    Biden and Harris will campaign for COVID-stroke-aphasic Pennsylvania Senatorial candidate John Fetterman after he failed to actually be able to debate his opponent, Dr Oz.

    At some point I have to wonder if the dems want to throw the blame for the crash on the repubs, and see it coming like a freight train.


    Confident and competent


    @ AFKNTT

    That sounds terrible the troubles with neighbours in NZ. Haven’t had the same experience at all here in Oz, slight craziness amongst family and friends a year or so ago but now they all change the subject embarrassingly if it is brought up. Hard to come to terms with the fact you were tricked and fell for it hook, line and sinker I suppose.

    Regarding the climate I think everyone is right. Looking at certain data and through certain paradigms you can reach a lot of different conclusions (perhaps the conclusion precedes the interpretation?), but the problem for me stems from the inherent complexity of the system, the limits of western scientific paradigms and therefore whether we can make accurate predictions. If the climate is warming, there will be winners and losers in a geographic sense, if it is staying the same ditto, if it is cooling ditto. The only way in which is really matters for most people is the best ways to adapt, which is why accurate predictions are so desired, but it’s always best to have a dollar each way.


    Waiting for the replies from other visitors of the site that would prove your recent assertion how the site “welcomes different ideas” or something to that tone.
    I had never had a confusion as what the Left is – the one you described in addition to folks manning barricades during the Spanish civil war, WWII resistance fighters and heroes in Europe or organizers of the resistance to Anglo-looters in South America. Latter being especially scolded for preventing us to have “our oil and minerals”.
    New “Left” is considered and accepted by the indoctrinated schmucks, as Antifa, BLM or ladies wearing pink vagina-like hats. Accepting that is the same as accepting that Lea Thomas is the young woman and why not in the upside-down world.

    Dr. D

    Twitter buy pretty normal: Secret Pre-buys to position, attempts to influence board instead, sets up the buy contract, tries to get discovery and re-negotiation on price, back and forth, one side gets the upper hand, run out of time, deal goes through. It was a good play to try to drop the price, but it didn’t work. Oh well, these things happen.

    Oh: and the press went bananas and called it crazy, using hyperbole = 11 with every comma.

    Twitter Leftists then break down and says “I’ll be first to be banned”. Banned? I thought it was all for free speech: Why on earth would Musk ban you when the whole POINT is he’s providing free speech? “Because that’s how this works.” What? Works for YOU, in YOUR world, the world of banning anyone you don’t like. Us normal people aren’t nitwit crybabies who ban bad words, more’s the pity for us.

    Cramer: “Bear Sterns is NOT going bankrupt! BuyBuyBuy!!!”

    Oh and the apes won big on Credit Suisse. NYT comes out and says “All rumors of trouble are nonsense, totally created by social media. (PS BuyBuyBuy)” Whoops! Stock smashed, bank run rumors all true: not that hard, only 5 days later. Thus another day of infamy in the NY Times. No wonder they dream of being North Korea: then we’d have no choice but to buy their paper.

    “Simplification and the erasure of any and all differences have become almost the essence of the modern West. What is behind this simplification?”

    Idiocracy, basically. Or as Orwell would say, “Newspeak”: the removal of all words and meanings such that you can no longer formulate intelligent ideas. Past tense. That’s why when Putin says clear, obvious things, no one can understand him.

    “But the English language had deteriorated into a hybrid of hillbilly, valley-girl, inner city slang, and various grunts. Joe was able to understand them, but when he spoke in his ordinary voice, he sounded pompous and “faggy” to them.” “…Joe was about to learn, that in the future, justice was not only blind, but had become rather retarded as well.” –Idiocracy, 2006

    Not an instruction manual.

    “Putin Says Russia Won’t Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine (Antiwar)”

    But the U.S. said they would. Weasel words before, but this week came open about it.

    “The G7 think they rule the world…”

    The Who?

    “his administration thought it had secured a secret deal for Riyadh to boost oil supplies. Instead, Riyadh did the opposite, leading OPEC in cutting output”

    Guess you should stop trying to assassinate MBS then, both in Riyadh, and in Vegas.

    Australia “did not have prior Covid as a reason for seeing this rise in mortality and hospital pressure from spring 2021”.

    I have wondered about the “Post-Covid” argument. I guess that settles it. Thanks, Australia.

    “When we hear that we are a country that stands for freedom and justice for everyone – it simply doesn’t apply to those who are not white”

    Yeah, except it doesn’t apply to those who are white either.

    Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own?”

    This is a great insight. And one used in mafias and other control like domestic abuse. You HAVE to keep something they don’t want always going on. Wouldn’t that be counterproductive? More likely to slip away and rebel? Well…maybe, but you have to have a warning light on two things: one, if they have thoughts, you’ll know, not default, because there’s always small tension, two, more importantly, IF they take action, they’ll take action against this more minor point first. Rather than putting a bullet in your head for something real. So he’ll try to keep you from taking his wife out for dinner every month, but NOT shoot you for the ongoing extortion racket.

    That’s true here as well. They WANT you to suffer, so they can track it, and the WANT outlets for the frustration, both positive (like a single Ron Paul), and negative (like groups filled with FBI informants). Ask Winston all about it, that’s practically 100 years ago now.

    “Trudeau refused to meet/talk/listen with the freedom convoy protestors and as a result, the freedom convoy stayed”

    Everyone throwing everyone under the bus. Ottawa pointing that he called an Emergency BEFORE TRYING to to talk? A wartime power??? Etc. Well, they deserve it. Each and every. They can all swing but won’t.

    Quite a variety of good things in the 1900s, the progressive reforms. Created the world we know today. However, like Lincoln, they wildly expanded the powers of government, and although it takes time that backfired horribly. (again) If they didn’t want it, they themselves should have not done it, instead of paying someone to crack heads and make them. But who would have known at the time? I mean, cranks like me would say Morgan would – and was – running government, but they accomplished the goals outlined, and the people were active and organized to make them…at first. If we had granges, odd fellows, town halls, bishops, and bowling clubs we could still hold them to account today. But we don’t.

    The Jungle isn’t untrue, but there were good times all over too and you could write a new, more horrifying “Jungle” today. Right down the street, I’m sure. And it’s hard to measure how MANY relatively poor mountain, farming, milkmen people had great times, compared to sad, lonely, and neglected but “healthy” people today. I don’t know. I don’t think quality it can be quantified.

    One thing that strikes me from “not socially acceptable” is true, but like in Little Women, or Angela’s Ashes, if you’re living hard with barely enough then giving or not giving is much less of a choice. We’re not used to thinking this way, that if I feed the neighbor’s kids when they come over, my kids will go hungry, but we’re about there now. Much less perfect strangers who also may have made bad choices. Do you put on your own oxygen mask first? Or not? What good will it do for both of us to be in a box? It always surprises me where I’m from that everyone seems to think we have limitless food and clothes lying around going to waste. So we can “just feed everyone” if we feel like it, but we’re selfish and don’t. Maybe that is true now, but I didn’t grow up with it. Limits and hardship are the human condition.

    How to allocate is also a constant, complex, and touchy problem. There’s the root assumption now that we always and ever do it according to “the law”. Why? It wasn’t that way for 5,000 years and it was accomplished by several other means. WE did it. US. Not somebody else. When we need that food and half is wasted in the welfare administration, that idea comes in handy. It says I can double the number of people fed in 10 minutes, but discussing that – and therefore feeding those 40M extra people – is “mean”. It HAS to be the government. Always. Never me, you, or anybody else. THEM. But them = us, with 50% overhead, and tons of corruption.

    Moral and cultural standards don’t need to be “the law”. “The Law” is supposed to be written in our hearts, and if it isn’t the John Law and the local Mayor sure ain’t gonna make it. There will be a “or else” be it shame, or law but one of them has wildly higher costs that are better spent elsewhere, and wicked backfires that blow up on us all.

    AFKTT, that’s a sad story and state of affairs. People don’t know what to do, ourselves included.


    @ Ilargi

    This must be the last time they got him in a straightjacket. As they say, it all went downhill from here. What a man. RIP.

    The man was a turning point for music. Off topic we have been enjoying the early Salvador Dali features which blow my mind considering later work.
    Thanks yet again.

    Dr. D

    I guess if we’re all no good sons of bitches, is the Law going to make us better somehow?

    Michael Reid

    Putin’s vision for the world


    @AFKTT: A sorry tale to be sure. Under similar circumstances, many have become increasingly reluctant to engage with those around them, which takes us nowhere good as a society. My experiences have not been nearly as bad, and even so, I must admit that I have been drifting into that “non-engagement” attitude myself.


    Only 4.5% of people eligible for an updated booster have gotten one so far

    From yesterday’s rattle. Is this not an improvement over the past? The people are waking up. A similar story is told with the under five jabs which are at something like 2%. I suspect that a lot of people are saying one thing and doing another: saying their kid is jabbed but the kid actually isn’t jabbed and there is no school to call them out. How else can they maintain their respected position in polite society?


    ‘People don’t know what to do, ourselves included.’

    I can only suggest putting into practice what Charles Hugh Smith has been advocating (as I have for 20 years).

    ‘Liberation in the real world is the result of self-reliance and investing in our own well-being.

    Liberation has many contexts. It can mean being freed from imprisonment or servitude, freedom from gnawing want or oppression, or being liberated from prisons of the mind.

    Note that the first form of liberation is external / material, the second is internal / psychological / spiritual. Many confuse the two, blaming an oppressive system for their unhappiness rather than their internal acquiescence to the system’s narratives and values.

    For many, liberation depends on the actions of others. If only we had different leaders, a different financial financial system, a different energy system, a different constellation of media, and so on–if only the powers that control our world were liberating rather than extractive.

    The other approach is to accept responsibility for our own liberation within the system as it is. Demanding those benefiting so handsomely from the system as it is currently configured relinquish their wealth and power is not going to re-order the system when those benefiting from the system 1) have every incentive to devote all available resources to maintaining it as it is and 2) have an unshakeable belief that the system is so powerful (the state, the party, the central bank, etc.) that nothing could possibly destabilize their comforts, conveniences, wealth and power….


    Climate is definitely changing. Climate will always change until the sun stops changing. I know this from personal windsurfing observations: Boracay is no longer as windy as it used to be, Penghu is no longer as windy as it used to be. The issue is that more depressions occur around the Philippines and those depressions push the monsoons into new places, causing the reliable monsoon winds in Boracay and Penghu to be reduced and less reliable.

    AGW is a way of blaming us poor proles for this change, as if humans were as powerful as the sun. AGW is being used to strip you of your standard of living, the sackcloth and ashes crowd support it, the rest of us know it is yet another globalist scam, like Covid, to strip us of what we have. Like the crowd that says we should stop eating meat and eat insects instead (rather than feed insects to the chickens) to save the world, there are gullible people around who will believe this shite rather than see it for what it is. People are their own worst enemies, too many people believe that punishing themselves somehow fixes everything, basically a religious belief in karma.


    AFKTT said

    Liberation in the real world is the result of self-reliance and investing in our own well-being.

    Firstly, nobody in the modern world can be self-reliant. Connecting to the internet, for example, makes you dependent on others. The only option for self-reliance is to wander into a dessert, where you are not even dependent on the police or land ownership laws, and be self reliant: back to caveman existence.

    Stating that liberation is not achieved through investing in one’s own well-being is meaningless. Everybody on this earth is constantly investing in their own well-being. Helping others is investing in one’s own well being as is selfishness. This is a meaningless statement.


    Dow is high.
    Lots of people bought high.
    Lots of people sold high.
    Fools are everywhere


    About all the ‘just died suddenly” phenomenon going on daily around the country.

    I am now seeing regular ‘just died suddenly” deaths in young people in my town and the surrounding towns. High school students and twenty somethings.

    No cause given. ‘Just died suddenly” like that explains it.

    Glad they made a documentary about it.

    Died Suddenly

    Official Trailer – Streaming November 21st



    Slaves to authority those Teutonics.

    They will blame 60,000 excess deaths on RussiaRussiaRussiaRussia.

    Good luck with that Gunther

    Michael Reid

    Vladimir Putin Meets with Members of the Valdai Discussion Club. Transcript

    Dr D Rich

    I think the European Mortality Monitoring Project and WHO intend to convey the following message with its release of child mortality statistics during the Pandemic:

    “Public shame to the parents and eternal damnation to the adults who enamored by their own pants-shitting anxiety, propagandized by Fauci et al to think COVID a mountain rather than an ordinary flu mole hill and brainwashed to think clapper bells, quarantine and mass social isolation failed to contemplate the prospect for the following disaster.”

    On the heels of the 45% increase in mortality among U.S. 18 to 45 year olds, read the following and weep.

    “Official mortality figures collated by the European Mortality Monitoring Project using data provided by 29 European countries reveal that ever since the EMA first approved the Covid-19 vaccine for children, excess deaths among 0-14-year-olds have been recorded on a weekly basis.

    The increase in deaths has been so drastic, that by 18th September 2022, excess deaths among children were 630% higher than the five-year average, with a 755% increase in 2022 alone.”

    “Because if we in America ((anywhere)) have reached the point in our desperate culture where we must murder children, no matter for what reason or what color, we don’t deserve to survive and probably won’t.” ― Timothy B. Tyson on Emmett Till’s murder

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