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    @Polemos Are you the Polemos who often comments on The pro AGW commenter.


    aspnaz, Yes, and I was also the Polemos who posted on but no longer.

    I’ve been unable to do anything more than read and sleep for the past year due to a job that required ten to twelve hours each day, nine days a week, but I’ve quit that job, been catching up on my book and Internet reading, been cleaning up other bad habits. I’m rusty with writing. Don’t have another job yet, but looking. In the meantime, trying not to get too carried away with fluffing my nutter online.

    Also, thank you for the comment there. I appreciate that.


    Dr D said

    Since clearly this is not about it “working” then there is another reason. A short look at it shows they reserve the right to sink all ships. So we’re not in a war, there’s no declaration of war, but anybody who even sympathizes with “Them” will be blown to h—l and sunk on the high seas, all men lost. Uh-huh. Sounds like “not a war” to me! And how dare you declare war on us after we sunk your ships? (Moskva)

    Very interesting point, they are constantly covering their tracks with lies. The NATO owners want a war but they know that the NATO people will not fight a war, just look at the problems they have finding enough people to fight for Ukraine, and they are paying them mercenary rates. NATO is using up its credibility at a rate faster than the CDC, but as we have seen with the CDC sponsoring more “gain of function” research with EcoHealth, there is no stopping these corrupt organisations using the existing system, a new system will have to stop them and remove them and the participants.

    The government only gets away with this because they have so many thugs working for them. If the people were to rebel, so that the people had more thugs, then we could stop the corrupt government. Life is all about how many thugs you have, civilisation is a fantasy.


    “The United States declares war on Russia, Germany, the Netherlands and France”

    This article shows how weak Germany actually is. It has no friends and any power it had in Europe will soon be gone.

    Hungary and Poland have been given a hard time by the EU in recent years. It is well known that Soros wants regime change in these countries and I am never quite sure how much influence he has in the EU.

    Hungary and Poland seem to have sorted themselves out in term of gas supplies for this winter, so two fingers to the EU.


    John Day said

    My current ‘feel’ is that the Russian forces have orders from high above to conserve forces and to let go of land and retreat when the pressure becomes big enough and severe Russian casualty numbers are likely.
    ​ ​Why were such orders given? What are the plans behind them?

    Putin is a student of history, so I suspect he is waiting for the energy crisis to bite Europe. Why waste good men on a fight for nothing when waiting a few months will see loads of other problems that will distract the European leaders. Europe is destroying itself and Putin, by withdrawing, gets to keep his prizes while the Ukraine army digs deeper into high risk positions. Looking at it from the opposite perspective, if Putin were to put up a big offensive, what would he win? He has the regions he wanted, now he just has to wait for the European collapse …. of course, NATO is desperate for him to stand up and fight so that they can knock him out before winter. Putin’s main concern will be selling his strategy to the Russian people, but Putin has a lot of points in the bank, so he will win that battle as well.


    @zerosum: Re your link to “Where the Fuck Did Everybody Go”, I have asked myself this exact question numerous times in a couple of different ways: 1) If all-cause deaths were much higher than normal but this fact was not publicized, would anyone notice/know? Or 2) How much would an increase in all-cause deaths have to rise to become noticeable to most of us? This is the first time I’ve seen anyone else asking these questions.

    V. Arnold

    Raúl Ilargi Meijer
    Lovely painting; but something seems off about the lighting…

    Moon center above the frame?!

    Yes, that fixes it nicely…thanks…

    Sweden Seizes Evidence at Baltic Sea Pipeline Leak Site
    By JAN M. OLSEN, Associated Press

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Sweden’s domestic security agency said Thursday that its preliminary investigation of leaks from two Russian gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea “has strengthened the suspicions of serious sabotage” as the cause and a prosecutor said evidence at the site has been seized.

    The Swedish Security Service said the probe confirmed that “detonations” caused extensive damage to the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines last week. Authorities had said when the leaks off Sweden and Denmark first surfaced that explosions were recorded in the area.

    The agency, which said what happened in the Baltic Sea was “very serious,” didn’t give details about its investigation.

    But in a separate statement, Swedish prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist said “seizures have been made at the crime scene and these will now be investigated.”
    Ljungqvist, who led the preliminary investigation, did not identify the seized evidence. Ljungqvist said he had given “directives to temporarily block (the area) and carry out a crime scene investigation.”

    Now that the initial probe is completed, a blockade around the pipelines off Sweden will be lifted, he said.



    Russia still does not fully control a single oblast in Ukraine (or in the annexed territories), Russia “regrouped” out of: Kyiv, Suny, and Chernihiv, Russia barely has toeholds in Kharkiv and Mykolaiv after “regrouping” and Russia has almost lost full control of: Luhansk due to “regrouping.”

    On Tuesday, Sash was on Russian state TV giving an “truthful update”. Note commentary on the Kreminna-Svatove area.

    On Wednesday the following rumor, likely Russian, was circulating. (Hohol is racial slang Derived from the typical rural Ukranian haircut of the 19th century: a shaved head with a “hohol”- a single strand of hair hanging to the side.)

    Briefly about the situation in the Kreminna-Svatove area. Hohols completed the regrouping and concentrated forces
    near the village of Pershotravneve. Forces from Kupyansk approached there and joined with those troops that were operating in the Lyman area. The forces are large, a lot of
    equipment, including Caesars. The bulk of the equipment is new armored vehicles of Western and Turkish production. The main goal is a concentrated strike on Svatove, with the attempted actions towards Kreminna. Hohols, by the way, disperse rumours that the main strike is planned for Kremeninna and post videos with the alleged concentration of
    equipment and personnel, which, logically, should be used for Kreminna, but in my opinion this is not so. The attacking formations of the enemy are aimed at Svatove and most likely the offensive will take place no later than tomorrow.

    Today, Pro-Russian authorities in Luhansk have acknowledged that the situation is “alarming” in the town of Svatove due to the advance of the Ukrainian counter-offensive. An attack on the road between Svatove and the city of Kreminna would reduce the supply capacity of Kremlin troops deployed in eastern Ukraine.

    Regarding the mobilization of these 200k call ups. Source is Ukrainian, so take away what you want. Doesn’t seem they they are ready for prime yet.

    Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov: “We have precise information from our Turkish partners that Russians tried to order 200 thousand flak jackets and 500 thousand sets of winter clothes through third countries. It means that they have a problem with this.”


    And Solovyov continues to lament.


    AFKTT says…
    “Any action taken to reduce the speed of overheating taken at this late stage in the game will have miniscule effect: the action needed to have been taken shortly after the ‘problem’ was clearly identified, i.e. in the late 1960s.”
    But as you know the actions being proposed by the consensus view of the time ( for fun let’s call it 97%) would have included covering the poles with carbon black to mitigate the foreordained approaching ice age.

    You are obviously a smart person with deep knowledge that has created strong beliefs developed decades ago and you have defended these beliefs so many times that your reactions have become little more than canned responses that require very little new thought or consideration on your part. But I wonder.
    Your beliefs on CO2/AGW were formed 3,4 maybe 5 decades ago. You’re aware of wide variety of projections proposed by the leading climate scientist. You probably formed your own expectations and made your own predictions. But do you ever truly reevaluate your beliefs in light of mainstream climate science’s dismal record of correlation to empirical reality? Do you ever say to yourself ‘Ok a lot of time has gone by since I formed my beliefs on global warming cause and effect; have thing gone the way I thought they would?’
    Hopefully I’m not coming across as a dick. It’s definitely not my intention. I agree with a lot of your positions on a variety of subjects but I do find your dogmatic views of all things CO2 and your intolerance and dismissiveness of alternate points of view very off-putting. Personally I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and let their theories, models and predictions play out in real time to produce empirical evidence one way or another. As such, nothing I have seen convinces me of any climate emergency.



    (It was getting too hot for Hunter)
    Biden’s marijuana pardons a step toward racial equality, advocates say
    Biden offers pardons for pot possession, signals deeper reform for U.S. cannabis laws

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