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    Marc Chagall The Smolensk newspaper 1914   • Ukraine Will Retake Crimea In A Year – Ex-US General (RT) • Ukraine’s Top General Doesn’t Rule Out “
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    Dr. D

    Edit blew up with “Duplicate reply” again.

    Dr. D

    “Trump Walks in Front of Queen Elizabeth, Causing … Social media Frenzy” – 2018

    (Just kidding)

    This was after Britain was fully outed as rigging the U.S. election with Steele et al., an act of War. What do you think they talked about? Golf and their grandkids? Or maybe, “Miss, your dogs appear to have got off the chain…”

    Why did Cheeto have such bad ettiquette? Because he’s saying: “I don’t respect you or concede to women of nations at war with us, and trying to topple ours. …Again.” Like every 40 years since 1776. I expect what was discussed were terms of surrender. That is, we Yanks decline to nuke Leeds as we usually would, pretend not to know about MI6 election-rigging, don’t collapse London banking interests with the resulting discrediting, buying them time, and then they have to stand down certain attacks they have at the ready, like BLM riots and civil wars. No repeats of their 1860 arrangements. This was brokered through, and dependent on, the Queen, who doesn’t need to be tossed out in her 90s as a matter of courtesy, but also practicality. But the queen is dead and that truce is probably over. We’re not trying to have a direct shooting war with Britain, that’s hard to explain to the people, we just get things back in order.

    P.S. while he was there, an assassination attempt was probably made. Of course. Via light aircraft. Three Sec Agents accidentally died of “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” stopping it. Totally unrelated of course bc nothing happened. Officially. Or ever does. Officially.

    Speaking of: they finally got around to asking Biden’s Press Secretary, “since questioning the election results is sedition, why were you involved in a 4-year seditious conspiracy back in 2016?” (Not the best Dore)

    Follow up question: “Since it’s okay to question the 2016 results, is it now okay to question the 2020 results?” …We expect the reporter will be released from Guantanamo any day now.

    Dr. D

    Like today’s RT video, Because: Climate, obviously every word from that is a lie.

    “”Really a Desperate Time”: Summer Drought Wreaks Havoc across Northeast Farmland”

    Really? That sounds serious!

    Wait: Rhode Island is in drought? Only? A State the size of a county? And no where else in the “Northeast” that extends from say Ohio to Maine to Mauntauk has drought at all?

    Here, let’s re-frame the map this way: From Minnesota to Louisiana, from Maine to Florida – excluding Boston and Rhode Island – the crops are WONDERFUL. No problems at all.

    Therefore, media: “We’z all gonna dieeeeeee!!!!!” (Buy your copy today!)

    Too bad they don’t place bets to put their money where their stupid mouth is, because they’d be flat broke in no time and leaving the rest of us alone in peace. Discredited as the constant midgets they are.

    “Vladimir Putin called out NATO’s expansion into Russia’s borders back in 2007.”

    What this tells me is, a lifetime of work, 20 years: no impact on causing the citizens of the West to learn the simplest facts. The bubble is airtight. Pan-universal, all-encompassing propaganda, hallmark of fascism. Why? If you were doing the moral right, there would be no need to lie or protect from the opinions of others. The fact it exists proves your moral wrong.

    “Ukraine’s top military chief has warned that Russia could unleash nukes if its army is against the ropes in Ukraine.”

    They are losing so they are planning another false flag. Not with chemical weapons this time, probably they signed that away with Russia not going full-bore on the covid/bioweapons testing on Ukrainian citizens thing.

    “Zelensky Is Literally Selling Ukraine to Wall Street Corporations (Norton)”

    They did. People and children already sold for human experiments, women sold in sex trafficking. Land sold to Monsanto. Gold stolen on a plane to London in 2014. Hallmark of fascism: offensive wars of expansion. They must re-hypothecate all Ukraine or die.

    How has no one collapsed yet? Europe has no economy, no gas, and Ukraine has no men. I’m pretty patient, but this is ridiculous.

    “The bloc, meanwhile, has accused Russia of weaponizing energy supplies.”

    Like this. The nonsense never ends. YOU shut off YOURSELF. And still booking conference rooms with no army.

    “This is a flexible, firefighting approach which allows the Ukrainians to advance into vulnerable positions so that they can be destroyed.”

    This is normal, and has been running six months. Why have the Ukrainian tactics not adjusted?

    “@WallStreetSilv: They seriously are going to get the rest of the world to quit using the US Dollar with their arrogance on this issue.”

    Yes, it ends the empire, and then we win. So there is half the mechanism trying to do this, and half trying to prevent it.

    Ukraine Faces Winter Food Shortages – Economist (RT)”

    “Ukraine” does? Sure, “somebody else”? Somewhere else? Them? No: us.

    “More than 2.3 million tons of corn, wheat, barley and other agricultural products were reportedly exported through the Black Sea”

    That’s one ship or something. But note as reality doesn’t sink in, Russia owns the entire Black Sea. Ukraine will export nothing without their permission.


    Next on deck: SUDS (sudden uterine dislocation syndrome). Not to worry, however, as ob/gyn experts say, “this happens sometimes.”


    Open sources claiming Izyum and Lyman retaken. Russians by and large retreating from the area. Could be a trap?

    Anyway, if Ukrainians did take Lyman then the Russians will have a problem counterattacking at Kupyansk, because it’s seems they are short on troops to secure the regions they have taken.


    From “Zelensky selling Ukraine to Wall Street Corps”:
    “…- that is to say, that foreign corporations are free to come and exploit…”
    “…stunt with an editorial in the Wall Street Journal imploring US capitalists to “Invest in the Future…”
    Not limited to Ukraine. This is OUR world too.



    Retired vs Active
    Opinions vs actions


    Genocide: (must also include the elimination of births/reproduction to be effective)
    racial killing · massacre · wholesale slaughter · mass slaughter · wholesale killing · indiscriminate killing · mass murder · mass homicide · mass destruction · annihilation · extermination · elimination · liquidation · eradication · decimation ·
    Ukraine announces ‘filtration’ for civilians
    State police say a “reckoning” is coming for pro-Russian residents of “de-occupied” town
    “cutting off your nose to spite your face”
    The energy flow was “unilaterally stopped by Ukraine,” Rogov clarified, adding that the plant’s capacity to power areas under Kiev’s control remained. “They deliberately refrain from receiving electricity,” he said.

    Only one of the facility’s six power units is currently operational at the station, according to Rogov. Kiev is deliberately trying to disable the plant, despite it being especially harmful to the Ukrainian economy, he added.
    September 10, 2022
    Ukraine – Battle Of The Izium Bulge?
    Here is the latest from the Izium front where a Ukrainian counterattack made a deep push into Russian held lines.

    The map shows 5 Ukrainian brigades within the bulge the Ukrainian forces have formed to the north of Izium. Several more brigades are pushing up from the south of Izium. With about 3,000 men per brigade this is a major force of some 30,000+ soldiers plus likely reserves.
    Should the Oskil Reservoir be rebuilt after the war?
    One of the biggest changes in the environment caused by the russian-Ukrainian war was the destruction of one of the gates of the Oskil Reservoir in the Kharkiv region on April 2.
    That is, this reservoir is directly related to the water supply of the vast majority of the population of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. By the way, the final destination of the canal is Mariupol.

    Thus, the stability of the further operation of the canal and water supply in the Donbass region is under threat – this is the main perspective from which this issue is considered by public authorities. Water supply in the Donetsk region is currently a matter of particular concern not only for the Donbass Water Company, but also for the United Nations World Health Organization. Millions of Ukrainians are deprived of drinking water, including Ukrainian citizens of the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.


    The RT segment features Piers Corbyn. He is notable in that UK betting shops banned him for betting on the weather, usually a prediction about the coming winter!

    There is a publication in the US called Old Farmers Almanac. It has collected data about the weather and possible influences for over 200 years and used it to create a sophisticated model for predicting weather for the year ahead. Apparently with about 80% accuracy.

    There are at least 7 cycles which determine the climate. The longest is the Sun moving round the Milky Way, especially through the spiral arms. Next are the Milankovitch cycles (orbit, tilt, and ‘wobble’), length of cycles from 26,000 years to 100,000 years.

    Shorter scale influences include the the moon, number of sunspots, and oceanic oscillations.

    Piers Corbyn is one of the few to actually use science to predict long term weather rather than the ‘fortune teller’ approach : ‘Something bad will happen, but we can’t say what, where or when’. Eventually something bad WILL happen and they ‘Aha, told you’!


    Death of Elizabeth.

    Great Britain….King Charles and Liz Truss! Liz Truss will not be PM for long, imho. It is even possible BoJo might make a comeback..?

    The democratic’ ‘collective West’ systems are quaking and teetering, and nowhere more so than in Britain. 1.

    Charles however will probably be active for at least another 10 years.

    He is far from the somewhat What-Ho bumbling amiable figure many imagine. He is a mover, player, actor, in the Great Reset Schwabian mold, but in his case it all looks like re-establishing an Empire via more ‘modern’ ways, i.e. globalist, net-worked, without direct territorial conquest, with a large part played by digital means.

    (Bojo followed this line marginally, but was more traditionalist, in the sense of focussing on physical Trade, and Trade Deals – Idk what he understood..)

    article, CHARLES’ EMPIRE: THE ROYAL RESET RIDDLE, by blogger winteroaks, April 15, 2022, lays out a lot of the details of Charles’ actions.

    Charles’ empire: the royal reset riddle

    1. The throning of Truss shows that the ‘party’ system in a ‘democracy’ – here, GB, a constitutional monarchy with a ‘parliamentary democracy’ (election of representatives) plus some ‘devolved’ authorities (Scotland, N. Ireland, Wales – an organizational mess, in part the vestiges of Empire) – is now fully a sham, in the grip of domineering, financial, Corporate, foreign and other interests, and will not, in any way, serve the interests of the ppl. Not new of course …but becoming more obvious. Cheap energy and ‘glorious perpetual growth’ affords rights to many, when that starts to stutter, sink, the political system has to change, either via calculation by the PTB (re-set) or jarring unexpected events.


    Some good and pertinent and obvious questions asked by Dr. D today.

    Also, in the interest of keeping meanings of words clear, because without clear meanings it’s difficult to truly communicate: when one entity attacks and harms or kills another entity, that’s not “suicide”, as so many commentators keep claiming.

    rectification of names

    TAE Summary

    You are not a mouse


    bosco post, prev. thread: I still want to know why Putin embraces the vakzinational slaughter of his people by covidiotic crooks like Ginzburg, the Russian Fauci”. Some reason other than “he’s just another NWO stooge”; Putin practically IS the New World Order: he owns the guns and the gas to run them. (…) I haven’t heard one original thought on this topic anywhere I frequent that addresses Russia’s disastrous covid policies.

    Puzzling.. yes..

    The other telling example in the same direction is Israel.

    It is one of the most vaxxed countries in the world, for Jewish citizens. Palestinians were not offered vaxxes, were turned away, excluded, etc. Only the dominant ppl were offered, encouraged, maybe coerced, up to 2nd booster, to be vaxxed. If any country in the world was willing to protect its ‘native, adherents’ and kill off the sh*t scum (Palestinians) in a blatant way – and get away with it – it is Israel. Yet, the Isr. PTB jabbed Jews / a majority of Israeli citizens, rigorously, while refusing to injection to Pals.


    Because belonging to the club, the internationalist world, the mandatory trend, the best way forward, was to embraceo Big Pharma, accept their scam, and offer the ‘gold, best’ product (jabs) to the supportive base, the ethnic base, independently of whatever effect it might have.

    Not following some kind of Globalist Pharma scheme might be very detrimental, get one excluded from a world-wide politics —> fast. (see some African states..!) (In any case Isr. is subservient to the US.)

    Big Pharma and vax production are global, the companies (GSK, Pfizer, etc.) are international, the ppl who work in these cos. are from all over the world, and form a community, and these Cos. grip is strong. Russia produced a vax, Sputnik, to compete with the others on the international stage, as it could not be passive in this regard.

    Armenio Pereira

    From all the sinister “grannies” in the limelight (Lagarde, Bachelet, von der Leyen) Yellen is by far the most scary.

    scary granny



    Since there was no human trial before the newest “updated to omicron” injections were released, the only data available is anecdotal. Here is a quote from a member of my former choir:
    This is off-topic for choir but on Wed morning [husband] and I got our Moderna Omicron Covid booster shots along with our flu shots. We had sore arms but were fine at choir practice that night. Then came Thurs and whoa, the reaction hit – feeling feverish, achy and generally icky. Just a warning, you may have a similar reaction. I hadn’t had such a reaction to any of our previous Covid shots. [Husband] and I are feeling better today, still sore arms and a bit achy but not terrible and of course it’s worth it to be protected.

    I had breakfast with my 89-year-old friend yesterday. I don’t know whether or not she has had her omicron shot, but she had 4 other Covid Moderna shots. She is usually energetic. She has been feeling very weak and tired of late, and she suspects that her mind is slipping. (Although, I saw no evidence of such slippage, which I’ve seen in others in the past — I recognize it when I see it.) She blames it on her age. For the first time, she talked of how she now believes that her husband will outlive her (he is a few years younger, but has lost his mind due to pre-Covid strokes and is institutionalized in the same retirement community where she lives.). At her age it is hard to know the cause — but I know enough of these shots to suspect that whatever else may be going on, it is likely exacerbated by the side effects of the Covid “vaccinations.”
    We talked a little on politics. She is certain that if Trump becomes president again that the nation will go fully totalitarian, and the Jews will be rounded up and exterminated. (She is Jewish. So is my spouse.). I thought about a finding a way of illustrating for her that the Biden Admin has overt totalitarian characteristics, but she needed to leave shortly, and there wasn’t time to work that in. I think that she has been overly influenced by CNN.
    I find it common that fascism is equated with “Jew-hating.” I think that this is used as a mental shorthand, freeing the mind from fully analyzing fascism. Anyone who downplays the anti-Semitic characteristics of fascism can be accused of being an anti-Semite, so I find myself falling back on Hannah Arendt’s analysis…she was Jewish, and while she tracks the curve of anti-semitism in great detail, fascism scapegoats and “others” groups of people as a part of its propaganda and warped ideology — Jews were the largest group initially targeted because of various extant social trajectories and trends. And this “othering” was only one aspect of fascism, and not its raison d’etre. When people equate “fascism” with “anti-semitism” or “racism” (or with “Marxism”) they completely misunderstand what fascism/totalitarianism is, and then they don’t recognize when it rears its head in nascent stages, as has been happening more and more over the past few decades.

    Imagine, feeling protected by the talisman of an injection that has only been tested on 8 mice.

    On the bright side, my long term client who ended up with myocarditis from Modena vax #2 is finally feeling better after 14 months vax-free, using the regimen suggested by her naturalist doctor.


    Armenio, “From all the sinister “grannies” in the limelight … Yellen is by far the most scary.”

    Maybe it’s just me but, seriously, I find her so stupid it almost hurts to watch her talk. Sinister? Hmmm …


    I helped a homeless person at a Walmart.
    A rich woman left her cart on the sidewalk with $1.00 in it.
    I mentioned, By putting the effort of putting the cart in its rightful place you will get the $1.00.
    Rather than begging, Maybe, he will discover a business idea.

    Armenio Pereira


    Ask yourself: “How such a so blatantly stupid person climbed through the ranks?”
    I stick to “sinister” (stupidity notwithstanding.)

    Kind regards.


    Armenio, yes. I understand that perspective. But she isn’t the only stupid person that rose through the ranks. Harris, for example. I don’t know as that’s sinister or it’s indicative of the fact the stupid ones make it easier for someone else to be puppeteer. Perhaps just a difference in how you and I define? 🙂

    Fauci? Sinister. Obama? Sinister. On the other hand, Biden, Harris, Yellen, Pelosi … stupid puppets. Idk …

    Armenio Pereira


    You’re right: puppeteers select for stupidity/conformism; that said, stupidity come in all shapes and sizes, some less affable than others (meaning that, among the stupid, perhaps the sadistic/sinister ones have the upper hand.)

    Armenio Pereira

    Some interesting points raised here.


    Armenio … now THAT is a very good point. Thank you for the conversation. 🙂


    Kunstler makes the important point that most human minds tend to think in linear terms and repeated cycles -and that is particularly true of the business sector, banking, ‘economists’ and politicians etc.- whereas the world actually operates as a combination of cycles, linear processes, exponential processes and discontinuities.

    We are living through several of the greatest discontinuities in all of human history.

    However, because these discontinuities have never been experienced before, and because there are huge vested interests served by denying the possibility of discontinuities (let alone preparing for them), and because the bulk of the populace does not even know about these discontinuities and doesn’t want to know about them, ‘everyone’ looks at what they did last year and this year, projects that into the future and says that is what they will be doing next year. Many years ago I highlighted this non-planning by NPDC, and described it as rear-vision-mirror planning (driving). Yes, you can dive a car by looking in the rear-vision mirror if the road is perfectly straight and there are no obstacles. And that is what the NZ government does, along with all district and regional councils.

    Clearly one of the biggest immediate discontinuities affecting the majority of people in the world is the transition from having access to ever-increasing access to energy -which charactersed human societies over the period from prehistoric times to the early years of the twenty-first century- to having ever-decreasing access to energy.

    Operating on a somewhat slower timescale, as far as societies are concerned, is the geologically rapid transition from the [stable] Halocene through Abrupt Climate Change to a completely new global climate scenario (3oC to 8oC warner), the impact of which is now only just beginning to be felt. Another decade -that’s if there are still any humans alive ten years from now- will annihilate any doubts about that.

    Other rather rapid discontinuities include the transition from digital fake money to barter, the obliteration of most insects and mammal species living in the wild by industrial humans, and the collapse of electrical grids, already underway in places like Sri Lanka and Lebanon, and coming to ‘advanced western nations’ in the near future.

    The natural cycles that keep going whatever humans do -sunrise, moon phases, tides, seasons, uplifting and sedimentation etc. will continue, largely ignored by those still trapped in the Matrix.

    But those trapped in the Matrix will not be able to ignore the discontinuity of the rapid transition from having an ever-greater access to an ever-increasing range of foods, to having an ever-decreasing access to an ever-decreasing range of foods.

    How much of a comeback nature will manage once humans stop wrecking it is yet to be seen.


    Yellen is by far the most scary

    Only because her dear friend Madeleine Albright has already joined the choir invisible.


    I’m still ondering what message, exactly, our ruling class were sending to us proles when they installed the
    D’oh! Biden/Harris regime.


    My impression is that Ms.Yellen does a really good job of playing dumb, which seems to be a job requirement these days among that class.


    It is well worth reading all of Tim Watkin’s latest commentary on the institutionalised insanity that characterises officialdom in NATOstan countries.

    ‘Far from saving us from an energy crisis, the Truss plan accelerates and deepens it… and there will be no going back.’

    Since when did banks produce energy?


    Out here on the US great plains there’s a chilly cold rain today. That doesn’t fit the coastal ‘zomg climate change’ brigades’ narrative. Don’t expect it to be reported in the MSM. ha.


    AFKTT: #115630. Discontinuity. Good summary. [Human] time frame unknown. 😉 But that does appear to be what’s happening. A few conversation(s) I’ve had recently with those highly tied into “the system” who state, “my retirement funds have taken a hit with the economy, but my advisor said it’ll be ok in the long run.” (People are in their early 60s …)

    When I mention Russia and China paying for petro outside the US dollar there is silence. Not only have they not heard about it, they don’t understand the ramifications.

    Having said that — TPTB kept the thing afloat after the 2008 debacle so … ???

    Armenio Pereira

    Too much worrying and rumination goin’ on about things which elude any control.
    Why’s that?
    Why aren’t we all wise? Why aren’t we all handsome & fair?

    God doesn’t care about ethics.
    Evolution doesn’t care about fairness.
    The Everlasting Dissatisfaction cares only about endlessly rearranging aesthetics.

    A Forever Child & an Infinite Kaleidoscope.


    The water level in the St. Lawrence River is so low that you can now see the hunger stones! The New York State Department of Resources says the water is low to punish Putin.

    Mr. Green Turtle, the president of the Association of Turtles, is very worried about the low water levels as their member’s winter homes will likely freeze. The Governor of New York State said this shouldn’t be a problem as she will ask the banks to print more money to help the turtles buy more water so they can stay warm this winter.

    The Governor of New York State is now being called racist by the head of the Association of Fish, Mr. Black Fish.




    Not so funny for people in the western US:

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