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    From my friend in the Ruhrgebiet:


    “Who wants peace delivers no weapons”

    Notice the reflection in the puddle…


    I think we’re getting saturation bombed
    with nonsense-news, and that there is an
    end state desired by some entities where no once can ascertain much of anything- (except by getting off off off the screen).

    The ‘net seems like a very good tool for creating that state.


    bill7: “Is there news that can be taken at face value?”

    No. What comes to mind is quicksand.


    Ok most of us have an idea of the usefulness or not of vit D. For an interesting view of medical thought lines on research and the appropriate base for medical practice and the difficulties of definitive research and random controlled trials versus anecdotes see
    Essentially the author reviews the literature and says no effect. What is interesting is the 200 or so comments supporting or disagreeing, ranging from personal anecdotes, to analysis as to complicating factors in research design. These include dosage, exclusion of low levels, and that there is reason to believe that genetic differences give 3 groups with different responses. One example is of darkskinned people whose melanin protects them in tropical conditions but in high latitudes gives too low absorption.
    It casts light on the “a study showed x” group even without critical appraisal, and the fact that medics may or not always be right. Personally I have found the suck it and see approach helpful. It may be a lemon but we all have genetic variations most of which are unknown.


    There never was news believable at face value. That is why we have so much unbelievable news claiming to be believable.

    Hard to rally nations of 100s of millions to war without a media, you know.

    Dr. D

    Thinking about that drill baby drill problem. If we can, I also think they would. It takes a high level to volunteer for austerity. I would, I like it, but the problem is no one else would. Then they’d take the candy and shoot up the town with me in it.

    But the reaction here shows why they lie about it. Even here, the instant assumption is that if there is oil, we burn it. So if they want it not burned, there is no alternative – like telling the truth – there is only lying, or locking in and embargoing the country for safekeeping like Cuba, North Korea, and Iran.

    My point in saying – and this is dead obvious as Russia begs us to buy oil and don’t delay – in saying we have 40 years of oil is merely to point out we have options. It’s just a given we have to get up in the morning and go kill our neighbor for the greater good, for God above and the good green earth.

    Since we have the oil, we don’t have to. That’s all. Now you can use it for even crazier, more reckless, more pointless things than we do already, yes that’s an option. Or we could use it to NOT murder all women and children and all green things on earth, but press toward a way where we act more responsibly.

    It is, however, important to point out that all this is a CHOICE. They are desperate to make it seem inevitable, a foregone conclusion that we simply MUST burn down the house for Daddy’s DT hallucinations, with Pa Finn running around the cabin chasing Huck until he gets tired and Huck escapes up the river. …Orrrrrrrrr, we could NOT do that. Because the oil/carbon/energy shortage IS NOT REAL. Or at least not real YET.

    I mean, unless you think Russia is bluffing and simply has no oil to sell. I cannot fathom how anyone could manage to conclude that, nor with Iran bigger than Saudi ever was and locked in for 50 years. I’m one of those weird, literal, engineering types that thinks what is actually true matters. And have to speak and construct my world that way. If you want to lie about it for your own purposes, to violently trick and rustle people into a box of your design, that’s fine. But I’m going to tell the truth instead even if that gets in the way of useful lies.

    If people then just use it to do what you think they shouldn’t, well, I guess that’s who we are. Should we lie about it, to ourselves, about each other? Is that really a big help? Trick question: doesn’t matter since I can’t do that. But luckily, no one listens to me or ever will. The “Master Plan” is perfectly safe with me.

    We have options. Let’s use them. All the problems at present are made-up, pointless conflicts, self-induced shortages that can end in a few month’s work. Let’s stop pretending and just make it nice, prosperous, abundant and happy instead.


    ‘We have options. Let’s use them. All the problems at present are made-up, pointless conflicts, self-induced shortages that can end in a few month’s work. Let’s stop pretending and just make it nice, prosperous, abundant and happy instead.’

    Dr D, I take it you are advocating bringing forward the time at which the Earth becomes largely (or completely) uninhabitable for most vertebrate life forms from 2045 to 2035, then.

    That kind of matches Putin’s plan, which is to keep extracting Russian oil and gas, and sell them cheaply to ‘friendly nations’, to support short-term consumption and population overshoot a little longer.

    I think it is very sad that you equate happiness with the burning of oil.

    But i do understand that you are not alone in that. apparently 4 or 6 billion other humans have the same perspective.

    Pity the children, for they shall inherit a world depleted of resources and undergoing accelerating planetary meltdown, along with accelerating ecological meltdown.

    Or were you just being sarcastic in your comment?.

    I get really confused now that ignorance is strength is so many people’s template for life.

    Veracious Poet

    Let’s stop pretending and just make it nice, prosperous, abundant and happy instead.

    John Day


    Vitamin-D studies in COVID treatment. Yes, it helps. It is bad to be deficient. The immune system can’t work right without vitamin-D. Basic science…

    Veracious Poet

    I get really confused now that ignorance is strength is so many people’s template for life.


    zerosum said

    What happened to “live & let live”?
    You replaced it with “My way or the Highway”

    You asked all the users of the trails whether they wanted cameras? Of course not, you did what you wanted to do, invading the privacy of others, everybody else be damned. Your selfishness over rides your consideration for others, you are probably looney left as this is their modus operandi.


    You asked all the users of the trails whether they wanted cameras? Of course not, you did what you wanted to do, invading the privacy of others, everybody else be damned. Your selfishness over rides your consideration for others, you are probably looney left as this is their modus operandi.

    The cameras are not on human trail. The cameras are for wild life trails.
    End of useless conversation


    This is an interesting blog post from a young Western guy living in Japan who does very nice work:

    Inspiration – Tokyo Chair Exhibitions

    I haven’t attempted a chair yet- they’re
    hard, as he points out. The funny thing is, the two most successful ones I’ve had around- both still in my possession- are also the humblest.
    An interestingly oblique lesson, maybe.


    I think zerosum is a good commenter.


    @Bill7: The old chairs are amazing, especially considering they were built completely without power tools. I have a friend who has a long-standing hobby of collecting and using hand tools, and he loves building stuff completely by hand, no power.

    Could be a valuable skill in the not-too-distant future…. 🙂



    Did any of your trail cameras get a shot of the 7 point bull moose Michael recently bagged in Newfoundland? Michael has to settle for moose burgers since there are no deer in Newfoundland.

    By-the-way what type of deer run in your neck of the woods? At least you can have deer burgers!


    Ageed. They’re mostly light, the legs do not get in one’s way, the joints have not racked much, and they’re comfortable.

    I work by hand for the most part, but am very ready to have a small bandsaw again.


    Hi WES
    Now, I’m set up for mule deer.
    Got a beautiful picture of a moose calf last year.
    The bigggg moose are in northern BC

    A useful skill, that I’m teaching my grandson, is to find deer, read the sign to track it, by “walking like a deer” and calling.


    Somebody recently disked on the Sherman tank as Ronson-Shermans. This unfairly taints the Sherman tank.

    Now I will be the first to admit the Sherman tank was indeed designed by committee. But a very knowledgeable committee.

    The limitations imposed upon the Sherman tank designers were chiefly transportation limitations. It could only be so wide due to US railway shipping limits such as railway bridge and tunnel widths. Then it could only be so heavy due to the maximum lift capacity of on board cargo ship’s lifting cranes.

    There was no point designing a tank that could not be shipped by railway to US ports, then loaded onto a cargo ship. An wide and heavy tank would need disassembly before shipping and then reassembly after shipping. Very inefficient and time consuming.

    The US also faced the problem of designing a tank in 1942 that would still be suitable for use in 1944, then building it, then shipping 50,000 of them overseas. So a 2 years lead time.

    On top of that the committee needed the tank to be reliable a d rugged since the tank was going to be used a long way from home where it would be difficult to fix any major problems.. Then the design needed to be something the US auto sector could mass produce. Since the tank was going to be produced in multiple different factories, it was specified that all parts had to be interchangeable between manufacturers.

    Why was the Sherman tank so tall? The US wanted to use a large powerful engine (600 hp) so the tank was fast. They selected a rotary airplane engine that had been around for many years and had all of it’s bugs ironed out. One Russian Sherman tank crew went around a corner so fast that they tipped over! This saved them, as the four T-32 tanks following them, got knocked out by German gunners. By-the-way a Russian T-32 tank was only good for 800 km! That is why Riussia had to make so many of them!

    To speed up production any changes or improvements had to be grouped together and implemented all at the same time in a controlled manner, not done one by one, slowing down production. Retrofits/improvements kits had to fit all previously produced tanks.

    Since these tanks were likely going to get damaged, major components had to be easy to replace with new ones in the field. So many of the tank’s components were somewhat modular. Blow an engine, hit a mine, replace a damaged gun, replace tracks, suspension bogies, drive sprocket, gear box/transmission, etc. That meant lots of spare parts and major crew training too.

    Yes early Sherman’s did tend to light up like Ronsons but that was solved by wet ammo storage and crews not leaving ammo lying around. Then German gunners were specifically told to pump in an extra round or two into the tank to ensure the knocked out/damaged Sherman tank could not be repaired! Most damaged Sherman tanks were quickly repaired in the field and put back into service. The average Sherman tank/crew lasted only 47 days in combat!

    One thing you never hear of is any Sherman tanks breaking down like German or Russian tanks did! Sherman’s were very reliable tanks and if a commander had 50 tanks, then 50 tanks showed up when he needed them! Unlike the German or Russian tanks. You had 50 tanks and if over half were in working order you were very lucky! Spare parts? What parts! Easy to repair? You’re joking! German tank crews often had to destroy their own tank because it broke down.

    In many ways the Sherman tank was ahead of it’s time. It could shoot it’s main gun fairly accurately while still moving, something no other tank could do at the time.

    (Why did the US go into Normandy with only the 75 gun? Because the 75 gun had both armor priecing and high explosive rounds to support infantry. The 76 gun only had very good armor priecing rounds but a poor high explosive round so it could not support infantry.) ( in case you are wondering about the differences between the 75 and 76 guns, both are 3″ diameter caliber guns but the 76 cartridge is much bigger than a 75 gun cartridge thus higher shell velocity and armor penetrating power. The 76 was named such, to avoid confusion in the field about ammo types.)

    Sherman tracks are still used in the latest Abraham tanks used today.



    Mule tail deer are what I saw out west from Saskatchewan, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, down to New Mexico and Arizona. Man can those big deer jump! So more deer burgers!

    We just have the little white tail deer here in Ontario. For moose, one has to travell to northern Ontario.


    WES.I would not dispute anything you have written in defence of Sherman tanks. They were a lot better than the British Chruchill, tanks, which were slow underpowered and not particularly well armed. In the ill-fated Dieppe raid, the were useless because they couldn’t even get off the beach.

    The strength of the Churchill tanks was that they were very stable, and their greatest use was as carriers of flails to trigger landmines, and as carriers of flamethrowers.
    The three aspects that stymied German armoured vehicles on the Eastern Front were that the tanks and self-propelled guns were over-engineered and slow to manufacture (too few); they had the wrong kinds of lubricants and froze in severe cold; they had narrow tracks that resulted in them sinking into mud.

    The T34 had a sloping front that was less susceptible to armour-piercing than most other tanks, and wide tracks that made them less susceptible to sinking in mud.

    It is said that weapon systems supplied to Ukraine are all very well in dry conditions, but will get bogged down once the autumn rains come.

    Much will be revealed over coming months.



    No public or even customer toilet means Dying Society, whatever form of cash it uses to wipe its transactional ass.


    Me, I’ll take a stupid photo of whom/what-ever I want. HOw dare you walk in front of my camera without my permission ?!?!?

    Meanwhile, here is some uncommonly unbiased perspective on mass covidiocy:

    Bill Gates and the Global Vaccine Mafia

    “The pandemic has been an unholy storm of three things: 1) Shady SARS-inspired gain-of-function virus research culminating, most probably, in the release of a lab-enhanced virus; 2) destructive mass containment policies imposed for many months on people across the world; and 3) hasty treatment and vaccine development by a few favoured pharmaceutical concerns, followed by the mass coercive administration of doubtful mRNA products from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna.

    “These are the three legs of the stool. Remove one of them, and the whole thing falls. Without 1) there’s no pandemic at all; without 2), some people die, but without all of the collateral damage and with none of the vaccinator mania; without 3), lockdowns have no obvious end point and are probably confined to the first wave.

    “The hard problem, is working out what relationships prevail among these three. It is very tempting to perceive these as merely different elements of a cohesive, uniformly coordinated whole—I admit this. Yet hard evidence tying all three together remains elusive.” (emphasis mine)

    We all have our suspicions. Those suspicions are well-grounded: these catastrophes in skin-suits are both stupid and ruthless enough to do crazy stuff like a controlled population demolition (CPD) . It is impossible for me to imagine that CPD isn’t on some of their minds and part of some of their schemes.

    But a vast global conspiracy to CPD is not the only explanation that fits the known data, and one’s mind is either open to genuine possibilities or not, depending in great part on how emotionally invested one is in one’s current working Theory of Everything Political.

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