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    Joke…. the best way forward was to disband the army and get everyone to downsize.


    oldandtired: “Is “inflection point” newspeak for “collapse”?

    I’m still scratching my head over “negative growth.” Head scratcher, that ..

    Veracious Poet

    So, they insisted on inviting Jeremy Rifkin, the author of “The Hydrogen Based Economy” (2001).

    Veracious Poet


    People, once respected, smarter/educated, MSM, are saying on TV, with no proof …..
    “USA says that Russia spent $300 million to interfere in 2 dozen of county elections”

    (USA is ignoring and calling USA interferences, around the world, as misinformation)


    @upstateNYer. This old faht would love to see a glossary for ‘newspeak’ terms and acronyms. I plead guilty to having never texted anyone. I always desired to be a curmudgeon and now I am one.
    I’m slow.


    The western rich are attacking the western poor. The poor better get their shit together and start their push back, say a few million people protesting in person in their capital, or they will end up with nothing. Power bill counselling is the female way to solve the problem, we need the men to step forward and sort this shit out because the female way ain’t going to do the job. Men need to get off the internet and into performing their traditional roles in the real world, the first of which is to protect your family.


    Earlier this week, in a symbolic vote against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government, members of the European Parliament said the country can no longer be considered a democracy

    Indeed, you look at the levels of corruption in democracies, where the leaders are implementing policies dictated by oligarch individuals hidden behind WEF think tanks, and you wonder how Orban has survived so long. He needs to get kissing WEF ass and selling his people down the river if he wants to survive.


    The pandemic may be over, or at least the end may be in sight, but the after-effects will linger for who knows how long. The cause of course is covid,: I have been seeing recently articles in the MSM telling us how covid has damaged our immune systems, and how even mild covid raises the chance of heart attacks and stroke. The vaccines, of course, like Caesar’s wife, are above suspicion. The Conversation told us this morning that “The increased risks of heart attack and stroke after COVID shown in a recent study, could drive a new pandemic of heart disease over coming years.” Yesterday it opined that “Evidence is growing there are changes to your immune system that may put you at risk of other infectious diseases.” The ABC has published similar.

    No-one is immune from error, although some people do seem to be immune from truth. So much of this is he-said-she-said. I wish I had the time to do some research of my own into these matters and not rely on other people’s analyses.


    From Larry Johnson’s blog:

    According to the US Army Times:

    Army data showed that up to 70% of potential recruits interested in Army service are disqualified in the first 48 hours due to obesity, low test scores or drug use.


    The Empire of Lies Army is terrifying!.

    Previously, that disqualification rate was between 30-40%.

    The challenges are big:

    ……more of the recruits can’t meet weight standards or

    ……academic standards

    ……more are using illegal drugs or military-banned substances such as cannabis and

    ……few know much about the Army.

    ……And what they do know isn’t flattering.

    The Army will not meet its end strength goal for this fiscal year, which ends this month.

    “I am sure this terrifies the Russians.

    What is more dangerous than a bunch of weapon toting fat men and women addicted to drugs?

    I am certain that Russian military planners are struggling to figure out how to deal with a NATO army that caters to the unintelligent, the obese, the sexually confused who are hooked on drugs.

    I bet those subjects were not covered in Russia’s War College.”



    The U.S. Marine Corps issued guidance to roll back its strict punishments for service members who are seeking COVID-19 vaccine exemptions.

    Only a total retard would join up after what they have done to the unvaxxed. The military has revealed its true colours: it doesn’t care about you, it cares that the bosses meet their numbers and don’t embarrass the politicians.


    This discussion has become far too one-sided.

    One side screams and the other cannot be heard to get their point across: same MO as woke.

    D Benton Smith

    Here’s another best practice for application in a give and take world:

    It is very important to one’s own success and well being that one does not take more than one gives.

    And yeah, I suppose there is a sort of “morals” aspect to that, but morals isn’t the part I’m talking about. I am referring to the purely pragmatic and practical aspect. The “Yeah, but what’s in it for ME” way of looking at things.

    [Note: From this point on I mostly use the word “you” instead of the word “one”. I tried the other way ’round but it was just too awkward, and not at all the way people really talk. So what I settled for was to use the words interchangeably, whatever way felt right in the moment. Please don’t take either usage too personal. Use whichever sense of it that makes the shoe more comfortable.]

    Let’s say that you need or want something. For starters we’ll go with “need”. Maybe you’re hungry and need food, or cold or wet and need shelter and warmth. Or “broke down” on the side of the road and need help with the non-op car. There are all sorts of “needs”, and you just so happen to need one of them.

    Well, there are only two ways to fulfill a need. You either take care of it yourself or you have someone else do it for you. If you’re equipped to DIY then no problem, just use your own know-how and resources and do it. Fulfill whatever the need was and continue on your merry way.

    But what if one does NOT have the knowledge, skills, material resources and/or willingness to do the work solo? Well in that case the only way you’re going to fill that need is to get it from somebody else. Of course that could easily leave the giver deprived and deficient, because now a taker has what the maker made and the maker winds up with bupkis if no one has exchanged something of fair value. If you ever need or want to get another “need fulfillment” from that person in future then better hope against all sane logic that they still have enough time, skill resources freedom and willingness to provide it to you, because otherwise you ain’t gettin’ nothin’ !

    When someone is incapacitated (in any way, for any reason) and unable to take care of all of their own needs then it’s not just a matter of needing “a” thing, It’s actually a matter of needing TWO things. First is the need of the item itself (food, water, shelter, praise, money, power, security, affection, loyalty . . . . whatever) , and second is the additional need for someone else providing it to you because you don’t know how.

    If no one gave enough back to them the last time, then they were left LESS ABLE to make and give things in the future. Less is less. Take too much from them without giving enough back and eventually they will simply not have the capacity to help you out by delivering what you need or want even if they wanted to, which they probably won’t

    So, the moral of that story is don’t starve the mule. You shall need their services someday, because you can’t pull a plow. To stretch an already over-strained figure of speech to the breaking point, its provident to give back generously, too, because the stronger the mule the more that it can plow. Better equipped people produce more and better things to give.

    To repair the faulty slogan of Dow Chemical, enjoy “ Better Living Through Generosity”.

    So, like I said, it’s important to one’s own personal success and well being that one avoid the insidious corruption of too often taking too much more than is given directly back.

    Insidious corruption? What corruption? What does the word even mean other than lurid news headlines about bad doings? Simple: Corruption is the taking of more from another than is given back to them.

    Why would anyone want to do that? Well, my guess is that it could be that they feel a great and pressing NEED for something and don’t have the foggiest notion of how to get it any other way but taking it away from someone who does know how. In other words, the miscreants are PROFOUNDLY IGNORANT AND INCAPABLE, and getting worse every time they do it. One clue that this is the case is that the perpetrators care far far more about their own comfort, wealth and welfare than they care about anybody else. They want undue profit. They seek some advantage to take advantage of, some swindle to get more out of the deal than they put into it.

    They simply want to take more than they give, and to hell with the easily predictable consequences in both directions.

    People would only do that if, due to pathological stupidity, they believed that they were thereby loving and benefitting themselves more than they loved the person they swipe from. Which is an extremely aggravating attitude that seems to go with the mindset.

    As for the disrespected victim of this short-change-artistry the victim is left worse off, diminished, and deprived of the fruits of living, so that the taker could have “something for nothing.” Neither benefits in the long run. That is really lousy resource management.

    That’s why the pathway to better times is to love others as one loves oneself. To love the other person equally to how one loves oneself. I am certainly not the first guy to say this, although I am among the few who spell it all out in such excruciating details as to WHY it is pragmatically good practice. Notice, incidentally, that He did not say to love the other “more” than self. He said “same as”.

    Or, to put that another way, to assiduously and without rancor or regret to NOT take more than you give.

    And ya know what the worst thing is about taking more than is given? It’s that the ill gotten gains are usually put to immediate bad use making things even worse than they were before, by using the stolen advantage to become a more effective thief, bring more thieves into the gang, and even glorifying how desirable and “superior” it is to TAKE instead of make. I suppose that’s what to expect from people who don’t even know how to take care of their own needs, much less anyone else’s. They’re incompetent at helping themselves or making anything work, so why expect them to use “newfound” wealth to build anything that actually works or fulfills anyone’s actual legitimate needs?

    If they were not already batshit crazy wrong they wouldn’t have been crazy enough to do it that wrong in the first place. Ah, well.

    About the only thing such elite bandits are any “good at” is cheating others to get them to cheat others into cheating others. The so-called “profit motive”. Invest 10 and get 100 back! Like with a chain letter or a Ponzi scheme. Like Capitalism! Just LOOK at this shitty “civilization” where half the people in it are nearly (or actually) dying of deprivation. That’s whatcha get because it’s the only possible thing that CAN be got from such a stupid idea.

    The whole sordid mess predicated upon the Fruit Loop Lunacy that it is possible to get more out of a bucket than was put into the bucket, but that’s okay because ya can just steal the half-filled fucking bucket at gun point, and make up for the shortfall with VOLUME. Taking more than is given. The Dark Religion of an entire, globe-spanning systematic organized rape, glorifying the literally SUICIDAL practice of taking more than is given back.

    Wound us up right about where one would expect it to.


    “[..] The domestic audience, too, appears to be shedding its illusions of Russia’s greatness, no matter what one might say about the efficiency of Putin’s propaganda. His media mouthpieces Vladimir Solovyov and Margarita Simonyan no longer own the narrative. Even on state television, not to mention nationalist Telegram channels with hundreds of thousands of readers, Russia’s defeats are engendering much bitterness and hurt. The hard-core propagandists look lost, sometimes downright bizarre, with Simonyan retreating into sentimental memories and poetry” (Pinched from a recent Leonid Bershidsky opinion piece)

    It seems being minority, like Ukrainian is Nazi. If you speak Ukrainian, it proves your Nazism. If you criticise policies of Moscow, you are 100% Nazi. If you resist its territorial expansion, no further proof is necessary – Nazi without any doubt

    [..] Simonyan called on the Russian people to push forward until the bitter end, squeezing out “nerus,” a disparaging term, used to describe anyone who is not Russian, along with “vyrus,” the word used to describe those who are Russian, but refuse to self-identify as such.

    [..] Concluding her bizarre performance on Solovyov’s show, Simonyan said: “People ask when, where and how our special operation will end. It will end when all the ‘nerus,’ all the ‘vyrus,’ everyone who wants to turn us into yahoos, everyone who directs them, everyone who brainwashes them, will suffer infamy and shame. It may take 3 months, 3 years or 30 years, so be it. What other choice do we have?” Solovyov replied: “Our other choice? Reduce the whole world to dust. Just not yet.” Smiling, Simonyan replied, “And we will go to heaven.”


    Definite psyop vibe today.

    D Benton Smith


    I’ve cut you more slack than you deserve by just letting you continue to be such an unpleasantly wrong and ill intentioned liar.

    Shame on me. This is warning number one. If you want to be left alone to spew nonsense then ease off and cut back on simply regurgitating deliberately false and deceitful UkroNazi propaganda.

    Otherwise en garde.


    As much as farmers and growers talk about rising costs, we need to point out to them that they pay these costs because they have adopted costly and destructive techniques for “growing”. They could (have) reduce(d) costs to one-tenth what they had been while diversifying their marketable products using wiser techniques and strategies.

    Justin Rhodes interviews Mark Shepard

    Kirsten Dirksen interviews Shepard

    Permaculture takes hard work and time, but creates spaces that become not only thriving but effortless (in the wu wei sense). Not only beautiful but educating. Not only healthy but enduring.

    While I recognize the Burton Watson translation has its limits, I like the way it captures why the old gardener won’t use the well dip recommended to him by Zi Gong in chapter 12 of the Zhuangzi:

    Where there are machines, there are bound to be machine worries; where there are machine worries, there are bound to be machine hearts. With a machine heart in your breast, you’ve spoiled what was pure and simple; and without the pure and simple, the life of the spirit knows no rest. Where the life of the spirit knows no rest, the Way will cease to buoy you up. It’s not that I don’t know about your machine – I would be ashamed to use it!

    John Day

    @DBS: Jesus also told the apostles to “love each other as he had loved them”, a very high standard, indeed.
    Also, I would not see much of the viewpoint Chooch presents, if not for Chooch, ’cause I haven’t watched TV in the new-millennium, and don’t do social-media. He seems like a real person, not a troll. He presents information, not just invective. He shows restraint and engages.
    War is weird, and it keeps changing and morphing. We’re not going to get it all at The Saker Blog.
    I never did any sword-fighting or knife fighting. That stuff is scary.


    Thanks John,


    I will just excuse myself. The only comments that worth reading anymore are Dr. D, oxy, Phoenix and the rare TBear. It think the light switch and you seek is found here.

    For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love. (2 Peter 5:7)


    Those who are left will almost all be farmers, I think. My hope is they will not again be working for “lords”.

    Adding: I think the the thriving of the many and the internet are not compatible.


    and ladder.

    John Day


    D Benton Smith


    My mistake. I apologize, sincerely, and will now go introvert and read for a while to discover why I had such a overheated reaction. Peace.


    It’s interesting how anything that does not align with the “Woke”/WEF/Open Borders ruling-class paradigm now gets
    labeled “right-wing” or “far right-wing” or “white-supremacist”.

    The recent election results in Sweden are a good example. There will be more, I think.


    chooch supports the tyrants in the USA that have demolished many a country in the world, both economically and militarily, and left millions dead through starvation and direct military action, most of them poor people. I’m not sure why a bible basher would support such evil given that Russia has a national christian religion, but there you go, we can all fool ourselves into believing illogical shite.

    John Day

    @Aspnaz: I’m not sure that Chooch supports the “west” prevailing in Ukraine. I have not seen him say that. He often sees the progress of war as favoring that side.
    He presents that view, which we should consider.
    “Art of War” and so on… (Good book; engaging read.)


    @John Day: I am sure that Chooch supports the “west” prevailing in Ukraine.



    I’ve cut you more slack than you deserve by just letting you continue to be such an unpleasantly wrong and ill intentioned liar.

    No mistake, choo choo is a nato dicksucking coward.

    Also, I would not see much of the viewpoint Chooch presents, if not for Chooch, ’cause I haven’t watched TV in the new-millennium, and don’t do social-media. He seems like a real person, not a troll.

    Bullshit John, A “real person” cannot be a UKR troll? You’ve lost the plot John. Choo choo copy pastes twitter accounts #UKR winning. Pull your head out of your buddhas ass.

    Choo Choo has been copy/paste daily for months… just like you copy paste to promote your own blog….daily.


    Afew (apologies for shortening your name) – Yes I read that post by Ugo. His historical exs. are always interesting, he is very ‘Italian academic’ of the good type –> broad, in his case turned in part to history and myths, literature, beyond the ‘chemical.’

    He seems v. happy to be retired and out of the MS-Science.


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