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    Pablo Picasso Portrait of the artist’s mother 1896   • Colin Kaepernick Has Won: He Wanted A Conversation And Trump Started It (G.) • The World C
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    V. Arnold

    Colin Kaepernick won?
    I respectively disagree; no black or person of color (other than white) will ever win in the U.S..
    Did the Oreo cookie, Obama win? Ney; he was a tool and could never have won unless he agreed to sell his soul to the devil; which he did.
    MLK; the brilliant orator; identifying the U.S. as the major purveyor of violence on the planet.
    His single greatest speech, IMO, was; “Why I am Opposed to the War in Vietnam”, spoken at Riverside Church in New York, on April 30th, 1967.
    That was an earth shaking event in the U.S., and I heard it then; and have never forgotten it.
    Colin Kaepernick is young and nieve; he needs to learn history; especially U.S. history; it’s not pretty, but rather ugly…


    The Star Spangled Banner before games has been part of Major League Baseball since WWII and probably the NFL then or not much later. I cant imagine where this ‘didn’t stand till 09’ comes from but it is wrong. Wildly wrong. Standing for the national anthem is an almost universally honored cultural tradition.


    9/22/17 When did NFL begin standing for the National Anthem?
    The specific tradition of football players standing on the sidelines during the national anthem is much more recent. While there may have been individual displays of this going back many years, the tradition of players standing on field for the Star-Spangled Banner dates back to only 2009:
    Before 2009, teams would generally wait out the national anthem in the locker room. While it is not clear why the change was made, it’s noteworthy that the military has a history of paying the NFL for sponsored acts of patriotism, and it’s possible this may have had some influence on the perpetuation of the practice.

    Snopes says it is true:
    10/25/16 Updated 8/25/17
    Summary –
    True – NFL players were not required to be on the field during the playing of the U.S. national anthem prior to 2009.
    this report did not cover the year 2009, so it is unclear whether NFL teams’ appearing on the field for the playing of the national anthem truly began in conjunction with the “paid patriotism” policy.
    The league announced in May 2016 that they would refund $723,724 to taxpayers which they said “may have been mistakenly applied to appreciation activities rather than recruitment efforts” during the years in question.
    5/19/16 NFL To Refund Taxpayers For Acts Of “Sponsored Patriotism”
    NFL To Refund Taxpayers For Acts Of "Sponsored Patriotism"


    Most of the countries/gov. do not offer health insurance for their subjects.
    Are those people’s lives worst than the Americans with their unaffordable health systems?

    Yep. I know.
    We all want to live old and die rich.


    Zerosum. Most Countries provide health care for their people. Some, like NZ, pay for it through taxes – top income tax rate here is 38%. Others do a sort of insurance system like Australia. There are are also private hospitals but they are mostly, but not exclusively, for elective surgery. For anything urgent or serious you would go to the Public hospital. I do not know of any country who has a system like America. Perhaps only third world countries

    V. Arnold

    I’m with Patricia on this issue.
    My goverment health insurance here in Thailand is about ฿432/month (about $13 USD) with a ฿60 co-pay (about $ 1.80) when I go to the doctor.
    My wife has an almost free (single payer style) through her job as a civil servant teaching at a high school.
    She retires Friday with full benefits.
    The average Thai pays ฿30 ($ .80 cents) for a doctors visit; thanks to the Thai government.
    The U.S. has the very worst health care on the planet; the equivilant of having no health care at all.


    By the way V Arnold I am enjoying “Debt” so much. Once I managed to download it that is. A bit of a performance. Thank you for that referral. So interesting.

    V. Arnold

    You are very welcome; so glad to hear you’re enjoying it.
    Which version; audio or the text? It’s one of the few “books” which has both.


    Audio. I bought the book but it was so heavy to read – I must be getting old – so when you suggested the audio I down loaded it. So now, when I am in the garden – it is spring here now – I listen to it and garden!!

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