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    In my post above the underlining of my emphasis was replaced by

      indented paragraphs

    I hope you get the intent.


    I know there a lot of regular posters who are smart, funny, acerbic and sarcastic.
    So in the spirit of the Word Play Masters Invitational

    Word Play Masters Invitational

    By its own account, the Washington Post sometimes gets credit, if incorrectly, for an amazingly viral list of neologisms from 1998 in which a real word has been changed by one letter, often paired with another to give new meanings to existing words.
    The list is usually topped by “Sarchasm: the gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the recipient who doesn’t get it”

    Can we get submissions for a TAE specific competition?
    Compound or multiple words should have each word changed, but allowances can be made. Words specific to the topics discussed here are preferred, but hey I’m not your dictator and you can post whatever you like!

    Original word or phrase – new word(s) : definition
    Some of mine to get the ball rolling

    Black Lives Matter – Black Olives Matter : Black Olives Matter is a decentralized political and social movement protesting against the sale of Green Stuffed Olives on the same shelf

    Black Lives Matter – Blank Lives Matter : Just because I’m not on social media I’m still a valid person

    Shame – Shameh : Being told you should feel bad for doing something, but not really caring. Killed a few thousand people by withholding proven medical treatments and getting called out on it in the media, Meh.

    Capital Wokeness – Capital Wonkeness : Bad P.R for trying to pass of a corporate activism but failing bigly

    Spotify – Snotify : having an extreme reaction to unexpected changes in your playlist

    Cognitive Dissonance – Cognotive Dissonuance : Just not really getting the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes

    Creationism – Croationism – A belief that Nikola Tesla really did achieve wireless power transmission and the Government is holding back free energy for their own nefarious purposes

    Visa – Vis0 : maxing out all your cards in Tijuana and having to walk back across the border


    Guilt – Gult : The emotion when being told you should feel remorse for actions of our predecessors. But I wasn’t even born!


    anti-vaxxer – panti-vaxxer : a person who is opposed to any sort of sexual connection with vaccinated persons

    Doc Robinson

    @ Nomanisanisland

    AdVAERS Possession = long-term medical condition when Covid vaccine side effects continuously occupy someone’s body without their informed consent
    Iverectum = type of Covid-preventing suppositories
    NoVaxx = type of Covid “vaccine” preferred by 9 out of 10 readers of TAE.

    Doc Robinson

    Link to an interesting affidavit from a whistle-blowing “Aerospace Medicine Specialist and flight surgeon responsible for the lives of our Army pilots,” with some information I haven’t seen before.

    Such as, the Safety Data Sheet for a major ingredient of the Pfizer vaxx, ALC 1035, warns that it “has not been fully validated for medical applications” and is “for research use only.”

    24. Given that the labels for Comirnaty and BioNtech clearly state that the vaccination should not be given to individuals that are allergic to ingredients. I have noted that one of the primary ingredients of the Lipid Nanoparticle delivery system is “ALC 1035” (two attachments, parts highlighted) in the Pfizer shots. The forth attachment is the toxicity report on ALC-1035, which comprises between 30-50% of the total ingredients.3 The Safety Data Sheet, (attached as Exhibit B) for this primary ingredient states that it is Category 2 under the OSHA HCS regulations (21 CFR 1910) and includes several concerning warnings, including but not limited to:

    1. Seek medical attention if it comes into contact with your skin;
    2. If inhaled and If breathing is difficult, give cardiopulmonary resuscitation
    3. Evacuate if there is an environmental spill
    4. the chemical, physical, and toxicological properties have not been completely investigated
    5. Caution: Product has not been fully validated for medical applications. For research use only

    those darned kids

    back scene passport: go see where the rich people don’t wear masks and hug each other’s fabulousness.

    cask mandate: the best way to deliver “NoVaxx” to all.

    ouchstralia: gazalite.

    TZars-Cole-V8: red russian kale soup to help with symptoms.

    Fly, Sir Inc.: ruiners of red russian kale soup.

    PrionTech: uh, oh..

    Mudderna: in every vial.

    Murderna: with BoosterPlus®!

    Dr. Antimony Foundcheese: the one who will (falsely!!!) guide us to the purple rain..


    Thanks guys, thanks Ilargi.

    The entire world is now siloed into a giant non-overlapping Venn diagram. Different nations officially pursue different narratives. Internally each national set of ‘facts’ has fragmented with different fragments in conflict and discrediting and undermining the other and nobody reads anything outside their own sources.

    Watching the speed of descent is breathtaking, what a marvellously rapid path for reasonably cohesive populations to disorder and civil collapse and what’s to stop it?

    Ironically the fact checkers can’t agree whether Mark Twain said “A Lie can travel halfway around the world while the Truth Is putting on Its shoes” but Swift’s longer version says it better

    Besides, as the vilest Writer has his Readers, so the greatest Liar has his Believers; and it often happens, that if a Lie be believ’d only for an Hour, it has done its Work, and there is no farther occasion for it. Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it; so that when Men come to be undeceiv’d, it is too late; the Jest is over, and the Tale has had its Effect…

    It hard to think it’s not all too late.

    Doc Robinson

    CDeceased = deaths resulting from following CDC recommendations.

    FUDA = government agency pushing widespread use of drugs before their safety testing is completed.

    Emergency Youth Amortization = trying to solve a crisis facing the old by using approaches that kill off the young.


    Decent people = descent people: those who followed the narrative and are now int through shit

    Moderna = Mordorna : the vaccine that even ‘The One Ring’ can’t protect you from

    Comirnity = Conmirnity : we all know the effort they are putting in to the Safe and Effective Vaccine narrative.

    Nomirnity: the ineffective Safe and Effective Vaccine


    Whoops auto spell check wants to keep me in line

    Decent people = descent poople: those who followed the narrative and are now in through shit

    V. Arnold

    Decent people = descent poople: those who followed the narrative and are now in through shit

    …did you mean thorough?


    Government, if it works, is an interface between the people and corporations (the wealthy global aristocracy). The neoliberal corporate/state has broken this construct and the people now exist only to be exploited. Language and statistics can be used to determine the truth (reality) or obfuscate it. Since the Iraq Invasion, state/corporate messaging has been primarily agitprop. In truth, there were no weapons of mass destruction. Western propaganda has been a series of big lies i.e. “mRNA vaccines are safe and effective” since then.

    It is just me, but the coronavirus pandemic statistics do not appear to be real, but reflect what the generators are paid to message. For example, reporters documented that Mexico under reported COVID deaths by half. If it helps market vaccines, it is broadcast. If not, it is hidden. Intuitively, it just does not make sense that the US death rate keeps climbing now approaching the first spike’s peak in the Spring of 2000. Over half of all Americans are now injected and 31% are reported last year to have been infected with SARS2 and have natural immunity from catching COVID even before the jabs began. If the mRNA vaccines work, the death rate should be declining not climbing. Washington State hospitals are once again overflowing with patients. Healthcare is now an oxymoron. No one is reporting that the increased number of deaths is due to repeat cases of COVID-19.

    One obvious cause of the increasing number of deaths is the polarization and the politicization of masking and social distancing. The CDC ended these public health measures in the middle of a pandemic for a fizzled “Summer of Freedom”. But also, it is clear that the mRNA vaccines do not work as advertised and their toxicity is being hidden from the public. But they are only for-profit treatment that the ruling classes have to address the pandemic.

    By Mohammed Haddad
    30 Mar 2021
    Mapping major protests around the world
    Global protests on the rise
    The mass mobilisation data project, ( ), which tracks protests outside the United States, has recorded nearly 7,000 protests from 153 countries over the past 10 years.
    While most protests range from hundreds to thousands of demonstrators, between 2010 and 2020, there were at least 900 protests around the world with more than 10,000 participants.

    In 2019, an estimated 185 countries took part in the world’s biggest climate awareness protests, demanding government action.
    (Tell me that covi-19 did not put this movement on the back burner

    those darned kids

    Ace Receptor: superhero who is gonna swoop in and save us all. no “2” needed, obviously.

    Ace Deceptor: Ace Receptor’s nemesis, a.k.a., Dr. Antimony Foundcheese.

    Corona and Lyme: Wu-Han Eggplant with Plum Island sauce.

    Whore’s Paste: Used to keep News Anchors’ faces fresh.

    Jivermectin: FDA approved.

    Take Air: “take care” wishes in the times of masking.

    Super Spreader: someone addicted to Whore’s Paste.


    V Arnold yes, I saw my edited mistake but thought yet another repost would be too spammy


    Ho Blinden: degenerative masacular/visual disease due excessive exposure to “presidential” decrees we must swallow and not spit out


    Fully vuxxed: self-explanatory really

    Cask Mandate : Australia specific. The cheap box of wine your bumble date has bought and expects you to drink

    RIMming : what I do every morning scanning the headlines Raul Ilargi Meyer has generously provided us

    Vuccine Effuctivity: self explanatory


    I’ll shut up now (til tomorrow maybe) and let others contribute.
    I’ll collate all entries over a period determined by me and award a winner whose prize of some reasonable amount of Satoshi will be sent to our esteemed host.
    Unless Raul would like to judge?
    Maybe WordPress Hass a poll that can be set up so one is not seen as a malevolent dictaker?

    Doc Robinson

    Dr. D+ = someone who barely passed medical school.

    Doc JoblessOne = someone with too much time on his hands.

    defellationista = someone whose BJ money gets returned by a hooker who decided to not do it after all.


    defellationista wins today!

    Mister Roboto

    Hide-Embarass: How you feel and what you want to do when you realize what a huge, horrible mistake you made in voting for the current occupant of the Oval Office and their running-mate.

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