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    John Day

    @Citizenx: When we sold our house and cars and biked & backpacked around the world in 2005-2006 as a family (Mom, Dad, 4 teenagers) we bike toured by the bridge at Arnhem.
    I had not realized it, but the broken bridge is there. We stopped and I gave a history lesson. I got history points in homeschooling that day.


    I went to our local grocery store yesterday and at checkout I noticed that 4 packages I was buying had been listed as 2.49 on the shelf, but I had been charged 5.99 each. A clerk had to run and confirm the error. I hate being the one to make people wait behind me, but I wondered how often this happens. And I suspect the people waiting were more alert as the prices went by when it came to be their turn.


    @jb-hb I would suggest that the TAE debt rattles are a safe bet. I used to do what you have suggested, watching the downfall of western civ and being powerless to stop it I merely became “the witness”. Terabytes of data have been stored over the last two decades. I stopped due to complete exhaustion during 2021, I could not keep up with it. Good to hear that someone else has the same insurance policy. I’m sure (just as through similar periods in human history) the truth will out in the end, eventually.

    Thanks to all contributors (and of course Ilargi) that make this site a valuable forum for discussion, thinking, mirth and vision. Salut

    D Benton Smith

    The world is phenomenal, while we , on the other hand (ironic pun intentional) tend to be be more or less noumenal in our nature. This noumenal phenomenon has led to a lot of discussion and argument, but the fact remains, and so the conversation continues.

    I’m just hanging around because I reckon that having sat through the movie this long (big investment) I might as well stay for the exciting conclusion. Besides, it’s the only show in town.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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