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    Henri Matisse Young Woman at the Window, Sunset 1921   • Hillary Clinton Cooked Up Russiagate To Smear Trump (RT) • Flynn Lawyer Tells Judge To R
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    “Trump did get Biden to say that he doesn’t support Dems’ health care plans, nor the Green New Deal. Which is odd given that his website says he does, and Kamala Harris was one of its main voices.”

    This should not surprise in the least. The campaign verbiage is there to lull the party base, which overwhelmingly supports GND and M4A. Biden has been quite explicit for donor audiences that “nothing fundamental will change”. Harris is a pure opportunist grifter who will do anything to anyone to ascend the power ladder – whether it’s a San Francisco mayor or desperate poor prisoners kept in jail to supply slave firefighting labor. Nothing either say in the context of campaigning can be used for anything but a drool bib for Joe or toilet paper for everyone else. One pays attention to what they say to their donors, not to us proles.

    The Biden™ will say whatever his handlers want him to say for as long as he’s needed. Once that need lessens, he will be shuffled off – whether to a corner or from this mortal coil, who can say? The Harris regency (assuming this claque gets itself elected) will be fully functional by the time that The Biden™ has served his stand-in function.


    Voters did not change their votes

    Nobody lied. (cough, cough)
    Nobody told the truth, (cough, cough)

    Sea floors will still rise and become mountain range

    John Day

    “Will You Shut Up, Man?!”  I watched the first 15 minutes of the punchfest presidential debate, then popped back in a few times  while cooking a lovely dinner of fresh vegetables, some of which grew a few yards from the stove, but I digress, like Joe Biden, who did better than I expected.   Donald Trump kept trying to knock Biden off his train of thought, to derail him. It was a relentless effort of punches from all sides and pestering, and it did not really work. Trump did not “digress” per se, but did what he wanted to do, as usual.  Trump’s attacks seemed to be centering for “sleepy Joe”, who looked really sharp with his suit and facelift, but also wooden, really wooden…President Donald had a really nice golf-face tan. Orange. It looked natural. Trump looked natural.  In an important way, Biden “won” the battle by not getting knocked out. Biden maintained plausibility despite interrupting his own sentences from the beginning. He did manage to get back on track and answer, usually, but would never answer Trump’s nagging, like about “packing the Supreme Court”. Considering the rules-as-applied, that exercise of judgement was in Biden’s favor.   Trump said what he wanted to say before circuitously answering questions, typically with a turn-of-the knife, like Trump…

    I personally suspect Trump and Biden were both legally medicated for this debate. Rumor has it that Trump takes Ritalin. I don’t know what Joe’s “stack” was last night, but it worked well enough for him to not be Ronald Reagan ca. 1988. What are the choices of “legal” nootropic drugs to maximize performance in a strategic presidential election? Here are some serious contenders. There are others: Smart Drugs and Nootropics

    Mr. House

    I didn’t watch. I’ll drink bells two hearted if i want to kill some brain cells.


    The Corporatist Dems like Biden and Pelosi have never supported the New Green Deal or Medicare for All. The President + team have convinced their base that they did – until last night when Biden blew the cover off the myth. Dan Bongino is acting like this is a revelation, a gotcha moment – BS! The R’s have lost another edge on the Biden claim that he is controlled by the “Radical Left”.

    How will the Corporate Dems manage this with the Radical Left? They won’t. And there will be no “walking it back” either. It’s too late to fight about it in public now. Trump’s performance last night is another vivid display of who we have in the White House representing us – and that will be enough to keep everyone together. The new-comer Senate and House Dems are a powerful lot. They will eventually scrape off the barnacles (Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Graham) and build the Way forward with Heart = integrity. The coming economic collapse will be the catalyst for something very different. BE PATIENT…a new day will come.


    As Joe would say, “come on, man”

    John Day

    Post is up. I’ve been working a lot on 3 gardens transitioning from summer to fall/winter, and I’m far from done. Posting less for awhile. Still “working”, too. Pictures of Yoakum veggie garden and gardeneer.

    More geopolitical context from Moon of Alabama:
    The United States could extend Russia in the Caucasus in two ways. First, the United States could push for a closer NATO relation-ship with Georgia and Azerbaijan, likely leading Russia to strengthen its military presence in South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Armenia, and southern Russia.
    Alternatively, the United States could try to induce Armenia to break with Russia. Although a long-standing Russian partner, Armenia has also developed ties with the West: It provides troops to NATO-led operations in Afghanistan and is a member of NATO’s Partnership for Peace, and it also recently agreed to strengthen its political ties with the EU. The United States might try to encourage Armenia to move fully into the NATO orbit. If the United States were to succeed in this policy, then Russia might be forced to withdraw from its army base at Gyumri and an army and air base near Yerevan (currently leased until 2044), and divert even more resources to its Southern Military District.
    The RAND report gives those options only a poor chance to succeed. But that does not not mean that the U.S. would not try to create some additional problems in Russia’s southern near abroad. It may have given its NATO ally Turkey a signal that it would not mind if Erdogan gives Aliyev a helping hand and jumps into anther war against Russia.
    Unless Armenian core land is seriously attacked Russia will likely stay aside. It will help Armenia with intelligence and equipment flown in through Iran. It will continue to talk with both sides and will try to arrange a ceasefire.

    Eleni sends this article from the day war broke out, with lots of video. Azerbaijan took a lot of initial military equipment losses as it attacked.

    What’s the Conflict Between Greece and Turkey All About?
    (History remains in play, and it’s about tapping flows of power, and denying them to other players.)
    The Mediterranean gas and oil fields are vital energy/power sources, currently being contested.

    ​Thanks Eleni​; Hybrid-warfare-defenses in action: Greece files against 33 NGO members for assisting human traffickers
    ​ ​Citing a press release by the Lesvos Police directorate, local news website stonisi, writes that “under the pretext of humanitarian action, those involved provided refugees in Turkey information about landing coordinates and weather conditions via closed groups and internet applications.”
    ​ ​The information included:
    ​Gathering places on the Turkish coast and departure time for voyage to Lesvos.
    ​C​oordinates (longitude and latitude) of specific refugee flows and their direction at a specific time and place
    ​N​umber of third-country nationals onboard of boats and the prevailing situation during the voyage
    ​F​inal destination (landing place on the coast),
    ​D​etails for the accommodation at Moria refugees center on Lesvos.”
    ​ ​The Police announcement said also that “in addition, through the extensive use of a specific telephone connection application, related to the activation of rescue operations, they hampered the operational work of the Greek Coast Guard vessels, at a time when migratory flows were evolving.”

    Greece files against 33 NGO members for assisting human traffickers

    ​More context from Eleni in Athens:
    The US’ Hybrid War On Russian Energy Targets Germany, Belarus, And Bulgaria
    The US is ruthlessly waging an intense Hybrid War on Russian energy interests in Europe by targeting the Eurasian Great Power’s relevant projects in Germany, Belarus, and Bulgaria, banking on the fact that even the partial success of this strategy would greatly advance the scenario of an externally provoked “decoupling” between Moscow and Washington’s transatlantic allies.

    Dr. D

    “Roosevelts effected a redistribution of wealth and power that nothing short of a revolution could accomplish.”

    Huh? Roosevelt spent ten years and the Depression was worse in 1941 than it was in 1931. Nothing had changed: everyone huddled. Unlike 1921, when Coolidge refused to intervene and forced the market to clear. His wealth tax clearly did nothing, just as our present wealth taxes do nothing. …I mean they do something: they make rich people hide their money and refuse to invest in jobs. While FDR did forestall an actual communist revolution (and also fascist business revolution, as per Gen Butler who exposed Bush SrSrs plan), by re-setting the social contract, no one delivered on the contract. What did was the U.S. factories being intact when the rest of world was destroyed. Then we had jobs, and therefore money, where the workers slowly made up some distance. But that’s not really FDRs doing except by accident, and certainly not the tax rules. This should be no surprise since FDR was a Wall St. vulture capitalist, while his family were U.S. oligarchs.

    He might notice that we’ve added progressive taxes for 100 years, and every day of that 100 years, income disparity grew worse. What was insanity, again? That everybody there for 50 years has set up the tax code so clearly rich people pay less (although NYT admits he still paid $4.5M) then point at THESE rich people for paying the less taxes THEY set up. In Delaware, as a Senator giving loopholes for banks. The other joker then says, “I know the loopholes since I’m the one buying these politicians”, in 2016.

    But Varoufakis has a plan: if only we give the government that created these loopholes MORE power, they will create LESS loopholes, and tax themselves and their old schools chums and golfing pals OUT of power and into poverty. Riiiiiight. If 100 years of this hasn’t cured you, I don’t know what will.

    The only thing we have to fear is: FDR and Varoufakis doing the same thing that’s made everything worse for 100 years.

    We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong … somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises. … I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. … And an enormous debt to boot.” –Henry Morgenthau, 1939 FDR administration.

    And as no one learns from history, they’re doing the same thing now. $4 Trillion per year? Picking winners (drinkers and golfers) and losers (workers).

    Capitalism could be a great idea. We should try it sometime.

    Mr. House

    I love this guy

    madamski cafone

    “In 1995, a random survey of 178 members of the Economic History Association found that out of 40 propositions about the economic history of the United States surveyed, the group of propositions about the Great Depression (including the New Deal) were the most disputed by economic historians and economists save for a qualified consensus that the “modern period of the South’s economic convergence to the level of the North only began in earnest when the institutional foundations of the southern regional labor market were undermined, largely by federal farm and labor legislation dating from the 1930s.”[3]

    I personally know too many people who learned valid trades and skills via New Deal programs to call it a failure. All of those people are dead now. 2-D Black and white is for printing and early TV. The world is in color and three dimensions. The New Deal was like everything else in reality. Some good, some bad, both attributes subject to perspective.

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