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    Vincent van Gogh Night Cafe (Place Lamartine in Arles) 1888   • I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration (NYT) • Who Wrote The
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    V. Arnold

    It’s Loney Tunes, minus the great animation and humor…

    V. Arnold

    Loney Tunes continued; the cctv footage of “the russian saboteurs” is another careless attempt at false news reportage. Actually outright fabrication!
    Just how is it that May can continue with this garbage?
    Have the Brits no fucking, functional, brains.
    Or, have they been stripped of all powers and critical thinking skills; just as has happened in the US?
    Mother of the gods; have we rally come to this?
    Yes, would be the only conclusion I can muster…


    Photoshopped camera images: hmmm.

    Here is a third explanation. The images come from two different cameras, as the angle is clearly not the same in both images (they might even be not of the same corridor). And their clocks are not perfectly in synch, which is not an esoterical possibility.

    So on one hand we have a completely mundane explanation. On the other, we have secret services who decide to photoshop or create cctv images of travellers who certainly have come to England on a flight, so that they would doctor an impossible time for their arrival, in order to… what exactly? Unless the Russians come in a secret russian submarine landing and british intelligence had to cover that up because…???

    Definitely Ockham’s razor for me.

    This says nothing about the involvement of the two men in the Skripal murder.


    Skripal wasn’t murdered. Other than that, we know exactly nothing about what happened to him.


    • Who Wrote The Anti-Trump Op-Ed? (MW)
    13 people who might be the author of The New York Times op-ed

    Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

    Updated 7:55 AM ET, Thu September 6, 2018


    It’s a swamp creature who sees him/herself as sitting on the right hand of God with omnipotent protection from retribution.

    The White House was in “total meltdown” Wednesday night, a source told Politico. “It’s like the horror movies when everyone realizes the call is coming from inside the house,” another source told the Post.


    In the real news.
    Typhoon Jebi hit Japan
    earthquakes japan Tomakoma

    Two powerful earthquakes rocked Japan within 20 minutes of each other early Thursday, just over a day after a typhoon in the country left at least six people dead.
    The quakes — magnitude-6.6 and -5.3 — struck Tomakomai, the fifth largest city in the Hokkaido area, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). They each had a depth of roughly 21 and 23 miles, respectively.

    Moderate earthquake – Tomakomai, Japan – September 6, 2018


    But in the end the value you attach to another person’s life is the one you attach to your own.


    Stone Lodge

    Wow, Raul! A lot of stuff here this morning:

    1. “U.S. officials said they have already made concessions, with the suspension of U.S.-South Korean joint military exercises. They also worry that an end-of-war declaration could weaken North Korea’s incentive for denuclearization, while raising questions about some 18,500 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea, a legacy of the Korean War.”
    Since when does the U.S. need a declared war to invade/occupy/destabilize any country? The answer is, well, not since the Korean war. Trump’s efforts vis-a-vis NK have been consistently compromised and undermined by Pompeo and Bolton and Haley, as they have railroaded the administration into dangerous and disingenuous bellicosity toward Russia, Iran, Syria, et al. Which brings me to my next point…

    2. While the oddsmakers seem to like Pence as the “anonymous” author of the NYT op-ed, not too many people have settled on John Bolton, national security adviser, as the source. That neocon scumbag would be my guess as the most likely source. First, “he” was “appointed.” Second, he is a rabid, egomaniacal, megalomaniacal, neo-conservative and war-monger extraordinaire. He loved McCain, and he is certain that he is right in all facets of foreign policy. He hates Russia, he hates Iran, he hates arabs and muslims in general, and he loves a good killing field. He has access to Trump, and tight interworkings with the IC in Washington. It is just his type of self-congratulating sociopath that would post an anonymous op-ed claiming to be involved in the undermining of an elected leader while believing that the American public will welcome the news that, bad as the present government is, it is not the nominally elected government in charge, but rather a corporo-fascist cabal of unaccountable war criminals. IMHO, no matter how this ultimately plays out, it is a critical event at this moment in time.


    There are 100s of ‘senior administration officials in the WH. That CNN picks a dozen well known names says everything about the network. So does Politico’s anon quote saying the WH was in total meltdown. Stop listening to that stuff. It’s concerted nonsense. These people invent new things every day simply because it makes them money. They’ve been doing it for two years now, and they’ll keep at it and intensify. In America today it doesn’t matter anymore what is true or not. Here today, forgotten tomorrow. Maybe someone should defend the Republic, and the Office of the President? The NYT has been attacking Trump 24/7 for what, 700 days, and anonymous letters have become credible? This is not a game.


    “Here today, forgotten tomorrow.”

    I’ve got to forget about what has been happening in the Mediterranean.

    Turkey is more important than all the gossip about Trump.

    Turkey, Russia, Iran leaders meet in Tehran over Idlib
    Rebuilding Syria will top the agenda when leaders from Iran, Russia and Turkey meet in 24 hours.

    Dr. D

    If two Russians get off a plane, did they commit murder?

    There are a lot of steps to prove other than, “Your honor! The photos of the murder are in the courtroom, and so is the defendant! Coincidence? I think not.”

    The NYT seems to have proven beyond all doubt that a small group of unelected bureaucrats are defying and undermining the President, and with it, democracy, and are trying to overthrow an election in ways both large and small. Golly, would that be, dare I say it, treason? And would you call this group of unelected bureaucrats a “Deep State”? Amazing how as rotten as he is, they keep proving his case for him. And really, the dumbest guy in Indiana can understand this, but the NYT editor can’t? Hey editor: if you don’t like Trump, stop proving his case for him, stop making him right.

    PS, how does his ridiculous, half-baked, lambasted allegation that Obama wiretapped his campaign look now? If there’s no FOIA on a FISA for Page, as is alleged, the only alternative is that it was directly authorized by the former President, to look inside the live campaign of the opposition party.

    Since no one seems to have a problem with that, perhaps Trump should wiretap every Congressional campaign then send the DoJ in to arrest every opposition candidate he finds? Since that’s how we do things now, CNN, NYT, the DNC shouldn’t have a problem with it, right? He’s sure some terrible excuse for Hitler if he DOESN’T wiretap and arrest them all as they themselves claim is legal and moral. What’s the holdup already? Or maybe he does at least attempt to follow the law and is satisfied with NY Republicans being taken out for corruption right before a pivotal election.

    And “Senior Official”? Yes, probably. A senior official at the CIA. If you hadn’t caught on, it seems that some parts of the government are not fond of our President and would like to remove him using illegal means. The technical term for it is sedition. But “there’s no crime when it’s my guy.”

    Stark raving madness.

    Since I have some time, what do we make of the denials of officials Woodward claims to have interviewed and have on tape? They say they didn’t say what he claims. Show me the tapes, ’cause that’s odd. Also, suppose you WERE in office, and suppose you WERE stealing stuff off his desk every day because you thought he was an unhinged menace. So you believe you’re the only person between him and the red button, and you publish that you’re in there, tampering with him??? Here’s a clue: if you’re a CIA mole, you keep your mouth shut and stay very, very quiet while you do your work and ferret your info out. You don’t get on TV and say “Over here! There’s a mole over here! Somewhere in this department!” And especially, perhaps exclusively if you think he’s unhinged, because he’s all the more likely to chop heads everywhere, right or wrong. You’d just keep your head down, stop him where you can, leak stuff, sabotage, find allies, and look for an opening like the 25th.

    So the NYT’s own story is internally inconsistent and irrational, or else his source is, and probably both. But nobody cares about illogic anymore. Starting a 50-year peace is now war, people who are biased don’t have the bias they admit they have, no one’s trying to get the guy they all say they’re getting, leaders who are winning use chemical weapons, nerve gas is safe as water, and all Russian photos have the same timestamp.


    Like I said: Stark. Raving. Madness.


    RE: Time Traveling Russian Assassins

    I just posted this at MoA, after taking a fresh look:

    OK, I’m late to the party on the ‘flipped’ meme. It bothered me yesterday that there wasn’t enough detail to determine if it was the same hallway. Today, with fresh coffee, it hit me…just before I read comments here and at the C. Murray article that mentioned the flippage. Anyway, here’s my highlighted comparison, with red highlighting the ‘wonky railing’ and orange highlighting the shoulder straps of their carry-on bags. The straps have a lower confidence score, but if the two are both right-handed (or both left) it’s more likely they would shoulder the bag the same way.


    If you read the alternative blogs, it is clear that Donald Trump is subject of a coup attempt by media moguls and corporate globalists. Likewise, neo-con/globalist political appointees still fill the executive branch. Donald Trump has the temperament of an angry spoiled sixth grader. He hasn’t reach Shakespearean heights of the greatest President ever due to his tragic lack of humanity. Today, Friday, in Tehran, Russia, Turkey and Iran are meeting prior attempting to retake Idlib Province. NATO and Russia have ships stationed off Syria. The renamed Al-Qaeda Jihadists have every reason use chemical weapons to draw in the West to save them. With an incipient civil war in the White House and nuclear powers about to go to war; this September is the most dangerous in the past 73 years.

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