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    Henri Matisse Landscape with a bench 1918   • Arctic Has Enough Reserves To Supply Russia For Centuries – Russian Official (RT) • Children Can Ge
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    Polder Dweller

    Hopefully this works, it’s a Twitter thread by Walter Chesnut which explains that the action of the spike is to drive senescence in the body’s cells. If I’ve understood it correctly, it means that people who either catch Covid or get vaccinated with mRNA/DNA vaccines will age faster and open themselves up to problems due to the specific genetic weaknesses we all have.

    V. Arnold

    Love that Matisse…serene and quiet to all but nature…

    It appears we’re well into the Fahrenheit 451 ° scenario…
    The only difference I can see is that we don’t need to burn books…nobody reads books anymore…
    We’d instead need to burn the Internet’s ability to print (I used that term guardedly) any lie they’re given to spread….
    Ivermectin is just one recent example of an attempt to assassinate the wonder drug IVM.
    But, the point remains; and just as in Fahrenheit 451°, we may need to create a version of the “Story – Book Village”.
    Serious times demand serious thinking and serious action…


    Here’s something I don’t get: I understand from previous articles that Denmark’s reopening is stated as being possible due to its very high vaccination rate. Why are we not seeing high rates of breakthrough cases in Denmark like what is happening in Israel? Maybe that will come later?


    Concerning “D” being AI, try humour. It’s one thing AI doesn’t seem to understand. Might help to prove one way or the other.



    Yeah, that’s good. we’ve touched on the aging issues here a few days ago (telomeres), and on @parsifaler Chesnut.

    The Debt Rattle simply doesn’t have the format to show enough of these threads, too space consuming. We had 2 of them today, plus Kirsch’s slideshow, also not fit for format.

    Spike proteins and aging, senescence, are definitely a major thing. With this jab I shorten your life by 10 years!

    absolute galore

    Today’s top Health headlines in NYT:

    The Best Birthday Present in 2021? A Covid Vaccine.
    Hospitalizations for children sharply increase as Delta surges, C.D.C. studies find.
    More Than 80 Percent of Seniors Are Vaccinated. That’s ‘Not Safe Enough.’

    More in Sports:
    Brazil-Argentina World Cup qualifier suspended after health officials enter field

    This is what passes for a Rolling Stone “correction.” Tiabbi got out of there just in time. (The headline is the only part available on its twitter feed.)

    One Hospital Denies Oklahoma Doctor’s Story of Ivermectin Overdoses Causing ER Delays for Gunshot Victims

    The hospital says it hasn’t experienced any care backlog due to patients overdosing on a drug that’s been falsely peddled as a covid cure

    Note that it says “One Hospital”–as though the other 50 hospitals in the story stick to ER delays. But there was only one. Note that they get in the “falsely peddled” even in the “correction.”

    From the copy:
    Following widespread publication of his statements, one hospital that the doctor’s group serves, NHS Sequoyah, said its ER has not treated any ivermectin overdoses and that it has not had to turn away anyone seeking care. This and other hospitals that the doctor’s group serves did not respond to requests for comment and the doctor has not responded to requests for further comment. We will update if we receive more information.

    “Following widespread publication of his statements…!!?” Makes it sound like the entire press corps was mislead by this doc in Oklahoma. No, it was RS that published the story, and everyone else just rehashed it. No responsibility. Just pathetic.

    This is why we should not have much hope of the narrative purging itself of most of the untruths and becoming even a bit more balanced. How can that happen when the majority of people A. read the first story and not any “corrections” –in the few instances where they are forced to go through the motions, and B.the rest is manipulated, or suppressed, or censored outright.

    The issue is not even how miraculous Ivermectin is or is not. It’s the blatant presentation of the medication as a horse paste, the failure to allow a medication less dangerous than aspirin to be used in treating Covid, the terribly unscientific approach this all represents. I would call it voodoo medicine but that would be an insult to witch doctors, who at this point I would trust with my health more than MSM (Mainstream Medicine). Just mindboggling. It is to me by far the scariest aspect of the last 20 months.It is what will make the disintegration of the economy that much more chaotic and unintelligible to the average person. I now wonder what will happen if Biden/Harris doesn’t make it. What forces will fill that vacuum?

    absolute galore

    Raul wrote:Spike proteins and aging, senescence, are definitely a major thing. With this jab I shorten your life by 10 years!

    Yes, but from the way I read it, they are also saying that Covid itself could have this long term affect as well.


    Re Faber: the thing he is most concerned about is socialism because our standard of living will go down? Really? But yet he points to the monetary policies that enable massive concentration of wealth which he says will lead to war to maintain power (keep people together) – he doesn’t point that out as being scary. Here’s a thought- maybe we need a huge down-scaling of our standard of living so as not to destroy what little vitality is left of the natural world.

    absolute galore

    Faber points out, “I can tell you one feature of all the socialist countries I have visited in my life, and all of them had less freedom, less happiness than we have, and the standards of living were substantially, not a little bit, but substantially lower than they are in the free capitalistic world.

    Sorry, but while the “free” capitalistic world may have afforded us material advantages for the last 70 years, it has never been free, it is highly regulated in favor of the U.S. Oligarchy. And no matter what system, we are all headed for a “substantially lower” standard of living. He misses the big picture of limits to growth as the primary systemic cause of much of the upheaval we are experiencing. If you don’t start with that (and few pundits do, never mind the governments of the world) you will always end up wandering lost in the maze of politics, financial markets, and “Ismism,” like a senile old man trying to find his life preserver as his house burns down around him.

    those darned kids

    sumac c: “maybe we need a huge down-scaling of our standard of living so as not to destroy what little vitality is left of the natural world.”

    maybe we need a huge down-scaling of our standard of living so as not to destroy what little vitality is left of the natural world.

    Dr. D

    They’re all missing the main flaw in the Rolling Stone horse paste article. Hospital? Sallisaw, OK. Population? 7,900. Problem? “Standing lines of gunshot victims.” Aside from the “standing” part, also a problem, and winter coats, also a problem, the gunshot rates – murder rates – in Sallisaw are?

    ZERO. And over 7 of the last 10 years? ZERO.

    So this story was written by somebody in Chicago, Baltimore, or some other blue city where that is THEIR daily reality. They think that’s normal for America. Really, it’s only normal for THEM, their family, their backyard. …And hardly even then. Out of all 19,000 cities, how many fill the emergency room with gunshots at all? Maybe 5? 0.026%? And they’re all yours. Nary a rural Oklahoma or Alabama to be found.

    I know the drug thing was interesting and captivating, but keep your wits. No need to look one second farther or fight the controversy they WANT you to fight: fight the legs out from under it. A town the size of Maybury with –what would that be? – 12 gunfights a day. Riiiiiight.

    Let’s say it’s Oklahoma City, a town of 600k and a s—thole of crime. Rates? 60. So lines of murder victims of ONE per week. However shall we get admitted? They’re not only from a weirdo micro-cult of people and places, they’re incapable of imagining any body, any thing, any life except themselves.

    “GP’s to Be Paid £10 More for Every Child They Inject with a Covid Vaccine (DE)”

    Is it clear yet you have to get rid of the money and the centralization?

    Believe it was Jim Rogers, not Marc Faber on the worldwide trip. But wasn’t that a special car, not bike?

    His argument seems normal to me. Printing money causes massive income inequality, bad economies, and as essentially an Austrian, I’m sure he would admit massive increase in fake speed and resource consumption that leads to crack-up booms and crashes. So you already said what we have isn’t Capitalism in any way, but then criticize capitalism we don’t have? Native Americans and Medieval Burghers had regulated Capitalism same as we do now: was their resource consumption too high?

    What we’re talking about is NOT-capitalism. I print money for no work, no trade, hand it to my friends, so there are no consequences ever, no bankruptcy. That’s as anti-capital as can possibly be imagined. And that method requires Statism, Authoritarianism, Socialism, VIOLENCE of massive central government to enforce what are in-human and unjust, but also irrational and #AntiLogos rules. Against the laws of Physics and Thermodynamics, as well as against human nature. So the only way they can EXIST, or at this point PER-SIST, is to add MORE of the same violent authoritarianism, and more repression of all human nature, all reality, all price discovery, and all truth. As we clearly see. Money aside, that’s not a healthy culture to live in. I think we are all against it. Mises, who I’m certain he’s aligned with, will tell you first thing that banks printing money leads to all kinds of foolery, stupid projects, and sheer waste, and that’s BEFORE it completely collapses into universal misery. So stop the banks from having free money and they won’t hand it to Musk to kill every pedestrian and policman, and blow up d—k-shaped rockets all day while people starve.

    If you want a normal standard of living, with normal income disparities, and normal human activities, you’ll work slowly, methodically, letting people work and keep their stuff while they themselves decide what is important to focus on. Then there’s no sudden shocks, jamming the machine for trading, rentier, insider profits, and everyone has time to come home, eat dinner and go to Boy Scouts again.

    Police” As usual, police, no mask (dick nose), instantly getting within 6’ for no reason whatsoever, and attempting to enforce completely illegal non-laws. And they think WE’RE the problem.

    Denmark: excellent question. We’ve seen night and day effects in other countries as well. My guess: they’re taking a different or a non-vaccine altogether. I don’t know how, but as it follows national borders pretty sharply, that’s my guess.

    And from Yesterday, CNN:


    One more thought and then back to work: what I value most deeply these days is not travelling the planet. It is loving and nurturing a small piece of the planet and learning about it deeply, seeing it change over time and thru the seasons, exerting myself to take care of it as needed. The whole planet is there to see in your backyard if you look closely. Ask any artist.

    absolute galore

    Dr. D wrote: They’re all missing the main flaw in the Rolling Stone horse paste article. Hospital? Sallisaw, OK. Population? 7,900. Problem? “Standing lines of gunshot victims.” Aside from the “standing” part, also a problem, and winter coats, also a problem, the gunshot rates – murder rates – in Sallisaw are?

    I don’t think anybody missed any of that–it’s why the piece was immediately seen as a pile of stink. (But the photo they ran with it was captioned as people waiting in line last January to get vaccinated–while misleading, it was correctly identified as a photo of the good obedient citizens waiting for their meds to be distributed.


    Wait. Didn’t I say that?

    Dr. D

    Seeing my comments disappear on logout and reappear on login again, they have strange effects, but it seems other can see them still if I can’t. Just brings to mind Twitter and Facebook where they’d sink your own comments so you’d waste your time and not realize you were talking into nothing.

    Since no computers work anymore, it’s hard to tell complete wreck of overcomplexity from active supression and oppression. Let’s not care and get rid of both. Change to embedded IRC?


    No kidding. Prizermectin.

    those darned kids

    my wife said months ago that they should just mix ivermectin with mint, octuple the price, and get the whole thing over with.

    those darned kids

    oh, and the apple flavour for horses?

    complete b.s. – smells like apple to fool the humans, tastes like crap for the poor horsies.

    Polder Dweller

    Searched my memory for this from Big Audio Dynamite – about sums it up really.

    Medicine Show
    The stuff we sell is just the best
    Passing all consumer test
    Days of heaven nights of sin
    Voodoo stick and sharks fin
    When all around you seems like hell
    Just one sip will make you well
    Multipurpose in a jar
    If you ain’t ill it’ll fix your car
    In days of yore for all bad feelings
    Washing socks and stripping ceilings
    Nowadays its used medicinally
    For all known human malady

    It was really foul weather
    When we got tarred and feathered
    You could hear the six guns sound
    As they chased us out of town

    Guaranteed don’t you know
    Money back?
    You’ll get a no!
    It’s the one and only medicine show


    AG, I don’t know what you mean by “Covid itself”. What do you think that is?


    Lesson # 1 ( don’t do)
    Examples from un reliable motivators

    • About The Rolling Stone Invermectin Article (Holden)
    made up, entirely invented. A lot of people took the bait, (cut and paste)

    Lesson # 2 (make it easier to verify the source)

    • COVID Vaccines Have Killed Over 200,000 Americans (Kirsch)
    1. :// (hard to find next link)
    2. :// (at bottom of pdf??)
    3. :// ( where is the pdf?)
    3. :// ( where is the pdf?)
    3. :// ( where is the pdf?)

    lesson # 3. (Try doing the following )
    • The #$%! Captured Medical Journals (Kory)

    (6/6 Another positive IVM prophylaxis trial held by JAMA for 2 months.. without sending out for peer review.. then returned with an apology. Delay defer deny
    The high impact journals let you see the science Pharma wants you to see, not the science that is out there. Sad sad state)

    TAE Summary

    The Ambulance Down in the Valley

    ‘Twas a dangerous cliff, as they freely confessed,
    Though to walk near its crest was quite pleasant
    But over its side slipped a duke and a prince
    And it had fooled many a peasant.
    The people all said something had to be done,
    Though their projects did not at all tally;
    Some said, “Put a fence at the top of the cliff,”
    Others, “An ambulance down in the valley.”

    The lament of the crowd was profound and so loud
    Their hearts overflowed with great pity
    But the ambulance carried the cry of the day
    As it spread to the neighboring cities
    A collection was made to accumulate aid
    And the dwellers in highway and alley
    Gave dollars and cents, not to put up a fence,
    But an ambulance down in the valley.

    “For the cliff is all right, if you’re careful,” they said,
    “And, if folks ever trip and are dropping,
    It isn’t the slipping and sliding that hurts
    As much as the shock when they’re stopping.”
    And so on for years as these mishaps occurred,
    Quick forth would those rescuers sally
    To pick up the victims who fell off the cliff,
    With their ambulance down in the valley.

    Said one in his plea it’s a marvel to me
    That you give so much greater attention
    To repairing results than to curing the cause
    Why you’d much better aim at prevention
    For mischief of course should be stopped at its source
    Come friends and good neighbors let’s rally
    It makes far better sense to rely on a fence
    Than an ambulance down in the valley

    He’s wrong in his head the majority said
    He would end all our earnest endeavors
    He’s the kind of a jerk that would halt our good work
    But we will support it forever
    Don’t we pick up them all just as quick as they fall
    Treat them with care quite liberally
    A superfluous fence is of no consequence
    If the ambulance works in the valley

    Well this story is queer as I’ve given it here
    Though things oft occur which are stranger
    More humane we assert to remove all the hurt
    Than a plan to remove all the danger
    Before it all ends it’s time to begin
    To attend to these things rationally
    Yes build up the fence and let us dispense
    With the ambulance down in the valley

    — Joseph Malins (modified by John Denver)


    Following the references given by Polder Dweller above led to interesting but complex physiological research but included this nugget from Channappanavac et al 2014.
    “SARS-Covid specific antibody is quite unstable, the IgA and IgM response to this virus failed to last more than 6 months.”
    They highlight possible lines for therapeutic developments, particularly in the general area it seemed to me of antioxidants but show how complex and interactive the body systems are. Good to know there are people researching all this, but it also shows the limitations and indeed poverty of most of the information forcefed to us naiive subjects.


    Mattias Desmet is a professor of psychology at Ghent University in Belgium. He focuses on mass crowd formation, totalitarianism, mass hypnosis, and indoctrination.


    JH Kunstler’s good today:

    “..About twenty minutes after the virus came on the scene, a vaccine magically materialized in the pharma labs. And after a completely half-assed testing routine, it was commissioned with an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which permitted a wholesale vax-up of the whole population, and provided legal immunity from lawsuits for the pharma companies involved. The public greeted it with a grateful awe usually reserved for religious visitations. Treatment protocols with existing drugs were bad-mouthed and then officially suppressed. They had to be — and still have to be — to maintain that EUA, because the vaxes are not approved by the FDA (despite a recent FDA psy-op to fake-out the public otherwise).

    Meanwhile, adverse reactions to the vaxes are literally off-the-charts (the decades-long vaccine safety charts, that is) and those numbers have been likewise suppressed. There are also plenty of reasons to suppose the vaxes create stealth vascular damage to multiple organs that could lead to death over a few years’ time. The prudent have taken note. The prudent are now in for getting cancelled out of daily life for their prudence. Most of these people are onto the game that is being played on them. They must be punished.

    The government is desperate to keep the Covid-19 story going and keeps squirting lighter fluid on America’s flaming head. It’s not working so well. The government has lost its mojo, as personified by the mojo-deficient president that the backstage minions of an obscure “power elite” finagled into office by means soon to be publicly revealed. A great wave of fear curdles the spinal fluxes of Western Civ as its component nation-states battle to control their restive populations with an epic turn toward lawless, tyrannical coercion..”

    The Game in Review

    I like the end of the piece.


    Pfizerrectum, I mean Pfizermectim.


    And I still spelled it wrong. Pfizermectin. For real? Merck might have something to say abut that.

    those darned kids

    billseven: the ending is good. it was appropriate as i was harvesting ground cherries as i listened to it. the beginning and middle are quite good, too.


    There are a lot of good qualities to the current “capitalist” system. For one, there is no overt authority telling me what my job or employment will be. There are A LOT of problems with the current “capitalist” system. For brevity, I’m going to assume we’re aware of these. There are a lot of problems with the various “really existing” socialist/communist systems — also going to assume we’re familiar with them. There are some positives — socialized medicine is often touted — and it has its attractions. However, in the middle of a psyop pandemic, socialized medicine has some severe drawbacks (too much organized, top-down control.)

    If Marx’s ideas were distilled down to one, simple principle it would likely be that the workers own the means of production. (And, no — I don’t mean a political party owns the means of production and administers it on the behalf of the workers.).

    As a people, we really haven’t tried that in a significant way. It has a few names: workers coop, workers self directed enterprise. There are some related concepts that are close but don’t quite make it: ESOP, holacracy. There are a few examples of it here and there. (Mondragon in Spain comes to mind.). Oh, and it also includes sole proprietorships with no on-going employees, family farms, etc.

    Here’s the thing: it doesn’t need to be called Marxism or socialism — calling it that will only confuse people. It is inherently democratic. It is intensely local and keeps the decisions close to their application. When the owners are the workers they don’t ship their own jobs overseas and they are less likely to pollute their own backyards and more likely to implement reasonable safety standards. Trying this out doesn’t need to involve coercive force — it is a choice, and if it is successful, it will spread. It empowers people, rather than disempowering them. It encourages people to be responsible to themselves and to the group — we need both to have a smoothly functioning society. It still encourages people to work hard and to innovate — hard work, progressive innovation, experience, and skill are rewarded by higher compensation. And…because this model is not transferring a huge portion of the profit (in this model called surplus) to owners/shareholders and executives, it can run “leaner” than current large corporations, providing good pay to the owner/employees, and competing with current large corporations in the market.

    To me, this is the answer to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged…oh ye captains of industry, thank you for leaving us all behind, now we can get on with living without your narcissism warping everything. The biggest obstacle is that, quite frankly, most folks are unfamiliar with how to get along in a peer based organization and are always expecting a “leader” to call the shots — they have learned helplessness.

    It is a big obstacle. Of course, a huge systemic crash may help people start to think for themselves and to look to their peers, rather than to authority, for aid. It is what happened in the US during the Great Depression, before FDR’s programs got off the ground, which programs served to encourage the masses to look to the federal government and Democratic Party as their saviors.


    Maybe ivermectin blocks the telomere shortening by the Covid spike protein? Maybe “they” already knew this from animal studies? Just a shot in the dark.


    It’s a race to save humanity. Will it be Pfizermectin or Modernachloroquine that comes to the rescue? Given the lead headline at Bloomberg, it’s also a breathless race against time:

    Overwhelmed Morgues Belie U.S. Illusion of a Defanged Pandemic

    Of course the article itself is paywalled.


    Let those with discernment, discern…
    “There is no magic light saber, as Bickle might suppose, but there are daily choices each human can make. The success of those implementing such systems resides in the human tendency towards self compliance!
    Someone posted a short video of a driver who refused to answer even the most basic questions when stopped at a Driving While Intoxicated checkpoint. Of course, under the US Constitution such stops without PROBABLE CAUSE are not legal. Firstly, 9 people out of 10 have not taken the time to read the Constitution, so they do not know their rights and thus do not know what statutory laws apply to them or not.
    So rule one would be to learn the rights accorded to you under the highest applicable law. Example, a township statute cannot trump the Constitutional law.
    Once a person is aware of their RIGHTS and DUTIES under the law, they know what laws and duties apply to them.
    Second, if a demand is made not in compliance with the law, the person MUST refuse the request…ie, exercise their rights under the law. The driver in the example above did just that. After a few minutes of noise, the cop waved the drive through the checkpoint!
    If even 3 out of 10 refused to comply, the checkpoints would come down! Systems of oppression require voluntary compliance! Remember that ratio…30% non compliance kills a voluntary system!
    A golden nugget for those so awake.
    Does the Constitution require a passport? Do all of the illegal aliens flooding into the US have the proper paperwork? No? Then why do YOU feel compelled to comply? Are you willing to cross the border as they do? No? Well then come in like a man, on your feet, BUT be prepared to stand your ground!
    Why do you think the US has passed a “law” stripping the citizen of their Constitutional safeguards?
    THIS….standing one’s ground…is where the cowardice of most good citizens falls to pieces. They are under the delusion that obeying whatever crazy “laws” are implemented must be obeyed!
    Sorry to be in that situation!”
    ~A Red Shield Bloodline Family Member

    “Humans are notorious for making bad choices and blaming others, fate, the government or whomever for the sorry state of their condition. Look at the fast food industry growth and the rise in health care costs. HFCS, Pharma, vaccines and so many others…and yet stupid humans just keep marching to the same tired beat.”
    ~A Red Shield Bloodline Family Member

    “The pharmaceutical industry is very large and powerful, and exists as a middleman of sorts between humans and their natural remedies.
    Unfortunately for humans, these pharma are profit based first and foremost.
    Remedies to every issue facing humans can be found in NATURAL LAW, including health related. It is up to the human to choose direct participation…or farm out these needs to a party with clearly vested interests!
    Another great example of FREE WILL!
    Laughing out Loud!
    No one would say the information isn’t out there to those who seek it out!
    Check and MATE!”
    ~A Red Shield Bloodline Family Member

    “You ARE aware, presumably, that GENETIC ENGINEERING and MODIFICATION could CONCEIVABLY be introduced into his system through this mechanism, causing much mischief and possible havoc! ”
    ~A Red Shield Bloodline Family Member

    “Understand that nature is symbiotic in nature in all respects. Benevolence does not, and cannot exist in nature! It is impossible.
    Look at any appearance of benevolence as a trick! Look for the hidden hand…it is always there! So many examples….so little time!
    Laughing out loud!
    It is only the child who does not see this!”
    ~A Red Shield Bloodline Family Member

    “Duality is one of the “beautiful lies”.
    Consider that darkness and light are ONE.
    Good and Evil are ONE.
    We (or I should say YOU) fight yourselves!
    Can you not see that??
    WHILE you fight YOURSELVES, others pick your pockets.
    Who is the greater fool?
    WHO is truly at fault? YOU for fighting yourself, or others, who rob you while you struggle?
    That is why you are viewed as foolish children.
    You will have a place at the table when you have proven yourselves worthy.
    And don’t think you are not being WATCHED and EVALUATED”
    ~A Red Shield Bloodline Family Member

    “Everyone is looking for a narrative
    It’s of no consequence, really.
    What is important is that which remains unseen. Pay no heed to the noise and commotion…but SCRUTINIZE that which IS present but not comprehended.
    Remember, it is natural LAW that the grand plan truth MUST be within reach of all.
    Blindness is by CHOICE”
    ~A Red Shield Bloodline Family Member

    Maxwell Quest

    @expatkiwi linked:

    The Covid narrative is mass hypnosis

    Many thanks for another great find on the Odysee platform!

    When Mattias Desmet began laying the groundwork for “mass crowd formation”, talking about “social isolation”, “generalized anxiety”, yada yada yada, I was thinking, “I don’t know about this guy, he seems to be barking up the wrong tree”. Then he brought it all together and “Damn! I love this guy!”


    An interesting piece from Oliver Bateman, more for the general questions that come to
    mind than the particulars:

    “..For those of us who have observed multiple intra-Left schisms, dirty breaks, and other contretemps, this comes as no surprise. The post-Bernie Sanders left in America has fragmented, with its most notable members reabsorbed into the centre-Left party apparatus for which they had provided service as border guards of its left flank. The remainder, such as the Current Affairs staffers now left to virtually busk for jobs and funds with Robinson’s betrayal as their cause célèbre, will have to muddle through and determine where they fit — if anywhere — in this evolving hierarchy. Another youth movement has grown old, as they always do, but the song remains the same.”


    @ chris_gee
    Is this the study you were referencing?

    <<Thus, future vaccines against emerging coronaviruses should emphasize the generation of a memory CD8 T cell response for optimal protection.>>

    I cannot recollect ANY studies of vaccinated folks that determine whether or not the spike protein generating vaccines create memory CD8 T cell response. I remember a couple studying Covid survivors who found that response and posited that, therefore, the same should happen with the vaccines…but has ANY study verified this?

    those darned kids

    phoenix: “Maybe ivermectin blocks the telomere shortening by the Covid spike protein? Maybe “they” already knew this from animal studies? Just a shot in the dark.”

    man, i really, really hope so.


    those darned kids

    that is so sad.

    and then, this:

    He is literally one in a million, or thereabouts, having suffered a side effect of the AstraZeneca jag so rare there is no reliable data on it yet.

    He is literally one in a million,
    •¶§ literally!

    or thereabouts,
    •¶§ “literally”..

    having suffered a side effect
    •¶§ yep, left side.

    of the AstraZeneca
    •¶§ defrauder of both the u.k. and u.s. taxpayers. 2020 revenue, 25.890 billion u.s. fiats.

    •¶§ using such cavalier language to describe a man losing half his leg is shameful, lacking both honour and respect.

    so rare
    •¶§ obviously, i’ve just been told that above.

    there is no reliable data on it yet.
    •¶§ sure there is: one in a million. or thereabouts. rarely. you just told me so.


    Beyond my paycheck
    Views 63,457
    Original Investigation
    September 2, 2021
    Estimated US Infection- and Vaccine-Induced SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence Based on Blood Donations, July 2020-May 2021

    Based on a sample of blood donations in the US from July 2020 through May 2021, vaccine- and infection-induced SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence increased over time and varied by age, race and ethnicity, and geographic region. Despite weighting to adjust for demographic differences, these findings from a national sample of blood donors may not be representative of the entire US population.

    Can you check the math and conclusions Read the comments
    I hate being right, and it’s even nastier when a peer-reviewed medical journal publishes proof without realizing what they’re doing, and thus doesn’t make a recommendation based on the data they present

    Yet despite that fact and data, and after the cut-off date for this study’s data in May the spike we took this summer did happen which, unfortunately for all the madhouse screamers at the CDC, State Departments of Health, the NIH and the Biden Administration proves, with scientific certainty, that the vaccines are worthless in interdicting both the acquisition and transmission of Covid-19, as otherwise given this prevalence as of May of 2021 the spike in infections this summer could not have occurred.

    The debate is over folks.

    The slaughter must end and end now; the data from JAMA is irrefutable..


    Hello AE community,

    Seems I come hat in hand a fair bit. Here’s the latest.

    I have a friend who is a resistor and whose 23 yr old son is as well. However, in order to attend uni here in Ontario, he needs to submit to the jab ( or to a multitude of tests each time a lab is scheduled).

    My friend is asking for some compelling Covid research outlining the danger to this age group ( paper / links ). Does anyone here have a link they find fundamental to the logical/medical rationale for NOT getting the gene treatment ?

    I hope to compile 5 highly credible & persuasive links .

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