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    Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) German artist, philosopher, composer, mystic Cosmic Tree   All of a sudden, politicians in the EU, UK, and USA a
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    Major leak


    I would have assumed that leaking a conversation between Trump and Putin would carry a bigger penalty than facebook leaking the conversation of the non-elites

    The elites have got bigger problems to worry about than worrying about what the non-elites are gossiping about..
    So … this morning Trump is saying that he congratulated Putin.
    It is as if he is saying the leak is “a petty event” not worth disciplinary action.

    Dr. D

    Because the data is “private” (as if there are any truly independent companies anymore), then it’s simple for the NSA to get one back door into Facebook, one into Google, etc, like they did back with AT&T going back past “Day of the Condor” and then plead FISA “National Security” or plausible deniability, which may in fact be LESS secure and protected than government data. All collected. All wide open. By design.

    Of course Facebook and Amazon are not actually independent, capitalist companies. Facebook for example makes no money, and Amazon took $1B in one contract for unsecured cloud storage via the CIA (a deal that allowed them to buy WaPo). So if a school is non-religious and must support freedom of speech, i.e. Federal rules if they accept one dollar from the government, shouldn’t Facebook and Google be held to the same standard? Pretty clearly they wouldn’t exist without the direct support and cooperation from the government.

    Hey, what’s it called when the state and corporations cooperate together, especially regarding the establishment of universal surveillance and policing? I forget.


    Dr D., I reckon it’s called predation. It’s not like just visiting TAE or similar site more than once doesn’t put you on some ‘watch’ list. The autobots just keep running their scripts. And we keep moving up the red flagpole.


    Interesting lengthy background for the Facebook story at the New Yorker.

    The Digital Military Industrial Complex

    “In a 2014 interview, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, speaking then as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said that such open-source data initiatives, and in particular the study of social media such as Facebook, had entirely transformed intelligence-gathering. He reported that traditional signals intelligence and human intelligence were increasingly being replaced by this open-source work and that the way in which intelligence agents are trained had been modified to accommodate the shift. A growing portion of the military’s $50 billion budget would be spent on this data analytics work, he claimed, creating a “gold rush” for contractors. A few weeks after this interview, Flynn left the DIA to establish the Flynn Intel Group Inc. He later acted as a consultant to the SCL Group.”


    More from that same article:

    “Carole Cadwalladr reported in The Observer last year that it was Sophie Schmidt, daughter of Alphabet founder Eric Schmidt, who made SCL aware of this gold rush, telling Alexander Nix, then head of SCL Elections, that the company should emulate Palantir, the company set up by Peter Thiel and funded with CIA venture capital that has now won important national security contracts. Schmidt threatened to sue Cadwalladr for reporting this information. But Nix recently admitted before a parliamentary select committee in London that Schmidt had interned for Cambridge Analytica, though he denied that she had introduced him to Peter Thiel. Aleksandr Kogan and Christopher Wylie allowed Cambridge Analytica to evolve into an extremely competitive operator in this arena.”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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