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    Hi All,

    “The promotion, propaganda by the Green Revolution was feeding the hungry. No, it was just spreading chemicals and poisons around the world.”
    ~Vandana Shiva

    I want to share some links regarding the long term dangers of GMO pesticide “food.” Humans are well adapted to acute danger – we naturally know to be scared when we see a lion in the near distance.

    But we aren’t well adapted to long term dangers… like lead poisoning or environmental toxin poison. It doesn’t immediately hurt and it doesn’t look like a lion, but that doesn’t mean in can’t be dangerous.

    In addition to learning the basics of GMO pesticide food, you will also learn how the Big Finance Capital, which sits perched atop the control mechanism of the mega corporations, manipulates the media in order to ensure that the “news” is little more than their “party line.” Another nugget of knowledge is that the “news” has ZERO legal responsibility to tell you the truth when they report “news.”

    THE CORPORATION [17/23] Unsettling Accounts

    Vandana Shiva – The Future of Food and Seed

    Jeffrey M. Smith: The GMO Threat (Full Length • HD)

    Scientists Under Attack: Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money

    Monsanto’s Crimes Against Humanity with Jeffrey M. Smith 1/2

    Monsanto’s Crimes Against Humanity with Jeffrey M. Smith 2/2

    GMO Foods Exposed-Jeffrey M. Smith

    California label GMO initiative

    Institute for Responsible Technology

    IRT Health Risks

    Big Finance Capital’s Bio / Chemical, Agra and Pharma wing all profit from increased sales, increased control over the food supply and increased illness in the population.

    There is a coordinated effort to keep the people from understanding what is being done to the “food” we all eat every day.


    More Videos (this is a series of videos – just let it play or pick a video at the bottom of the screen)

    Eat Food & Live in California? You Have a Right to Know –

    FDA Deletes 1 Million Signatures for GMO Labeling Campaign – FDA slave to Monsanto?

    Jeffrey Smith GMO update January, 2012 – GMO labeling initiate in California, bad science and more


    The Dangers & Solutions of GMO Foods – Jeffrey Smith


    Good news – enough educated and active people got involved and gathered enough signatures to get this onto the CA ballot. Be sure to educate yourself (don’t just believe Monsanto or other “authorities” under corporate oligarch control) and then educate your CA friends and relatives so they can vote to label GMOs.

    Label It Yourself Initiative

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.
    ~Albert Einstein

    The brave man inattentive to his duty, is worth little more to his country, than the coward who deserts her in the hour of danger.
    ~Andrew “I killed the bank” Jackson


    Hi All,

    GMO Labeling is going to be on the CA ballot this November.

    If you want to defeat a Big Finance Capital initiative to force their untested pesticide food down your throats (with typically ignorant consent from a typically apathetic populace), start to take action.

    YOU make a difference with me. I’m handing out thousands of cards encouraging people to get educated and vote on this initiative.

    This is winnable – so if you feel the system always wins, then double up your best effort and lets beat them back. If CA forces labeling, they will likely have to label nationwide.

    Again, this stuff turns mammal “family jewels” a different color (light pink to dark purple), causes organ damage, causes lower birth weights, higher infertility and over the animals were sterile after 3 generations…

    Details can be found in the PDF linked here (including pictures):

    If you aren’t thinking critically and actively creating your own play, then you are just an actor in someone else’s play.


    So nobody cares enough about their food being turned into untested pesticide to comment?

    Sheep to slaughter? That’s a choice – and one anyone can change today. Yes, it is scary that powerful people are toxifying the food and refusing human safety studies… but it is also scary that they’ve rigged the monetary system and criminally blown the world’s largest credit bubble / bust operation to asset strip society… and lied to cover it up (false “dual mandate” narrative).

    If you want to take a stand against Big Finance Capital’s oppression towards humanity (remember, livestock don’t get to know what they eat, their masters just feed them), work diligently to get the word out on untested GMO pesticide food.

    Vote Yes o California Prop 37 – Label untested GMO pesticide “foods” in California… and hopefully everywhere else.

    If you don’t live in CA, call everyone you do. Educated people with intellectual self defense will understand the dangers of untested pesticide and the incentives why a major corporation would REFUSE HUMAN STUDIES.

    Hint – it isn’t “for the children.”

    Note that feeding the human “cattle” untested GMO pesticide “food” is also the work of Big Finance Capital.

    So if you like being used, abused and mathematically and systematically impoverished with their fraudulent monetary system, you will love when your children and grand children are hurt by this untested toxic “food.”

    “Food” that the [D]elites publicly avoid, BTW.

    They have their non GMO seed banks and they eat organic.

    Labeling GMO foods is a tangible win that can put Big Finance Capital back on their heels… This is the time to take action.

    If you don’t, don’t complain when your children or grandchildren have their “family jewels” change in color form pink to dark blue like the rats in a GMO experiment (actual pictures shown in PDF below):

    Or are sterilized and plagued with all kinds of cellular inflammation problems.

    The point is that the criminals who created and operate the fraudulent, criminal societal asset stripping debt based monetary system ALSO RUN BIG AGRA, BIG BIO AND BIG CHEM.

    The evidence is clear (limited studies, complete refusal to actually test products for human safety) that they’ve weaponized those subdivisions to their cartel as well – all to you detriment.

    BTW, they also control Big Pharma – and its profits are maximized via your family’s sickness… their corporate mandate no – make you and yours covertly sick to MAXIMIZE PROFITS, no?

    It’s happening… the only question a thoughtful person trained in intellectual self defense has to answer is… why is it happening?

    The fallacy of waiting for a false authority to tell you a likely fake, self serving narrative is exactly why one needs to learn intellectual self defense via the Trivium education method… and logical fallacy training helps as well.

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