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    BIS/OWI Battle of Britain. Children in an English bomb shelter 1940/41 The deeply embedded, genetically determined aversion -or resistance- to change
    [See the full post at: How Our Aversion To Change Leads Us Into Danger]

    phil harris

    I remember that picture (Children in Kent, England 1940). It was the year before I was born and was in a book of pictures my older brother had in 1946. The book was a constant in my early childhood. Brother was 9 years older than me and about the age of the older children in the slit trench when this was going on, As a family we saw quite a bit of action, some of which is still fresh in my memory.

    The children were watching the overhead battles as hurricanes and spitfires took on the Luftwaffe which was trying to destroy the airfields south of London.

    Bombing of any form tends to evoke strong emotions in me, probably more so as I get older.



    That sheltering trench can double as a grave.
    … which I suppose is the whole point of the article …

    Thanks, Ilargi.


    Excellent. Truly.

    This seems more like Nicole, writing- yes? no? Either way – First Rate.

    Best target audience, high school and college students. They are reading more- and really searching for anything that helps them understand. How do we get it to them?


    Greenpa, no that’s me, Nicole was doing a talk at a Baptist conference in Perth. As for your -other- question, how to get it to students, turn it into an app or a video game?


    Ilargi – outstanding! Not sure I’ve seen you write like this before. I’m NOT suggesting you abandon your regular style; just that this is an excellent addition to your armament. 🙂

    Your suggestion for a video game is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT on target. Yes, it should be done- excellently – and a top composer should be commissioned to create music especially for it- art, likewise…

    A huge number of todays “greenies” got their bent by watching “Captain Planet” as kids- they’ve told me so. As lame and juvenile as it was- they loved it and it stuck.

    You could make “changing” your avatars one of the big goals-

    What fun it would be to make that happen!

    Component #1; a leader for it who demands excellence in everything; and who will stick through it. And a next cadre who demand the leader demands it.


    not exactly the first time I wrote about the human kind and its psyche, not much of an addition, more a continuation


    I agree – beautifully written – kudos.

    But the ugly truth is that this is not new – the lies and PR have been the American way from the start where we invaded native land with weapons and germs exterminating most inhabitants. Then later with a huge slave population that was mostly grown here after the English abolished their part in slave trade. After the civil war those who were freed became share crop slaves or went north to slave in factories. (See “The Half has Never Been Told”)

    Also our US foreign policy cut its teeth on “helping” South American countries get civilized. Even the ever expanding “go west young man” mentality is part of the imperative of a growing GDP. I wish this was exceptional behavior for humans, but I think its been there through history.

    The Greeks had sold so many family members into slavery that Athens finally elected Solon to deal with it, which he did with bringing back the sold slaves and canceling debts. The records are scant after his term of office, but he did leave town for Egypt for 10 years.

    Look at the Romans – when they could not conquer and enslave, they finally (took 300 years) sank into probably a more sustainable Feudal culture. I wonder if we should re-examine our prejudice against the feudal style of having a strong warlord to protect a small territory.

    But your call to wake up and look at the change coming is great. I only hope we can mitigate the coming climate chaos a bit by getting off our addiction to oil and cars and the system that promotes the endless growth cancer model.


    🙂 I know you’ve dealt with the topic before, but what hit me this morning – maybe due to what I had for breakfast – was the simple lucid dispassionate flow. You usually write with great passion; which is great for us here – but which can also make some new readers wary.

    Regardless. I liked it.


    None of the regulars here are going to disagree with a word of this inspired and accurate essay. But really, folks, we have already been pretty much slow-cooked to death and the few of us who survive will lead much more basic lives.. if they can.. in the “new” environments in which they are situated. I still think it would be “fun” to watch a mass global debt default, a “jubilee declared from below” on the way out.


    Anyone thinking RU’s involvement in Syria was timed for maximum aggravation of the refugee crisis? I can’t think of a better way to stick it to the fools in the EU for the sanctions. They are sinking their ship from both coasts as fast as possible…I hope they are just as entertained watching us Yanks grow donkey ears…


    Thanks, Roel – your heart shines through. It is very encouraging to see more written about the source of the problem. Sociopaths/Psychopaths. The litany, mentioned above, of failed states and empires makes the problem very apparent. Countries, like smaller organizations and families, are all vulnerable. Psychopaths insinuate themselves into things and invert the original purpose of the thing. The change can be so subtle that few notice that the original claims to legitimacy have been hollowed out and the organization is now functioning as the obverse of it’s stated intention or purpose. Like your observation that NATO is now the problem and not the answer. Think of all the established religions you know about and how they have perverted their claim to divinity. These beings have always been with us but we used to be better able to recognize them and call them out.
    And the worst part of dealing with them – they do not give up and go away. Those who are born with this condition, are very capable of turning normal people into psychopathic thinking/mimicking beings. See “Without Conscience” by Robert Hare or “Political Ponerology” by Andrew Lobacziewski. Poneros means ‘evil’. Psychological evil. We ignore this reality at our own peril.
    So thank you again for talking about the hidden danger that no one recognizes.


    Danger in sameness, danger in change, life is exciting, ain’t it?


    Excellent, thought-provoking essay. And you’re so right, no one likes change, until we are usually forced to, and then have to deal what comes. Which brings the abrupt resignation of Speaker Boehner. Why now? Does he know something that we don’t? And McCarthy abruptly removes himself from the Speaker race. Why? Is the House that much in chaos? Or something they know is going to change so quickly, that no one wants to accept the honor of Speaker of the House?


    The key to this is that those of us who have tried through various means to “raise awareness” and to lead change and do all the other things that might have led out of the mess are genuinely wasting their time. We have been dealing with something written into the DNA of life, all life.

    There will be no awakening, no “realisation”, no switch to concerted, let alone collective action to deal with the predicament; none.

    Some of us who have tried to get ahead of the curve will have found a safer place to experiment with live on the planet afterwards and some of those will find that way. Everyone else gets to fail at different speeds and in different ways but, whatever their condition, they will have no descendants. Perhaps in that way the gene for resistance to change will be extinguished from the human species.

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