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    French magazine Charlie Hebdo’s website now shows the image above. In French, Je Suis Charlie doesn’t only translate as I Am Charlie, but also as I Fo
    [See the full post at: I Follow Charlie]


    Excellent, thanks; the written word holds so much more meaning than the talking heads on TV that will fill the minds of the majority (with inane hatred?) this evening.

    (However, I would have preferred you cut half way and save the financial angle for tomorrow, non?)


    It all hangs together, non? Il sera mieux si c’était pas comme ça, mais ..


    ah, yes, the blowback of foreign entanglements. But what ammunition it grants political opportunists.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    The AK-47 cartridge is about .30 caliber, and provides considerable recoil:

    That recoil is absent in the Charlie Hebdo video:

    Which by itself gives rise to the question of whether this was a false-flag attack:


    Cui bono? Not Muslims.


    Thank you for this. I truly struggle to wrap my mind around all of it.
    It’s hard to understand this global moral/ethical debauchery without thinkng that I am the madwoman.
    The world is truly losing an entire dimension, if it isn’t gone already.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    I suppose I would have more accurately said “staged attack” rather than “false flag attack,” but in this case there appear to have been elements of both.


    Diogenes – it makes you wonder, doesn’t it? If true about the ID being found, didn’t that happen before, like on 9/11?


    We’ll never know the truth. The Malaysians sure are having a tough time with their planes this year for some reason.

    I agree with Ilargi that we had better give these people their countries back and quit bombing them because I sure as hell don’t want them living in mine (I know, politically incorrect). Any religion that would treat their women the way they do is not worth my keystrokes. I don’t know why the women in these countries haven’t picked up every AK-47 they can get their hands on and started firing.


    The silly idea that French are “surrenderers” was wildly false from the start. French are just a bit more practical than Anglos. They fought hard in WW1, and in WW2 only the government surrendered. The civilians didn’t surrender, and the parts of the French Army and Navy that were outside the immediate control of the government operated courageously on the Allied side. This was properly reported by our press during WW2 but we’ve forgotten it since.

    John Day

    The one “suspect” who saw he was wanted on his smart phone and turned himself in was in class at school when the operation was being carried out.

    Dead Men Walking? French Police Release Photos of 2 Likely Patsies

    Where did the 2 wanted 32 and 34 y/o brothers get all the training and info? They knew people’s names and operated efficiently, then got out quickly. This looks professional and high-budget. Who benefits? Anyone who wants to make war on Muslims in oil-bearing-regions has fresh support today.

    GLADIO-Style: Deadly ‘Cartoon Jihad’ Attack Hits Charlie Hebdo Magazine in Paris



    I turned on my BS detector as soon as I saw the first headline. But you know what stands out to me as being so odd? businessinisder.com has been really really quiet about the whole thing. Why do they suddenly have nothing to say about a headline grabbing event? In contrast, their site was plastered with propaganda stories the day of MH-17 and the day of the Sony Leak. Maybe they did not get a phone call from the government this time asking them to write something? Still scratching my head wondering what’s really going on.


    Just so you know, after Katrina, those of us in New Orleans wanted to get the receipt for Louisiana from the Cabildo and return ourselves to France after the generosity of the French people. No one here ever referred to french fries as freedom fries, and we respect our french culture and France. We have french schools here, a lot of us are french, and we all here know the bravery of the french. Didn’t anyone study the American Revolution and what France did? The close-as-you-can-get-to-Europe-in-America city mourns for its friends in France.

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