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    Utagawa Yoshitoshi Ariko weeps as her boat drifts in the moonlight 1886     Sometimes I think I can only do this work properly if I’m angry
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    Goodness, after reading the above, and briefly contemplating the complexities of the geopolitics of today’s world, I could almost feel guilty living this simple existence out here in my high desert sanctuary, where the most complicated thing I need to endure is climbing a tree to get enough cell signal to send these comments. Almost.

    “When the world wearies, and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden.”
    M. Aumonier

    V. Arnold

    Guys, this is your own highly paid snoops lying to you -along with your government(s)- like there’s no tomorrow, and you’re just sitting there worrying about wearing a face mask next time you go to a store. Know what that makes you? Sheep. I know y’all still know what those look like, and how they behave. So what’s the attraction?

    Good one and spot on.
    …and I have no idea the attraction…

    Utagawa Yoshitoshi Ariko weeps as her boat drifts in the moonlight 1886 Sometimes I think I can only do this work properly if I’m angry

    Lovely picture, sublime…
    Yeah, the anger thing. As near as I’ve been able to discern; Usian’s are angry; but it would seem, at all the wrong things. They focus on the trivial while the massive criminal actions of their government always gets a pass.
    I was furious with the Usian’s for allowing Iraq to be invaded and destroyed based on the thinest of lies…
    Just more than 17 years later nothing has substancially changed; if anything it’s much, much worse. And they focus on masks…

    Doc Robinson

    “Public statements by intelligence officials are believed only by fools, but that unfortunately includes most of the public anywhere…”

    Were The Skripals Secretly Executed By Britain’s Government?
    Sunday, 12 July 2020
    Opinion: Eric Zuesse


    Worldometer shows 73,388 cases in the US in one day. That one day total is more than the sum total of cases from the beginning of this pandemic from the following 11 countries in Asia, most of which are densely populated and wear masks:

    Japan (22,890)
    Korea (13,612)
    Malaysia (8,737)
    Thailand (3,236)
    Hong Kong (1,656)
    Taiwan (452)
    Vietnam (381)
    Myanmar (339)
    Mongolia (262)
    Cambodia (166)
    Laos (19)
    Total = 51,750

    If we add in the 47,126 cases from Singapore, which is a bit different because most of the cases came from foreign workers packed into very small dormitories, these 12 countries still total only 98,876 cases.

    The gold (USA), silver (Brazil) and bronze (India) champions will be the guinea pigs for the rest of the world — taking it on the chin for the good of the team.


    I know I am beating a dead horse, but the combined population of those 12 countries is 492 million compared to a population of 331 million in the USA.

    Japan (126m), Vietnam (97m), Thailand (70m), Myanmar (54m), Korea (51m), Malaysia (32m), Taiwan (23m), Cambodia (16m), Hong Kong (7m), Laos (7m), Singapore (6m), Mongolia (3m)


    As a citizen of the US I can say that it may appear I am angry about trivial things. We are being surveilled and sorted and ranked.

    I never think about these non-trivial things.



    We are being surveilled and sorted and ranked.

    Very true. And this is where the outrage should be directed. The Patriot Act should be dismantled. The big tech companies should be broken up. Two dozen intelligence agencies should be consolidated into one. Data protection laws should be strengthened. And Julian Assange should be out of jail.

    V. Arnold

    Shoulda, coulda, woulda, …

    If, in fact, nothing can be done, and thereby no remedy; then what?

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