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    Pablo Picasso Female bust R 1943   For political, but, much more, monetary reasons, the media makes their mark, and therefore Jeremy Corbyn hates
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Female bust R 1943

    Well, it certainly is a Picasso, no? 😉

    Do you ever feel like the little boy putting his finger in the leaking dyke?
    Uber surprised no comments…
    Keep on keeping on Ilargi…

    V. Arnold

    Not to state the obvious; people have lost their powers of discernment; willingly gave them up.
    The MSM knowingly runs blatant falsehoods which gets eaten up by the zombie readers (I’m being generous here; sponges would be more accurate) who soak up whatever is dished out to them.
    And looking to the youngsters for any sign of hope is disheartening at best.
    Ann Coulter, the right wing babe, tried to give a talk at UC Berkely, but was cancelled because the students violently rejected hearing what she had to say.
    Words! Words have become weaponized, into dangerous and deadly objects; listening is become the lost art.
    The atmosphere has become so toxic as to be deadly, literally!
    That democracy is dead in America is no longer news. What democracy needs to thrive has been killed deader than the proverbial door nail!
    The politically correct movement has killed free speech and the intelligence needed for it to exist.
    Noam Chomsky’s Requiem For The American Dream says it far better than I…


    That stuff you wrote about Monbiot is true. The meal ticket kills all the truth that he would believe and packages it within that greasy newspaper. Like putting lipstick on a pig. Tell it like it is Ilargi.

    Dr. D

    Good point because…WHO are these antisemites he’s not rooting out? Do they have their names? (Probably) Has anyone looked to see that THOSE accusations aren’t identical made-up slander and hearsay. …Not like people accuse and loosely trash-talk each other in politics or anything.

    It is interesting that, ultimately, the politics of Israel overwhelm, are more important than the folk sleeping rough in Blackpool. Who is that country again, that they can set the elections of so many nations worldwide, have so many wars fought in their neighborhood, on their behalf? Britain’s Rabbi decides the elections now? Is this a theocracy or something? And I would say the same here about the Evangelicals.

    “things become reality by the grace of being endlessly repeated”

    This is the origin of our phrase, “The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.” If you don’t want to do your duty, the hard work of governing yourself, then submit to a king and see how that works out for you. There’s an Israeli story about it, somebody named “Saul” who then ran roughshod over the law until there was a rebellion, then the NEXT king was so terrible there was a inter-family civil war, then ultimately swapping Judges for Kings led to the complete annihilation of the nation, yada yada, so long ago, whatever I’m bored.

    “The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.” That means do your job. Reporters. AND citizens. I’m far more worried about their selfish immorality than their antisemitism. Immorality points everywhere, while antisemitism is only one tiny slice of life. Which do we care about in #OppositeLand? That’s right.



    The media is not the problem. The advertiser are the problems.
    Figure out how the money gets to the media and then you might have a chance of understanding what is happening.


    I think commercial Media is just the most visible part of the picture. This technique is rampant in “Social” media, where one faction uses the social media to posture as the correct view and paint someone with “guilt by association” and attack someone or group as Not-Doing-Enough-to-Root Out- This-Evil. So it can snowball into a self-righteous promoting of a With-Us-or-Against-Us stance. So people pile on and/or shun or attack the target.

    I think it’s the huge fire hose of informaiton that overwhelms quiet thoughtfulness on issues. Heaven forbid that people think for themselves.


    Since I saw al jazeeras under cover report on the Israel Lobby (not that I wasn’t aware of Israels behaviour before) I’m afraid Israel is laying the ground work for a new wave of real antisemtism not the weaponized kind they are using right now. They are not making “conspiracy theories” difficult to conceive of. I understand that they are in a tough position and endless conflict must breed a lot of paranoia and controlling behaviors but I think it will back fire at some point.

    And good point about the similarities between these seemingly very different people and situations. The technique of propaganda is incredible now.

    Noticed something new in Swedish state television recently, concerning the alledged money laundering scandal involving Scandinavian banks. Swedish state television has aired a series if “digging journalism” documantaries but when you google the people who are interviewed they all belong to various organisations like The Atlantic Council, A Journalistic organisation I cant remember the name of now which is funded by the US State Department and USAid, and Utrikespolitiska Institutet (obviously a part of Swedish secret services. Never seen anything so openly angled in Swedish Television. Yes one Russian troll factory doc where everyone involved also work for The Atlantic Council and US State Department organisations. Have you read anything on this scandal Raül? It ties in to the Magnitsky affair and the murder of Andrei Kozlov. Seems like a part of the economic war on Russia by the US.

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