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    Herbert Draper Lament for Icarus 1898   There are times when you have to talk about things when it appears most inopportune to do so, because the
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    The spotlight is too bright.
    This spotlight could lead people to their death.


    An interesting thing about ‘fear’. At a point in a person’s life, they realise is has no power over them.


    Was this linked here not long ago? Well wherever it’s worth consideration. Note Albright is a fixture among Democratic Party foreign policy hands and so gets a pass by even the parties ‘liberal’ wing.


    Not to press a point, but the cities attacked are cities, that is a concentration of humanity. Our township boasts 211 individuals. We present an unattractive target for terrorists. As you and Nicole have long argued, the concentration of power and people at the center will bring about collapse. When the suicide bomber comes here, he will endanger maybe a couple of cows.;


    At the level of the political-economy run by those few who control both nation states and the private sector, they actively want chaos to benefit from it through business as usual clamping the fist ever tighter. At the level of the shrinking middle class, they inadvertently contribute by being unaware that they are ruled by fear.

    Can’t see any solution other than a preemptive authentic spiritual revival and allowing automatic processes to accelerate collapse while simultaneously protecting vital non-negotiable irreplaceable ecosystems.

    V. Arnold

    Here, here, Ilargi; spot on.
    Blowback; just as 9/11 was blowback.
    Kharma in real time; but not for the children; they’re victims in real time, of government gone insane with dreams of imperialism…

    Diogenes Shrugged

    WHY, AT ALL these false flag events, are crisis actors always the first ones on the scene?

    It appears, once again, you all quite uncritically fell for it. Hook, line and sinker.

    (Find anybody who knows more about these “terrorist events” than Ole Dammegard, and I’ll show you the perpetrators themselves, and they aren’t who you think they are.)

    Just like Sandy Hook and ALL the other “terrorist events,” nobody died in this stage play.

    Your expressions of outrage are directed at the wrong people. All according to their plan. Better step off the band wagon and wake yourself up soon because as things stand, you’re unwittingly contributing to their nightmare.

    No, let me say what I really think. The reason refugees are drowning in the Mediterranean is because so many of YOU fall for their false flag narratives. Your first mistake was falling for “The 9/11 Commission Report.” But then, you probably fell for the Lee Harvey Oswald bullshit, too. If you want to stop the madness, get acquainted with what Dammegard (and the people interviewing him) are telling you. The world isn’t how you suckers for the MSM portray it.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Earlier in that interview (see my comment above), Dammegard explains the significance of shoes, and in particular, Nike shoes. His explanation obviously preceded today’s revelation about “the terrorist’s” Nike sneakers.

    Suicide bomber Salman Abedi caught on CCTV in lift to Manchester Arena wearing £300 Nike trainers with his hand on trigger of homemade device moments before killing 22 innocent concert-goers

    These staged events are so in-your-face that it’s actually become hilarious.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    One more link:

    I can’t get the source article to come up. Maybe they’ve already censored it.

    I’m just trying to shake you out of your long-standing coma. If you want to see the real terrorists behind the so-called “terrorism,” stand outside the Westfields Marriot in Chantilly next week.

    Bilderberg to Meet Next Week in Chantilly, Virginia


    Thanks, Diogenes. I have been wondering if people would figure this out. It’s getting so obvious now. Have been studying this closely for a couple of years. Ole gets it IN ADVANCE by studying the CLUES left behind at each event. He has, so far, predicted 5 of these events, including Manchester – based on clues left at the scene and followup clues, like the ads at CRISIS-SOLUTIONS . com (look at it). The blood-swath on the floor of the Bataclan was the symbol for the Brussels airport (the next staged event). These are all fingerprints of masonic activities – especially the telegraphing of the upcoming event at each of these. In THEIR minds, if they SHOW us what they are going to do, and no one objects (WTF??), then they have passed the karma from themselves to the victims. You have to understand you are dealing with psychopaths. This is how they ‘think’.
    Hey, Diogenes – you want a kicker? The meeting of the psychopaths in Chantilly… did you know that obama and killery were called to the Bilderberg meeting at that same location on the evening of June 7, 2008, whereupon, Killery was told ‘she was next’ – NOT this time? This date is the ann’y of RFK’s murder by these same groups.
    You can’t even make this crap up…..

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Thanks, Carolsiriusb.

    I found this amusing (watch five minutes or so):

    And regarding the Boston Marathon, this entire video is a classic:

    Good to encounter another independent thinker. There aren’t enough of us.


    The technosphere [aka antihumanity] has no morality.

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