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    Still unsure of Peak Oil implications? watch this:

    Nicole Foss

    Good summary video. It’s very much in line with what we’ve been saying here at TAE for the last several years.


    I came across a piece in a dutch newspaper concerning this year’s bilderberg conference held in Arnhem, bilderberg speakers were apparently hyping a shale-gas bubble to industry leaders and predicting a ‘gas revolution’ and a glut of cheap energy.
    The article’s in dutch, Ilargi can translate:

    and a retort:

    I’m familiar with your analysis on shale; bubbly investment dynamics, bad EROEI and environmentally damaging, but I’d like your take on why the bilderbergers are trying to sell this right now?
    Most of the energy insiders should be aware of shale’s true value. Perhaps they’re planning to blow this bubble for insider profit again?

    Nicole Foss

    There’ll be money in it for those who can sell snake oil. Some of the salesmen may be deluded into believing their own propaganda and some may be intentionally trying to screw others while they can.

    There’s a lot of shale gas buzz in the UK at the moment, reflecting their desperation. The UK is so gas dependent now, and supply is dwindling. They’re primed to believe a home-grown solution is available. It’s the path of least resistance, but it would be a disaster for Britain.

    Are they seriously thinking of fracking the Netherlands as well? I hope not, but I haven’t heard one way or the other. Holland is even more densely populated than the UK and the impacts could be even worse.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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