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    steve from virginia

    To defend nature in the future will require guns and killing. Nothing else seems to do. Killing = killing, the human way of doing business.

    Funny how everything is justified by adding a money sign in front of the lies.


    steve from virginia – “To defend nature in the future will require guns and killing…..the human way of doing business.”

    I think you’re probably right about this. Corporate America – the killer of nature, the killer of the soul.

    Ashvin – another great article! “Unleashing further development in the Amazon rainforest, an area seven times the size of France, is essential to maintaining the sort of economic growth that over the past decade lifted 30 million Brazilians out of poverty and made Brazil the world’s sixth-largest economy.”

    And, oh, what a price they will pay for it in the end.


    Steve, it’s not funny–neither ‘ha ha’ nor ‘strange’. What’s strange is that we have believed for so long that it’s necessary. It’s not.


    Reading this article, there was an ad in the box on the right, for Billy Graham, saying he believes in America because of Jesus Christ, and if you agree, click, and donate, I presume.

    Well, if He is out there, He better show up quick, ’cause if we deforest the Amazon, it’s going to get real hot on this planet, too hot to sustain humanity very likely. If He shows up after that, or like, right at the end of our destruction of the biosphere, I for one would be like, Where the F*** were ya, A**! What the F*** was the point of that! (BTW – Billy Graham can kiss mine, the warmonger apologist for the American Dream that he always has been.)

    It’s not Prez Rousseff’s monster. The monster is deep in the core of the Western psyche, and really the whole species at this point, that we are separate from the earth, that culture trumps nature. She’s just doing what we’ve been modelling here in America – consume, consume, consume. What really is going to stop THAT monster? Jesus? I doubt it. Maybe, maybe, total economic meltdown. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate paradox, the loss of everything we have known, to save us?

    Armed rebellion at this point, as some of the preceding comments allude to, is moot, as the guns are about 99% on the side of defilers, of the separate, rabid consumers of the earth.


    “The Dwarves dug too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of Khazad-dum… shadow and flame.” from Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”

    Cutting so deep into tropical forrests, I wonder if we will find any new plagues there.


    Hi Folks,

    Simone Weil talked about the rootlessness of modern society and how this causes a huge disjoint in peoples lives and psyches. How can you relate to somewhere, anywhere, if you don’t have any real connection to anywhere else; that you have no place in history if you cannot recall your own ancestors and your own historical raison d’etre. This parallels Jane Jacob’s observation that we not only forget things but then forget that we have forgotten them. That’s perhaps why the main perpetrators on the ground in the sacking of the Amazon are ‘migrants’. Mind you humanity has a history of migratory rape and pillage of both the planet and each other, so no surprise there really. As for the ‘revolving door politics’ example of the regulator in the morning and miner in the afternoon this perfectly mirrors the neo-liberal agenda at the top of de-regulation (business determined regulation more like) where government ministers often leave to enter big businesses as ‘advisors’, while people from big business concerns enter government and declare no ‘conflict of interest’. Despite president Rouseff’s left leaning past, her ‘jobs for the workers’ idealism is the same mono-culturalism of the mind that Vandana Shiva talks of. Left or right industrial approaches to development are what got us into this mess therefore there is no way that same thinking will get us out if it. Oh, and apparently according to the wiki she is an economist… Oh well.

    “Only after the last tree has been cut down.
    Only after the last river has been poisoned.
    Only after the last fish has been caught.
    Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.”

    Allegedly spoken by Chief Seattle, but more like a result of composition of romantic environmental revisionism. But it does beg the observation; there are still a lot of trees out there…

    Btw Charles Mann in his book “1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus” points out there is a lot of evidence emerging that the ‘pristine’ Amazon itself may have been ‘cultivated’ by its previous inhabitants (much as the U’wa of Columbia still do), by selecting fruit and vegetable crops and encouraging habitat for game. Shame such an idea as large scale ‘polycultural’ forestry could not be revived (I dislike the term ‘agro-forestry – sounds too much like what is already happening i.e. agro!), but then that would go against the current monocultural system – Ro/Rs strikes again!


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