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    Otto Dix The Triumph of Death 1934     I don’t think we ever had a movie review before, and this is not really one either. Dr. D. sent me th
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    Okay. So I cheated and read wikiP’s plot summary. The movie prognosticates?
    But who is Russia? Koji’s daughter?


    Otto Dix: The Painter is the Eyes of the World

    I haven’t seen this yet, but will track it down. Years ago I’d seen another docu, and his work was featured among others. The image in today’s post is kinda mild relatively, but seems to slyly parody the bland Nazi ‘state approved’ styles of the time.

    Here’s a weird one:
    Otto Dix Triptych

    For V. Arnold re: art, many of his works are quite tender. You might enjoy a dig through his stuff.

    Dr. D

    Technically, it’s the Western or Belorussian Mafia he used to work for and he meets in Germany, not the Eastern or Official half. That may come from the original movie: the Gangsters had to be SOMETHING, you know?

    Koji’s daughter is young Japan.


    Interesting. I’ve been thinking about this sort of thing, in a way, for awhile now.

    What if there was a war going on everywhere, but you still had to pay rent, work a job, and everyone else is just going about their business anyway?

    In any mob movie, there’s combatants – mobsters, enemy mobsters, the cops – and civilians – all the normies. The mob and the cops are always on a war footing. Everyone including the civilians know how it works, what’s going on. It is not hard to convert the plot of a mob movie into a WW2 movie or ancient warfare and vice versa. The state of war is known, understood, and maintained/maintainable under current conditions.

    People forget that Night of the Living Dead is NOT a zombie apocalypse movie. The main – minor – challenges the morning after are finding the zombies and how to dispose of their bodies. The sheriff forms a posse and one gets the impression they will have the zombie problem licked in just a few days.

    I appreciate the attempt to make a slow-start apocalypse movie, where normal life must be survived at the same time as apocalypse. The attempts usually fail. Fear The Walking Dead. The Strain.

    The 1978 Invasion of the Bodysnatchers is so creepy and operates on such a high level because it masters this. It manages to suspend the teetering apocalypse/normal life overlap, essentially until the last scene in which it is finally and completely shattered.

    For those who adopt a war footing, normal life has been ended. All those things you had going on, were working towards, your hopes, your plans. Forget them all. The 2020’s have been one long desperate cling to normality. OK I will genuflect to and repeat your increasingly whacko ideas, wear a humiliating pointless muzzle, take the injection, repeat your pro war slogans, whatever, just PLEASE let’s not lose normality. We will bend it practically into its opposite rather than break it.

    John Wick IS War. He is War wanting to be dormant, to rest, to have peace. Assholes who think they are genius and badass, who do not truly understand what they are getting themselves into, who think they can have an advantage by dropping the norms that (they assume) gullible weaklings adhere to fuck around and find out. I’m sure our own current uber-assholes believe THEY are super-badass in much the same way.

    They fail to understand the social contract. That EVERY peon they scorn as “weak” for trying to maintain the social contract descends from brutes who, when it came to it, strangled, smashed their head in with a rock, face to face, successfully, when the other side proved themselves rabid dogs unable to play by rules. The pigs in Animal Farm when the dogs realize they are superflous.

    Rush – Lock & Key

    On the international scale, Russia has been living the 1978 Invasion of the Bodysnatchers for decades. They’ve had to live in “normality” overlapping with deadly-serious outright war. And it continues – fighting massive battles against someone who is still your energy customer, who is backed by people OPENLY saying they are at war WHILE behaving as if there is no war. Why COULDN’T Russia have normality?

    And at the micro level. Aware of the harm of the jabs, the massive anti-free speech activities, lies, propaganda, etc surrounding them,. The hundreds of food plants being burnt down, the awful full-spectrum efforts to crushingly demoralize the individual and end all public interpersonal ties, all human culture. On and on. Knowing there’s a war and realizing you, little insignificant you, are NOT too small, too petty a concern for for them, in their mean-spiritedness, in their petty spite, to pause and stomp on. Meanwhile people go to their job, go to the movies, shop for groceries.

    John D MacDonald, possibly the best pulp fiction author ever, wrote The Executioners – known to most through the movie adaptation Cape Fear. Some normal, nice people, have go go to war while the rest of the world cares not at all. All those Jack London stories about nice family dogs having to learn to live in a wolf pack, finding the wolf within.

    A favorite book series of mine is John D MacDonald’s Travis McGee series. From The Long Lavender Look:

    “I was going to stop playing it their way. They had this big poker table working, and they had let me take the empty chair, provided I played my cards face up on the table and played by their rules. If I was naughty, they would deal me out of the next hand.

    “No more earnest efforts to please. No more defensive play. No more letting the house man deal. As of now, it was intensely personal, time to kick over the table, scatter the chips, break out my own deck, deal my own game — without explaining the rules.

    The handle they use on you is your wistful need to pick up your life again right where it was interrupted, to be allowed to go in peace. When you decide that you do not give a damn about your own continuity, then you can even win a hand, and sometimes you can break the house.

    “I went roaring out of there, and on the way south on Cattleman’s road, I found myself bumping the heel of my sore hand against the rim of the wheel , and humming a tuneless hymn of anticipation”

    The Man Who Wanted to be Left Alone
    The most terrifying force of death,
    Comes from the men who wanted to be left alone.

    Just leave me alone.

    They try, so very hard,
    To mind their own business.

    Just leave me alone
    I just want to provide for those I love.

    They resist every impulse to fight back.
    They swallow their ego and walk away.
    They make allowances for the pride of others.
    Despite themselves, they trust in the plan…

    Plan A: Live and Let Live
    Plan B: Reasonable Discourse
    Plan C: Overwhelming force. Maximum speed and aggression. Extreme prejudice.

    With their resistance comes forced and permanent change.

    And so the man, who wanted to be left alone, finally takes up arms!
    Some with their words. Others with their fists.

    And then there are those who take up the armaments of Heaven and Hell, Deed and Word, who employ infinite creativity and scouring flame to raze all their enemies until they are but charred memories lost in the abyss!

    I just wanted to be left alone.

    With the fires of Heaven and Hell comes a permanent change.
    The life they knew is gone.
    The world they fought for is dead.
    They know – that the fight itself has stolen from them everything they ever would have fought for.
    Their lives, as they have lived them, are over.

    I just wanted to be left alone.

    When the men who wanted to be left alone fight back-
    It is a form of suicide.
    The man who was, is no more.
    The man who loved,
    The man who built,
    The man who obeyed,
    The man who trusted,
    That man is dead!

    I just wanted to be left alone.

    When the men who just wanted to be left alone take up violence, they fight with unrestrained vengeance against those who forced their hand!
    They fight with raw hate.
    They fight with brutality.
    They fight by any means available to them.
    And they fight without mercy.

    I just wanted to be left alone.

    The Great Manipulators who pushed them to this-
    Who thought themselves so clever-
    Who were merely play-acting at terror and politics-
    What will they say when TRUE TERROR arrives on their doorsteps?

    I just wanted to be left alone.
    To live my life in peace. But you wouldn’t allow it.
    Go ahead; cry, scream, beg for mercy.
    My ears are deaf.
    Only your agony will baptize me into hearing again.

    I am the man who just wanted to be left alone.
    And soon you’ll wish that you had.

    Dr. D

    They were discussing: “Don’t call people sheep. Not only does it not win them over which is bad strategy, but they are not sheep: They are domesticated wolves. There’s a difference. Shut the food off, remove the comfort, and the wolf nature will come out. Immediately.”

    Or as John Wick 1 says, “Do I look CIVILIZED to you?”

    John Oliver’s $8 Million was just the casino paying a guy who pulls three bars and won a hand. He said, “F— it, no. 9 years of 16h minimum wage shifts and like Jean Val Jean, I’m past all that. Keep your d—m money. You should have left me alone. Now I can’t be bought.” Just like the Marquis should have just paid everyman whatever he wanted. Keep the peace, give him his due, keep him out of the fight. But for a lousy $10M you just couldn’t, could you?

    And now you’re going to find out what it really costs.

    Dr. D


    Watching that clip at the end of your thoughts was crazy for me. There is no going back to what we had. I have begun speaking out with my music and I know somewhere in me it will do fuck all. I am preparing for a fight. I am doing it with hard work and planning and I am doing it with a single minded purpose. Setting up food systems, water systems, social networks, labour, tools, economic fallbacks, teaching my kids to laugh but still to work and be able to be of use. Making huge piles of hardwood fully dry stacked firewood, passive food dehydration, dental work, exercise, research, fire-prevention.
    The energy descent, the fourth turning, the psy-ops, the Mafia-backed control of governments world-wide are pushing us all. May you go well my good friend – may you all go well.

    The first people to go to shit are those surplus to the system – the last to go are those outside the system.


    Koshertheatre, get the goyim used to what is coming, like Star Trek when you were a kid. Fuck these assholes and their “programming”. Fuck em/


    major up coming movie release titles suggest the public are craving seeing their repressed emotions as projections on a dark screen. The social mood is evolving…

    sympathy for the devil
    Dead man’s hand
    butcher’s crossing
    the burial
    boudica:queen of war
    the kill room
    The killer
    The retirement plan (about an assassin who just wants to live in peace but war comes for him)
    one day as a lion

    The Markster

    Wouldn’t it be crazy if life was as action-packed and glamorous as the movies. Instead of slow poisoning deaths, dead and unloved auto-oriented sprawl, and garden variety greed, incompetence and corruption we could all be super heroes and go on a murderous rampage to make it all better.

    Made the mistake of taking in whatever version of this trash came out earlier this year or last but ended up walking out halfway through for the gratuitous violence. Same disgust and walkout as with Pulp Fiction so many years ago. If this kind of dark, violent garbage is what the cool kids are watching these days, I’d rather be uncool.

    This is not culture. It is a sickness and a disease begging for attention with no skills or value beyond destruction and death and psychodrama. Kind of like Emperor Obama and the senile, bumbling, child-sniffing pervert sitting on the throne in his name. A long hot shower is in order.

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