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    Edward John Poynter Erato, Muse of Poetry 1870   This is something I’ve commented on many times. Like two months ago, when I wrote: “As for Donal
    [See the full post at: See? Now You Did It!]

    V. Arnold

    The old media don’t stand a chance against that army. The only thing that can save them is the truth.

    I agree, with all of it.


    Knowledge is power. Government (and by extension) MSM work to deny us knowledge and supply us with truth-as-they-would-have-us-believe. Here in the U.S. They control us during our formative years in government schools where we are indoctrinated into the “yea, America!” Cult. This, along with church-state teachings of submission-obedience-conformity pretty much puts a lock on the majority. The MSM dally propping up the narrative of the shining city on the hill and employing divide and conquer strategies to distract us from the reality that WE are the lone Empire that rules with a fist. Sadly, I believe the inevitable collapse of Empire from over extension is the only cure to this illness. Great article. Thanks


    Journalism and news media must be a force to unite a nation, not one that divides it simply because there’s -more- profit in that.

    Prime cheerleaders in the globalist pantheon aren’t about to self-muzzle. But eventually they will discover that anti-Logos is a bad disease.

    Dr. D

    Haven’t seen Poynter.

    Excellent point that, if they wanted to make Trump look bad, the easiest way is to cover massive, ongoing, longterm genocide of largely civilians in Yemen. THAT’S bad. And that is, , unlike Syria, so far neatly and uniformly supported by Trump and his generals. But not a word.

    I’m truly amazed even looking at it, or hearing the people around me say — as Rachel Maddow — that Trump “gave away for nothing”, “suddenly, and without warning.” He took this on first thing, 2 years ago, South Korea has been constantly informed and approving, and Kim has ALREADY collapsed his nuclear bunker. That was even before we signed. I’m sorry, did we withdraw our subs and remove 100,000 troops in the area? Can drills resume in seconds with a phone call? It’s gob-smacking. No, a lot of people here are repeating around me that “Peace is War” because “Ignorance is Strength.”



    Mr. Jones

    Raul writes:

    Therefore, when the Intercept wrote about a Human Rights Watch report last month in Obama’s Deportation Policy Was Even Worse Than We Thought , the MSM don’t cover it, because it doesn’t fit the narrative. But when Trump uses the same ICE machinery to scare potential immigrants away, it’s suddenly considered newsworthy.

    From the linked article:

    Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to mass deport undocumented immigrants with criminal histories, a population he claimed to number 2-3 million. That figure has been widely debunked. In order to meet this ambitious goal, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly issued two memoranda that jettisoned Obama’s “felons, not families” approach and made nearly every undocumented immigrant in the country subject to priority deportation.

    Therein lies the problem: Trump is not doing the same thing as Obama. He’s doing far worse(!) — and lying about it the whole way with the administration’s “just following orders/the law” Nuremburg defense. How can the MSM ‘unite’ us when this administration continues to lie about everything under the sun?


    I believe that we are sane.
    However, there are day that I think that I’m the only sane person.


    We are not sane, bud, We are the opposite of sane. Look around you and tell me again that you believe we, or even you, are sane. Sure, you can shift the meaning, and the goalposts, for what defines sane, but c’mon, pretending that we are sane is the most insane thing you could do.


    And that IS a great way of approaching this: anyone who thinks they’re sane is disqualified right off the bat, Have you seen the destruction, 70% of vertebrates gone, 75% of insects in a matter of just years? How do you rhyme that with sanity? Well, yeah, if you still see yourself as being sane, anything goes, right?


    I agree.
    We are ALL stuck in the same matrix.


    anyone who thinks they’re sane is disqualified right off the bat

    Catch 22!

    I’ve got the apolitical blues, so I’ll quote from one of my favorite apolitical pundits, Mr. Neil Peart:

    Half the world talks
    With half a mind on what they say
    Half the world walks
    With half a mind to run away

    Dr. D

    Speaking of sanity, it’s the anniversary of Grenfell, I’m sure that’s all cleared up now right? All the proper people held responsible, won’t happen again?


    “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society”.


    V. Arnold

    That gave me a smile; one of my favorite teachers.

    V. Arnold

    How about:

    TAE: Media for the Functionally Insane


    “Journalism and news media must be a force to unite a nation” This is quite an overstatement. The roles of media are to inform and entertain. Common language; education and experience in the use of language; culture and knowledge of history all affect what information an individual seeks and how it is used in life.

    We are born into a world where many games of power and domination are in play. Though those at the top of the game display images of wealth and power, always seeking more, the true state of the natural world is one of depletion. Debt is created to buy more of the future, but there’s no growth, for the future is barren. War is a poor means of allocating resources, destroying the investments of generations when it flattens cities.

    Being rich is terribly important. Asymmetric information, “I’m lying and I know it, whereas, you think I’m telling the truth because I said its the truth” is the art of deception, not a crime when you make the rules.

    That the world can’t have everybody be rich is a reality half the planet doesn’t want to recognize. The other half is working to have something, anything. The confusion plays out as an angry soap opera, all emotion, no substance, for the future is empty, already consumed and soon to be run by AI robots.

    Meanwhile, drought, famine and war puts more people on the move, heading where the wealth appears to be and where the bombs and thieves came from. A greater community solution is needed, a spiritually based cease fire so life may be attended to, so human civilization survives.

    When fights begin, truth goes out the window. The combatants on Easter Island exhausted everything, including themselves. The Whole Earth future as Easter Island?

    In business is is said, “The meeting isn’t over until blame has been assigned”. Now that business runs the world, blame is the game. So the news reports. We tire of this. That is a strategy for the newscycle, a gift of behavioral economics and branding. Loyalty is rewarded within its own world.

    Spirituality does not come to mind as a means of resolving existential challenges. Realistically, it may be the only way at current levels of necessity.

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