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    Ford Madox Brown King Lear and Cordelia c1851     An evil man will burn his own nation to the ground to rule over the ashes. – Sun Tzu Après
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    “To be an enemy of the United States can be dangerous. To be its friend is fatal.”
    — Henry Kissinger

    Zelensky is about to get the “Ngo Dinh Diem” treatment and then Zaluzhny steps in ala “Big Minh.
    History rhyming…

    John Day

    Good essay, Ilargi and yes on Bam_Man’s comments, too.

    I’ll note that pop-up ads are giving me Obama-Family, Obama-Family, Obama-Family wherever I look.
    Does this mean Michelle gets parachuted-in to the Democratic nomination next June?


    We’re gearing up for war. They’re going to burn it all down for profit.

    And the US elites are more than happy to help him try to achieve it. Because it means profits.

    jb-hb and Dr D come to my office!


    Re: John Day’s comment about Michelle Obama –

    “She” does check just about all of the DEI boxes, right?


    “if we can’t control the world, we will set it on fire”.
    That’s the light in which I think you need to see Ukraine and Gaza,
    Full of explosive pot holes, rubble, destroyed infrastructures, not livable, industrial capacity destroyed. Cost/money of rebuild not available. Debt/loans incurred for the demolition must be paid back.
    Housing leveled, streets dug up to find tunnels. Not fit for any human habitation.
    Cost/money for rebuild not available

    Dr. D

    Yes, the Barbie movie was product placing Michelle Obama. Pretty subtly though. I remember when I first realized this on The Simpsons, (Lisa become President, and others) then later with “Parks and Rec”. (Good woman goes to DC, also gushing over Joe Biden, John McCain, all the “right” players in 2014(?))

    And everyone now knows the Trump Simpsons, but they don’t remember it was in year 2000, 15 years early.

    Anyway, I don’t think they have committed to her wholly, but they are opening the door. Maybe it’s good they’re not fully certain?

    Veracious Poet

    Might Makes Right The Dominant *Fiction*.

    2 + 2 = 4 5

    Do you think that’s *Truth* you’re “thinking” now?

    Astra inclinant, sed non obligant.


    When you bust into a house, steal everything valuable, rape then murder the inhabitants…you burn it down to hide any evidence. Scale that scenario up to global size and here we are. Millions of people are just beginning to understand their governments just poisoned them, on purpose. They need a WW3, quick before they meet the fate of Mussolini.

    Veracious Poet

    When you bust into a house, steal everything valuable, rape then murder the inhabitants…

    Millions of people are just beginning to understand…

    Carthago Trump delenda est.

    Mr. House

    Maybe the pyschos will have a change of heart about setting the world on fire 😉

    Oh and awhile back i asked raul about an article from about a decade ago, found it:

    Collapse Is Humanity Adapting To Its Own Presence

    Dr D Rich

    “Submitted comments have been licensed to [________] and may be republished elsewhere at the sole discretion of the latter” <illusion of free commentary>

    Plagiarism or outright theft of labor, ideas and thoughts. And the latter is just an example from the world of ophthalmology.

    “…[The] host doesn’t seem particularly interested and doesn’t ask clarifying questions, so the analogy is remains poorly developed.”

    “Outgroups are to be harnessed and put into perpetual debts and conflict as they are mere goyim.”

    “In 2018, she married Rael Braverman,[143] a manager of the Mercedes-Benz Group, whom she described as a “very proud member of the Jewish community”

    “Suella Braverman told The Jewish Chronicle that she has “close family members who serve in the IDF”.”

    “[Husband] Rael Braverman, who moved to the UK as a teenager from South Africa, formerly lived in Israel.”

    There’s a pattern in there less subtle than Dr D’s deft use of ‘joos’.

    Any questions about that neglected “elective blepharoplasty” disaster and whose name is missing from that publicly found “academic publication”, then fire away


    Good advice. I’ve been telling young people that if they want a better future then move to Russia. Any sales? Of course not! We’ve had 4-5 generations of Russian demonizing. People can’t overcome that kind of brainwashing. Heck! in Canada the fear is deepest of all because of 1972. They nearly beat us at hockey! Actually they would have, if we hadn’t cheated.

    Oh well, can’t complain when we get a front row seat for this live history show. I always wondered what it must have been like to live in the Hittite Empire at the end.


    Thanks Raul.
    ‘Should we move to Russia?’
    We’ve been thinking about this for some time now. If anyone has any thoughts, tips or advice on the matter, we would like to hear it. Definitely not brainwashed against Russia, or the leadership we’ve followed closely for the past 23 odd years.

    John Day, we read your post re the Obama family with foreboding. The thought of Obama, – any Obama in the White House for another eight years is not one to cherish. Nor is the idea of the Labour Party with Blair in the background taking power in the UK. The EU governance is unbelievable. It all makes us continue to look upon Putin (and co) with keen interest.


    We’re gearing up for war. They’re going to burn it all down for profit.

    And the US elites are more than happy to help him try to achieve it. Because it means profits.

    jb-hb and Dr D come to my office!

    The “just one drop of profits” rule, I am guessing? If profits happen anywhere at all, your goals are not achieved and when you look out the window, you don’t see what you want to see, declaring “(aw) it’s not happening”


    t’s far more exciting to travel and speak to a small group of devoted followers, especially on a tight budget, than it is to laboriously work at home on the internet and possibly reach snake io millions of people.

    I personally accomplished it in a different setting, realizing that I could travel the world, attend trade shows and seminars, and have fun instead of managing a dull, home-based business!

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