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    This is where I meant to post this:

    More tech! More lies! More wait and see!
    Let’s all say “hi” to world war three!
    Attacks are made by who knows who-
    It’s much more fun than world war two!


    Joe Rogan.


    “Who done it?”

    Three separate accidental explosions at approximately the same time fairly near each other of four buried underseas pipelines away from the terminals is basically impossible. There was a warning and an earlier incident of possible sabotage.

    1) Possibly it was Ukraine with a buddy state like the UK with operatives from the Syria adventure? But the sabotage occurred outside of their Area of Operations (AO) and was so competent that who did it has got away undetected and unblamed so far.

    2) A cinema culprit is an off-book operation by a Davos NGO/NATO faction of the supra corporate/state – the Western Empire — that gathered together Military Contractors, Neo-cons, Haters, and True-believers for whom the overthrow of the Kremlin is worth risking the loss of billions human lives to gain control of Russia’s resources.

    3) It was not the German State or Western European nations already hooked up to Nord Stream pipelines. The EU is in its death throes. It is unable to protect its citizens or industry. Western Europe is running out of energy for industry and heating this winter. After what the EU did to Greece it is schadenfreude that the chickens have come home to roost.

    4) It is impossible that Russia would destroy its own energy infrastructure worth billions of dollars that also had leverage over Germany unless the Kremlin has already decided to start WWIII. If this is the case, they will shortly use tactical nuclear weapons to end Ukraine’s counteroffensive. An armistice and peace would disprove that Russia intentionally started WWIII.

    5) The USA is not blameless. It went along with the UK’s scuttling of the April’s proposed Armistice. The State Department is involved somehow. The DOD is an unlikely participant. By experience, and it is their job to know, that the Pentagon is the second most important political/military target in the USA after Manhattan Island and before the US Capitol. They’d know that this operation would trigger WWIII. They are the target. This could bring down the Biden Administration or elect Donald Trump, if a global nuclear war is avoided. “Did the White House sign-off on the Nord Stream shut down?” Airlifts like 1948 will be required to supply energy to any bases left within Western Europe which will need to be refitted to burn coal for this and any future winters.

    6) Then there is Poland. After Ukraine, it is the most likely nation to be struck by Russian tactical nuclear weapons. They have a thousand-year history with Russia. The operation took place right next-door. Within living memory Poland was moved 100 miles west into Germany and was occupied by Russia for decades. Revenge and hatred are natural. But anyone who has contact with reality knows that Poland is the frontline. The old joke is; “How many Polish guys does it take to screw in a light bulb? Five: One to hold the bulb and four to turn the chair.” And, yes, Mr. and Mrs. Applebaum are certified Polish neocon true believers. But is Poland so stupid it is willing to be destroyed to get back at Russia? No, but factions could have assisted the operation, ignoring the risk.

    If we are very lucky, we will learn the reasons for the start of WWIII. WWI was reported to have happened due the strict timetables for German Railways for the mobilization of their Army. Others disagree. Having historians to argue this point in the future would be a blessing.


    Two things that make me really think hard

    1. The nature of this Nord Stream action was designed to be deliberately in Germany and Russia’s face and on the Richter scale in a relatively protected and difficult to get at position.
    – a land based act on a smaller scale could surely have been easier to accomplish and with plausible deniability for Poland and the US.

    2. Biden has consistently telegraphed many of the grandest actions since before Russia’s invasion eg. the repeated claims that Russia would invade Ukraine. “We” almost universally thought Putin would not invade because it was felt he did not want to, it was not in Russia’s interest.
    – we now know that the US knew Russia would act because it was the US that forced Russia to do it.

    Putting just those two things together raises the question of Biden’s telegraphy. My current thought is that it is deliberate.
    – why would he be told these things when his handlers had to keep walking them back? It makes a for an extra big emphasis and they can use his dementia as a foil, what a ruse.

    They don’t care that he looks stupid, in the end he’s the US’s bag holder and fall guy so its part of the plan.

    – what else is he telegraphing? Tactical nukes, Taiwan?
    – why is he telegraphing?

    That’s the biggie question and the Occam answer is America is going all in and they want everybody to know that resistance is futile both domestically for the mid term elections and on the international stage.

    The EU, Russia, China, everybody should give in now and suck up the Second Coming of America … Make America Great Again in the Democrat WEF(?) Image.

    Dr D Rich

    SOSUS……someone alluded to


    Anyway, WWIII has now started.

    Maybe WWIII will consist only of sabotage, a passive aggressive war where we destroy each other’s vulnerable infrastructure without admitting what we do.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)
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