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    Johannes Vermeer View of Delft 1660-61   Roger Stone convicted on all counts. I’m reading through them and see WikiLeaks all over. And yes, he ma
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    It all seems like nonsence. Can they really hope to get Trump out with this. Maybe, or maybe Michael Hudson is right, listened to an interview with him today by SNA radio, that Trump is the Democrats favorite choice for president because he’s the only one who can get through all the deregulation for the finance sector and push through lots of reforms that put the last nails in the coffin of the middle class without loosing popularity and then he can be sacrificed when they crash the economy to gobble up all the assets of the indebted masses, companies and the state. Or thats my interpretation of what he meant in other words.

    On a side note have you listened to Matt Taibbi and Katie Halpers Apodcast Useful Idiots Raül? Think you might enjoy it, they take the same stance as you on Trump hence the name of the pod. Really funny and with great guests. Check it out if you have’nt.


    “Nuland herself admitted the US spent $5 billion on that coup.”
    It sure is nice to be able to print money.
    It wont be so nice when the printing press runs out of ink.


    Since the 1970’s oil shocks; there has not been enough cheap energy to increase economic growth. Each time the true price increased it hits a declining maximum cost that crashes the global economy. Exporting manufacturing to regions with low labor costs and financialization allowed Washington DC, Wall Street and City of London to play the Empire Game. Destroy democracies and replace nation states with a corporate supra-institutions. The first generation sons and daughters of the borderlands became its bureaucrats. Working Americans deplorable, dying of despair.

    But the Great Game is a fool’s errand. Nothing is what it seems. Democrats are corporate enablers not the people’s party. Donald Trump is an ugly American Oligarch with all of his toxic cultural delusions. Only he would steal Syria’s oil and not foresee the ultimate defeat of North and South Carolina National Guard armored units sent to protect the oil fields in the middle of an empty desert, hundreds of miles from the coast, surrounded by enemies and supplied only by air. “They are Expendable”.

    Last September, a drone attack cut Saudi’s oil production by 50% and the USA was 10 minutes away from a World War with Iran. Both disappeared down a memory hole. One big mistake and the whole edifice crashes. Or to paraphrase Ernest Hemingway; “How does it end? Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”

    V. Arnold

    Johannes Vermeer View of Delft 1660-61

    Ah, that picture; I couldn’t let this thread go without commenting on; View of Delft; glorious clouds and all…

    Dr. D

    Vermeer. I am impressed.

    Followed the top level report on Stone, and everything looks in order. The accusations are real, and the proof is evident: either they have it or they don’t. Looks like they had it.

    Not sure what he was thinking, since talking to Wikileaks isn’t a crime. Talking to the campaign isn’t a crime. Talking to Congress isn’t a crime. Yet he felt the need to lie about it all, apparently to everyone, as a first reaction and way of life. As a K-Street dirty trickster, they’d probably pull his card and banish him from D.C. if he DIDN’T lie about everything always, which only shows the double standard.

    Generally, taking money from Ukraine, channeling it, hiding it from your taxes, lying about why you got it, it’s just a way of life, like the lake house. Unless you’re Manafort. Oh wait, he did that in ‘14. It was still a way of life then, everyone approved, it wasn’t until ‘17 they retroactively made it a crime a cared about it. Lying to Congress, I don’t know, about “weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-qeada” that cost us $100T and killed maybe 6M people? I see no crime here, not even 30 days. Clapper who says they have never spied on any American person? Gosh, he lied to Congress! Heavens. And he’s still walking around, eating 5-star meals, paid for by being a cooing expert on CNN. Comey lied to Justice Department about there not being an investigation, about leaking, etc, along with McCabe, and whaddya know? No crime! It’s only when you’re on ONE side, only one, that laws exist for you.

    See, I wouldn’t know that, because they always exist for me. Put the wrong shigles on your house: go to court! Pay the fine or go to jail! Do NOT lie to a policeman, oh nevermind, he’ll purjure himself and write you a ticket anyway, then stand if from of the judge, his brother-in-law and golfing partner, and perjure himself again. For $100 dollars. And if you fight he WILL commit a crime, write false tickets, threaten witnesses and WILL get you in jail somehow to make his point. But not for them.

    “A more wretch hive of scum and villainy you will never see.”

    So they only reserve that sort of thing for us. …And for him. Anyone he’s talked to, anyone he’s met. And since they’re all dirty criminals, there’s endless (backward) leverage to use on them, should they make the ill-advised attempt to represent the American people not the Deep, Steady State, that is to say the Status Quo, the CFR and Atlantic Council, the Soros’ of the world, who as Kunstler pointed out, funded the whole thing and the murders of some 30,000 people for his amusement.

    Wouldn’t want to stop that and go home! Wouldn’t want to spend that $100T on water for Flint!

    So I wonder, did they hope Mr. T would obstruct and tamper and pardon Stone? A play on Trump’s adherence to “loyalty”, since their other plans didn’t work? No way to know. But since he seems to have done the crime, there we are, justice served, which is the sharp disadvantage the good guys have: they are forbidden the tactics of the bad guys. And yet they prevail.

    No, they can’t get him out with this. Nor will Trump “clean things up” more than casually, extending the collapse, making it slower. If Americans want it cleaned up, they will have to clean their hearts. So just as said, they will allow him, promote him, demand him, to make every mistake, especially and exclusively war, corporate power, spying, and to destroy the middle class, and obstruct, or as we see, impeach him, should he make the mildest attempt to stop war, reign in the spying, and give the middle class their (tax) money back. So when you look back it will look like all the other Presidents, because it IS all the other presidents, who to greater or lesser degreee tried the same thing against the Deep State, enemies of the people. But if the people love it so much they join in the attacks to be pro-war, pro CIA, pro-spying on themselves, who am I to say?

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