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    René Magritte Pandora’s box 1951     Pfizer Covid Jab ‘90% Effective Against Hospitalisation For At Least 6 Months’, says a recent Guardian
    [See the full post at: The Vaxx is Dead. Now What?]


    Great summary, Raul. You have a real talent for this. 🙂

    This debacle will go down as the greatest tragedy in human history. At least to date. God knows what’s in store for us all next go ’round.

    I know where some of our “missing” workforce is, btw. They refuse to be vaccinated, get regularly tested, or wear a mask 8 hours a day (NY is strict on this stuff). How they’re muddling through financially, I don’t know. But I have met some and they’re somehow doing it.

    a kullervo

    When the most fragile between the “jabbed” begin dying in droves during the forthcoming flu season the politicians will merrily proclaim the arrival of the new ultra-deadly virus strain, denounce the unvaxxed as the main culprits behind the emergence of the “new strain” (aka former influenza), impose new (and improved) lockdowns and even more draconian restrictions on the few citizen rights remaining.

    There, spelled it out for you.


    The only problem with that scenario, kullervo, is that [at this point] too many people believe the pandemic was mostly theater. Yes, even here in NY. Despite all stores now recommending masks, most people don’t wear them. Outside of the PMC and devout covid fanatics, I don’t see people tolerating a strict lockdown again. It will also grow increasingly difficult to cover up vaccine deaths, especially if they roll out boosters.

    a kullervo

    Outside of the PMC and devout covid fanatics, I don’t see people tolerating a strict lockdown again.”


    The various law enforcement outfits* that TPTB have at their disposal beg to differ… (e.g., Australia. I understand American citizens have guns, but are they ready for a full-blown civil war?)

    * (including the Army and the National Guard, in the USA case)


    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Martin Luther King

    a kullervo

    It will also grow increasingly difficult to cover up vaccine deaths, especially if they roll out boosters.

    Nae, the worshipers of the vaxx religion are more willing to confront an imaginary foe than to voluntarily admit the flaws of their “vaxx god” and their own poor judgment (humans will be humans…)


    (Tounge firmly in cheek:) I think you go on too much about facts and data instead of adopting a simple legalistic response – the course most favored by the Covid lunatics – simply redefining “reality”!

    The CDC changed the definition of “vaccine ” from “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease” to the current “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but some can be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.”

    It also changed the definition of “vaccination” to “the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease.”

    Accordingly, if you are regularly taking Vitamin D, zinc, quercitin, and/or Vitamin C “to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases,” I say you simply declare that, voila!, you ARE “vaccinated”!


    Here, waiting for a train to transport me to somewhere …


    You are “vaccinated” by the CDC’s own standards, I meant to say.

    Note by the way that the definitions do not say that the “vaccine” or “vaccination” has to be administered pursuant to your doctor’s order. Of course not! This would put doctors in the driver’s seat and require everyone to seek medical counsel first (and require informed consent)! They want people to simply show up at CVS or other sites and take the jab, based on their own determination. I.e., they deliberately allow self-determination (“I control what goes into my own body) for an experimental treatment and practicing medicine without a license. Accordingly, they have no basis to object when, on that same basis, you decide to take the supplements – at least as long as there is some support that Vitamin D, zinc, quercitin, Vit C “stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

    Dr. D

    What now? Pretty standard: “The vax is dead, long live the vax!”

    There is no reference to facts, data,logic, or medicine, so I wouldn’t bother posting it. It’s for amusement purposes only.

    “I understand American citizens have guns, but are they ready for a full-blown civil war?”

    Yes, very. Very very. I hear Americans say that is long, long overdue, and they are very annoyed it hasn’t started yet. But every day more guns are sold, so…I guess we’re winning the standoff?

    a kullervo

    We like to believe, with all our might, that we’re ready – and then reality checks in…


    There is a saying, “A conspiracy theory makes it half way ’round the world before the Truth gets it’s pants on.”
    My experience, since February, 2020, is that the conspiracy theory usually turns out to be correct.


    My wife knows I’m deep in the weeds in trying to sort this stuff out and she dropped me a video to check out.

    wife: “Have you checked it”

    me: “Not yet.”

    wife: “You really need to. It has immune blood panel info for before, after jab 1 and after jab 2.”

    That was Wednesday night.

    response last night got me curious about poison ivy and topical IVM. Which led to an article on the immune system and the impact of toxins. To which I noted the following:

    T-cells participate directly as killer cells against virally infected host cells.

    T-cells are long-lived lymphocytes. Some estimates of longevity place some T-cells as existing for 15-20 years.

    Since there is little replacement of T-cells, alterations in this compartment may be very detrimental. Lesions in the T-cell system result in enhanced susceptibility to viral, fungal and para-sitic infections and alter the levels of most anti-body responses.

    Then @expatkiwi posts a link to Alex Berenson latest. The slope change on that curve is flashing red.

    Raul, pens “The Vaxx is Dead, Now What?” Another perfect summary and snapshot of where this train wreck is at/headed.

    I finally check out that video my wife sent. The real time stream of consciousness in this community never ceases to amaze me.


    Lithuania is an EU country and sits in the EU parliament. .
    That this stands in the EU is extraordinary.



    “The (UK) government has refused to release the minutes of the meeting in which its vaccine advisory committee decided not to recommend vaccinating all 12-15 year olds against covid-19.”


    The pro-covaxxers have the army and police on their side, how could anti-covaxxers win such a war? Do you expect significant dissidence in those arms of the government?


    I’m having trouble finding something that was either posted or linked in the comments. It was an estimation of the number of mRNA instructions (spikes) in a jab. Can anybody help link me to that info? Thanks


    I posted this comment on ecosophia and decided to post it here, too. It strikes me that all these businesses laying off their people in the anticipation of a mandate are screwing themselves royally. And what happens when/if it is ever admitted that the vaccines do not do anything to protect people at all? you think all the unfairly laid off people will want to go back to those employers again?

    It’s been instructive to see the private business sector capitulate so rapidly to an as-yet nonexistent “regulation”. OSHA is still fielding questions from companies and has not actually issued any rules at all on Biden’s mandate. But as soon as Biden mentioned the mandates in public, businesses began enforcing this speculative mandate on their own.

    It is now estimated that OSHA will have something in writing at the end of this month (Oct), but even then the mandate won’t be enforced until 75 days after the ruling is issued. Furthermore, the federal OSHA has jurisdiction in only 29 states; the other 21 states have their own state-run plans for worker safety regulation. States with what are called OSHA-state-plans will have an additional few weeks to adopt the federal OSHA guidance when and if the mandate is actually presented at the federal level.

    I looked at the OSHA website just yesterday, and they have their full guidance on Covid related workplace safety still reading much as it has since Jan of this year. Stuff like ventilation, mask-wearing, time off for vaccinations and recovery from side-effects, etc. pretty much the same as always. One interesting new addition is the remark added as an updated guidance on 13 August, 2021 (6 weeks ago): “However, preliminary evidence suggests that fully vaccinated people who do become infected with the Delta variant can be infectious and can spread the virus to others. This evidence has led CDC to update recommendations for fully vaccinated people to reduce their risk of becoming infected with the Delta variant and potentially spreading it to others, including by […they suggest mask wearing and getting testing after assumed exposure here, but they say it in a lot of words].” This is from:

    Given that OSHA itself admits that the vaccinated can still catch and spread the virus, I don’t see how any rules demanding vaccination as a requirement for continued employment in an effort to keep the workplace “safe” can be considered anything but specious. And given that the vaccines are experimental (testing phases are not anticipated to be completed until 2022- 23), one has to wonder about who will be held liable should the vaccines prove to be a risk equal to catching Covid itself. The pharma companies are held harmless, thanks to Biden, and the White House will not be liable, since Biden is making OSHA handle the mandate. I suspect that if the mandate goes into effect and workers continue to get sick or die from the vaccine, the individual companies will be legally liable for damages brought by the families of injured or dead employees. Additionally, no-one knows if OSHA will mandate boosters as part of the vaccine requirement, although an ETS (emergency temporary standard) issued by OSHA can only remain in place for 6 months, so if they want to include boosters, they would have to make it a permanent standard with an open commenting period and more formal rules with concomitant proof of necessity required.

    And yet, here we are, with companies and state governments all over the country rushing to enforce a mandate that does not exist yet. They are laying off their own workforce with a vengeance – for all the world as though they think this won’t affect their bottom lines. The same companies that complain they can’t find enough workers to fill their needs are now eager to lay off employees based on the speculation that someone else might make them do it at some point. It’s amazing that the business world is so eager to inflict this sort of damage on themselves.


    @teri: good analysis. Thank you. 🙂

    Last sentence: “It’s amazing that the business world is so eager to inflict this sort of damage on themselves.”

    Maybe that should be phrased as a question: Why is the business world so eager to inflict this sort of damage on themselves?

    Michael Reid

    @ chooch

    I posted the same video that your wife showed you in my comment #89354 but from a different source. My comment was

    The video is from a physician in the USA that ran complete blood work on his patient

    Before Jab (normal)

    After first Jab (immune system activated) killer T cells way up

    After second Jab (immune system exhausted) cells activated to clean up tissue damage, killer T cells way too low

    The result is severe impairment of the immune system from the jabs. This means among other things the next time the double jabbed gets sick they will likely die due to inability to fight the illness.

    We are approaching the jabbed dropping like flies territory when winter comes.

    Michael Reid

    @ upstateNYer

    Maybe that should be phrased as

    Why is the western world so eager to inflict this sort of damage on themselves?

    My analysis leads me to conclude that the western world is cleaning itself of population prior to returning it to the owners



    I did try your link the other night but it said media was to big and took me to chris sky’s telegram fed and could not find it.

    Yep, there is definitely concern in the knock on effect to the innate immune system with each jab. Berenson’s chart is definitely a cause for concern. I would liken it to overuse of corticosteroids. From what I know those can also damage the innate immune system. JFK, even though he looked young and healthy, his immune system was quite fragile partly due to cortisone use to control Addison’s disease. I think I understand that correctly. Maybe Dr. John can further clarify or correct our understanding on this.

    Veracious Poet

    Nice to see many of you former party tribalists (insert your politik here) finally realize that things are too serious to be theorizing on pet ideologies, humanity is at risk.

    Too bad, so sad that it didn’t happen until the 9th inning ~ The best We can hope for now is a tie & sudden death overtime.

    I’m cheering for humanity, but the odds don’t look good due to innumerable errors made already in the “game”…

    All blessings, I’m leaving the stadium now.


    Messenger RNA Gene Treatment has not worked as promised. At best, it prevents severe illness for half a year for a majority of the jabbed with proven short-term toxic side effects and unknown possible long-term effects. Very leaky “mRNA Vaccine” passports and mandates cannot mitigate the pandemic. However, the scheme is working very well to increase the number of billionaires by nine and perhaps even more.

    This is the natural outcome of a government that is run by and for corporations and that has no concern of what is happening to its people. The ruling money cult forgot that without humans and their labor there are no businesses. The media ignores the millions of missing workers. Not enough longshoremen, drivers and train crews to unload and ship the containers from ships forced to anchor off-shore. One of which likely dragged an anchor across the oil pipeline polluting the Southern California shoreline. Also, women are dropping out of the workforce to watch their kids at home due to fear and school quarantines due to a fall reopening in midst of the delta variant spike. There is no unified public health system to assure safe schoolrooms or workplaces. A billion dollars is being spent by the Biden/Harris Administration on quick home antigen tests without a trusted reporting system that would make them useful. This all is a grand get-rich scheme that failed. There are going to be severe adverse effects. If humans are unable control the coronavirus pandemic, they sure are not going to mitigate climate change nor avoid a nuclear war.



    This is the basis for our companies move to mandate the jabs.

    “On September 9, President Biden issued an Executive Order mandating Covid-19 safety protocols for federal contractors. On September 24, the government issued clarifying guidance and, in short, it requires that employees of covered federal contractors be fully vaccinated by December 8, 2021 and to submit proof of vaccination. This guidance has been incorporated through a Federal Acquisition Regulation that will be included in our U.S. government contracts starting October 15, making it both a legal and contractual obligation of the company.”

    Anyway, the guys I work with are coming up bagel as to the existence of an EO. Here are a couple articles that hilight it’s non existence.

    Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Exist. It’s Just A Press Release.

    Americans are no longer living under representative government. We are living under government by the screen people, of the screen people, for the screen people.

    By Joy Pullmann

    Yes, we’ve heard all about Joe Biden’s alleged vaccine mandate for private companies employing 100 or more people. It was all over the news even before he announced it on September 9. His announcement has jeopardized the employment of millions of Americans and increased worker shortages in critical domains such as health care.

    There’s only one problem. It’s all a mirage. Biden’s so-called vaccine mandate doesn’t exist — at least, not yet. So far, all we have is his press conference and other such made-for-media huff-puffing. No such rule even claiming to be legally binding has been issued yet.

    That’s why nearly two dozen Republican attorneys general who have publicly voiced their opposition to the clearly unconstitutional and illegal mandate haven’t yet filed suit against it, the Office of the Indiana Attorney General confirmed for me. There is no mandate to haul into court. And that may be part of the plan.

    According to several sources, so far it appears no such mandate has been sent to the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs yet for approval. The White House, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Department of Labor haven’t released any official guidance for the alleged mandate. There is no executive order. There’s nothing but press statements.

    Despite what you may have been falsely led to believe by the media fantasy projection machine, press statements have exactly zero legal authority.

    “There is nothing there yet that gives employers any mandate,” Stephanie McFarland, spokeswoman for the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration, told me Oct. 6. “The president made an announcement on this asking OSHA to do it, but we’ve not yet seen anything come from it yet,” she also said. When the state agency gets any further information, she said, they’ll review it.

    To impose the public perception of a mandate, the Biden administration is following an unusual rule-making process it also employed earlier this year, called an emergency temporary standard (ETS). The spring ETS rule took nearly six months to issue. Meanwhile, companies are telling reporters their vaccine mandates will have at the latest December deadlines. (For those who can’t calendar, that’s four months after Biden’s non-existent mandate was proclaimed. According to OSHA, an ETS takes up to six months to go into effect after the initial mandate is issued in the Federal Register — which, again, for the proclaimed 100-employee mandate hasn’t happened yet.)

    Lawyers for big business were blunt about their love for this mandate mirage: “Everybody loves this cover,” Minneapolis employment lawyer Kate Bischoff told Bloomberg Law in September. “Many were already looking down the road at doing this, but the fact that they get to blame Biden is like manna from heaven.”

    Using the ETS procedure instead of normal federal rule-making processes both allows the Biden administration to push its demands faster and without any public input or requirement of responding to public input, which is normally required of even legally laughable federal rule-making like this one would be. That is part of why ETS rules have been overwhelmingly overturned in courts.


    Biden Keeps Pushing Nonexistent Worker Vaccine Mandate, A Ploy That Keeps State Attorney Generals From Filing Lawsuits

    October 7, 2021 | Sundance

    Joe Biden did it again today. A month after the first announcement, the White House occupant claimed again a Dept. of Labor rule (via OSHA) is forthcoming, yet no such process appears to be taking place. This ploy now seems very purposeful because without an actual policy or regulation visibly in place state attorney generals cannot file a lawsuit or request an injunction.

    As long as Biden keeps threatening a DOL worker vaccination rule sometime in the future, many employers will take action to require worker vaccination. This seems to be the actual strategy; bolstered by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki caught off-guard last week when asked about it.

    Psaki had no idea how to answer the question about any OSHA activity not taking place (link). Obviously Psaki didn’t expect the question, but it was also obvious that no background conversation had ever taken place amid the White House communication team.

    Perhaps responding to an awakening on that issue, Joe Biden gave a speech today begging people to get vaccinated and again warning that a federal vaccine mandate for all workers was coming:

    TRANSCRIPT – […] The Labor Department is going to shortly issue an emergency rule — which I asked for several weeks ago, and they’re going through the process — to require all employees [employers] with more than 100 people, whether they work for the federal government or not — this is within a — in the purview of the Labor Department — to ensure their workers are fully vaccinated or face testing at least once a week.

    In total, this Labor Department vaccination requirement will cover 100 million Americans, about two thirds of all the people who work in America.

    These requirements work.

    […] And as the Business Roundtable and others told me when I announced the first requirement, that encouraged businesses to feel they could come in and demand the same thing of their employees. (more)

    Biden then went on to praise companies who are doing it on their own.


    Biden Keeps Pushing Nonexistent Worker Vaccine Mandate, A Ploy That Keeps State Attorneys General From Filing Lawsuits


    Michael Reid re:

    Was hoping the fellow in the video: My Jaw dropped when I Tested Someone’s Immune System After the 2nd Jab , Dr. Nathan Thompson, was a physician, too! – but he’s a chiropractor: Chiropractor Yorkville IL – Exemplify Health Center .


    Bill Roope

    In reply to a long list of data showing that more vaxed than unvaxed were dying of Covid in hospitals in a Zero Hedge comments.
    A short snarky comeback “Well, they’ll fix that by giving the unvaxed Remdesivir and the vaxed Ivermectin.”
    Got me to thinking. At first I thought it was really funny, but then I realized that doing something like that it was not at all impossible.

    To me anyway, very large corporations are like Super Organisms or emergent intelligences. They only have 1 goal, profit. Profit is good, loss is bad. So for the hospital conglomerate sick people are good, healthy people are bad. Expensive ineffective drugs are good, cheap effective drugs are bad. Making people healthy with cheap drugs is very bad. Making people chronically sick and needing expensive drugs is very good.

    This is connected to compliance, defiance and a total lack of solidarity.
    The HSO (Hospital Super Organism) is really quite simple and amoral. Profit is good loss is bad, and human emotions are messy and unpredictable.
    That’s why the HSO thinks the vaccine mandate is good. It gets a work for that is 100% compliant and uniform. And, the defiant and nonconforming people are gone.

    The only thing that could possibly counter this HSO is labor solidarity or a union. The US now has in most places no labor laws. The corporation can fire you at any time for any reason. This is where the vaxed both voluntary and coerced have made a great mistake in not supporting the unvaxed.
    If all employees of a HSO from Doctor on down or Nurse or even Support Staff on down walked out at the first termination for non-compliance with the vaccine mandate it would fail. But, there is no solidarity, only individuals leaving one by one.

    And, what the compliant may not realize is that it will not end with just the 2 jabs. There will be booster shots and other drugs. And, soon an implanted microchip. From the POV of the HSO the implanted microchip would be perfect. Real time data on all employees and an ID card on a chip. You fall out of compliance and you are blocked from entering the company and your salary direct deposited to the bank stops.

    V. Arnold

    At the end of May, 2003, during the height of the SARS virus; I traveled from Portland to San Francisco. There was a 2 hour layover before getting on a flight to Taiwan. In Taiwan there was an 8 hour layover until I got on a flight to Bangkok. The flight to Taiwan was all but empty; but the flights to San Francisco and Bangkok were packed to the gills…
    No masks, no distancing, with only temperature checks after arriving at Taiwan and Bangkok…

    My, how times/things have changed; in those 18 years we have lost so much…most importantly our mental health has all but completely deteriorated…

    We’re scattered, scared, unfocused, and vulnerable to the flimsiest of lies and propaganda.
    Our once venerated medical profession has collapsed with doctors credibility all but destroyed…
    None of this is by chance or accident; but rather a carefully controlled narrative by members of “our” (cough, cough) government.
    All deemed guilty should be tried and if convicted, hanged by their neck until dead in public squares across the country (USA) for crimes against humanity…
    We did it to Japanese and Germans after WWII; time to revisit those times in this, our present…

    V. Arnold

    On a lighter note: René Magritte Pandora’s box 1951

    Wonderful painting; Magritte is just awesome, IMO…


    Thanks @teri from me as well. In a way the OSHA scenario you describe is my “hoped-for” way out of the covid debacle.

    Big corporations project being smart but are venal, silly, delicate flowers when it comes to their outward image. Most of them went all-in on supporting “popular” and violent movements last year to help install the Biden-shaped object. But they also can’t ignore the realities of running their business. Not for long, anyway. Replacing a worker you fired for being unvaxxed will cost 2-3 times their salary to replace. That’s if a replacement can even be had at all. I’m planning to take a sabbatical if the c-suite 5h1theads want to get rid of me over it. I’ll take my chances and hope it all blows over in a year.

    And those mass firings are a liability if the tide of public opinion turns – and the vaxx turns out to be widely regarded as pointless/worthless/dangerous. That’s quite a real risk in the coming months.

    I’m guessing OSHA has less latitude to bend laws and ignore precedent, the way the CDC and FDA have. There are real consequences (costs) to mandating a thing, be it steel-toed shoes, safety gear, personnel, etc. I can see an unlicensed vaxx with an iffy safety profile and even iffier effectiveness getting slow-walked through that system. OSHA playing by the rules (laws, precedent, public review) might be the stodgy bureaucratic drag-force that ends the covid nightmare.

    It’s hard to see critical mass developing in the US public to push the covid debacle behind us. It’s happening, some ppl waking up and even the MSM slipping sometimes – but not fast enough and we will see real damage before it’s over. Lots of the public – maybe 40-50% in the US are sick and tired of it.

    There are lots of true-believers who will connive their way to get a third jab early, can’t wait to jab their toddler. Those people are a lost cause. I doubt they amount to a large fraction of the population, but they have an outsized influence.

    There’s a large middle ground of low-information people, many of whom got the jab but don’t pay attention and don’t know when they’ve been snookered. They could go either way, they could be allies (especially if boosters get mandated) or not.

    Michael Reid

    This was articulate about the jabs

    Michael Reid

    @ ctbarnum

    I quit my stout intake and switched to milk intake

    Michael Reid

    @ Bill7

    I loved Sierra Nevada IPA when in California. I feel like I will never be able to visit again.

    Michael Reid

    VietnamVet wrote:

    The ruling money cult forgot that without humans and their labor there are no businesses.

    I think they got it all or are on their way to getting it all. Then maybe they will retire. Or not but many of the ecological issues would resolve with a greatly reduced population

    And I am off to bed. I don’t like what is going on in this world.

    V. Arnold

    I would opine that the “climate crisis” will not be resolved; I recall discussions going back to at least the 70″s by Suzuki and other forward seers; here we are 50 years later with the climate crises being being talked to death sans any meaningful action…
    …it’s difficult to impossible, to muster any optimism at this very late point in time…

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