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    @VV and MR re: lack of human labor

    The desire is for robots to do it. That is the ‘hair on fire’ aspect of the Taiwan issue. The only other places in the West that produce high-zoot ‘general compute’ chips are Israel (Intel and some AMD) and S Korea (Samsung).

    Also, there is a bit of a problem hanging on to Europe. ASML is in Netherlands. They’re the folks that make the chip-making machines/tools/software. Companies that can make these machines are more rare than a zebra-striped unicorn with clydesdale feathers. China’s chip process is about 10^2 places behind the West (larger transistor size, so less density/performance per cm2). But…China is now attempting to make chips from graphene…completely new process, a doorway into a new hall of chip tech.


    RE: Barley pop

    Anderson Valley Brewing Company – there are a few IPAs there, but they have great ambers and stouts, and (did have, at one time) a stellar wheat beer that was between amber and ale.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)
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