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    Well, the German Supreme Court decision is through, and it looks positive at a first superficial glance, so what could go wrong from here? Sorry to br
    [See the full post at: Those Dutch Tulips Ain't Looking All That Rosy]


    In 1980 Holland and Germany had Europe’s lowest homeownership percentages: 42% and 41%. Today the percentage is 54% in Holland and 42% in Germany.

    If you only pay the interest on a mortgage and its tax deductible, I would say that its a good deal for you if you can walk away from the mortgage.

    54% of the people are not homeowners but subsidised renters.


    When does the insanity end. I for one have anticipation fatigue. I read all these news releases, articles, books, and completely agree yet the markets rise and the status quo just keeps going on and just when you think “this is it” a solution as ridiculous as it might be saves the day



    Thanks for that eye-opener about the Netherlands. I was based in Amsterdam in 1980-3. There was a property bubble back then. All the people I worked with were borrowing like crazy. The bubble collapsed soon after I left. A Dutch friend of mine got burnt quite badly. He showed us in the office the very first real PC that I ever had seen – a Commodore 64. It cost over $600 at that time.

    I just did a search and it seems that he is currently running a motorbike club and magazine in Normandy.

    Of course, the current bubble is incomparably bigger and the consequences will be devastating for all concerned. The Dutch have not learnt much since the tulipomania.

    John Day

    Very Sorry for “off topic”.
    this better relates to the hungarians ejecting Monsanto story, but this GMO news just hit today. I’m a physician, MD since 1986. This is important food toxicity information (my essay).
    Successful Mongrels,

    We’ve (most of us) come to accept our relation to other apes. It’s pretty obvious to see.
    We have discovered that we have a lot in common with rats, and can rely on studies which “sacrifice” them instead of people, to further medical knowledge. (No more Dr. Mengele…)
    Of course we’ve heard that we evolved from some primordial spark in the primeval soup kitchen making DNA, which could self replicate and begin this whole fabulous process. That genetic tree did most of it’s branching before multi celled organisms, before plants and animals diverged, and a lot of that early work persists as the foundations of cellular metabolism.
    Consider the structures of chlorophyll and hemoglobin:

    Feeling a bit older?
    You should.
    We have been engineered and re engineered for function and reliability over hundreds of millions of years in the most complex empirical process imaginable, with redundant testing over multiple generations, to study the comparative effectiveness of every little mutation in any single trait. This just exceeds the number of processes we can conceptualize. It’s a googleplex kinda’ number. The stars in the sky…
    Monsanto doesn’t have that kind of time. they have quarterly earnings reports. they want to own the global genome in our lifetimes, stuff like that. Think they might hotwire some stuff without testing it?
    Carbohydrate metabolism in eukaryotic cells has a lot of inter species similarity, because carbohydrates are one of the building block energy groups that go way, way, way back.
    Genetic engineers found that if they blocked a certain carbohydrate metabolic enzyme in wheat, they could stuff the grains with more carbohydrate, more energy, more weight, more profit, more better. They went on ahead and did just that. Big success!
    However, they either did not do, or did not reveal the extremely close relationship of the enzymes they were blocking to enzymes in humans and animals, which also regulate pathways of carbohydrate metabolism. It turns out that a lot of the gene sequences are spot-on, and that this wheat modification can directly block carbohydrate metabolic pathways in the human liver and muscle cells. Glycogen, the human form of stored carbohydrate, is regulated by these ancient plug-and-play similar enzymes, much as the oxygen and CO2 carrying and transfer similarities between heme and chlorophyl persist. When nature finds something that works, it is unlikely to be completely replaced in a complex metabolic system.
    This metabolic poison is in our bodies as we speak.
    Here is the scientific paper, by a Biochemist at the University of Canterbury (nice place) in Christchurch, New Zealand, Jack Heinemann Ph.D.
    Here is some information from Natural News, including press announcements from down-under and an oral explanation by Dr. Heinemann. (They misstate the location of the University of Canterbury.)

    I sure do see a lot of Americans with metabolic problems. Fatty liver is an epidemic. Obesity and diabetes are conditions where the human body stores excess fuel, just like those poor wheat kernels are forced to do. I’m not saying that this one thing is the cause, but Americans didn’t eat or exercise that much differently in the 1970s, and look at the difference now! It is illegal to put any label on any food in America, saying whether it does or doesn’t contain GMOs. It is illegal to distinguish GMO wheat in bulk sales, and it gets mixed. Wheat is wheat, and nobody can say different, at least in the land of the free.
    I am extremely concerned about this from a medical viewpoint,and I have found that I feel better with less wheat in recent decades. Damn, it’s hard to even limit it, let alone eliminate it. I’m trying to devise a strategy. We just don’t have that much rice in our food, and rice doesn’t stick together, or have the protein content of wheat.
    This is merely an EXAMPLE of the sorcerer’s apprentice at work in the realm of life itself. The US laws mean that the apprentice gets to do all he wants, completely in the dark, completely out of any supervision. All adverse effects are simply mysterious, and may be studied from some other angle, which blames fat, diabetic people for watching TV, and eating the cheap food they can afford, but doesn’t do anything to hurt American business.
    Hungary, if you may recall, cast out Monsanto and plowed-under their fields.Is it legal to advertise EXCLUSIVELY HUNGARIAN WHEAT in a product?
    I don’t have a solution, which I can enact today.
    I need to eat food which has absolutely-certain origins, and that is difficult, expensive and restrictive, very restrictive to do.
    Wheat, corn and soy are out, as is anything fattened on them. (Shit!)

    Conflicted Omnivore


    If the Fed is going to buy $40 billion a month in MBS debt, then burn it, just for starters, why should one not buy all the non perishable golden tulips one can? In a centrally planned system, where the planners own the medium of exchange, and set it’s value, with the assistance of the biggest military on earth, deflation is a pretty far fetched concept. These sociopaths are many things, but they are not suicidal. They will prevail, until there is nothing left outside their “compounds” to reign over (Crackup Boom). Then it’s off to their private islands and foreign retreats to regroup.

    Deflation, indeed. Everything I need to get by is on an inflationary trajectory. Gas, tires, mechanic rates, plumbers shop rates,food, rent, electric, clothing, shoes, haircut, bus fare, water bill and even a few things I don’t need like sales taxes, property taxes, revenue bond attachments…Oh, but I will get a new high speed rail, with it’s northern most terminal located in the thriving metropolis of Merced, 250 miles to the south of me, and terminating another 300 miles to the south of that, in “cosmopolitan” Bakersfield. Ha, and they say California is broke! The glass and steel skyscrapers have begun construction, to house another massive bureaucratic institution. Jobs, jobs, jobs. This project will provide so many shovel ready jobs, well, just imagine the prosperity that could be gotten by replacing those shovels with tea spoons.


    Athens citydoes not have winding streets.Athens modern was designed by a German in the 19th C. Its streets are built according to a grid pattern.Somewhat like Manhatten city.Which despite its Native American name was built by uitlander Dutch initially.The Acropolis was built by Athenians per se.Some Turk remnants may also remain.The Greek Royal Family is also of Germanic origin.Like “Phil the Greek” :S .Plus ca change etc.


    John Day –
    THANK YOU for your post. You ended with “Wheat, corn and soy are out, as is anything fattened on them.” Are you suggesting that the enzyme modification can be carried through another species (e.g., a cow “finished” on corn will transmit this DNA or these enzymes to the eater of the cow and that persons metabolism of starch will be reduced)? And are you concerned with the up- and down-regulators of genes (for the non-science geeks among us, I mean like those that may stimulate cell growth and result in cancer or cell death resulting in not having the cells we need to do x job) that we are only beginning to understand which are being moved freely into GMOs?
    “Shit!” indeed!

    Mark T

    Today the world is bedeviled by a a modern day equivalent of alchemy. Those that study this modern day equivalent are called economists. Like many alchemists before them economists hold positions of great power and influence. Their words are listened to by world leaders with reverence and an almost fawning adoration. The emergence of economists is significantly more dangerous to the world than Wizards working in dingy laboratories trying to turn iron into gold. Economists are in the driver seat, pedal to the metal, driving us over a cliff in a manner that would make Thelma and Louise proud.

    The basic alchemy that economists are preaching to the world is that we can keep borrowing more money and printing more money to get our way out of the debt crisis. This theory, like the obsession of turning iron into gold is by any measure of common sense, impossible, stupid, dangerous and absurd. However like any good ‘con job’, the leaders and the general population are a perfect ‘mark’ because they desperately want to believe the myth. The alternative is to accept that developed countries and their baby boomers are going to have to endure years of hard times and a lower standard of living while global debt is paid down, defaulted on and deleveraged.

    Economist or Alconomist


    John Day –
    Please forgive me for being a bit non-educated in biochemistry. After taking a look at the RNA article, it seems that the genetic material would pass through the gut (e.g., of a cow) and then be incorporated into the blood stream of the consumer (i.e., eaters of cow). So, after it is in the blood stream, does it go through cell walls? This makes me wonder about us having portals on the surfaces of our cells that would take in DNA strands. Why would those exist? In basic biology, we are taught that the DNA processes in a cell are isolated and we don’t need DNA or RNA swapping among cells. But if the receptors are triggered and and micro-pores open and let it pass, I would imagine that it’s some type of vitally important communication system – one that we are junking up with crappy GMO genetic info, just like we are really junking it up with crappy endocrine disruptors.
    (People aren’t in the street with pitchforks, why?)


    Pardon my simplified understanding of the EU situation, but isnt it a case of a complex society not having enough energy to support the complexity, and tryimg to solve this problem with more complexity, which creates the completely dreamlike situation we are in with greece and others?

    My solution would be to start farming again, make sure everyone can eat, then see how much is left over for complex activities.

    Ken Barrows

    “because bad news makes politicians and central bankers hand out the people’s money and checkbooks”

    I need some clarification here. Isn’t it really the politicians who hand out the people’s money and checkbooks (i.e. borrow from the future)? Don’t the central banks succeed or fail on one criterion: inflation? If central banks cannot inflate successfully because deflation is too strong, then aren’t they just playing with themselves? And when the central banks fail, won’t the politicians who have borrowed from the future have to deal with the collapse of plummeting living standards?


    Ken, I agree, it’s all confusing. The way I read it, the Federal Reserve is owned by it’s member banks. These banks also, for the most part, own the Congress and the members of the Executive Branch. Thereby, also being highly influential in the selection of the Judicial and Military hierarchy. Enter also, their direct control over the corporate means of finance and welfare. It’s a closed loop. This ol’ boy had it down many moons ago;

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…” Thomas Jefferson

    Only thing I would add is “Standing armies are also, indirectly, banker owned and operated” but he probably knew that.

    Now, keep in mind, that statement was made back before Thomas had an SUV to fill up.

    Couple lessons I’ve gleaned over the years. A. The worlds banking systems are in it for themselves. B. Love ’em or hate ’em, BUT DO NOT FIGHT THEM! For the very currencies the world operates on are solely owned by them. Case in point? Read what it says at the top of the President side of a dollar bill.

    All said, I don’t for a second believe they would ever passively allow deflation to take root, in a digital age of finance/credit/money creation. It’s as simple as crediting every EBT, ATM, Social Security account, Checking account, Master card and American Express card with a $50,000 “rebate”, and free kibbles for Rex. I’ll also add here, I believe we are in the developing stages of von Mises “Crackup Boom.”

    In their (TPTB) eyes, I would surmise, the more they “print” the higher precious commodity prices rise, the more “deadwood” is taken out of the consumption markets, leaving what’s left to the “essential personnel” of the world, ie. governments and friends of governments.

    In light of my rantings above, I suggest many pundits have the cart before the horse these days, in that, I see rampant inflation first, then, as all systems break down, deflation, in the sense that the currency and it’s creators are dethroned, and some other wild, man made ruling concoction is enthroned. Wash, rinse, yada, yada.

    May we only hope the bankers don’t deploy “their” ICBM’s in this process.


    Ilargi, thanks for that piece. My hopes for an expedient reform of the dutch housing market were dashed when I read this newest proposal for a phase-out of interest deductability (in dutch);

    Here’s an analysis of the economic effects of several deductability phase-out scenario’s (in dutch):

    Sadly, its still the most ambitious reform proposal of the dutch housing market in decades, afforded by recent concessions for abandoning the deductability scheme by political parties traditionally loyal to this system.

    Besides making the assumption that economic growth will simply resume by 2015, this reform proposal seeks to gradually phase-out the interest deductability within 30 years, or slightly sooner within 15 years, so as to avoid drastic price-shocks. Since much of the overvaluation is caused by the current fiscal deductability of interest, it is presumed that house prices will drop too violently if said deductability is abolished all at once. The plan also presumes that during the long phase-out, any fall in homeowners purchasing power by increased mortgage payments will be compensated for by lowering the general tax burden of homeowners.
    The plan doesn’t actually acknowledge that house prices and accompanying oversized mortgages are structurally unsustainable, and seeks to stabilise prices at current levels by financing overvaluation by other means.
    The phased-out deductability is to be replaced by other price-distorting subsidies, the affordability gap between renting and buying is to be closed by forcing a rise in rents, to be used for financing the new subsidy mechanisms for homeowners and supposedly inticing renters to buy.

    If sustainable, unbubbly house prices normally fluctuate between 4-5 times median income, and if dutch median income would remain about €30,000, the average price of homes must drop by another 25% to become generally affordable. Its difficult to do this without collapsing the pyramidal leverage of overvalued home equity integrated into the financial and credit system.


    It turns into a world of property skirmishes with the Fed providing credit to buy out the distressed assets of the globe. As you noted hungary and greece are the first feeding frenzys for the economic jackal$. Economic terrorism. Germany more or less had to agree to QE to provide another bidder before the funded 1% bought the crashing european assets for cents in the euro.
    see auroraaustraliis blog


    for John Day et al re 5210,
    buy certified biodynamic wheat and produce. Their genetics are as good as Nature can offer. Though no doubt saying this will put such farmers/certifiers/distributors the line of fire, like Hungary.

    John Day

    Apologies to RWG for such tardiness.
    I work 12 hr shifts Friday and Saturday. Pays kid’s tuition…
    I dredged through the technical paper, and it was dredging for me, since there is a lot of specific terminology, explained once, then used repeatedly.
    The RNA is the controller in this genetic engineering scheme, and it controls other metabolic processes in the targeted enzyme systems within the cells.
    human glycogen metabolism is very much like carbohydrate metabolism in the wheat seeds. Nature has preserved many of the important segments of genetic code, which create specific lock and key type interactions in these enzymes and their controllers.
    The specific targets of this genetic engineering remain trade secrets, but in computer modeling, many potential sites for such function were identified from general wheat and human genomic information.
    there are many ways for a wheat enzyme controller to interact with human enzymes, and for these effects to be genetically carried down in subsequent generations of cells, once one (liver for instance) cell takes up the controller RNA.
    That is particularly worrisome, that there is a real potential for these controllers to be carried down in cell generations, providing cumulative metabolic toxicity.
    These small loops of RNA are heat stable, and survive gut acids and have been seen to get into cells in animal models. therefore, they can get into human cells through the gut, after surviving cooking. If they existed in bovine cells, consumed as hamburger, it seems that they would still survive cooking and digestion.
    This is so very concerning that I broke protocol to put it up.
    thank you all for being understanding.

    Markii, I am unfamiliar with “Certified Biodynamic” products. I’m not sure they exist in the US. I am interested.


    To John Day

    Thanks for your continued explanation of GM wheat. Very interesting.

    In reading your links to the various articles I noted one thing.

    You said: “Here is some information from Natural News, including press announcements from down-under and an oral explanation by Dr. Heinemann. (They misstate the location of the University of Canterbury.)”

    It’s a good article, but I noted one very important paragraph.

    “CLARIFICATION: This note was added after initial publication to help clarify the status of GM wheat. Currently, GM wheat is not commercialized. It’s not yet found in everyday foods. But the GMO industry is trying to commercialize it while skipping any real safety testing and buying off regulators to declare it safe. GM corn, of course, is already widely used in foods, as is GM soy. But GM wheat is not yet in the food supply. If we don’t resist the domination of the biotech industry, however, it soon will be.”

    So the upshot is to avoid corn and soy at this point, but to keep alert to wheat being sold that’s GM wheat.

    I’m really horrified that more rules aren’t in place protecting the public from these food practices with out many studies proving the safety of modified foods.



    First of all, I don’t trust official narratives. When I analyze them in depth, not only are they wrong, but they are 180 degrees wrong.

    So let’s set the narrative aside and go by our own observation.

    Sorry, but words are important here. “Print” is a very bad word to describe what is happening. Rather, they are issuing credit, the proceeds of which go to the insider banking institutions and, in return, society gets worthless and/or toxic trash MBSes.

    That’s not printing, that’s theft – in broad daylight. The inside banksters get the money, society eats their losses. Now you know why they held all those homes off the market in-spite of being empty. Now that the Fed owns them – and tax payers are on the hook for Fed losses – we’ll see what happens.

    Make no mistake, though, they know the economy can’t be fixed and they aren’t trying. They are loading up on cash and offloading their debt. Inflating prices is due to all this free money being showered on the gambling class. Whatever is going up is pretty much the speculative assets these people wager on.

    So, let’s call it what it is – government sanctioned looting of society to benefit Big Finance Capital that *controls* the mega banks and the Federal Reserve System (ownership is a red herring – *control* is everything that matters).

    Now, if you were going to hyperinflate, would your front mega banks be loaning 30 year money at 3.5%? Would you hyperinflate while you owned trillions in cash and debt assets?

    Only a moron would do that – and I’m convinced the people looting us are not morons. They know what they are doing.

    They won’t hyperinflate until after they’ve busted everyone else – most likely in a deflationary depression. That’s when they take the trillions they’ve looted, along with all their debt paper and cash it in for our hard assets that we’ve spent generations building in a debt money fraudulent system.

    When they own reality, all bets are off. Then hyperinflation will balance their books, IMHO.

    The narrative is a sucker punch. Even the “opposition” narrative.

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.”
    ~Vladimir Lenin (a popper compared to the people running Huxley’s Ultimate Revolution)


    Regarding GMO,

    Jeffrey M. Smith’s hot off the press documentary, “Genetic Roulette,” is available to view for free over the next week or so.

    The same criminals who have rigged the monetary system to blow up in your face have also rigged the food supply.

    Not to mention the water supply:


    Impact of Fluoride on Neurological Development in Children

    “Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury, and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain,” Grandjean says

    Think dementia on the instalment plan – and that is if you lucky.

    Note that no real science has showed any benefits to putting this toxic wate fluorosilicic acid, and a myriad of related toxins, into our drinking water. No randomized, double blind placebo study has ever been published… Ever.

    That’s how you hide the truth and cover for lies.

    Fluoride Deception

    Formerly T-Bear

    How geranium is it that tulips aren’t rosy?

    Have you a supply of brain-bleach after offering Geert Wilders picture twice? His Mom should be only so proud of that one.

    Are there any requirements for relevancy in comments, looking at Trivial4TW’s last offering which detract from the value of TAE. Fluoride poisoning indeed, went out with the John Birch Society, recommend getting a life and stifling until that is accomplished. Next thing on such agenda is ‘trickle down economics’ is something other than some cheating eejit higher than you on the social ladder pissing down on you.

    Viscount St. Albans

    Re: Fluoride

    It sounds to me like an international conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

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