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    Diego Velázquez The Spinners 1655-60   Dirk Kurbjuweit, deputy editor-in-chief of Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine for the past 4 years, unwittingl
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    Polder Dweller

    Thanks for writing this piece, it’s exactly what has been bothering me ever since Trump got elected. Yes, I hoped he would be elected in preference to HRC. No, I don’t agree with all his policies, but amongst friends and colleagues I am in a minority of one. The press here in Holland is unanimous: Trump is an idiot, a buffoon, a disaster, so it doesn’t matter what you say about him. I disagree; admittedly he’s no erudite, suave, well-mannered gentleman and he seems to tweet before he thinks, but he is the elected head of state of the lead country in the “free world” – and should be treated as such. He also knows that even as a billionnaire you still have to care for the little guy and that making enemies all over the world is not good for conventional business (i.e. not the war racket thing).


    If you try to get away with murdering the truth the way Der Spiegel and the Guardian have done in these two instances, who’s going to read you next time around if they want to know what really happens, and take your words as true?

    Its too late. The internet is here.
    The internet made them do it!


    The Elephant in the room is never discussed. There is a non-democratic global economic system on top of Nation States that has the goal of reducing government regulation and cutting taxes. Media Moguls are part and parcel of this global system. The sole purpose of an oligarch’s life is to get richer. They profit from chaos, war, exploitation and human addictions. Der Spiegel’s reporters and editors are cogs. When the Senior Senator from Oregon blames Russia for using Facebook to undermine American Democracy, this is cog TDS. The fringe NY Boss Presidential acting out threatens the global system. The paid cogs are unaware of the wheel that they keep spinning. One day the wheels will fall off, like they have done repeatedly throughout history, and will destroy the aristocrat’s wealth. Except rarely, when the Elite realize that the rule of law and providing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the people is in their own best interests. This requires the restoration of the superiority of democratic nation states over the plutocracy.

    Maxwell Quest

    I just posted this on Consortium News, but it is just as applicable here. It concerns the immense power that the media still has to shape the narrative and mislead the public. This monopolistic power is eroding, however, with each false story that is exposed via internet journalism. That is why, I believe, we can expect to see more heavy-handed internet censorship in the coming months.
    Your article brought to mind recent statements made by an independent Ecuadorian journalist who joined the #Unity4J Vigil of 12/21/2018 under the name José Riveria because he needed to remain anonymous. When the moderator and other panelists were inquiring as to how certain Julian Assange related stories and events were playing in Ecuador, and whether these were “penetrating down to Ecuadorian citizens as a whole”, José replied:

    “Here nothing, zero report on that. As usual, you know, no reports on all the unconstitutional things that Lenín Morena has been doing. No, nothing. I’m the only one who knows that, and I made a translation and I tweeted about it today. But there were no responses.”

    And José’s response to a Ray McGovern question:

    “Yes, that would be a good idea, but you see the problem is that the media here, all the media is blocking all our issues. Nothing of our issues is presented in the media, whether TV or newsprint. It’s a complete blockade.”

    Then a bit later José goes right to the heart of the problem:

    “The whole media belongs to the elite, because a poor person cannot have a newspaper, or a TV channel. Only a millionaire can have that. So all these millionaires, the elites, they are all close to the United States, because they have businesses there and investments in the US. So they follow the line of the United States. So it is not in their interests to have democracy the way it is supposed to be. But, you know, they keep the people of Ecuador misinformed in order to keep their interests on top of everybody else.”

    Sound familiar?


    Sound familiar?
    The internet is not just white noise. MSM is slow
    Indonesia ….
    Turkey ….

    V. Arnold

    Here’s a thought: follow the Automatic Earth. And good thing is, you don’t have to like Trump to not like where this is going. We don’t particularly like him either. We just dislike lies and fake news a whole lot more.

    That’s a given; keep up the splendid reportage’; and the art, definitely the art; together they will keep us free….

    Dr. D

    “Our safeguarding and verification processes failed.” …Which is the Editor. You. YOU are the only process in the news system. YOU failed. His response to his absolute and catastrophic failure to uphold *any* of the responsibilities of Editor — and German, and Man — sums it all up in one.

    Sabbatical? Nope. Investigate everyone, clean house? Nope. Resign? Nope. Resign with a $120M severance for sexual assault like Moonvies? Nope. Hand the lead to someone who’s NOT a complete weaseling sock-puppet? Nope.

    Deny everything.
    Admit nothing.
    Make counter-accusations.

    His counter-accusations are that the German Ambassador is a stupidhead, and in his newsroom it’s still not journalism to CALL THE SOURCE for confirmation. It’s not bad journalism to lambaste one man falsely IF you don’t also attack his whole race/color/nation. As if he doesn’t do EXACTLY THIS, by attacking Trump, as they attack every one of his supporters or 40% of the country, with slurs like “racist” “deplorable” “ignorant” “hateful” “rednecks”. Or as his fake comrade-in-arms vs working people, Jimmy Kimmel said only yesterday, all “meth heads.” Every. Story. Every. Day.

    P.S.: They noticed.

    Nope. When they dedicate EVERY cover for two years to hate — of Trump, of the people, of America — that’s not his fault. His bias is not bias, just like Jack Dorsey said, because when you’re practically perfect in every way, you’re on the side of the angels, and every lie you tell is a GOOD thing, a soldier in the service of God himself.

    Way to go Kurbjuweit, but in his tradition, I’m not going to make fun of him. No. Instead, I’m going to attack the poorest and most vulnerable Germans in Germany, who are barely hanging on, struggling for democracy against oligarchs, searching fruitlessly for news, and call them…well, you get the picture.

    Which god is he in the service of? #FireKurbjuweit.

    V. Arnold

    Sabbatical? Nope. Investigate everyone, clean house? Nope. Resign? Nope. Resign with a $120M severance for sexual assault like Moonvies? Nope. Hand the lead to someone who’s NOT a complete weaseling sock-puppet? Nope.

    Resign with a $120M severance for sexual assault like Moonvies?

    Insiders in the U.S. WANT a war with Russia. All the left now, even Chomsky are all for it.
    Hmm, running a bit thin on facts, yes?


    Relax, Have a Merry Xmas!


    “A dream….I was trying to explain to St. Peter, and was doing it in the German tongue because I didn’t want to be too explicit.” Mark Twain

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