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    Unfortunately, too many lies in the article. Ukraine IS fighting Russia, although not all of it. But there are thousands of Russian troops in Ukraine, and there’s tremendous propaganda war waged by Russia against Ukraine (this article is actually a part of it).
    Yes, the previous kleptokratic pro-Russian regime did drive Ukraine into bankrupcy. But no, Nuland didn’t create the popular uprizing against those bastards. At most, she might’ve helped with money.
    Yes, some Ukrainian men are fleeing the draft. But no, not everyone. There are plenty of people serving, and plenty of people willing to defend the country. I’m not surprised Yaresko found a few that are willing to go back.
    The author understands very little about the intricacies of Russian-Ukrainian fewd that’s lasted for centuries. That’s why his analysis is plain wrong. 700 years of bloodshed are essentially blamed on 2 ladies – Nuland and Yaresko. That’s a bit of an oversimplification, isn’t it? Given the wrong analysis, the conclusions are wrong as well. In the end, smart or not, Putin will lose. There’s no other way for a crazy maniac’s war against 40mln people to end.
    As to the US aid – well, the people of Ukraine are dfeinitely greatful for it. But I understand any US citizen who is against helping, because it’s really his tax money that are spent in some obscure distant place. However, I, personally, believe that my tax money are better spent on helping Ukraine stand up to Putin, than on US fighting Putin one day. It’s just cheaper that way.

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