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    War is linked with economic growth. This says a great deal about the genius of economists and politicians. The growth is, of course, the wrong growth. The wars are the wrong wars. Why not have a global war on want to establish genuine democracy everywhere? I know most dismiss such as ‘idealism’, but we there may be something in ‘war organisation’ we dismiss too quickly because we abhor the violence and utter squalor of war.
    Economics as we have it is clearly rot, part of an already out-of-control international competition. It is easy to sloganise we should ‘mobilise for peace’, yet this is something of a declaration of war itself. We could clearly move to ‘positive money’ with direct project organisation and control without money issued as debt. Even this is a declaration of war against inherited privilege and wealth – and we would have to pay attention to the failures of state capitalism.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)