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    Dr D Rich

    (((They))) took away my Irish Catholic mother’s right to vote for John F. Kennedy in the 1964 U.S. Presidential Election.
    So, I can assure you, contrary to Tucker Carlson’s monumentally asinine statement, that my mom is still waiting some 60-plus years later for something more upsetting to happen in American politics.

    Perhaps, Carlson doesn’t intend to further whitewash Kennedy’s assassination on behalf of his (((payers))). I don’t know.

    So let me throw some excrement on that whitewash

    I do know (((they)) took away my opportunity to vote for JFK’s son John Jr.. Perhaps I could have been his Surgeon General.

    Consider this:
    A (((Jew))), John Podhoretz said the following about John Jr.’s death

    July 16, 1999, John Podhoretz wrote a piece for the New York Post titled “A conversation in hell.” He was fancying Satan telling JFK Jr.’s grandfather Joe: “Every time you think your family is on its way back to glory, I just have to do something. Like I did this weekend with your grandson John.”

    One interesting thing about this piece (which is still on the net, by the way) is that, while saying that the death of JFK’s son was a price for the anti-Semitism of JFK’s father, Podhoretz omits JFK himself from the equation. It is as if he was dying to say that JFK was killed in retaliation for what his father did to the Jews, but could not say so explicitly, and seized with delight the occasion of John Jr.’s death to say it implicitly. It is one thing to write that John Jr. paid for his grandfather’s enmity to the Jews, when people believe John Jr. died in an accident; it is an entirely different matter to say so about JFK, who was murdered by yet unidentified forces.”

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    Dr D Rich

    Self-made: a definition


    How the US’ richest physician became a self-made billionaire
    Paige Haeffele – Friday, September 22nd, 2023
    Text Size
    The most wealthy physician billionaires on Forbes’ real-time billionaire tracker are varying degrees of self-made. Thomas Frist Jr., MD, the richest self-made physician billionaire in the U.S. — worth $21.1 billion — earned a “self-made” score of seven.

    Forbes scores each of its listed billionaires with a “self-made” score ranging from one to 10, with one through five indicating someone who inherited some or all of his or her fortune; while six through 10 are for those who built their company or established a fortune on his or her own.

    Dr. Frist got a head start from wealthy parents and an affluent background, but is primarily responsible for his own fortune.

    A former Air Force flight surgeon, Dr. Frist founded Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare with his father in 1968. He owns more than 20 percent of the company. Although he does not hold an executive position at HCA, his sons are board members”

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    Dr D Rich

    Milley’s, that self-disrespecting fat-ass waistline 50 to 55, oath and duty ARE defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The enlisted oath requires obedience to the (commissioned) officers appointed over them. If you don’t like those facts, then tell your kids, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to pursue a commission. They’ll find very few if any Sikhs, Jews, or Chinese in that pipeline. I wonder why.

    The foundation IS Title X U.S. Code.
    Milley General 4-star betrayed that oath, his duty, the Constitution and his Commander in Chief President Trump on January 6th 2021 as that Ass consorted with Nancy Pelos to undermine and embarrass the President.

    That Ass’s braying during Milley’s change of command is simply the virtue signaling of a coward hoping to curry favor with his (((handlers))) should the proverbial shit hit the fan when he’s brought to justice pnce WW III and Civil War II don’t go as he expects.

    After all, Milley has to contemplate a few Polish Catholics recall the tender mercy another Army General 5-star Ike Eisenhower showed Eddie Slovick, executed by firing squad for being afraid, far less a transgression than General Milley demonstrated on January 6th and allegedly with regard to the Chinese. One man’s cowardice can easily be misconstrued, perhaps, as shrewd political maneuvering that kept West Point’s finest, future Supreme Allied Commander, future 5-star General and future POTUS, one Dwight David Eisenhower out of the meat grinder…World War I.

    Fat challenged Milley evinces an absence of self-discipline in his personal demeanor that makes him unfit to be a commissioned or flag officer. Yet his body habitus appears common among the undisciplined flag rank.
    I kid not.
    Google the following:
    Navy Surgeon General Richard Dick Nelson, Vice Admiral
    Navy Surgeon General Adam Robinson, Vice Admiral
    Vice CNO Michelle Howard, Admiral 4-star
    CNO journalism major Lisa Franchetti, Admiral 4-star

    Call it what you want, Civil War redux, Internecine Conflict, an American Insurgency, but I agree with aspnaz and Celticbiker. My people are losing for the time being.

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    Dr D Rich

    Original video is not available, but Frank Dully’s Sex and the Naval Aviator remains the standard… I suppose.the emphasis should be on ‘controllers’ and ‘mission’ AND how the latter translates into the perception of courage or bravery in some minds.

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    Dr D Rich

    Tedros Boutros Boutrous Galli didn’t take the C19vax.
    Good enuff for me.

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    Dr D Rich


    Pattern recognition resides in your brief take on Vivek Ramaswamy and Barack Obama…
    A Priori versus Empirical.
    Political evil

    If you don’t think you’re onto something significant, then observe (((Wikipedia))) placed the subtitle ‘obsolete medical term’ beneath (((their))) entry for Political Ponerology.

    Better watch out or you too will find yourself medically obsolete when you are detected to possess The Gift, the ability to see it clearly, unguided, untrained, and inexperienced.

    ‘Spellbinders’ are both men, Barack and Vivek.
    Neither should be trusted.

    By way of Andrzej Lobaczewski:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 4 2023 #142486
    Dr D Rich

    I too look forward to John Day’s discussion on:
    GCA, temporal arteritis,
    non-arteritic AION vs arteritic-AION,
    accuracy of superficial TA biopsy versus clinical findings in assessing GCA.
    MRI, ultrasound and retinal angiography role and accuracy in detecting GCA/TA

    Best wishes for an optimal recovery to your family member, FS. The road is long, difficult, and aggravated by side effects from prolonged corticosteroid use.

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    Dr D Rich


    Declan Hayes, Irish Catholic, unsurprisingly so in his brutal literary assault on our Pope that one might have been confused the takedown was authored by Dr D or one of God’s chosen (((people)))


    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 25 2023 #141956
    Dr D Rich

    @Dr. D

    “Popery and Papism are sometimes used in modern writing as dog whistles for anti-Catholicism or as pejorative ways of distinguishing Roman Catholicism from other forms of Christianity that refer to themselves as Catholic, such as Eastern Orthodoxy, Lutherans of Evangelical Catholic churchmanship or Anglicans of Anglo-Catholic churchmanship.”

    “Papist is an offensive term for a Roman Catholic, used by Protestants to show contempt”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 25 2023 #141940
    Dr D Rich

    Oh we get it RIM with regard to double jeopardy applied to President Trump. Most folk to their core are enamored by authority. Even on this website Celticbiker bent to your administration.
    Other posters are okay with Marine driven posse comitatus on Maui.

    OTOH We got a journalism major installed as acting CNO….that is over the Navy. Lisa Franchetti, 59 years old and height impaired. I’m 61 years old, clearly her contemporary, and better at her than everything. Apparently one can aim low, strive not and win big prizes. Her Betters insist image matters but her’s doesn’t. Franchetti’s installment just about invalidates everything about the Naval Academy’s mission as there are no journalism or nursing majors in Annapolis. The latter, most might agree, IS one of many glaring deficiencies.

    Apparently today the ONLY qualification for boss, commanding officer or CEO is “I want to control others”, the very definition of megalomania.

    Perhaps that’s the intent.

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    Dr D Rich

    Dr. D says a lot today:
    “XRP appears also to be the basis of many CBDCs worldwide.”

    Yet, NSA, William Luther PhD and Crowdstrike “say/said/do” Monero:XMR is the backbone for “WannaMine to leverage WannaCry’s exploitation code, EternalBlue” (courtesy NSA). Monero mining software is surreptitiously installed and cryptojacking, cryptomining begins.

    So, is it Monero:XRM or XRP:Ripple or a crypto pump n dump?

    I notice your allusion to the Catholic Church, China and (Papists) Western in today’s post. No doubt deservedly, right?

    So let’s hear it for:
    1. 1/10th-ers here in the United States, Catholics 21% vs 2% Jews (interchangeable with Leftists, right?),
    2. Kabbalists vs Papists (derogatory, usually?)
    3. Israel vs China in the disproportionate misrepresentation

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 7 2023 #140721
    Dr D Rich

    At Dr. D: “”There is no crime yet”. They said afterwards, “There’s no standing.” So you can’t bring a case before, and you can’t bring it after.””

    The word the judge or attorney will throw at you is “ripe”. As in the grievance or action before the court is not “ripe” yet.
    Frankly it’s a matter of the judge’s taste, deliberate ignorance or fiat.
    Oh, it’s meant to be violence where the claimant or victim wants to claw their eyes out at the mention of “ripe”, but “ripe”ness is certainly the way to reverse victim and offender the way sociopaths do reflexively. The judge simply applies their imprimatur and all ends well until the fruit “ripe”ns.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 6 2023 #140664
    Dr D Rich

    The hagiography of Jimmy Carter leaves me uneasy…Lieutenant terminal rank after a requested and granted early release from obligated service. Uneasy because I spoke with the president and his nephew, fellow ophthalmologist. Rickover spoke with me about eschewing his nuke bonus $30k for navy medicine, a monumental mistake. However, as my Chinese friends point out, “Do Carter and Rickover know you?” Of course the answer is no.

    Carter never commanded. His career reminds me of Ike’s who says he was disappointed to have missed out on WWI combat experience. There’s a rule in life. Future presidents go where they want to go, be it a peanut farm or the Philippines

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 6 2023 #140651
    Dr D Rich

    Yes, professional managerial class and perhaps private military contractor=PMC=PMSC as in…

    As in eligible for summary execution on the battlefield….Mercenary.
    Well, not so much anymore with Wagner, Academi, Erickck Princëê, Blackwater. Of course and depending on your perspective, Academi is a holy and wholly praiseworthy Merc/PMC while Wagner is vile and only worthy of obliteration.

    “Mercenaries … are useless and dangerous. And if a prince holds on to his state by means of mercenary armies, he will never be stable or secure…
    — Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince”

    Always thought Niccolò had Erickck Prince in mind when Erickkc emerged onto the scene.

    PMC or PM(s)C leave out the “s” as in private military security company/contractors (PMSCs). Dr. D and Ritter the non-state actor can tell us what they mean from their internal dialogue. I mean, it’s always important to know where the author positions itself.

    I like the edgy essays and contemplations from my equally edgy West Point brethrens. There’s always a hint of humanitarianism there in any USMA Alum’s musings.

    Here’s a reference and an excerpt from the same.


    “…some U.S. partners are also parties to the 1989 International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries, which extended prohibitions against mercenary groups.”

    “The first treaty to detail the legal obligations of mercenaries is the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions (AP I). Article 47 of AP I prohibits a mercenary from qualifying as a lawful combatant and provides a six-part definition of who meets the criteria to be a mercenary. One of the six requirements is that the person must be motivated by a “desire for private gain.” The United States’ position, as detailed in the U.S. Defense Department Law of War Manual, is that being a mercenary is not a crime under international law.”

    “One of the most prolific employers of mercenary groups is Russia, which has used such forces to expand its presence in various world hotspots. Reliance on these opaque forces is intended to provide plausible deniability and shield Russia from responsibility. Russian practices differ fundamentally from how other nations employ private security contractors to accompany their forces. Russia’s approach represents a dangerous geopolitical trend and poses unique legal challenges in terms of State responsibility and accountability under the law of armed conflict.”

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    Dr D Rich

    In part in response to Dr. D’s internal dialogue today. I still think Dr. D equals Raúl host as in a genuine possibility.

    D wrote, ‘schmartz guy”. I see you and me(i) are riding with Celticbiker today. And so is Naomi Wolf who you say “breaking out of the cult” is what she said she (did). The reader is left to infer the The Cult from which Wolf broke was 1. The writers cult, 2. Rhodes scholar club, 3. Her synagogue, 4. Self-absorbed homemakers of America brotherhood.
    I’ll admit I was sensitized to this phenomenon, again, recently, in court. Yeah, I might have mentioned my contest against UW Medicine in its 7th year now where the tactic of Reversing Victim and Oppressor has been in full force.
    The very best was UW’s attorney claiming i(me) “shaved” my head and not be suffering “severe alopecia” having never ever shaved my head as most “skinheads” do, antisemitic trope that it is. Only to be followed by the equally informed psych expert who analogized my thought process to that of a rooster as in “even a rooster knows its crowing doesn’t cause the sun to rise”. So according to the psychiatrist, “(Dr. D Rich) has cause and effect all messed up.” Not to be outdone by this obviously clear reference to appellant possessing cognitive faculties beneath a farm animal, the opposing attorney described the analogy as “wonderful” and later on, again, as “astute”. The (((judge))), in charge (right?) and my attorney never raised an admonishment nor, respectively, an objection in protest.

    So, having learned from Dr. D today, I’m wondering out loud if the fathers of my judge, my attorney, UW lawyer and opposing expert psychiatrist translated Yiddish like Naomi’s father, writer of words. I’m still wondering why the psychiatrist didn’t use ‘Goy or Goyim’, instead of the all so specific ‘rooster’. They all would have understood.

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    Dr D Rich

    @aspnaz, SBS, celticbiker don’t stop.

    As an aside, 2nd Vatican Council addressed some of these issues at least for Catholics. Even further afoot, more than one religion espouses money lending for the benefit of the poor and the greater community rather than enriching the lender . One doesn’t or is it two?

    Nostra aetate

    Interesting and unfortunate use of the word ‘apostle’ to describe the ‘peace apostate’ and practitioner of Judaism, Henry Kissinger. For Cambodia alone, no man deserves annihilation more. Live in a Cambodian community briefly and you’ll come to understand Henry Kissinger deserves it even more.

    Yet, there is alternate interpretation to Raul’s “Kissinger as the peace apostle. What’s next?”

    (((Kissinger))) warns U S. and China Against Conflict.
    When (((someone))) deems to warn the world’s two superpowers from a self-imposed position of authority that IS (((arrogance))) nonpareil.
    Makes one wonder (((who))) is running the world notwithstanding The celebration of Kissinger’s 100th birthday by U S. power elite and Kissinger’s audience with China’s defence minister.

    I’ll wait patiently for the China bashing to start for hosting the most notorious (((war criminal)) of our time, an (((American))) no less.
    I mean, they, the Chinese, DID host him and listen to him, right? Is it bad judgment or paying attention to their (((minders)))?

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    Dr D Rich

    GaAs gallium arsenide Anadigics

    SiGe silicon germanium

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    Dr D Rich

    Can Celticbiker’s premise been proven any faster than the (((un)))expected resolution of Sam Bankman Fried’s problem via The Daniel Ellsberg Treatment? Dr. D is still reluctant to call the kettle black.

    (((SBF))) like Ellsberg definitely wasn’t saved by affiliation with either the Episcopal or Christian Scientist churches, but I bet Sam’s (((Stanford))) affiliated brainiac parents put forth persuasive arguments that persuaded the court to do the right thing by their son. I know, sour grapes…burning bridges

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 17 2023 #137140
    Dr D Rich


    The (((3rd rail))) wasn’t the Christian Scientists or Episcopalians in Ellsberg’s life.
    However the (((3rd rail))) certainly had something to do with Daniel’s $20 million net worth at the end of life.
    I wish we could ask John Kennedy, Jack Murtha and Assange how they thought the (((3rd rail)) diminished their life prospects more than any other force in their lives.

    I’m pretty sure Celticbiker is referring to this:
    We’re all caged birds in Canary Mission’s coal mine now, where criticism of the ((3rd rail)) ie. Israel and Jews, IS directly conflated by, again, Canary Mission, with hatred of the USA.

    Individually and collectively adopting the identity of this entire country is some industrial scale megalomania especially in the setting of marginalizing my people, you know, White Deplorables.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 17 2023 #137109
    Dr D Rich


    Re: Yevgeny Prigozhin

    As stated, my thesis is as you suggest apropos of something in particular

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 17 2023 #137096
    Dr D Rich

    At Dr. D and his Ellsberg (((anti-Thesis)))

    Who spared Daniel Ellsberg the Assange Treatment, The JFK Protocol and The John Murtha Murder by MMIC?
    A. Christian Scientists
    B. Episcopalians
    C. Ashkenazi Jews
    S. Harvard connections
    E. Fellow Marines
    F. Strength of his arguments in the court staffed by the same deep state apparatchiks that labeled Ellsberg the most dangerous man in America

    I imagine it’s the same Deep State psychosis that “indemnifies” ex-con ex-Marine Scott Ritter to roam freely to and fro Russia while The Chair JCS Milley exposes the depths Ritter’s country is at war with Ritter’s country’s mortal enemy, Russia.

    I mean that kinda shit just happens out in the open every single day.
    What is (((their))) method for selecting the targets for blanket indemnity and those alternately subjected to the double bind?

    ***MMIC: military medical industrial complex
    (((Murtha’s mortal sin wasn’t so much his criticism of the Haditha massacre. Rather, Jack was about to blow a big hole in the MMIC by exposing billion dollar corruption in military disability programs. He mailed formal correspondence promising as much the day before the fateful surgery that resulted in his death 11 days later)). QTC. Lockheed. Amick. Bethesda. Principia. VA. Madigan. Etc))

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 8 2023 #136473
    Dr D Rich

    Perhaps had she’d been adorned with a “clapper bell” the guards would have kept the mandated 6 foot social distance. Notice too, the enlightened members of the court/tribunal did their very best for this lovely girl along with all the nurses and doctors still employed by that nominal healthcare organization.

    Choked to death by hospital guards, for wearing a Covid mask too low

    An aside: the following is exactly the opposite of gaslighting

    “If the US wishes to be considered an authority on democracy and human rights, it ought to come clean about the killings of President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 7 2023 #136410
    Dr D Rich



    20/8 wrt human fovea cell spacing

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 6 2023 #136363
    Dr D Rich

    Speaking of gay megalomaniacal psychopaths, James Comey comes to mind and his recent opining on a 2nd Trump presidency, The Retribution Presidency, as James calls it.

    I say, “James, what’s wrong with retribution? Is it preferable to a Prevention presidency, you know, like the one run by Obama et al against President Trump? And James, isn’t retributive justice another form of, well, justice?”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 6 2023 #136335
    Dr D Rich

    All hope is lost.

    The Host says:

    “It’s just one drunk commander. Nothing escalated. Or do you think the army likes drunk commanders?”

    There’s a far greater probability of finding a single unvaccinated (COVID) Leader, General, Admiral, Captain or Colonel than discovering a teetotaler among the cohort….that’s the U.S. military and I imagine it’s more problematic in Russia
    So much for the metaphor of drunk Irishman or inebriated American Indian.

    Drunks, alcohol dependents, alcohol addicted, alcoholics and AA-recovering types predominate at all levels of the military.
    Routine praise is given to individuals for handling alcohol well.
    The myth of the High-functioning Alcoholic persists as its ingrained in each psyche and society writ large through daily, operant conditioning.
    As Eric Berne explicated in Alcoholic Games, society coddles, supports, makes excuses for and promotes the drinker. Simultaneously, the Antithesis or teetotaler is subjected to rejection, condemnation, violence, courtroom drama.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 29 2023 #135974
    Dr D Rich


    You wrote: “Fast forward to this year and he has been arrested again, essentially for the same reasons. Did that bachelor pad shithole have any evidence of the female touch? Children? He has a self funded a safehouse for his family? There was an “obvious table” with Putin books with Putin’s face for the camera to capture. Kinda looks like he needed cover to exit a role scripted for him, CIA perhaps.

    Uncanny that this happens at the same time Ritter on Russian state media, as part of his book tour in Russia telling the Russians that Americans think Russia is winning. More CIA hijinks?”

    I agree and to you like me it’s so transparent as to be self-evident as most everybody pretends.
    Most folks pretend not to notice or deliberately ignore what’s obvious…conditioned responses.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 22 2023 #135584
    Dr D Rich

    I think when Dr. D worships at the altar of “price discovery”, I think he really means interest rate/price discovery/rigging of the LIBOR kind.

    Courtesy zerohedge.com


    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 22 2023 #135581
    Dr D Rich

    against against is really against and doubly against…according to John Paul Jones

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 22 2023 #135572
    Dr D Rich

    Regarding January 6th

    What is one to do when those “Leaderships” (their self-anointed title not mine) in charge before during and after January 6th remain in control of your future when they are wrong and you, me, disagree with them?
    I feel like I’ve been fighting this uphill battle since POTUS openly bragged about “torturing folk” in 2003 and summarily drone executed children and folk again under Pres. Obama

    Clearly, as evidenced by Admiral Nathman’s rhetoric, we are at war, internal and civil. The entirety of federal government AND the military moved in lockstep against President Trump AND they don’t plan on going to jail.

    Nathman: “July 2022, he joined with other former U.S. military leaders in condemning former president and commander in chief, Donald Trump. “While rioters tried to thwart the peaceful transfer of power and ransacked the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, the president and commander in chief, Donald Trump, abdicated his duty to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.[2]””

    I am one of these guys, too…..”Nathman graduated with distinction from the United States Naval Academy in 1970″

    It seems Nathman conveniently forgot the enemies foreign and domestic part when the president he praised, Obama, ordered seditious acts against against the Trump campaign and presidency.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 17 2023 #135323
    Dr D Rich

    Ha ha ha ha!

    According to the report, virtually none of the officials interviewed by Durham knew about the Clinton Plan intelligence or the referral memo. Former FBI general counsel James Baker “stated that he had neither seen nor heard of the Clinton Plan intelligence or the resulting Referral Memo prior to his interview” with Durham. Same with Supervisory Special Agent-1, reportedly FBI agent Joe Pientka. According to the report, when Durham showed Pientka the information, he became “visibly upset and emotional, left the interview room with his counsel, and subsequently returned to state emphatically that he had never been apprised of the Clinton Plan intelligence and had never seen the aforementioned Referral Memo. Supervisory Special Agent-1 expressed a sense of betrayal that no one had informed him of the intelligence.”

    The reason so few FBI officials knew of the Clinton Plan information is because it was buried

    Visibly upset and emotional….sure as the more socially acceptable and functionally admirable “invisibly upset and unemotional” as we witnessed recently with TikTokking RNs not protesting their vulnerable patients placed on murderously needless ventilators during the “stacked like cordwood COVID crisis”. However, 98 percent of co-opted MDs participated too. So there’s that.

    However you gotta love the adjacent article posted by our host that states in its title CIAs John Brennan “DOCTOR[ed]” the memorandum.

    Doctor as in change something in order to deceive people or pretend something works like mRNA vaccines and ventilators when they don’t simply because we can’t handle the blow to our self-esteem or the banking bottom line

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 15 2023 #135223
    Dr D Rich

    John Day is working on a sensitive reply as he knows full well how hospitals run, where respirators run, and who runs ICUs.

    So far the only respondents couldn’t type the words Arr Enz and for the most part deflected enmity back on to MDs, deservedly for the venal, avaricious 98percenters just following orders from the C-suite.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 14 2023 #135180
    Dr D Rich

    Thought provoking question at the end….

    The following excerpt is nothing new:

    “A new analysis suggests that most patients who were forced to be hooked up to a ventilator due to a COVID-19 infection also developed secondary bacterial pneumonia. This pneumonia was responsible for a higher mortality rate than the COVID-19 infection

    John Day can tell ya this IS exactly what was said 3.3. Years ago on this blog. Ppl die in ICUs. Ventilators are bad…especially for old ppl with or without DNR orders and durable power of attorney for health affairs.

    Recall all the high DRAMA, the public DRAMA, the publicized DRAMA regarding the “inadequate numbers of ventilators” but also recall why in large part no one was permitted to publicly challenged this false assertion about the beneficence of “ventilators”.
    Why? Because you can no more get away with tugging on Superman’s cape, spitting into the wind, pulling the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger than you can criticize an RN for fomenting the COVID hysteria. Turns out they should have known or always knew or got caught up in the hysteria of making Tik-Tok videos or fell under the spell of that sexy crew of svengali-like witch doctors, namely Fauci, Redfield, Tam, Kevin Amick (oops, not a doctor), Rochelle W. and the antichrist himself, S. Cott Gottlieb, Vivek Murthy etc.

    So where was the Nursing Profession then, where is it now AND where oh where is Its vaunted institution purportedly devoted to Patient Safety, The Joint Commission/JCAHO?

    Surely, The Joint Commission must have detected this grotesque trend during at least one of its terrorizing operations visited upon participating hospitals over the past 3 years.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 10 2023 #134984
    Dr D Rich

    Where Derek Myers, congressional staffer to George Santos, digs his own hole…deeper.

    I predict Derek already received “inured” benefits for his traitorous acts against congress in the assurance he won’t be prosecuted like Jack Texiera, The Proud Boys and J6 Protesters.
    Derek has also likely been promised a job AND legal representation. I hope he knows he must pay federal income tax on the monetary value of that “free” legal representation.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 10 2023 #134982
    Dr D Rich

    Hell frozeth over….an Army General rather than a Navy “general” lecturing us about submarines.

    Evidence the world war is indeed a civil war at home AND we are losing. These following things are all related:

    1. When an “insider threat’ is and isn’t an threat to the nation: George Santos version:

    Derek Myers: Twitter


    I can publicly confirm that during my brief time in the Congressman’s office I had met secretly with agents from the:


    in an effort to work as a confidential informant and human asset against the Congressman during my course of employment in his office. I cannot go into further detail at this time.”

    And if you weren’t paying attention in 2017 when The Big Crow James Comey crowed about doing the exact same thing to President Trump, then the POTUS

    2. Insiders surveilling and threatening POTUS in 2017:

    Former FBI Director James Comey openly admitted to Congress on March 20, 2017, how the FBI, FBI Counterintelligence Division, DOJ and DOJ-National Security Division, together with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the CIA, had been conducting independent investigations of Donald Trump for over a year without informing Congress [the Gang of Eight]. When asked the question, Comey winced, then justified the lack of informing Gang of Eight oversight by saying, “um, because of the sensitivity of the matter?”

    3. Insiders were inside a U.S. Congressman and “rarely” killed him with routine gallbladder surgery or file under the title “One Can’t Strive To Be Too Perfect Because it’s Irksome to Dr. D”

    “Even when you have an injury, it doesn’t often, obviously, lead to death,” Britt said. “This is very surprising, but we know that death is a possible complication of any procedure.”

    one dare call it a conspiracy, war crime or treason: Murtha’s criticism of the Iraq war intensified in 2006, when he accused Marines of murdering Iraqi civilians “in cold blood” at Haditha, after one Marine died and two were wounded by a roadside bomb

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 9 2023 #134903
    Dr D Rich


    “We don’t want anyone asking embarrassing questions about where half a million dollars ultimately came from before being laundered through FTX, now do we?”

    Sure we do. As long as we got enough street cred with the Senate Banking committee and dirty nazi fingerprints adorn the filthy lucre, then all questions can be asked and all answers welcomed.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 9 2023 #134891
    Dr D Rich

    @Dr. D

    Hesu crisco!! So as not to offend.

    Next thing you’ll be saying is ‘Putin is a Jew looking to bring Russia down from the inside out’

    So, “in the year 2525, if man is still alive…” the Slavs, Irish and Palestinians will have the opportunity to call in our chits (navy term).

    Again, where’s the due process and precipitating ’cause of action’ required of all God’s chosen people?
    It’s the pseudonymous Natash Wright’s premise not mine that a chosen people can so easily motivate 3rd party actors to reacquire what is so easily verified to be their’s and their’s having been acquired by legitimate means, but so far in the past as to exceed the strong-armed reach of a non-biased ombudsman and The U.S Senate Banking Committee.
    I guess volk back in nazi times weren’t yet aware of a thing called money laundering or spoliating evidence. Certain trails are always so fresh and vivid and easily discernible when there’s a will. Other trails we’ll dismiss as simply down-the-rabbit-hole, conspiracy theorist conjecturing.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 8 2023 #134860
    Dr D Rich


    Due process isn’t made to happen until a cause of action is made to happen.
    And neither due process nor cause of action happen without lots of money and not just the promise of money.

    So one certain ((group)) shook down the Law , the Banks and Congress to get their money under the ((guise)) of a banking crisis.
    “Roiled the markets”…christ the euphemisms that lobotomized people.

    I see a pattern emerging…..emerged.
    Certain groups receive collective punishment by selective justice while other ((groups)) administer justice under the Mask of pandemics, wars, financial crises

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 8 2023 #134834
    Dr D Rich

    Natasha Wright answers Dr. D

    Natasha writes in praise of robbing banks. I mean, that’s where the money is. And I think, Ms./Mr. (w)Right believes the Credit Suisse’s nazi depositors deserve to have their deposits, er ah I meant, “assets” acquired by USB or was she intentionally not writing UBS. So, Natasha clarified the (((real))) cause of the (((banking))) crisis. Can you imagine an (((ombudsman))) and Simon Wiesenthal Center has the ((power))) to manipulate the Senate Banking Committee into forcing the fire sale of Switzerland major bank?

    Something Is Rotten in Schmutzig Switzerland

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 2 2023 #134527
    Dr D Rich

    Eisenhower numero uno at West Point on the Hudson found a socially acceptable way to avoid The Combat of his young generation WWI in a manner that Supreme Allied Commander Eisenhower didn’t psychologically transfer into Pvt. Eddie Slovik for honestly asserting the fear of The Combat of his young generation WWII.

    Slovik willing and accepting of the usual punishment for desertion as accorded his imprisoned peers found himself instead the object of the externalized object of Eisenhower internalized object state.

    What internalized object vexed old Ike? Well, the shame of West Point’s No. 1 entirely avoiding WW1 had to be expiated as the entirety of the U.S. Armed Forces might very well have followed Pvt. Slovik’s leadership into mass desertion. Horseshit…

    Projective identification in its most malignant form under the guise of legitimate authority.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 2 2023 #134523
    Dr D Rich

    Regarding Tucker Fox Carlson.

    So, what you’re saying is you’re down with Tucker’s Mask of Sanity, privately, or The Mask worn publicly?
    I bet there’s an internal dialogue.
    Never the twain shall meet.

    We all can burn our copies of Hervey Cleckley’s, “The Mask of Sanity”


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