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    Good article, but I wish it focus more precisely on the model of capitalism as it is practiced in the world today.

    All decisions and business are based on “does it make money?” That reasoning leads to stupid decisions that destroy the environment we live and serves to only benefit the few people at the top of pyramid. It’s like defecating in the bed we sleep in, but it’s okay because some corporation makes a profit doing it.

    It seems every problem that we have would be cured if only we had more money to deal with it. That is a very telling clue. I now understand what is meant by ‘money is the root of all evil’

    There’s nothing wrong with money or doing business, but when everything is done for profit only we make stupid decisions. Why should a company like PG&E make a profit off of providing necessary utilities to humanity? Why can’t it be run as a non-profit community benefiting enterprise? Of course it needs to be paid for, but why should we also have to pay for someone to make a profit? Why can’t it be run just for the cost, so that everyone working there gets paid a fair salary and the infrastructure is maintained? We don’t need to make a profit as well, that only serves some elite people at the top.

    We need a new mentality to address the proper organization for society. We have too long been ruled and brainwashed by the people in power.
    rticle, but I wish it focus more perci

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