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    Scott Baker

    Tell me how this makes sense:
    There are millions of jobs to be done. There are millions of people who want to do them. The Land has value, but money does not; money is not wealth, as Henry George proved long ago.
    Fiat money like we have is not even “scarce.” It is not something we can “run out of.”
    So, what the heck is this fear of debt? Forget the banks. We don’t need them to provide money. We actually have a Coinage Clause in the Constitution to allow Congress to “coin Money” (Art. 1, Sec. 8. Clause 5).
    Henry George was also Greenbacker, like his part-contemporary, President Lincoln, issuer of the original “Greenbacks” (U.S. Notes). Congress can do this again, at any time, for any reason, for any amount. We have nearly a Trillion dollar Output Gap now, says the CBO, so forget about inflation for now. Let’s just get people working again and lower real unemployment.
    OK, enough. I cover all this and more in my new book: America is Not Broke!
    See here:
    Chapter 1 is about Greenbacking
    Chapter 2 is about Georgism
    Chapter 3 is about Public Banking
    Chapter 4 is about Government Financial Asset Hoarding (10s of trillions of dollars…yes, it is)
    Chapter 5 is about hundreds of billions more in potential assets and revenues.
    Stop the scaremongering. It’s all a political scam. America is Not Broke!

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