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Marion Post Wolcott “Grocery store in Negro section, Homestead, Florida” January 1939

Nicole talks extensively (do have a seat available) in a very recent interview with Alex Smith at Radio Ecoshock about the discussion surrounding David Holmgren’s Crash on Demand: Welcome to the Brown Tech Future Crash on Demand, Nicole’s own reaction to it at The Automatic Earth, Crash on Demand? A Response to David Holmgren , the fact that many people apparently didn’t understand what she was trying to say (especially the line ”The best way to address climate change is not to talk about it” came under fire), and finally what we at The Automatic Earth think needs to be added to Holmgren’s paper, and why we insist that the financial crisis is such an important topic for everyone, including those in the environmental movement. It’s about time.

This article addresses just one of the many issues discussed in Nicole Foss’ new video presentation, Facing the Future, co-presented with Laurence Boomert and available from the Automatic Earth Store. Get your copy now, be much better prepared for 2014, and support The Automatic Earth in the process!